Was sollen diese komischen Adress-Codes?

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Was sollen diese komischen Adress-Codes?
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Geografische Positionen werden klassischer Weise in (projizierten) Koordinaten angegeben. Mittlerweile gibt es zu diesen Koordinatenangaben mehrere alternative Adressierungssysteme. Sei es das offene "Open Location Code", "Mapcode" von einer niederländische Non-Profit-Organisation, das proprietäre "what3words" oder die (nicht ganz erst gemeinten) "what3ducks" und "what3ikea". Wer nutzt solche Adresssysteme und braucht die Welt diese überhaupt?
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yes or good day together i
I brought you here briefly something in the my lightning talks that
dresscodes and i just want to now know them for a short time such codes or have you ever it is used them briefly the hand even if he uses ever or that is more than I expected then you have to be an expert there I do not really go into detail as I said this construct here all picture is a geographical position namely, right here in the semperoper
in dresden and why it is such address gives and what sense that would like to have I just explain the short here Half of the urban population according to the world bank has no no address we in Central Europe we are even nothing that he consciously us completely normal that I am in the Main street or somehow to Schillerplatz can drive as I said half of the population of the Subway population has no address that is it is not an easy one communication possible where you are stop that means a lot of mundane as well as post received or even for authorities government services for citizen services or for elections, the people stand facing big problems of medical emergency or crisis I do not want to talk about that can have fatal consequences so here briefly a screenshot of the sz from one of the favela in brazil there are no addresses and Here are exactly these location codes in the game namely exactly that they ensure a simple communication medium for have geographical position for centuries we can coordinates only use these are just unfortunately bad to remember that is if I was like this question the coordinate of the semperoper the schirn have shown when the So few of them still know even where the consequences have prepared just does not know the coordinates and therefore you go over or that the principle should be that you just an easy to remember representation for any position on the earth helpful or important here that it is well established and that is exactly the problem in the whole thing there are several provider that something so as a appropriate system thought up have and have established Unfortunately, none of them is really that way it's kind of a dissemination Worldwide establishment has the two hottest candidates in my view those who come into question will be on the one hand the words is an english startup what unfortunately with a proprietary one algorithm calculates the whole and on 3 x 3 meter cells always only three word combinations for the corresponding cell maps open location code or even pale codes are out of the house Google is fortunately open source that is ever better if it makes so much sense is google into the game because so a thing everyone can do for themselves superior as I said there are unfortunately still No standard is established and here is Just ask the question I always with who wants to give windows computer
Classics the question is simple would like to give as how could something like that establish which yes which bodies would be important or become for it helpful to see that as state Task as I said in Europe that works fine, too Apparently there are enough countries where that
just does not work and just times what's in the room maybe is that you are a contact person of something I do not know I can give it ask them just once with as from my speech and again something to a little something to conclude I know a few of them with a smile maybe know the event sanchez if they were on a fos ag a whole funny colleague has in the course of emerging what the words and whose popularity a few parodies into the net
he brought vodka and light replace trucks and more she de that with a fdj three dax then they know something about them he has in principle such a system established and showed technically this is not that difficult what is behind it what can you relative It's easy to do that too website what I explained then and linked accordingly as I said technically it is not like that dramatic but the establishment is missing As I said, look at it very funny my name is christian meyer and me wish you a wonderful fund keys thank you [Applause]


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