Auf dem Weg nach QualityLand oder schon mittendrin?

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Auf dem Weg nach QualityLand oder schon mittendrin?
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Die Frage beantwortet jede/r anders. Hintergründe und Fakten zu QualityLand. Mit Bezug auf das Buch von Marc Uwe Kling und Fokus auf der Bedeutung von Geodaten in Zeiten von QualityLand und Parallelen zum Alltag und Nirwana.
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so exactly we are leaving now technical area and want one look into the future dare and one Travel to quality lab and that we ask ourselves on the way to quality country we are already in the middle in quality lent is the answer to all okay ask that I take ever from the way and a little bit more
The jörg will inform us now tell the same but there comes only so Let's ask the first one Of course we should ask with the
lecture continue as the question in audience what it probably the answer okay Thank you so much this day is inspired
also from the last bosque is 2018 has the jörg already one day a lightning held and finally he has thanks at marc uwe kling and on quality lent directed that has me of course, made noisy and curious and I have me of course, as soon as informed and After that I had the feeling human we must here again make a little wider and who is
I can only refuse that I ask if he wants to speak want to keep as I have, of course, immediately said yes for a very short time those quality is not yet know that's a you have with your friend
a dystopian science fiction satire playing in the future is very funny too read or hear in reference to as a lightning gate Yesterday there is still only there weak artificial intelligence that strong kunz threatens however in the background for breakthrough to the artificial intelligence really all areas of life in this well in this
roman there are delivery drones the of course, automatically find the way in away but also deliver products from the largest You do not even have a retailer I knew you wanted her
there are very smart pda s personal digital assistant so far more than we know with the smartphones There are dating agencies like Finds not the best partner any more to choose but only the one of it then that's it and that's easy was perfect you have to stress yourself with it there
self-driving cars by the they are talking with one another small talk make the favorite music play while driving if you if they have delivered to drive them
just keep the parking problem solved in quality because actually no park cars more but still are traveling and that is actually
very very comfortable life or astrid you might think this but now Of course, life also has consequences that is very comfortable but yes, it also brings a lot
Transparency with you could now think so why not that's it actually a fine thing but the transparency relates to a itself the
means we as a person are totally there transparent because these pdf know them just about everything and chat that as soon as you get someone now this starts to babble and Now the jörg said the level 16 or maybe yes and so on so that is actually a bit too much
besides, you do not have to do it yourself anymore think that will think for yourself superfluous because this pda does that that brings for one and delivered without What you did not even know that you that needed and you have to actually do not even think about the cars themselves drive you everywhere and you just have to react if
I have what garbage in hand stands already a trash can ready and me need the whole case is then is there is still a complete manipulation i
I'm just getting the information
delivered to me in my level may seem interesting I could only get the friends maybe delivered to my level fit and can not do it anymore
decide but let's get back to the ask where are we actually today quality land on the way there or
already in the middle or maybe already in the middle
I still do not think fortunately in it but very close to the what we have it goes in the direction
We have purchase suggestions in the online shop we live our information bubbles if we do not pay attention only the interest teams there are all the siri assistants alexa there are relegation systems which ultimately prevent us perceive our environment and know what left and right of the track is the whole dgsv declaration of consent in web there as well as you have today on me always only the possibility to click ok or close the page and we as
research community as a developer of course, too We work that quality because come closer
We have routing applications location based services there are the drones lectures I'm doing now completely quickly I had a little something
out here from the program but you can all do it yourself
Find important is to tell us again that we do not stop the progress can and at least up here too do not want but we should definitely be the one be aware of the problems that are coming can and should progress as well I follow suit critically believe that we have a few now but you we always talk so much we have to finish will therefore be the last call critical


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