OpenStreetMap-Vandalismus für Datennutzer – Arten, Häufigkeit, Schutzstrategien

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OpenStreetMap-Vandalismus für Datennutzer – Arten, Häufigkeit, Schutzstrategien
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Viele OpenStreetMap-Nutzer sind erstaunt, wenn sie hören, dass jede(r) einfach alles ändern kann. Geht da nicht ständig etwas kaputt? Treiben da nicht Teenager ihren Schabernack mit den heiligen Geodaten? Dieser Vortrag analysiert die Risiken und gibt Handlungsempfehlungen.
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we are now dealing with one
theme over and over again is treated and still always stronger sam community is discussed it is about vandalism of the frederik had enough experience And he would like to give us a few examples show us and also explain which ones impact that had
hello now so nice evening me would like to try a bit on it
it will be towards the end of my life be carried forward not only what journalism is but what you are now as users best against
vandalism or how to do it best deal I'll start a bit later to make a roundabout a bit
to explain what we all know at Everyone can join openstreetmap you can log on simply the any user name you need not reveal his identity All users have the same rights
that means even one of you is right now just logged in can be great delete datasets or any add nonsense and changes the somebody's power is usually within a few minutes at the map visible Of course this leads to nonsense
and I'll do it here for a moment speculative So I go to this website war
on the button and gpm yes hacker then i already have my account
must still briefly in the e-mail that then confirm to me here on this our central building where we are are currently located who up here with the mouse out of me would like to edit the map now
then I'm already in the editor then
I see down here is such a The cafeteria is cunning and cafeteria then I think that would be it Funny I would just rename it in cafeteria very funny and then load I save the high pressure on it and you
that one minute later or few minutes later in the card and all my fellow students say hahaha that was but funny so vandalism works in osm There are different types of games for teenager humor or I mean these days one has partly at the university even teenagers so young people They like something funny demonstrate to fellow students or classmates sometimes want a bit too serious mobbing that stops the people Somehow the stupid man lives here fred in the house or something like that that then
Men like to paint a penis that there is a country here agricultural land the someone has marked yes that's just
so yes funny and then you can go back Clear there is also a bit more serious about it Are these security researchers that are so people who think that's human yes man there everyone can just everything internally , the world has to show off What harm you do to a person? can serve so that the people at usm finally see that they are doing something have to there was such a case recently
one has renamed the city of new york
in europe hall is thus jew capital which of course has later
out and said yes I'm one security researcher I just wanted everyone draw attention to the problem
was of course a stupid joke and come I afterwards one more time to return
there is sometimes political extremism nationalism that just people theirs own versions of borders necessarily want to push through and say no this But still belongs to our country or But this city is called something to do
example is often old you can see now not much in the picture these are the ones parallel islands in the south chinese sea they are claimed by china but
also from the philippines and i believe it was also from Vietnam at least then quarrel several people come every now and then people say is easy but I do that everywhere now Chinese names on it and change the borders and should go back and forth but there are other places in the world where there is a dispute then there is
still so people that happens in too Germany often that to For example, the ranger walks in the forest deletes because he finds that nobody there the way is actually supposed to go on exist and theirs too Existence in usm you have may well enter the usa this away may not be used or only from pedestrians or something you have to delete that's why it does not apply to us too as vandalism There are also people who simply say you do not need that many details on the map I leave that There are relatively often in recent times pokémon go that is such a game that the young people on their mobile phone but maybe some play as well adult people so you can have any monsters hunt and the company that makes it also uses openstreetmap cards openstreetmap data to decide where These monsters are now emerging and the monsters emerge more and more where park and less where Schulgelände is what leads to it that students like to visit their school grounds clear in the hope that then there more pokémon creates such things and Of course there are many tips where what is broken is a expertise of one person actually contribute something reasonable and accidentally deletes something or inadvertently calls the whole place on bakery meyer to somehow something like that can also look good times happen and so are tools yes not the easiest too
serve the scope of vandalism there is
an investigation by lukas martinelli of map box has then lecture kept off on the last station and has such a statistical stop times he counted a few per person I have about 570 million edits wrong lettering 300 citation error 160 malt personal advertising 100
damage caused by deletion and 50 obscenities that's about the scope of vandalism and it is not really bad but it comes
already what is not open street map
they all have the press seen I wanted to show that openstreetmap me the only project is that has problems with vandalism or where there is vandalism that's out the time when you still google map could join maker and there has Anyone such an android male what's on an apple pees what happens with vandalism in
open street value does not mind Of course that is first and foremost entire open street map community the These things are found and remedied there also the data working group the so to speak from the official side of the openstreetmap foundation helps and then people can save if they always again, most vandals come do something and then you get them and Knock his fingers and then he is good but there are also those who come then somehow always and again You may have to do the same again times the account lock some larger companies have their own data not only michael again said did capture new data but sometimes also deal with it maybe to find fault and too you can repair or monitor
do not do something that vandalism not even happened at all yes everything in the database there you can yes all possible algorithm algorithms run on it and if one Somehow something obscene uploads Maybe you could be at the same time meditate say no that is rejected this is currently not practiced because it is very difficult somehow actually automatically the content of a audits There are some companies that are so fly a filtered database So for example map box has a long time time made that have, say,
here and a copy from above is more where we clean the new data every day do but we look that before everything exactly what comes in to prevent such vandalism And to protect our customers from that but this is double for example Change of which I told before have this in openstreetmap within but it had been repaired for two hours because of this process of doing so mapbox ran is he provided in this secured database come in and then somehow been for days and has the old this press that knick knack led so that can also go back Let's go if you say I'm here my own data There are always ideas in the open street map community too that says we do not want everyone just like that just re-registered and equal for it delete all dresden We do not want anyone new to that logs should first maybe only limited rights may have only a certain number of objects per days the animals can or or or These ideas were so around and are not yet implemented because openstreetmap also very strong of it benefits that someone adheres sign up and join in and we want as little hurdles in put the way but it can be quite that you have come sometime like me already really said an automatic automatic detection of vandalism It's very hard, so there is always so usually with the one you set up can there are legitimate examples in fact it actually became I have the right to do that again
a penis in openstreetmap something symbolic and that really belongs there that there is a funfair in South Korea he deals with human Sexuality and there are actually a work of art that genital is modeled and not that is world's biggest penis and it just needs to be there or here we have another one
So I'm sorry that's all here
that is a bit very genital the servers are one that is one Hill figure in out of the gray the england but just now figure a hill that exists actually this thing and there you can anyway marked a footpath because you can actually walk long and that has just this form so if I now generate an automatism He would have everything here anyway also looks nice then clears
these things audition how can i detect and repair vandalism Of course, there are those in the first place vigilance of the community we have a lot Many people are constantly watching card which falls on it if somewhere which is funny but we also have the quarter's us help with quality assurance So find the suspicious stuff
there is, for example, the pascal
this suspicious change where he stops automatically analyzes and changes like then the user is already there how much he solved that in this game set then are just stuff where someone new to themselves has registered and has a lot of stuff deleted those are in her this partly suspicious and you have to then take a closer look then you can you also filter a bit here
one is above I can go to countries to filter or say I only want people who have been there for so long and so on continue and so on that is here result usm suspicious or for example, that oscar the
It's a similar tool from the company
mapbox is kept that's a whole lot so me do not want to say machine learning but at least relatively clever rules which you apply to such games at because sometimes purely strict logic is easy here in weliki value combination that has He decides instead of that is you uploaded and okay there's something is there lazy but also quite so so appreciate automatically generated during the hot then that here looks you should be suspicious look at So that's also a tool of what many people are used there I can also my own governments regularly monitor if there are interesting things maybe she's watching
would have to be from the chart punkt or
from the wehr group which is also here
Is there a commercial tool that is US Mct from the control tower control tool it works that way very much low level are basis analyzed in fact , xm is openstreetmap xml so to speak from yesterday and from today and
Compare that to a specific one region and then you can be certain analyze things the one who cares is that is there as a commercial service for people who actually monitor something but if you want private too
get free account of course There are also utilities to the district Make changes if I am now found here is a user the louder one uploads one Change then I can do that relatively easily undo when it does not too long ago what
I do now when I use data I can do anything against vandalism so how do i go with the topic vandalism around this is my first Recommendation for you to help openstreetmap and help with that to monitor quality Of course we are always happy about that additional the join the regularly Maybe he 'll look at this one quality quality tools looks every extra pair of eyes helps if you do something with the data yourself For example, if you say it are a community and they have openstreetmap card on your website yes here you have our map you are watching at openstreetmap and let's say it Maybe they have this themselves These data are pulled down and offer there partly calculated and then something can Of course, they also have their own Check the data Maybe they have one small copy of open street more Made with you work for your region You can visually inspect that for example, say update that not constantly updated that now only once in half a year and if i make this card new I have just looked then times namely always one hour time, Just look at it somewhere someone painted pink people and that is one possibility of course it does not always work so you can it can also automatically watchdogs if you think of it for example Copy from openstreetmap to use So that routing analysis and make them update this copy regularly then they could be just like you in the software development, yes, tests programmed and says that and the and The things have to happen to my software otherwise bergbach in there you can Of course, then I say here as and routing abstract and I reckon Now I'm routing 500 routes out of the way and I know about that Hamburg to Munich I expect that about the driving time of two hours 42 rushes barely 542 comes out and if if I download now also extract and suddenly the ride is drastically different then I know there I might check there something lazy on the data the best but are actually constant fast updates So if you use as a user from openstreetmap just do it do not have a database too copy and say with the work I now for a year but to say I do an update every day or maybe even every hour hour I let that update That can be a technical challenge be of course then if you have many have process steps behind it when They say I'm loading the openstreetmap data and then I expect only three days Of course you can not do something with it update every hour but there can be the Often the processes can be left out optimize that you actually can and then it is important to have one expectancy adapts that says okay that's not here now anyway the 100 percent guaranteed correct product it openstreetmap as may times what break since one can times any pure paint but I do constant updates and if there is a mist painted purely then he is also relative by the community corrected quickly and then that is mistake again the lukas martinelli in his statistics, I already do so mentioned who then reported it toolchain from map box where you handy every day to see the change of the day and he said in his lecture 50 percent of the changes you as are problematic identify to the when they think then we will have to correct that now has the open street map community already fixed that is 50 percent in the vast majority cases is a problem you see the openstreetmap is still on the same evening of somebody in the community has been repaired and that's why my suggestion is the whole stop really look like I did now somewhere in my community somewhere a bubble gum on the sidewalk I can not live there too prevent that one because the gum lived out but usually the chewing gum disappears relatively fast and i do not have to somehow mine think of something great now how I can never do that somewhere a bubblegum is stuck
with this picture of a Japanese 10 I would like to garden again finally to rest and serenity prompt what vandalism in openstreetmap is the problem largely from the community below
control Of course there are times when some in the middle of the desert somewhere a gumball machine draws the it does not exist and nobody ever looks right there in the desert then that can be too that is half a year The chewing gum automat can stop
before someone deletes them but in Often, vandalism will be enormous Street map fixed quickly and me Do not think you have to stress do the worst is or is the stupidest is when one says I prefer to me Snapshot and I are now working one year long on this data I am on under a certain day under loaded then I have to hold the data maybe look closer because if I'm just unlucky either problem in there and that is twelve later released hours but I got mine shut down the data once so my recommendation if you the possibility to update frequently then On the other hand, they are the most prepared that was my presentation 20 minutes ago thank you very much fredrik us now something calmed down and thinks is so bad the problem yes in the end but synonymous does not see that maybe someone someone else has suggestions supertag short question like that Consensus in such political regions for example, south china sea israel Primary yes that it is one has a difficult topic so in the reason openstreetmap the on the ground truth where we say we do not like the un the whole looks or like somehow china the song or india or somebody but we meppen and the how the situation presented to me on the spot when I go or if I would go that is in fall the Crimea for example so that there the on the ground would be very clear say okay that may be that that everything is an illegal one illegal aggression is there but are russian soldiers ask me about mine fits if I want to go there So then the russian area completed which is generally the rule that we have openstreetmap but that is not always easy to apply especially in southern China, for example sea ​​where it's about a border which is somewhere on the sea I can not ship my ship somehow drive and watch Rome I'll go here and see if now a red Russian frigate is coming and stops me or something So that's a bit difficult and in the Crimea it is because you are have specifically addressed yet a very stupid situation because that at that time as russians the Crimea We have annexed said okay let's people once first time A compromise drive where we do it make that the Crimea part of russia and ukraine is in our data So the limit is the overlap there are practically the two countries border and now we have four months ago we said that actually corresponds no more the reality online It's clear that this is Russia we change that now and then there was but so much outcry from the whole People from Ukraine that we softened then and said yes kept your shit ok First of all that remains this compromise stay now stop first in next force this is an exception to the underground oldie made for political reasons has been usually the online tool applies a complain complain relatively often people, for example, from China the taiwan actually belongs to them or from india that the bordering yes is shown wrong in these cases Let's say the people then sorry to us it will be just like the people place see registered but we have free data that means you can do that download data you can draw your own card and then you can then the limits so a sign as you want it and it gives, for example, a website openstreetmap score points from the Indian community is made and there they just have those official ones Indian borders are drawn and otherwise it is a normal osm card and yes you have to stop then if you want something else has have anyone ask a that is not vandalism now but the amds belief on the German side the swiss are there not so amts baden württemberg yes, the only exemption is the maps vbw released a few years ago and it happened to me now in one my villages where I new construction area have entered openstreetmap have checks and have some mapbox account or what me from the map vbw they had some planning taken over in the office something drawn which does not exist in reality and of course that is not vandalism but in baden württemberg stops Certain paths would not be easy maintained and that is official and he will be taken over during data in to open street map there is always again problems yes that was now a general is so he says himself that there is no vandalism that is one general data source problem that we have a lot of fronts that's easy for you too, for example have an old aerial picture and then it is stop on the old aerial view is a house still on it but that is long ago demolished the local meta goes delete the house because it is demolished and three days later is somehow a and say oh on the aerial photo but Here a house that does not show it out quickly and since we do not have any really good solutions like how so to speak the local map his warning can do it on the map and say Please do not pay attention here aerial view visible house draw sometimes you go over that one house 30 in it and then it can not as a building but as a worn building one carries so that then one of the card looks at the sees the rodent is such a rectangle and there is then demolished the building has then I know but yes but yes is now having vandalism Nothing to do a question where to leave me I do not have the last chance also point out that it is in openstreetmap also not allowed it the current Venezuelan president to meppen from there we can rest assured felix many thanks for your execution and girlfriend on yours recommendation Thank you


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