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Pointclouds für OSM
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Alder, Tim
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Der Vortrag beschreibt ein selbstgebautes Geräte zur Laserscandatenerfassung und anschließende Visualisierung mittels Potree.

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Now I want to age
greet the already familiar face is here on the front frentzen already some lectures here contributed To point wanted the march So I have the last few years so with the maps in wikipedia busy today but one little else a hobby project introduce it two years ago it is originated that it is a manufacturer about kickstarter gave the son songs So offered a rangefinder about five times in a second Measures distance and just stop the angle position determined and would like Show the way how to do it to web-based point cloud maps can come for the device can not meanwhile make unrestrained advertising because the company is no longer the device but the sensor itself that is now from Garmin somehow bought that up It is possible to complain nor to acquire Well the way then led to that it was a bicycle bag was mounted to a raspberry pi a bank here then according to a sensor board
Advance standard is for the offices and Acceleration record and a GPS then better run on the mouse drawing board so three loose independent from each other that songs as I said with 500 hertz the sensor with 20 yards and the gps has a heart and home you just stop all the time in the world to process the data for meaningful information and you have to stop just only once the GPS signals over time then interpolate that to 500 Measurements per second comes because you After all, it also moves a bit has in time and you have to get out of gps position so try the orientation to determine and then just know
where the sensor is in the room with which orientation can then over the angle and the Distance relatively easy to the coordinates come in the room But you have to be careful that gps is of course bgs 84 The song worked out with meter details and as appropriate to bills too make and then the final result again to convert into a local coordinate system from this ep sg world But you have to be careful here in the centimeter area is it then already with 32 bit and so it was one a bit critical whichever one evening then because you first so far but you had none real web application and he only now so has petry as a project too far developed that also sm with im used background and that is actually for much more complex songs data there and certainly to view recommended as shows All Denmark at building level level
with various information ranges the lecture now but not that too show up here is the url of the project and also the dissertation by mr. schütz is very worth living in The area in the background is a tough you around for this globe with openstreetmap on it and you have now stop here so point clouds too
in height accordingly and in open
You can just see street map here that is in the new federal state so it is such a plate construction good as well The old federal states then give up on the right side he is such a two floors guest building and as you get a a little further down
how it works
you can also fly through then you can just see them here already knew that a bit curb and he's hopping here that was measured at every turn is almost my apron from the bike that's just a part of it I would have to show it for a moment because good as you can see in fact open street map of the railway line is here
approximately so there was also a tunnel somewhere with the mouse it is easier but then
you can just see that then the sensor has measured the entire surface and
one has all possibilities then also the for example, to survey what oil the tunnel had in a trial still and then I am At the end of June, well, then we are still working Maybe that's a thank you brand


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