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Usability Testing in GIS
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Bedien- und Benutzerfreundlichkeit in Software kann effektiv getestet werden. Welche Testmethoden es gibt und was dabei zu beachten ist, wird im Vortrag erklärt.
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lina dillmann becomes us about usability testing in pour and how yes I am beautiful again that you all there I am very happy Yes, who am I? I just had that
just said I'm li na and me
Imagine me briefly I am in requirements engineering in the requirements analysis at the active recovery and have previously in the user interface and user experience design I've also worked there myself bit software design as well had concepts from which the contents taken out and just in design converted there a bit too done testing and yes I am honorary I at veb monday at the post office and make france lead now you have one I would be a small picture at all
berger we are so we offer data card solutions to the various things we are ourselves 40 man if someone is interested and like to coded you like us
make your own solutions, for example matt ribbons or even a mops mobile yes, a model of the meantime and yes
also have the fund academy if times to training sessions but want so page yes not here
what is it all about now in usability vienna sybille says that they are something already some usability what is that
at all is made up of the English news together and the bennati of ability it means that user-friendliness is given and also fast and optimal ways for the user should be there so in the sense of the user not in the sense of the application
then there is always this example what
is quite gladly taken from what need i even what i give my user What does he really want to have ? actually he needs to be in the tree ring then i am giving them but eg tree with three swings and also one climbing frame and because I still am six other things he did not at all yes usability
most of them already know that
door handles that are just at the right height that I do not constantly bend over must or must reach up or also ticket machines from the train this is mostly not usability
testing on it today I like it now go further
Jack Pierson has a great one statement if you have many crashing four celebrities itdesign how it came not much customer support so matthias castens customer complaints which means so much like feedback what you get is it too
Negative in all respects is that which is really the great thing Good software is when you are gets negative feedback and thus can work what is the usability testing usability testing is in the field that we intuitive usability analyze that Of course we can only if user where we also test it can if we go for it ourselves and for For example, we are already biased know our software then we expect something completely different from her as for example users completely has another know how or another completely different background at the same time is also the easy to test ways to spare that the user is not he has to click six times though would have to click once and directly at the goal arrived is the size of the elements there is for example a great
Example via a button in the principle is not found because he for example, it is in the wrong color or for example, something like a cancel button that is in green But what, for example, in the moment one quite a lot of matter is because namely the user means green confirm for us that means the all will automatically cancel take place on the save button which is gray, for example and quite importantly the expectations recognize the user and units that
you know what he really wants Often we go with hypotheses purely the but do not confirm what kind of test methods are there I'll give you a short one now
namely, give overview once prototyping that is more so in the beginning phase you go in and build yourselves
then there you have to be in click through principle have to simply watch if the paths are found Benchmarking is this an analysis What is there already in the market and what do i need for example with Just drag my competition with you can then you have that you say that is my target group should be the optimal one people in principle look and look for us yes, in principle, a kind of advanced Target group then the accordingly further developed interviews and Questionnaires are the most common thing right now onsite survey recognizes that to example from facebook Hey you do not even have three minutes time Just click through and tell us short your opinion otherwise in the house you know that quite gladly that one then also times questionnaire has your say us feedback what is going on what is what Yes, but often brings a lot also hidden things does not show diary studies that is that everyone tag writes and just looks where eyetracking problems arise every day that will be presented again soon That's why I do not go for it that way on that is that you just a camera on screen has at the same time the screen and then you analyzed where has the eye moved down loud is my personal favorite way straight when the software is done because it just thinking aloud means You sit down and then you ask the user just what he thinks in to grasp words and say where is? the button the search is not where it is looking why do not I find them right now? such things are very well known a lot of what the user wants so red engine that
users to know what they say and for themselves a correct statement just for that tracking is very important that's why this loud thinking too I prefer because that's what users doing is usually a completely different one thing than what they say again give yes when do you use something
I've just been on it entered with the various possibilities what prototyping in principle is in the final phase in the front of the development or if now example new features make it easy for you short prototype and then easy maybe lie down and maybe some Colleagues says hey, that works now just when it comes along with it is the Probably that's the least a large part of the users so clearly come pretty high otherwise you have of course, such questions as budget so just in the free open source It's also software that you often do No budget has not so much money that you could say now we are doing now different stages of testing and Now we'll pass everything through of course still got to pay for what do I take what from where do I get the always a good question with it even big companies have theirs trouble Either one buys the tester most student assistants somewhere then things by testing what but maybe not around him Target audience in any form is that what and how is it supposed to work be tested and how should I do that ever try for a mostly one very difficult question They think then I have one now system that consists of 30 40 templates
and there I still have functions in it and Ultimately that's a catalog of probably somehow 20 30 which one would go with it the user in users but one says so after half an hour later not really receptive anymore best shorter and the evaluation Of course, evaluations can be made about statistics make the know probably also some from the study if your bachelor works You also have one more written Survey with the evaluation statistics and otherwise just to it pay attention what your user wants what is that's why i find that important example the single out method very very good because then again feedback can catch up and such things yes, the tester Miami Ton was unlimited to five users that has complications found out jakob is a kitty Owner of relatively reputed testing company from the usa and has really there also made statistics about that means five users can really help you bring to the front if you want to test yes the testers where do they come from yours Target group the professional shopping Either you have some company that governs for you or you look at it Just make an invitation but usually there is not so much around
well-known questions so in the first attempt I always like to go out with colleagues through haye that is now at all
optimally that works quite nicely is that if you like such a Grandmother has around 80's and Software does not understand at all just throw it in otherwise I can say I am a fan of events so usability events where you too a few people did want to test it I have also given you one more example you can visit but also then you can organize with Some already do it together or too just say oh there's just in there usability testing and then finally Do not just look and see what I do just got to prototype or even one finished software and let the easy Try it for free it would make a deep loud cry out loud I would like to go back now what and how that is of course always
a big question what exactly should be tested become the software Testing scenario for example should not cross a din a4 page and here we are already talking about twelve that really makes the people optimally can test and not frustrated go out but rather fun s.der things to have The task should mostly be in several light ones or at least that one Also such a task has been there I'll give you another example which is then subdivided that means after the first when they made the you are happy and then you take the next step start and finish It is also important to set one either has a limited time or just says okay I would like to task Go through 1 2 3 and 4 and next to it looks how far you can get how should
be tested natural Test situations are important test and moderator so you can just yourself go and write this together
and then just a little bit first keep small talk the user should short the system Just get to know it for him New land is and he just does not know He should have it for a short time be introduced what is it then the Task hypothesis and goal that can be very nice again also on such an emotional level then bring in the feedback and very important to thank before the test against respectively while in testing is for us as moderator very very important that we as first have an agreement dsgv is that a bit tricky or even if you say hey if you is already loud thinks I may So ever take for example that one says I'll just leave something with running then can I do this later play it or we can do that in the Evaluate team again differently
name and continue to record it with it also your statistic can fly if her continued knowledge so, for example, note someone says i find one is i find that do not search and then again I find the search not or something then it would be important that he there just yet again, another central place moves or something something I'm just allowed to do the job you already entered I have double copy & paste exactly feedback in the feedback can also be here ask again to strengthen and weaken an example now based on matt
bender I have that now times that is the first small talk mood loosen up hello I am and just such things like who are you anyway oh you you are so Beautiful veh i still find out in the profession then you have quite an interface what hobbies do you have with it you can also create such a small profile that's person xy and that's what makes you maybe you too are important so if you are now in the biobereich are whether this is whether the person anything with yours special topic has to do or whether you Maybe it looks like there right now somebody is even left with that no interfaces then has the system get to know exactly you will be more bender test you know with ribbons then find we'll talk about what the software is can do what she does and then too You ask are you strong there to ask still ask the task you
want a new application in the app Create countries and there a map to Create with you the public playgrounds of cologne can create that is for example we have found out that the people are the World just before we had to sit example is educator and therefore the For example, we make places playgrounds or put it that way that person directly one has emotional relation to it That's why she gets in much faster the testing purely as if we just just say yes, look for some now so I should somehow, too so the mood with slings just that which is important things still capable sometimes bold to mark in too single file cards the For example, task here once to submit again that they are the through reading or just like that to make it short that you just say search the memory button example here at the task For example, you have to be okay now the first card created Now we go on the on the basis that one builds on the map or just new things on it that means the user sees it not that what he does in the blue just runs on each other build up The feedback is very important to you
open questions is also something so do not come back you have just the memory button not found why do you think that was but just to say okay what has what I really liked right now I did not like it at all maybe you also feel like it to give us something and then Most people really start talking they start talking what they want what you want just like that as they say the software should be then thank you say thank possibly after contact options ask there you can It's a bit like that build a small community yourself network where you can for example if you tested something two times three times has that then you really say okay have you not something to take part again and then someday such a database as 20 30 people there and the
evaluation yes confucius has already said
the way is in usability testing so aim in our if really the away the goal many want to quite like the perfect product directly did that work that way Not there are always those stumbling blocks
one does not look at where But somehow, somehow, somehow ok can say the baking has to be done now finally on the left side on the right side he is straight from the of Search process of the look much better to find or things like that Evaluating any feedback is good
feedback what has been noticed with write during the testing write or even really take up stumbling blocks at several testers you should be serious to take and really strengthen and weaken that way a pro and contra list do what is well, what is negative and that from the system then eradicate left eat usability test that's what I am anyone can speak In every major city you can participate free of charge to participate just because it's free of course it is here on the fund
probably also get that very much you can just take software can test through and not tens of thousands just invest my testing have to thank you for your attention I hope you liked it there Any questions thanks for the lecture I join in. There are questions I have a question about what is if you have a project functionality and the already established concepts not now that you do not like him automatically follow the leader or probably his habits the people already what I google microsoft and nothing so humans Of course, they adapt very fast that's why it's good for example in view of google maps or to have something similar to see what maybe they change that too many great test in the background what is there Of course, you can go with it be relevant otherwise you of course already has records about things work well or something then you should not change that either otherwise it helps somehow to make a second version where to go Just swap example buttons or something or somehow Legend grabs the other side and just looks like the like For example, access numbers are or one offers optional possibilities for example that you say okay you can do something on the screen different from left or to the right or from top to bottom offer customizability for example because that what you wanted to know So I think there have new things I'm quite free when I'm the one The first thing you do is enter there So it makes sense to change behave as other software the that already established there you say something I would seriously test that watch what the users expect because of course, something can be established that it can not be right best example is for example word one has to bake the memory of the center diagonally above simply on the right put because they thought used none but then there was a huge outcry support and so on and so forth accordingly, one has him again made back at the same time knows But that is the example of otto the For example, 20 different memories had buttons and sometime just changed to one on and that his club lends did not have and thus less had jump rates I think it's a lot with testing just to watch or even confirmation the stupid i say it okay i'm doing now time with my testing or I watch which software I need to do that yourself through and then just to look, the established is the right one or you can not new it maybe do better and just by doing maybe three things surrounded another question here and then in front I have a question about the five users I only need five users or need I'm the five correct users actually you just need five users the right users are there it may not be natural more relevant if your target audience responds or stay there otherwise it is just that the human in itself always reacts similarly also a lot of things when testing So somehow pretest for example if you just do it yourself or exchanges with colleagues to the example, already a solidified have the opinion expect the things someone else as capable of helping people which you have nothing to do therefore I take from my experience the five testers are super that Maybe somehow 23 months later again and again goes to five testers today and then again by watching if the if the weak spots Now it works out most of the time I might have one more note to the question before from ours experiences out yes you can be very clearly from the established Beck move because usability and that fits not quite like this but in this one in this bulky iso-norms this is for usability is very clear described that there is always the goal and also the usage context with must be taken into account and if the use context not google maps like is then allowed by google Maps like that might come out very well strong remove so you may also new develop concepts and you would even do not get ahead of it as if note to the question before me has so a bit bright you have done said the thing he went loud Do you like great we have the experience made that's our our total tasting that irritates many more one Feel off the exam situation think about it what am I saying now thereby more sedate action and not at all so this spontaneous I shook my hand to the head what I note with me but can not consciously queried now or is so poor where is it now the button that I'm not so spontaneous if I say consciously please Everybody comments every step of the way So now I have the experience made if I detachhe rangehe one reacts to it that way i always have smalltalk hello before I'm lina I do that and that my leisure time I know costs he cross gets hey let's do that to us play through times or may I may here made this time just before or here or that means they learn me inside five minutes incredibly personal know and open up to me Of course you need someone relatively communicative and afterwards have the actually none at all I was more afraid of contact then say hey, you just feel like doing it now you can do wrong you nothing comes cougar and that is the ice broken they are not testing situations but just rush through and hamburg it the further questions will be time for a question two even that was like watching it suits me first now yes my question is easy to time spent as if it's so usability Testing does what it takes preparation time how much time do you have to plan to do so a test and for the evaluation until you give and it stages different iterations Maybe so you can do that in the principle from the beginning onwards install prototyping Of course you have that relatively second intense with it but he hits you in the principle already the things in the beginning So that means it can occur is not something creeping Wrong what is good otherwise, of course, if you now So usability testing is starting now The left loud method I would say prepare it like that when you team it up marketable to half a day easy normal says okay already feedback What we have or need to do now Just think of something because we still have nothing and then just to say Okay, let's go to the example now eat usability test that's from 19 to 22h30 I think and there you have it six to twelve testers and then just the evaluation the evaluation is then usually that's the longest takes nothing if you do not prefabricate where you say okay we have following problems will be synonymous times want to analyze and amplify would like to know if they are really there then that probably relatively easy to evaluate then you go and say okay those are the four main problems the merz now and look what's next happens if you do not have that then if necessary, you need it already one hour well or even a day to really the to make lists and to see what what has the highest priority what is important to ourselves where stumble really the users about it a short question perhaps yes my question went if that also mentioned eyetracking somehow gives it one software that is recommended or it However, this is a rather technical approach That's a very technical approach from the direction as I have so far We've got to know Companies collaborated on their test We had some problems and we missed them just said software we like following test scenarios has me I think so twice or so but otherwise just software testing so I do not have that right now high interface to but equal to the next lecture is exactly about me they really think something can say what the best in the frame is good thank you again the na
please for the lecture and also for the
discussion thank you very much