TEAM Engine – Validierung des neuen OGC-Standards WFS 3.0 und aktuelle Entwicklungen im Projekt

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: TEAM Engine – Validierung des neuen OGC-Standards WFS 3.0 und aktuelle Entwicklungen im Projekt

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TEAM Engine – Validierung des neuen OGC-Standards WFS 3.0 und aktuelle Entwicklungen im Projekt
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Die TEAM Engine ist eine Engine, mit der Entwickler und Anwender Geodienste, wie WFS und WMS, und Geoformate, wie GML oder GeoPackage, testen können. Dieser Vortrag stellt vor, wie der neue OGC-Standard WFS 3.0 mit der TEAM Engine validiert werden kann. Dabei wird der Prozess der Erstellung der neuen Testsuite im Rahmen des OGC-Testbed-14-Programms näher beleuchtet. Des Weiteren werden die aktuellen Entwicklungen im TEAM-Engine-Projekt aufgezeigt und ein Ausblick gegeben.
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we have
three exciting lectures at first goes
very much about standards and about the teams if I'm curious what the climber has to tell us today and then I'll give you hello at least the so OK [Music]
hello my name is j?rg stenger and me would be a lecture today people that is a tool what mainly from the special consortium
icgc would also be serviced the title of a talk is validation of the new fc standard ifrs 3 0 and current developments project that means we have a new one recently Test suite develops the stop the bfs 30 tests and I tell you then is still a little bit of what is happening in the people happen to me this time
agenda for today so how did one stand short introduction then tells that The key management is and introduces it how to run with this team engine then I can go on the current development and come then his main topic is the bfs 30 first what makes the bfs 30 and how You can do such a thing once with the to test the people the man named dirk steiner i work at lapp bern as a software developer From 2012 to 2017, we men are clear The Welsh tools will also be the nati people listened to and otherwise ours main fields of work are occupied all actually with odyssey standards so how much or participate and his the green initiative steering was in place and right
do a lot with roger related here are just times
two screenshots and the right one is the one team engine or the web surface of the change team so that looks like out there log in login start test on the left you can see a document data service you with such we could test almost 20 that would be then and a so-called input the man of The manager gives them this services to test the service I can
people the people stands for test evaluation and measurement engine and that's just a test engine's tests can perform that is you have to the separate suite of test write but then just from this engine is executed and also the the result is if he even prepares the Team others can test services the most common application case as well client schemas or data itself the yes the entire team to have a java of course written open source and you can have the source code occurs look and is the link the tests are
can only be there mainly in two written in different languages once the odyssey compliance test length is that is a specially for she developed language or in testing So the first case who keeps xml in the 2nd would on years based on surfaces for the users one has in others web browser interface that one sees as that simply over webbrowser one can the Of course, talents also benefit command line tool or and also one fixed he did not imagine that he or she
So that now we first into the first the basics that people
Anyway, now I can go to the test The united the audyssey are provided to everyone most of the cases I know that too I put her over 40 testkits ready You can also find all appearances So a source code to under following link are the whole repositories and tests listed from clear every test suite always uses I spoke one of these two Just introduced the older ict test all he later they test the Here are a few examples for test suite including link who stuck 1120 or wm 113 test suite one sees on the left that each one each test suite own the top blogger story means that everyone has tests will also have their own j?rg hacker and also your own wiki You can also briquettes for individual text sites and we also use these whole possibilities active so if someone finds a mistake from the test can The trek will be used around the fault Report to
Now I imagine it was just as see
actually out when his test is Running over the web browser interface first you have to login then you can on the left side choose which service to test then you want to get to the right one side to the right screen must there response parameters specify that is most of the time it's just the mobility it was only optional parameters that differ from test to test suite here and test then that would be 2 0
then press down on the start
you can see the left screen execute in test it takes a while and then you get a report in bern says if this bfs has passed all tests or just like I said it does not this report has passed virgin html You can then spend on the single tests click especially money and failed why are they beaten?
the audi it costs an installation native suggestion which can be under call the following url everyone can also wear out as time register and try it out so you can does not undertake to do so mainly is yes and of course for that there to test standard implementation and then in the injured case that they everyone can see you look at this certified by the compliance department to let or you can even develop referral implementations the the next gysi the current one are working out of development in team the almonds 531 the current release 54 is currently being developed and included mainly bugfixes and a gentleman called the almost all on the surface target or make the workflow better can not do that too all work at any time watch what just happens a test suite and it are also becoming more advanced all bugfixes are created if we create bugfixes it takes that way a bit that on the production environment running the audyssey he has different, of course Processes must be rejected by the tests but on the beta environment you get there sees who can also use each other also try to register
always the latest versions install a new thing we that we are trying the test also has joggers already to make that he is loud akw he is easy to download and the
Whole software to start it is in principle only one command can be seen on the left to the docr , rapper story has every there there are tietz listed for this
current loose on the net are those are currently only two because we are just now have started but if you then but one clicks test suite you can see also what you have to do exactly calculated err must run around that's just really just one around the image to start downloading and the tests
perform the DOKR always includes specifically a tom cat with a deep are a test suite is important to us we have set ourselves on some a blogger images have the complete environment to readjust so the productive environment and also the beta environment becomes by then a blogger chatting with all stable test suite plus a team engine instance plus a tomcat instance is an example
how to use the under use cases for the herdecker images so right in new release from test as it can stop immediately down loaded immediately and it's very easy for everyone anyone can be a testing is very just his own server integrate infrastructure and we have come on, we drive that too everyone is complete production systems from audyssey whole adjust behind his own pc
can yes then you can go to 30
I'll first tell a few general things was the bfs I know not how good the knowledge about it So the current status is so first announce the wfs were 30 and not officially released but it is still a candidate standard and currently provides in turn that the public this current Comment on candidate standard aja made suggestions for improvement that was in the press release from the last one summer I like it always is another process collected the feedback
will be standard for the candidate for this This feedback is also on a jet her graduation document had her there discussed and then solved made improvements directly on twitter i had to say that that's the complete specification is written off right down there under number two you can see the link that means everyone can always do that Watch current status and also determine or open perry if so that seems strange one specification currently we are expected that we middle 2019 stable version yes be present becomes that would be the first stable release and the specification and that would then in the states syrup process the reduce the iso will come then still take a bit longer until then is actually adopted it must Nevertheless, the core specifications say is already finished and it will be probably only small ones make changes to it he was almost a clock was one completely rewritten so has little still with the bfs 20 and earlier bfs to do services yes a guy that will made sure that he is the current it standards are used for the implementation rather than so specific to develop solutions like that in the past perhaps he was the case was that means you 're guaranteed Rather on current trends in it business instead of developing solutions yourself
which is also a bit of a goal the standard is the general one world or better compatible with the Generally the world is the station and a modular structure that means the spa town destination part 1 is that offers just a simple interface and to ask for friendly data and that is actually file over the sea Talking is done and about the will just now everyone else is discussing functionalities will then be in separate parts of the specification this will create your own specifications then give it for example add transactions or complex queries the main and the main change
is that the wfs 30 resource-oriented service is that is the name of the building on the rest concept this was not the case in the past the case and another thing is that the wild one thies document Wechselfeld and through So the interface in this case of course, of course, a dlp document is described open ep also travel a specification the halt describes how to rather like rest of the stands she has can be described that is also where the standards are used instead of this odyssey specific poison pill to use this also the encoding as well as query formats have changed that is earlier gml totally central and subordinate lgl were the format for all audi you services now there is no standard format more but there will be jason in all proposed as formats but right now jason is too much now more into focus then yes I come to the best of the new standards established we 30 So here latten gmbh have stopped last year as part of the project on the test berg 14 program the man 17 program Cambodia where new developments really then the practice around or one new conceptual development the practice will be implemented then all funded by sponsors reported in this program will be quite a lot of different things and we were just taking compliance and have in the context of this project then the Test developed the ta street developed he all tests are in java written and so with the test entry framework can or will become clear Running with the teammanager and really important is also that we us on the specification iwf es 3.0 Specification includes an abstract test suite then that's just one course linguistic tests will be the describes how to serve such a could test and this of course said gigant it tremble when implemented with these buttons as with the startup framework that is if you now this is the test result of the wfs 30 feels you should see the steps also in the abstract it sees you can find them again in the can read the specification
the implementation of the tests is located can also carry on chip under following link There are also all possibilities As always akw franz are always over
feedback and there is also one official documentation the himself and it was euro you are also View so what are the the be challenging during the been implemented and as the and also the things that such a were a little different than in the tests we wrote before so the main thing was of course that we are always a well educated person but have a document fit here have open end document and that means they are the right ones apps come out has a rest interface and rest says yes resources are linked to each other must exactly what makes then the tests use that they stop in principle just follow all the links correct that his own very generic test suite the little is subject-specific but generally
simply partner this document different links followed, too the expected happens correctly The problem was that there were no gates in Cologne there is no kolding in what used we have to solve that we just said the tester of the service must support jason else can not be tested so that one race conditions for the tests we also have new java libraries Frameworks users are not used For example, the estate was to be tested So rester shoves or kay are on the ppr document clear yes the one
summary what are they now special features of the test suite So clearly the key implemented completely new completely new concept that just I introduced important detail street is data independent that means you can every tuesday with test that was in the Past not even the case there you have to partially test data bring in service to test at all can use a test suite Here you can really every fs30 service take and then there are the conditions ie the tests offer the the one who needs to test the service support travel corning and he must also the versions 3.0 use otherwise does so you can not with the test victory will be tested correctly specification we go out so-called
Conforming classes from conference classes bundles so specific functionalities you can then watch fulfilled service all special features to conform to a compliant glass class can then say more exactly what a Service can do what he can not do just a skin compliant class is the cork association class we have too completely implement all optional class compliant yes have not that means one can with the test really look the wfs 30 enough really the head So the core requirements or not yes
the test drive is also back on the Abeta environment installed from Of course, not yet because the production the standard not yet has been published but everyone is invited To look and pray environment to look easy to create an account Let's test almost a new team Developer can also loose the one id or command line tool but use the first way he is much easier Faster right because every feedback Of course we would always be happy about it
Joerg is often found hacker I think so just now a few food for thought for the questionnaires the same comes somebody in the room experience with open api as you can can test his open air party and We just want to do that interested because we think stop that
the key we wrote also generally as an open apps suite I could really rewrite that can be used very generically yes, thank you and I would
Thank you so much this is the exciting lecture is yes it's interesting to see what's behind all this wms and bfs even more infected than doing it only user of the Perspective looks where you are which integrates quickly but that there actually much more behind it is how you test it and so much Interesting insight now but still time for a few questions there are from audience notes please ask then still in the microphone I'm talking then come to you so that it for the Video recording also that one the question hears
only a short question there is on the offender side where the tests now in the Beta phase have been around for some time Two tests now from the djs profiles for heat and who is right is there any aspiration? that the updated will be updated or is that something more then something broke is therefore the be active well maintained so you can also fault We would also report that work look at us and the goal These tests also after production in the So all move against man 7:00 on the bayer website but as far as I am concerned the standards are not yet white in hall it will be adopted currently waiting for the profiles targetted because the are before so that both ratified meanwhile there are even some others for the other services as well inhibited swc is it would be next ask if there is an idea or aspirations are also available as a test to implement suite so or However, aspiration now definitely so now it wnt yes I mean one street it again but makes one American version of it exists some wnt it right but he says so he we are not sitting there but the interest of course exists and may need you then tension so that promote something would Judge was there because of that post-production can be postponed I can do that again with him the motto x7 contact then again bring discussions at the 1 the last one I stood there has not got that yet that he does not have the standards that far but I can do it right on everyone case again ask and then so if the standards of the happy we would have been consecrated also try as fast as possible after production too different OK thanks