Quo Vadis Open Data – Geoportale von Bund und Ländern auf dem Prüfstein

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Quo Vadis Open Data – Geoportale von Bund und Ländern auf dem Prüfstein
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Quo Vadis Open Data? Planlose Öffnung von Datenbankbeständen der Verwaltung oder Aktivierung gesellschaftlicher Potentiale am Beispiel von Geoportalen der Länder
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Der Beitrag gibt einen Überblick über die Geoportallandschaft des Bundes und der Länder in Deutschland und zeigt auf, welche Hausaufgaben Bund und Länder noch haben, wenn sie funktionierende Datenökosysteme um ihre Portale herum etablieren wollen.
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good morning friends free geodata and
ag software we had in the young and already busy with the authorities in Germany and the cooperation with the free community Also in the lecture here it is now again to the authorities and indeed as it
currently looks at the exemption The data that is collected by those i ask for an applause for andreas Kremling thank you and have a good
Tomorrow I also felt very happy yesterday happy about the lecture thought that actually fits very good a great example from the regional association ruhr not quite easily transferable to everyone other countries or for all others regional associations or regions yes then we often take the the metropolitan hamburg or the Rhine-Neckar region already alone with the challenge too they have to fight if they have something like that would want to do about country borders have to cooperate and then also countries like Lower Saxony and hamburg with and without freedom of information law or legal basis for open data each other and that makes the thing then not easier, nevertheless, I found that's great the example and that's why I think so too shown what potential actually behind the opening of data stocks the administration also stuck again namely a community again namely also an open platform of it can benefit and quite so haphazard was that there too not I would now like to briefly
background how am I actually up The idea came to me to look at it the geo portals of countries like that do why did I do that where was that motivation to respond next then very briefly on methodology as I am what kind of test categories do I have there where did I create the her and then very briefly the results Present and make a few suggestions Do what you might do in the future can do better to the idea we
already had that as an example for open data where the whole then important and where to use them then could keyword smart city have it me
approached from another side here is a picture from a smart city project of Microsoft in Singapore from the year 2016 that is only representative of all others or a lot of other smart the to see projects around the world Also in Germany these are usually somehow a great colorful pictures there is somehow a city on it and then there is one some beautiful symbols and then there are those different categories sustainability efficiency people are always with there safety quite often but what all these charts all this smart city somehow have concepts in common if you can they look closer then are always quite a lot of data in the process actually from the elevation and then also from the first qualification and Processing municipal data are the that of the city or the municipality that starts with those where in the much cited and for all possible pilot projects Light poles in the cities of course that goes on over the data from the transport network or or the mobility data from the city why do I always press twice then it continues over the data of public companies for example, water supply power supply then of course it is also here We return to the elderly retirement homes are mostly still in public hand or often and of course the data from the field of security all these are somehow the data of the be collected from the be further processed and commune then in the smart city concept too control of the municipality of course you can ask yourself the question what are we doing with the data now they are supposed to be raised once then only for this one purpose for the they were collected once they were used Of course not we are still open data and want to continue it use but then what can we do with these actually do data and how to become she looks ideally reused then look at these smart city projects there is also about so just in Germany is there are two different approaches either the commune or the big one city looks for any international companies in hamburg is the cisco, for example, gelsenkirchen Duisburg are starting with Huawei frankfurt am main is building the infrastructure currently with vodafone on others examples from dortmund from berlin
Munich there will be local networks and Partnerships was established with company science research but also actors from the civil society a smart city concept is being tried create the question is in the field I have to me on the next slide look exactly the question is in place who with the data or how the solution for this smart city you want to be worked out medium to in the long term always in the shelf of one international companies are taking action then there are very fast there relatively quickly the danger of login effects or of the in the long term, then dependencies or do you really want to try a civil society the to activate actors in the city and with them together then long term develop solutions I personally find the second way a little better and suitable for it Of course not only all open data the cities and municipalities but rather also the countries or the geoportal that
basically means I 'm just doing Let's continue here the eu is natural
even in the direction of the strategy digital single market the psi directive is part of it of the year, the council has that parliament and the commission too a revised version of the agreement must now stop by accordingly the legislative aisle until then can be issued the dynamic ap sees it before that, then Real-time data will then be submitted can which would like the usability for small and medium businesses of this Data of the open data of the administration increase which is exactly in there too
Germany already here are from 2012 Bund consideration open government data man So would with data that is as a Indiz for that one would like with data more do as they only publish me say so much in this way forget or or you can do something else this data activated so that any what potential that might be Sleep somewhere and aim for it this principle also in government then what about the building blocks Transparency Participation Collaboration actually also local want to create communities then deal with the open data Employees who are available there is also from the planning board since
a few years already accordingly one control group open government die also in this direction
there is the first national action plan from the open government partnership of yes Germany then end 2017 also joined where the whole thing gets a bit more concrete and partly already in measures and first projects are being converted
gives open data strategies of the countries here's a a little earlier Berlin probably knows the one or the other others or most already I think from the tsb's too somebody who is still funneling today then maybe much better suitable to say what I mean then
There is relatively comprehensive open data strategies open data and open strategies on open government components include such as Now you have to say strategies nrw So from my point of view, he does a lot of good and very important because the many screws already put So we have in germany and in the the direction is recognized there are many who say yes so you would have to do that, you would have to deal with the data Of course we should have here
not 3 to see two already his in the background is an example of the state probably everyone knows statistical data has been available for a long time as there as a portal there retrievable
Unfortunately the order is here a little bit confused
this is an open data portal Munich relatively young are still there Not too many records, for example lead for a communal data portal
and the second where small above geoportal nrw is now on again example then for a landesportal and Of course we also have g data in the portal in germany what is trying all to sum this up that means we do not have natural yet not yet comprehensive but we have Good approaches for open data in the Bund by the land at the communes and we have also a few strategies and a few Considerations what to do with the data everything could make touch to except them to self-purpose to publish what is missing
I asked myself a bit okay we have we actually have still no information about how open data of the administration actually use donate so there are here and because there are a few projects couple ask and say no human sees quite good, but actually use it
to have measured there is so if I would be glad if someone has something there I have not found anything yet and nothing no evaluation yet and we but also have none
actual investigation or it has no one ever looked up like actually implemented open data projects will it always be this open data self- celebration in forget implementation or you actually try also about the open data then with society with social get in contact with the players to get an exchange and together with which the urban development the further development of the state the first one I found a bit too consuming that is quite difficult and tedious because you would need such projects like yesterday in Mr a keynote presented what can you say about one two three four years accompanies continuously evaluates and then measures the use of second, i thought okay that could fold I'll take a look at it then
of course the geo portals of the countries We were looking for two models
Visit open government maturity once model for social media waste public Quake's commitment comes from the United States from the year 2012 is there in the open government initiative of the first Obama administration since 2009 then been developed with and until describes it as very beautiful then then practically on the basis of data about the building blocks Transparency Participation Collaboration also in social value open data of the administration arise can and then I have that open government action model from vienna maybe one or the other has taken others also heard about Vienna is yes what open data what smart smart city is relatively front with it on the World and Vienna has been around for many years what you get out of open government Good perspective means you work closely Together with the community they try to network the community first Make networking to nurture them provide platforms for local and Developers based on open data of the city any applications or have developed tools that i have times together and then out of it a few examines categories developed
on the whole, only here short are the test categories let divide into five or categories once the start conditions there it works because a bit to the right frame you even do open data there lies an information freedom law before or maybe open data then in saxony i believe in government Act with co-treated are social media guidelines so there is an idea how to somehow interact with others People outside the administration too There is a desire to communicate together Maybe hacker toms barcamps like that initial events at all people on it to raise awareness is stakeholder there are dialogues and so on continue second category transparency then there will be the whole technical things baked from therefore opendata then really open data, there are decent data catalog is there metadata there is a good portal and and so on the third category there we are
there is one in participation social media strategy that is to say not only someone thought about it made that maybe with people but also want to communicate how and how to do it there is Participation projects where you are starts with potential potential partners to work together and what opportunities for participation there are actually
and then the collaborations Cooperation are tools in use with working together on projects is actively looking for partners what there are actually for Cooperation projects only administration with each other or administration and civil society as equals partner or in one of the two direction and the next checks category
Sustainability and public value are everything just pilot projects or will be there really tried something to steady and then try the administration of the impulses she might get too about your data also about methods for data collection qualification and so on continue to do what she does better yes the whole thing culminated then there must
no one can see anything now that the whole elevation was also relative quick and dirty i had that on Example of Saxony in a day went through and then got so high how much time do I need for the other 15 federal states ok 15 days I took that then then At the end noticed ok 15 days was too little 45 would have been better that is a small limitation so please do not please me now nail down that the field is red and the field is green in the big and green the whole data collection is possible now there for trends read because the data unfortunately so the Information I was looking for unfortunately in no state really collected in one place you have she has to look at a lot of things put together at quite a few places search together what can one look for but good man can see from this particular of the second area where we are in the one in the Field transparency is where it comes to how will open data be geo data in the fall the geoportal actually to provided as the matter very good
the whole thing evaluation and data Opening takes place as far as possible structured the whole is natural
also on the inspire directive that there quite tight for some years now timetable before and provides where then actually most countries also shimmy along and you can In that case, one can only say that was actually from the direction rated a good thing but what looks next to it well there is hardly structured and accompanying measures those were the two big fields or the three big redhenfelder right in that in the survey just that cooperation if it is done for you mostly local and very limited level there was the example yesterday regional association ruhr has about five a million inhabitants that was already an example for a something greater regional level otherwise the already called yesterday by mr. mention the examples bielefeld rostock where also local it communitys are the ones with the administration and work with geodata of the administration and where the transfer in both directions there are others examples technology foundation berlin die I mean geodata since this year I do not know about workshops the one of the hero today, too Lecture already here is the technology foundation supported maybe we'll talk afterwards again over it there is geodaten workshops at the state statistical office berlin brandenburg and where employees of other administration be enabled on a basis or with help from cubist then with the open g or in the city own gis too Create that's okay good yes, but basically that is individual examples takes place in thailand somehow structured approach instead there is no structured coordinated use of open data in I already have the administration also with said i believe and there is
also no structured or coordinate coordinated activation of civil society also there again if then the cooperation still takes place local nrw is there is a bit of a except there are relatively many events also in a specific temporal sequence not only as pilot projects but also considered as Longer term the lodge exchange what
You can actually do something like that Suggestions on my part I say
maybe you should start out too the administration out civil society to be recognized as creative actors and the lord had to include mention Yesterday also the beautiful example what So the big reservations at the fcs are actually then you could maybe the administration continues to be goal-oriented develop ie within the administration also basically with open data work together that is when a national office data from need another country and it Gives that as open data then it should actually be completely normal that that nationwide because no longer about the service any data on questions but just the open data of the Nationwide uses but it must just give open data further development of the license regime of license germany maybe that is also an idea that is yes that is in relatively well received by the countries been the dld e20 whether with or without name mention but maybe that's yes here in the sense of we also want local actually boost initiatives and we So want a kind so the community thought of the osm we want it maybe also for data of the administration that certain data maybe too with a pair of scissors like clause and of course occupation more open standards and interfaces within the administration or in the network of 16 federal states of the federal and he and he under over 10,000 communities that we have in Germany is that I believe in the long term for the exchange of data between between the administration also scary important and maybe it will catch you administration also times open focus source solution there is then maybe that's the measure of the portal from hamburg a good example that not every country or every municipality again, your own thoughts start to grow and I am already on it The End
so there may be asking a Note what I always noticed is that the administration over Taxes are paid and there are also this initiative public money public maybe you can do that to incorporate suggestions and times directly affect the administration to say that you get paid to her from the population so please give your data also free so i want myself So, you can, you can exist Of course, a few counter arguments I do not share that much now I do not really want to bring it up you can do it that way more questions all clearly all data disclosed I myself am public administration We also provide some records but can not get from a user someday sometime a feedback So if I do not know as a provider what the customer wants or what she does not fit then she has to live it or the life of which I believe that it is right and where we are maybe also have to do the balancing act we are not allowed to be alone Do what we want with creativity for example, there is tv for altena concept which data in which format how to be prepared for open data should I personally think the format synonymous not really great but if the user do not nag then they deserve what we did It is a hard statement yes the question how do you see theirs feedback channels so ask yours user needs feedback and more as button feedback question mark and then a window will open We have concrete terms for each record Although a contact person is one There is no real feedback dialog I use my proven in principle, although the access our open data portal but our top data has rider set So open data has the access of I believe 30 pieces in six months that does not mean anything if we are in principle 30 users have the data use regularly then we are yes king but we do not get any feedback So I would not care now synonymous what I'm a farmer now it must indeed still some what concluded to say so in the I would like them, perhaps actually my look in the open government action model from vienna recommend the fact that is exactly so this is now in the third version before the have the have have been over several years because just what these points In the experience collected and have a bit in that too Development model with built-in maybe there are some good ones Suggestions how to get one then one community or community or the users who are there locally and possibly the data regularly download or update and then use times together get and maybe get to a table only short notes from because of that We are also a public feedback administrative offices also things ready how do we have problems ourselves ? I have easily solved now before my yes I have it all shut off and you look who complains and that gets you pretty fast out there while this to users example real estate agent of the gets Of course you never get any feedback though they will not be young again soon not running, that was helpful very short on soutine feedback I think that just there but also the administrations are a bit more difficult give because I find it easy enough not a contact for it too call because many data are use Not used to the administration Really responsive to the mail writes and really helpful So are clearly from the administration sees to think that differently one is natural i am helpful of course i am ready to tackle to ask and so what but for many people who have already enough bad experiences with it the administration that something have noticed and have nothing to him I think that happened there Administration is a bit proactive must approach not only do we have one contact person for this data but we want feedback from you, we would like to hear what you have if you are So I think you have problems you have to say that pretty clearly because for many people it is not that normal thing that the administration really care about that is Yesterday, I also believe a lot yesterday become clear the keynote in the reservations from both sides against each other the one side as I said I am here but I ask myself we can work together then but maybe about the way or about the quality or about the sound the question a little surprised or angry and the other side that says now i should manage ask or make a suggestion then when they come to me again and again then maybe the negative ones experiences that one or the other that then did tell me that back to three din a4 pages why that I do not want to but know how it works works and not why it does not work and because platform serve next to it meet then just serves the Targeted personal exchange ever just have to get together and then usually relatively fast realize that you are a very similar language speaks ok thank you very much for the exciting discussion and again Thanks a lot to Andreas for the lecture


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