FOSS- und GIS-Integrationen mit Mapillary

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: FOSS- und GIS-Integrationen mit Mapillary

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FOSS- und GIS-Integrationen mit Mapillary
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In diesem Vortrag wird auf die Daten-Pipeline des Mapillary-Projektes eingegangen. Es werden auch die unterschiedlichen FOSS-Komponenten beleuchtet (OpenSfM, MapillaryJS, iOS-SDK, Python-Tools, JOSM/iD-Integrationen).
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yes hello all together
what to say Last months, something like that because it is also interesting, too from the openstreetmap and history maybe the view for the people do not know what you are doing we make crowd sourced 2d to 3d
reconstruction of the world so send 2d textures on material and then make we also from servers then a 3 the Representation of it and extract then synonymous times features and and textures and so on we do so no own cards but we deliver the data leads for example cards currently those are almost 100,000 then use it about one million pictures a day on the Send a platform so now it is About 430 million pictures are there because they are so active As I said we do a visual model of the world and there we get out then about different the planning algorithms we use on our research then publish page makes features out so how to example street signs stop signs here the whole road marking and and ya lamps are everything you can can recognize and that's all accessible via apps from which we then yourself components so bound for the community and it also directly which you can go directly to order so the time to look a little bit I have a whole lot to do graphically small movie a minute ago I do not usually do that though it's more effective than that too explain in the reason I hope that the network plays along today
but it comes that for example now a video purely depends on that came to me segment the deep yve learning algorithms and and classify the different ones branches we do that too the instance confirms that this is simple especially car classified as car a car two or three that one there Then, for example, trees can count or street signs from each other can differentiate there you can do all sorts of things what different areas so exciting for example if that now 33 lane or two are connected we do really interesting one I say in our open source story something else is open we make three deposits of 2d and then build up point clouds which we then lowered the semantic apply it and then segmented boxes get and start and of course we can do that over clustering the clusters together and then both in the point features like also here, for example, the street lamps or other things pull out so At the moment we have had it 42 new point features rausgebracht and when it comes to the
road signs are the go example so around 500 different So stop signs North America Stock city in Germany stop signs everywhere so it's that Not a lot, so many then variations while we also also need to collect the way when it just ask questions so just ask that 's about what we do at the dataset Above all, this is the focus on it to do that incrementally because easy the exotic as the then microsoft has done in their name that still but where you thereby through the So things can go through if you can Now 3d models calculated from the incoming pictures is that usually that you get it from everyone does and that is quite technical seen quite expensive and if he's always coming in then you have to constantly then again do and and partly but also that we are the processes and keep process costs low [Music] what are we going to do for the poor right now so when it comes to the classic Of course, probably everybody does that of you is that is that one for example in open street map mobile integrated I then tell even what to do so the whole data the then come out for open streep can apply and then things like hydrant can extract or or just street signs one way streets crossing verifying sidewalks and and so on our classics and classes for example, commercial users are communes and countries and also too the partner so quickly transporter usa simply invest things
want and want to discover and then match that over time become know as seen since the bridges height signs are now out the new ones are there which ones go away or or are they now trees or or roadway lane boundary there or no longer because that's it then can automatically make will relatively cheap devices so many make a big or small 360 here cameras and and then to take are just the whole high definition maps where at the moment the giant research is done in order to see how the first as the formats look like and then how to do that should cover and and the river at that again cooperate is beside that the that the data from the cars come then be processed and then for example The next day is relatively fast from one of two hours that's all then process this back flows into the static high definition off so that then just the next day the self-driving cars or even the 33 what is then we know that for An example is a construction site if We have looked at several cars try because the data there are two things that are so great on the web site looks like that's that audience appeals rivas what also as a data source for open there is projects and then there is Of course, commercial customers who want that closed we try the towards the big marie push but we do not succeed always at such automobiles and that's what life would be like but a great thing and we are too with the bigger players to go that to make it public then practically for example the whole open street map community then suddenly comprehensive data of form of cities in germany have something of course it sends over time also something new and especially in germany
is very popular in april is that one can start now systematically cover we call the captcha projects there were Always a lot of script and both people have tried the cameras and the and all the setting of data too automate now you do it that way that you simply a chef therefore takes in Polygon turns it into a project and then intervention covers optional resolution, for example, that the then for my sake as well as internet or what partly shows and 68 68 zone one then user to know then also assign to the users cameras if only we were the ones who came to it your camera can get the cindy in embed the videos so that we can then you can slip and then the Pictures of the ups or what you get it applies automatically when turned on one was now for example as the three Here goes into the part here
this is already the first live location history if it continues then if that did not work then would be Of course we do that right then they say if you long noticed here first with a look on your project then then there is not done or or The data is not fresh enough so straight from the openstreetmap scene keep coming back the demand that one does not then on paper and Make pencil where you need it now It's starting to get pretty interesting We also promise a lot of history much from us and especially in the combination will then also the kamps and and 360 cheap things mobile rich it is a great open source components the ones we have developed and The care is based on free jazz So we are the first to have that Anniversaries and then it has become showed that it became too complex have rewritten everything again in the script and everything chic when you 're on Tapped looks a lot of beautiful examples and and is just too integrated into the open street map editor and etc So if you look at it this way
I can see if I go in there can perhaps we have an editor because here
so that's everybody's normal I can then edit editor and dimap data here, among other things, photo and then maybe its the traffic too Make novelle what kind of what openstreetmap is interesting as I said there are other point features too that will probably be later integrated but here you can see practically now for example in dresden a whole Crowd discovered objects and how to
So they are not where they are Pictures are projected out through the dots just in indy interpolated positions so again because now, for example , we can watch we see if you can find there in 20 cents
there can be a lot of it you can see if we can find something Here you can see for example maximum speed limit 20 which then disowned was and was interpolated where it is about is scary eerie useful that it is not just in street view is that one then really the objects then that too the same happens in Lausanne unfortunately we can not do either possibility found and proper javascript integration in java so swing and and make then swt and so is awful coming you can not get out but an old one
problem in the year was when in id is is fine so you can get that then look for example here if we
Now on the picture then goes then you can see that somewhere here there are a lot of little signs you can see normally barely recognizable by hand if you do that we are here That's probably the only thing strings sign what we saw there so that We do not do that by hand So yes there is the integration since a few months just fine advanced by the man of the mafia So it has new features integrated that
Can I show it to me? said that's all open source and I send it a try if I want to
can do that now we have something in our old one
point clouds made visible then he in a small video has seen the
is everywhere I hope that the network is fast enough
is to load those around the we have that that is, made clean again, but so on a little bit hidden there you can see it so you get the textures you like here looks can hide the images are no pictures anymore but these are textures like you also in games and so has something
you actually do not see it if you go through it as you can see now there are more points reloaded the motto is that through a This is actually moving what we inside mafia like here where we are with calculator You can see if you are here cameras can also show aha the then you see and then I can too
maybe I'll see if I can do it all turned wars and can go in here I think you have to control press and then here it can be like that and then look at it Continue clicking so here you can see it several sequences that have been made that is live what life on madeline live drauflegt that's a bit of what's there behind it is that they are not unfortunately cloud but rather it is a cloud which serves the pictures too position the cameras back to Expect to come from such things come gps accuracies of 10 15 meters
sometimes down and without that too correct you hardly have a chance at all what to get out that goes so far that if for example here now if
the sequence you see this probably more accurate than pedestrians sequence this is the cameras a bit so that probably one somehow gone so long while here a car drove where where the gps track usually better if there's something like that come in and then overlap we calculate practically the best overlap and then become within the accuracy circle of the different cameras the camera calculate back so that the data you Above all, it will be better over time if then because of me professional make a 360 recording and people this basically the whole point Vocke anchoring it looks like this I think you can usually there is even one here Control in where you can see how far we are have corrected the original position to get a good result where you then see how strong that, so to speak has changed
So that's a thing again have also stopped
good to know that you are with is something makes time travel in panorama that is quite interesting makes power yes practically an unsupported one Reality conception have the am made in the beginning and tried let panoramas to stand out from the But we have the things that come in not done afterwards because we did not do that wanted to destroy data just when new Come in there you do not know what you are there should tip again and so and unbroken data and we do that So instead, how to just see here
there we do it so that we just
just here you can see for example that that the textures in that they moved me up a bit now easy in the 3d room, so to speak are then fenced to come So for example, the image levels there which are seen at different depths practically only as well as a picture from if one also on the camera on the Camera position is I have to look
if I can get him in here like that
that's a bit weird, I think
so now you can see if I'm in the camera is then looks good if i am not in the camera then you see that the that the texture forgiven depending on how much depth information it's all about panoramas
interesting to see if I load that
can here we have a panorama and the
different positions of the Cameras make it difficult then blend the 3d if you look because over so also still moves so far That was a bit like that Research project how we do that best but if you can see that now is also related to that next fatherly explain we produce all those different of the torschuss the cameras in the same coordinate system so that the pixels and the and everything behaves correctly that also means that then we have the 3d things away so that then synonymous with the 3d cloud agree and not that original picture is yes then because of me then the three cloud would be at the straight has edges on the buildings of course in reality and there you can we then compare things now also a panorama here on the the right side is the building finished on the left side is then rebuilt So if you are now in the sidewalk looks at it and thereby that life is on the others features in the picture people and so to speak that is relatively stable then we can Such things usually do we are very difficult to do the position of course not they are yes they are Special not given so many People also do it as historical Apply documentation because it's easy
that's interesting about the aps then to follow inside we have that we are very proud
on that they got it around
two minutes, then I 'll do it not continue but open sfm is another component we have on the have lumped that is practically the whole splendor of moss and story the we do in the background It will not only be for malaria applied but here is for example A point wanted where the cameras above sees that is also the threat so it works just as well for for spaziale and otto car photos so that we do not do that ourselves that we are droning photos and weird reinstellen photography we have very much interest for but also if threaten Do that and the walls if and that means also so that we for the also with develop as the driving wedge behind it are quite interesting they have the whole northern side to Example of Tanzania 3D models with with drone pictures Kapellari tools lite on library What's new is that we do it all a little bit in a user for free Many people have complained of cuts that you have large amounts of data about the website and about the cameras are not get in there we have the rapper made over it looks super chic out there Can you then thousands of pictures position it a bit like geo setter and and then upload directly and that is also meanwhile that kans with with concern and then all the way to circuit if I have one second an open an open source tool what also
very chic as you can see again 3d mobile support also supports
So marca placement is also one
full 3d a full 3d story that
is here when I purely to Dresden go because of me Here's what I look for
Hope to see what I can click here I find now here, so have
I in the picture here does not look very special has made good falls three but if I click on it now I can practically see it over here the 3d distances where i just look if I click here then then i have marca here then i will just also according to the front and can pull back what could be for the openstreetmap to Example in the editor but install Many people do that over here and there and then i think i still can Make a marker and draw the one to Rome and thereby precisely position the jewelry reality and that too interactive on the other side then place and then the taxi to to deliver openstreetmap if I'm like that a hydrant or or a jam or something I can do the same then enter is interactive applied but also suggestions for Integration that you can do there yes I did not ask for more time We may have time for a question
I have so many questions I can unfortunately just one title for how many thanks for the very interesting lecture the question the talk is most interested in as google street view in germany had been introduced and that is even if you have the building Looking at a google street for me get yourself in such a thing pixelated singlespeed for you have you ever somehow had problems that people asked you about me pixel offers the houses can they do it Yourself You go in here in the picture and go
then just in the editor , I say want to present and then when I do that
let's finish and then I say just i 'm doing a bwler here and skin away the whole building and says that should be pixelated now and that will then, in retrospect, you're sitting there breathe and if you are more than 300 plus then you are through, so to speak
then it can learn more and that will then automatically but then it works on all pictures because I have so always new again driving along is also the building other photos goes on is that building the other photo is so if you if you want to continue for pixel then you have to do it yourself yes we do it automatically as but make it over for example military objects and so on us then we take the polygons that a little moment 22 one Swedish Wehrmacht not the have complained military objects and then I said yes to him then there are the polygons of that secretly that's it so that's a bit of doing it we have when we have the data yes this advancing dieter bock again a jerk off [Applause]