Wie aktuell sind OpenStreetMap-Daten?

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Wie aktuell sind OpenStreetMap-Daten?
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Wenn die Qualität von OpenStreetMap-Daten diskutiert wird, ist eine große offene Frage, ob wir OpenStreetMap-Mapper die Daten dauerhaft aktuell halten können. In dem Vortrag wird es einerseits um Werkzeuge gehen, wie man abschätzen kann, welche Daten wohl wie aktuell sind, um Zweifel bei Mappern und Außenstehenden ausräumen zu können. Andererseits wird es um Methodiken gehen, wie man das Aktuell-Halten bequem und attraktiv machen kann.
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I have exactly ten years ago
lectured I was there, too how can i see the success of this project? firmly do I also said it will on the run contain the data not that I just on one white sheet of paper eventually draw a line somewhere but how currently this data remains accurate that is why it will be in this lecture go from rola new reports yes thanks thanks for the introduction opportunity to speak it goes namely, a topic that is actually before Ten years ago, one thing was something
for possibilities we have find out how current openstreetmap
data is now has with the problems ever had to do with so it looked we it with the in holiday planning you look at the away to the one you drive well you would have be forewarned there is one construction site and it is not Germany partly bitter because there that handle well and that's what really happened where else that exit was was a digger because When I arrived , the card was there definitely not up to date because I could no longer drive through That's a big detour but we are about it got over and now is actually
Not at all, and that's actually it not a one time event namely here it is also in Britain happens to be twelve months has lasted to evaluate a but there is a motorway exit given a big riot that has sign up for this slightly longer red Listed entries so that problem is quite real that is it not that the world rules but it is how should have had that in mind that's not a theoretical discussion is but it can also be in the core disciplines to happen to the background with Holland I will soon come again so it is also available in various other variants, for example Variation that we currently have is at me because here is a motorway junction Rebuilt because it is almost in traffic collapses also with the Germany's most traffic and there it's actually the one at the kölner The people asked von Stamm LEVERKUSEN How many building states can we use? actually wear one and that's one difficult question how to make this from the Office yes, that's just the way one can
to put back all three new months So that is where I would thoroughly allow the new to be so tightly clocked Registration as you really want there which also comes in aspects with if I have such construction projects now how many there can be between states and I want to wear one for that too there are discussions and, of course, like
There are quite a few outdated boys from or could there be a whole lot of and question is exactly where we are
actually there was a time just counted out at all times then the inner cities umgeguckt me does that happen is what find and at least nine out of twelve cases i have if i have open eyes I'm drawn through downtown actual other occasions found to nachtragen the catastrophe is but there is actually doing something
he throws that on the one hand for the data Consumers ask when I ask the data wants to use the thing exists I leave myself on the spot or vice versa the thing because perhaps find will I of the does not know if it is there in the data already in it and of course for us men residence to log in so i can Find out where the new place is now of those twelve at those I should have checked And there is actually a whole lot from usual approaches the usa of those she was actually the intention of to speak with this lecture we take the usual approaches ago tinkering was typical in
obertrum and then we have a nice tool that is extra tools and tries
the things then just as possible neutral and skeptical analyze the a question is it worth the age the latest version of the object to evaluate or according to which Criteria can tell where you are after meppen the other question is which is happy to build up again At the beginning of the check we need something like that let's say what the idea is that fro people and quasi say firm or supermarket is yet because the road is set but then Let's check that lars's turn satisfying quasi and where to say as a member does it for the sake of the best next meppen found there you can do at least a few things and the question we come with actually continue if we use external sources to compare also there is historical examples where it's good we have worked with the Roads listen insanely come that you will get along worth repairing and it works persistent rumors that one further direction works so synonymous some city you look the osm data after where is worthwhile makes mistakes in to search your own data and there are
in fact, we get first to the
version selter there is actually some tools to version salta too visualize There are these ethernet things were there By the way, also for ten years and works for ten years is not especially fast but makes pretty pictures is suitable for immediate use
there is a side that somehow to last page million milan jacked up I did not know that before I've found it now with him is not the fastest power either pretty colorful pictures and you could even felt looking with overpass this is not the problem problem is rather what does that tell us now So from which color do I have to now Here I would have to meppen here now I now make the point in this red areas to walk or is there nothing or the strokes above and that
I looked at something from that we know that they are reasonably
Often restaurants are the changes hypothesis is first if so to speak the hypothesis that we normally use osm is heard when things get older are as me then you have to go upstairs if you still So there are the question would be something now is the right one to find out
exactly what would be the right xp for it is to go is worth nachzugucken the thing outdated or just technically formulated with how it actually looks with the relative frequencies from just just try as closely as possible to narrow down we have a lot We have had radio stations available a whole lot of edith doing nothing have with the cores price so is Coming absolutely before that someone to example what went through it now is
many have many only inside and then there was one now mass edith at the urls of http switched to https where you know that it is updated generates one new data version means so if it just look where there are new versions then If you do not get any meaningful pay me So just looked at me saying that take me at the beginning of the month the region the data and look at me what are the objects or which properties have the objects in the Run this month through one ends either change your name or that worth the amount of change to go out when in the restaurant name changes or if there is no restaurant is then it is probably it actually has closed or substantively changed or the original restaurant was replaced by a new one leaseholder replaced or similar and only a quick question to the audience one estimates her of when is the probability this significantly increases that reward or the restaurant again closed is who would say after five years it is significantly increases that in restaurant already closed again I would say after two years okay no trust the age of restaurants so we do we make this problem is asking a bit
short meditation throws dare a logistical reaction to this to do things because this data that calms me down so it is quasi and that correlates with myself Surprised I have it extra for four cities made it so that the if you look at this Criterium so clearly there is this an outlier at dresden but that is on the one hand, not dramatically on the other speaks for it maybe there was also a square one games we just have now the six or seven years delay in which then actually someone in the same area is normal but you can see that it's about correlates the couple as soon as that often happens that means you are can be the version age of a restaurant Do not look at the restaurant closed is so and that precise formulated whether a restaurant closed But this is not the osm yet is definitely not on because they recognize us old I have it not examined for all samples and not for everything else but if you think about what processes are put behind it that there is relatively short any restaurant is also the restaurants give the 30 years hold and in sum it goes about evenly by having the picture In principle, we also exist on roads the streets in an area with great growth to be built and that the ranged relatively quickly Traffic will not stop then recreated
there is the misplanning where you are relative must correct quickly because the road absolutely does not work clearly that is not then not complete again but this is often change from lanes and the like where then also worthwhile to look in part also one-way street control So I 'll do it, I'll have it it is not in the context of the lecture but i would bet that we did us on many objects ausertun the versions age any meaningful statement about whether an object is outdated I did not know before I had it previously signed blind but off now I would be anyone on the maidan are or other channel says we make a great tool around the people somewhere to send to say live with another criterion at the same time please just as we are disassembling
which has the latest date check It splits itself wonderfully as ids so obvious that they are equal to three times There are three different text for it So there are at least three different ones groups of people have the idea found
funny enough if you look at it These are also different groups of objects it is all dresden and you can see that they are significantly different patterns that means there are different tags
maintained by different groups first a schliemann context like that Merging question is what that says So we can do that based on this data recognize if the data is still up to date the problem is it pays for it Overall, too little is used So that only a fraction of the even once you say you only go up pauls from streets similar to even then silence is only one marked in any way and there we have the same
problem with what would be last real decay newspaper on the we say we're aiming for it again new look So we can not get out of it Of course that does not change anything that these remember the satisfaction I as a rapper if I have at least Something can change this thing of course excellent breastfeeding and thus if it increases the motivation it's a good one to go out to master Thing But that is the trick of the one
can happen for example now times that is a small place of indulgence in the near Wuppertal only now it was anecdotal deputy especially extreme but the phenomenon has I often found so with the picture there are the last ones that would be a last one now changes 30 days or changes the last 30 days and now again the question, is there anybody who does it would trust now where most likely pay for new forgotten post too So I knew that was my wife had a nice café opened that there must be 1 and was something disappointed that is not an osm found that were the only ones information and could one from the Do not deduce data where now on the to search for new price I do not see a clear trend here now you would not have come without it now knowing where and actually easy also not a single business and you do not know what the people are I proceed it is completely legitimate if it's not around if he's moved that's him here that he said it stops in This street ran into the Rhine and has found various other things here which reasons are missing more important were and / or but not for the kind of shops in this road is interested and that is in the result you can just because you do not I know what the motivation is or you could just as well be men from there you get the latest Check expected again derive whether the data reasonably if the data is still up to date but do not deduce where possible data are completely forgotten have been it remains just the satisfaction increase for mepha whatever
there is some value for us external sources actually there he is Perhaps most useful examples and which are also in operation in the long term region there are the street lists there can you can balance the streets or the streets roads in the official directories are also in osm That's what I say because we're in there That's why it was so special once operated with a lot of commitment is and has been for a long time and probably also for a long time Duration to come in very many cities and municipalities offer this they list themselves on their own or address lists or similar to provide and then you can
These reconciliations also drive with flat to go where addresses Missing that is always very Light was episodic thing as the vr then us so the us as osm community in the event that over in dortmund the the stop position officially becomes evaluate provided and as it turned out there were whole district in actually unsuspicious cities where the Stops completely missing that's it there were a few scattered ones They usually stop have stated that there is no real Stops are that was the first but the last impressions go completely very many There were early at once complete neighborhoods where we got along have noticed that because there the stops are missing so that means These external sources are if they are available are quite serious just the thing you also only do not match to sign off have big we want the license get the license but to balance where is it worthwhile to go to remember these are external sources should not be underestimated an external source on the man
maybe not come are set urls have the charm that one check them more or less by yourself Can not get someone ready must whether urls actually in since
are deposited many pros have the website of the website if the buyer Then the homepage disappears too and especially for the theme with is the Buyers at and suitable for my purpose I can read on the homepage there opening times and offers the thing to which I always do more dense want the question is so here it is not at all for places to save you could expect a whole quantity goes awry with generic urls Moved url in particular the url on you can not go for a darling either so easy to offer a tool like that and are about pastor where you just click and flop is testing the thing alois one City case became the web security that does not work out of the browser and am all cases depend on him as well I do not get it that clear with finds how the domains is parked and somehow a substitute side is whether the ever represented
That's why everyone approved it urls I do not reach that could have peaked at https
By the way, that has not changed because actually there are only valid ones valid urls have been replaced and that turned out to be one relatively good criterion was the forecast whether it is worthwhile to place Loew or adapt was I only have 62 percent chance if I have one of these seek places that I actually one Change fixed point that has surprised me already is one relatively good quote so is not so that I can do it when I'm in
Any roads to go that 60 percent of the objects are outdated are good that much is good lower at a few low percent I did not know, unfortunately here in dresden the list to give There are a lot of urls that
dresden are in there and they are not anymore are reachable and find out if in fact the actual urls I'm still waiting for that to happen but we can still make it to the end yes have an osm saturday and if the To say things like that is too boring
are the latest then times before the door is so accurate
In conclusion, an object is currently best Shit that 30 something you should so maybe check in advance So the url is the best criterion to determine whether an object is up to date and remember that We at this place of discovery between the whole other medicine smoldering in Reminder to the hit rate of nine of twelve matches I just go a city with open eyes and you if I still open shops You can say that you do not need to pick me Criterium for just go out one always finds something and yes the first three I have things here in dresden already found if more in the pass by and according to the file situation corrected urls so therefore I have the athletic claim somehow to find real post let's see if that works, thanks for the attention [Applause]
thank you very much so roland so clearly this Runs contain the geodata in the street map this is a very difficult one topic I think one or the other he also has his view he'll have a question then too another possibility with telephone books match technically a technical would certainly be Interesting one would come a certain data protection problem like you the raw data in which form the one to can have disposal presumably you'd have it on dressed list interrupt organizational at least in german space the phone books so inadequate that the I think nobody has tried you one asks in similar directions one can Also, business registration maybe that restaurants and the like soon to somehow you can find directories could evaluate so if logged is logged out because they have if it actually did not do it yet systematically to the recherche Do what open data offers you have which one can graze that is a very big topic there you can find a lot but I did not do that and I did actually have to say here first minus the internal criteria chattered because the goods were easier to find with reasonable preparation time is there with security was a lot example already that gene register in the club in new york was evaluated that the shops are in usm at all That was a good predictor where it is it is still worth it to add things a hygiene assessment business also has to exist on and must so far, there is certainly much to catch but the same research completely regardless of those of the ability so we have something to pick likes to find You say the url is so great now maybe you should be relevant in the editor a feature like this the epr animated if there is a are always more likely to capture or or you end up with something so generic i know www mcdonalds de or something afterwards we are smarter so one the best decisions with mine The whole career was that I was not a user interface for the Upper Palatinate that means I will not be me it points to what one Meaningful strategy is an editor too program and how the chances of success are how users react to it that also an exciting task if there an editor has developer ambitions I will gladly support that but that would blow up the frame considerably because there can go just as much wrong is not just the generic stuff that it is so more effort connected url to find if thereupon people say because they say that because of the thing she intimidated with give me the thing not unless you have a url then there will be enough people the thing maybe not anymore register or just wikipedia request instead of the right url or something similar So much can go wrong because of that I wanted to'd better someone with a given one with a better one sense for end user then leave you have started a lecture with yes, these roads have the question not answered sorry yes and what restaurants did that for Of course, due to the advertising always just where did it rather have a url like Looks like with barbershops meat shops with mail and so too I think it will not be easy function and so let's both ask So first to the story with as she has cleared the one great I did not even look at them Search made the dutch community is he in the forum on the road so it is a serious communication medium and as it turned out there was this Autobahnkreuz something between 50 and 80 contributions and on the basis of how the people have documented the progress About half an hour I could estimate that I'm about five minutes after the after the excavator the highway exit have demolished before I can confess that one can say of him require that in one of five minutes The data is updated too many We do not have any claim to osm the barber shops, etc I think quite a lot Hairdressers because of the findability in google meanwhile some simple form of homepage but have also since Now let's leave the area where you are I can say mine when she's there they should detect if there is none we should not be able to find any so that we are not going to be big politicians can turn politics but it is one Relatively just turned out in the Contrary to the version age like Main woman is ported that the clock all good projector is because of that this is just mentioned without telling us now can force every meter urls to enter or force any trade to operate a website no question that i still thanks for the lecture on the topic phone number will say that again and that schema what you have presented now that the url is unreachable and then 404 or something comes back this actually secures on the phone numbers also apply our so Favorite companies like google have me presented that the automated calls technically and can implement and then you would have this statement alone if the phone number at all is achievable then one would need then no external data sources like that beautiful br project a million people never know what to call openstreetmap I would be very happy at three o'clock in the morning Thank you very much for taking off to have for the check geodata of a free community Project you have a great service he does not apologize like that Well, I think it's good that our osm jurist just share himself he could do his data workshop now here much much mitschismutieren Thank you very much Roland for this contribution and yes what can we take from it maybe it makes perfect sense url [Applause]


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