Preis der Karte

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Preis der Karte
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Wie sehen die Preise der kommerziellen Tile Servern aus? In diesem Lightning Talk teilen wir die Ergebnisse unserer Analyze des Kartendienst-Marktes.
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my name is a pity I image I remember working for a big one
mobility company i would like now for legal reasons, not exactly respond to which company that but he could tell everything but i was not here yes i was outside the city and all that has happened we have a lot of others we have hundreds of applications and very many of which have geo pulled Garden and a thing I always again from my customer listener is yes
the cards are free and in this example I could Can on my phone with a google navigate maps and so on and so on on and how developers say aha and there
I always think to myself there are probably the people I would like to see how they feel at all you can eat behave well and then I show three things once free google maps
once free open street map where you
directly to the public openstreetmap server left and once the story with an upload filter or at all if one behaves that excessively and now comes my favorite team and that if if the project manager actually a hill developer has come then yes yes I have a garden server
I happen to be on the internet somewhere found and he worked well and then come the rose tiles and everything possible and then cash sometimes katja slow the customer that the cards are not really free are
and then yes, I also like to use this dance blackboard There is no such thing as a free country is from robert heinlein then next
I also ask very much okay what will cost that very often the ask project manager and unfortunately that is answer to this question extremely difficult Why is it difficult? There are many
providers the rake quite differently some calculate partly with dull ones hughes transactions mappus what also always that that is different Currencies from eur to departure with VAT and without VAT and also my favorite thing is send us an inquiry and we send you the price yes people like that really so you're supposed to be dozens I now negotiate with those and then of course, the complex price models
google has a look at you in the summer
I converted the google price model I do not understand computer science I can not count on that. I do not know What price is there and you have to somehow create a pay account and then you will find out what you are integrate google owes there is one well-known case of a Czech site a their bill from zero to about 5000 So, dollar has gone up every month yes, and no human can really understand that costs so something but then there's a credit
but studying for the abi is and but native mobile apps do not cost that others will be okay so we have
We researched a lot a lot of time is invested in a research at the following parameters we wanted background card really not background card we do not care that somehow a service there any offers value added services and so on we ended up having it dozens of providers only analyzed 16 were so far that we could say okay as we understand halfway first Inexpensive, the called are none contact has no enticing offers and so on and you have everything in part per month and have converted value added tax and so on continue and so on I bring that in
little results one point completely important i do not want to advertise neither pro nor anti but he could see So I have extra then the slide here the curve up the document so if you put it all that way others are within the statistical framework already made mistakes okay if you take google out then that is the story a bit more interesting there you can already see it then there are different developments and I'm probably sorry why you're here you are here, this is with
you now have the chance that to photograph I will not provide that because I really can be sued if anything wrong is what I say but show here want there are our 16 providers the Development of prices dependent on Number of partly loaded is very different and the Danger is very often in them, so to speak lower ranges so up to 250,000 sometimes a month or so many are very
cheap but then there is really then then you go apart There are a few providers here Priced to remain very stable I said I do not want to advertise but he does come see that they are also relatively well known and that is, so to speak, that was our result that there are some that makes sense but otherwise you can really at the history completely expired and One last slide is an appeal to me I would like to have something like that
Art comparison portal for card services yes where I can type I do not want one Clue ten million tiles shows me what can I pay for then when as an open source project like this formula depends on part anyway want to cultivate a community where that Verified knowledge peer reviewed but I would like that we did not have that analysis then cost around 45 then we I found the old home
burden the first stand I was out of town and then Thank you for that attention [Applause] thanks alexej and respect for the effort of here in the analysis have done