FOSSGIS im Museum – eine digitale historische Sozialtopographie

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FOSSGIS im Museum – eine digitale historische Sozialtopographie
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Der Vortrag stellt eine komplexe Geo-Anwendung (OpenLayers + Angular6) vor, die für die Karl-Marx-Landesausstellung in Trier entwickelt wurde und im dortigen Landesmuseum auf einem großformatigen Bildschirm den Besucher einen Einblick in die Unterschicht Triers zur Jugendzeit von Karl Marx bot. Neben einer kurzen Einführung des historischen Kontext und die technische Umsetzung wird auch das Nutzungsverhalten thematisiert.
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niklas old us over counting 20 minutes later, there would be five minutes of discussion and five minutes to room change so it can always be thought start Many thanks also from the beauty my side, first of all hearty Welcome here I am glad extraordinary that I am here today For one thing, it is allowed to speak aloud because of that of course that means almost up again one to another because I like myself located to keep the topic with me but otherwise I will argue with inverted audience for us it is so I tell the story of historians something about web mapping and about geo etc and hope that's the other way around is, so to speak, in front of people with the geo background and teeth always something a historical based application in that sense, for me, it's also very exciting I'll start with that before The structure of the lecture is when I am
will hold now that is a very short personal one I can not imagine it actually not so much about me but a matter after that it's about a historical one introduction, so to speak, on the background depicting the camera application which will introduce after then it's about the technical then the whole thing should be done again short also be presented then short a few notes at the end as it was recorded on the part of museum visits and at the end once again a broad panorama, so to speak to open up and towards historical city ??????is and what is currently the development in the basin area for it
mean I am when I develop active under the term history as profile picture I have this man be deposited know the least that may remain that is the one on brilliant historian and with one very interesting biography that alone enough reason for them as a profile picture to use but relaxed on the one hand
so before the second world war his research spatial reference has already done Raumbezug bring all these things directions special knock a 18 19 with the new gs movement and became others have a great deal of openness easy for technical innovations of his had time so it is a bit difficult People post to imply something but I think so that he still introduces people today would would use this and also for geo procedure and visualization for the historical Research every case of interest this us history will be the most have probably guessed is for open source thought that's it this ambiguity to drinsteckt one has this open so that is open sources open sources for the historian open sources open data and equally open on the other side source code that then leads to the thought that this old humboldtsche educational ideal of free research Teacher just a third dimension is extended and that is just that free software and that's why we are also everyone here at this conference I have exactly those thoughts nachfolg to the last post tried times to start the people in the field of university education research in open source area on the way are one create a mailing list which is now honestly not that big yet Since there is still a little missing the critical mass but i really can all just invited to it to take part and I have the topic then open source open source software to the Universities also interdisciplinary still stronger anchor but now for the actual project what it gets me last year what great karl marx in trier that of
210th birthday i have a promotion That's why I'm there also employed at the university and it works just against the very fact that we are in the frame the great karl marx national exhibition have made a digital evening menu that you have different institutions
involved that was one thing historical country concentrated research center europe and just that Stadtmuseum simeonstift in which then the applications at the end that was exactly what you had to say it was not a big one right now research project that he was what what
it has, so to speak, pictured in the the end result is a combination of several happy coincidence so mean that just a source edition for trier of historical landeskunde on the other hand, we have been working on it a while a research center europe such a geo focus in the area historical systems have just and that just with the karl marx, so to speak in combination, that was exactly what it was all about
that a historic poor card one that's why interactive was created as well digital social topography of background of the following years 18 31 32 came a big cholera wave over europe got away at that time in regular distances and here was already at that time just the wiener congress Prussian insofar have the Prussian Authorities just ordered that all poor should be captured because of it it was assumed that poor stop especially for the outbreak of cholera and be responsible for the spread
then a corresponding sanitary commission formed against the poor Households has captured people there and just from your perspective rated so far that again within the meaning good case criticism again pointed out that just in the source too a certain one is simply in it characterized that just gone towards people are and have judged the whole thing
you can then imagine as a list At the same time I still have a picture of it in on the one hand, the rally was worn by a rival data are available speak age sex children but also beside it very qualitative would be or value terms just like morality rejected or how disgusting were they to the other poverty categories that have There are 31 categories classified and am end a remark just falls only briefly to have the impression again
For example, the martin belonged to her battles runs the curses God and the people have three children without dared to say the two younger boys of what the older the poor school is deserved pity that would be to wish for this opinion of getting off the road that Country arm would be taken out that's exactly what now the list as it presents itself these are several leaves of it in two books and there are 950 targeted poor households just from these the commission were then recorded but we are here on the East and the basic problem that I just has over it is like this art from source could be bad, so to speak educational on but there is a nice possibility like that you can do that and that's just what About a cartographic approach here we are now a map of This is a bit later but it has the same from numbering and thereby that it is the same house
Numbering has so maybe depending on how big the individual is pay is here and within the source just at one point the house number and that's what makes it possible nice too automated over Link a script accordingly that's exactly how I get along technical part That is the link of the evening Under the card in the case it can now simply transcribed excel list Actually , because now too a serial so a tabular form present that's exactly what georeferenced vector sighted that became luckily already within the framework of made a different project speaks the things were already victory siert before and that only has to be the centro are formed at which just according to the house numbers too were present and the two could then be merged and over a python script just aggregated become only small detour to make yet was that was the exception government repeated for the car before but have then reads over Sch??uble pretty well Exactly from this script was then in turn made a jason and that then geocaching is also the basis for the web is that then on the touchscreen was as much first to basic geo The data were also restored Application itself is then as Web-based application designed even with the ulterior motive that after The exhibition is then possibly are then made again online should and for that I currently use mainly the framework grandson for a highly interactive application it is very easy to do very much without programming effort again fun cards library is open layers me think you do not have where is context continue to introduce is well known exactly and have to our geo projects another one between integration between open airs einkel to just certain cartographic symbols too simplify if he and the whole should be just then also run in the museum and should be so too that just work the stream is switched off, the whole drives up and it's just autostadt applications and the whole thing went wrong inside from an electronic application does that In the end it is a chromium based system the web applications simulated as a desktop environment [Applause]
so then i 'll come to the application
close and mouth
that is exactly how the map turns now First of all, everything is relatively big here symbolized on the screen here but almost interaction is already Now, essentially, the cattle is too so to speak the museum visitor to this Touchscreen has seen so it was a room concept in this exhibition existing speaks the individual lifestyles of karl marx the first just trier and it was just about it so to speak a look into the underlay by karl marx at the time give exactly the whole then just as interactive web applications and here For example, we see that would be so the plastic first interaction
level and the other is just because that one of these basic functionalities of open airs ready get it just down here, so to speak, the person the can be seen straight in the map section adapt yourself there it was just about this list so to speak also for special ones can filter questions next to it So for example, according to the sex made
so then you have here for example now these poverty classes mentioned above would have then, for example, you can already see how certain amos also class in focus on specific areas of the city the very poor are talking about this too even in the suburbs again concentrated occurrences the whole thing is designed that way a multiple interaction among the individual groups are spoken between the filter level of the persons Display level and the cards level exactly and it is just Aufh??user base aggregated and thus can be just
then also concentration of poverty then represent again the whole thing is repeated here too again that is the essential of the
card application otherwise that's it relatively important again called son directory easy to have in too especially for people who are now from the region came around again somehow Search for your own name to be able to
So I can do it here, for example
after my own name and then exactly
you should give back to the map to get finally it is one too street directory and that's exactly it
maybe one way or the other noticed the map is west oriented that is also the starting point for the card simple so that you just get the label can flow otherwise , that could happen again Turn north Exactly the market relation was also too say marx jugendhaus this is here the general perhaps known
porta nigra is here opposite
interestingly, these days in one euro load exactly we do not have alone at the moment application of the map I want the others again very short arrival here it went
because we are different exemplary story once again have shown there is also the martin I own had quoted before and then but if I did same again speak to it Talk come when I'm on the use on the part of the museum visit to speak come and here is another one application which in the end also actually had a card application I made it for zombable source besides being better equipped with overlays too can and that 's just easy now Take time to take advantage of it, so to speak a look at the basic maps in the apology to the source give and then there's just here are the
historical background for me now
will not go further just as good
yes to the usage behavior I've been alone before that her name toc story, so to speak not with a lot of extra time was planned because of that there was none great follow-up or not big questioning or whatever I had done that though I run a simple easy with Let's just say look like then it actually gets wide used because that's already such a fundamental questions are also asked you will ask accordingly touchscreens in the museum sets up whether that because accepted by the users becomes I had the opportunity to me Also that on site had to look at the impressive that it is well accepted had also appropriate feedback give from the museum as well as from the he takes a lot of time in there have brought back the near but just as I said this let it run smoothly that's just an indication should deliver if that is actually accepted this is gonna be this one
utilization so it's down here currently fully on each bar stands for a single day, so to speak and this 0.0 to 10 is just so to speak percent utilization de facto and the red the red bars are the 25 and 75 percent katrin and the green is the median now not 100 percent exactly but it definitely shows that about a capacity of 50 percent at was that speaks the people on each I'm also very interested in that had shown and actually have used and I would like to give you a second education also briefly show it's about which modules that's what people can do I actually a more exciting because I would have also thought that maybe somehow the cards module and the so-called life picture module So with the individual fates yet be evaluated more strongly but it has just been shown that actually in the background, after all somehow still 22 percent that I read intensively personally a bit now Surprisingly, that makes you happy Of course, even if this work just not, as it were, for completeness is actually made just I will have recorded exactly announced in advance I would like to close with such a look in the on historical city the systems because we really are now from the just a technical development very interesting place that has to do with the fact that just through these modern frameworks I have
now extra that both framework as also cards library in the blu ray set because I'm ten, so to speak do not absolutize solution say it is now seen that way It does not really matter if you are, so to speak angel or directly as a framework whether mails open teacher or delivers that depends on the last end of the application but just through this frameworks it is just possible this Specialized cards to make message which are also specific problems so to speak specialized make applications possible at all that does not speak up prefabricated the system now that may be dependent so to speak, the source is not really that way can represent but that you just build these specialized applications can the second point also on the fund has been more and more in the past few years is coming, the vector part the I think just for city ??????history a very exciting story if you one thinks one has just that corresponding geodata also over different times cuts then you can proofread there for example, historical city ??????views biographies people at it just hang us raised again interaction potential and also so to speak educational benefits for the create visitors exactly and the other story, too always very exciting that was now in the project just not the case if it is limited to the poor now But if you look for example one has now considered a tax list and would the contrasting the arm list again in the parallel simply show map view that definitely gives a lot Exciting options take care of themselves open up if then finally I would like to that was something as it were said smaller is a very exciting one Project currently running does not know if someone had heard it i can do that only recommend there is currently synonymous a doku on arte who is currently running so Minor dokus is when s time machine this is a very ambitious project where they actually try the 1000-year history benedix complete to digitize and even spatially to capture among other things and thereby just the city ??????developments so there is now nothing to see yet but it is definitely a project that about the smaller projects the same run within the universities is made that it is made and Lausanne just the uni little and I believe that We definitely make the next one out of it years to find exciting approaches too are just what the development from city ??????of the system but also what maybe just for other project be very interesting starting point
I wanted that at the end again just enter again as something out what you can observe, so to speak there will probably be this year too Interestingly, that's what you're looking for dresden will take place that would be me at the end of mine
execution thank them right Sincerely for the attention and looking forward to inquiries and maybe Thanks a lot yes thank you for the interesting lecture also for keeping the time we
have time for questions now want to ask a question then broke there are questions Thank you for the exciting lecture I wondered to the background I am Media informers see there so total potential even more with graphics or something to work which said also He works with different frameworks it is also thought about visualization you have to bring now the individual data is located and if that is understood It's a multi-touch applications I felt quite textual as I said that was well received by the Information where you still read there ideas continue working as visually to say we bring the times now information which city ??????areas especially affected by poverty are still sometimes more visually or show maybe diagrams in which areas as well as for example the poverty distribution is very poor means poor and have little and how they exactly So firstly thanks for the first question there is such a reason evaluation which is now automated here created over honors is now but first static representations per se that would be possible without problems so just these frameworks too in that case, not because we are actually limited to that right now have on the cartographic presentation but of course it is in itself no problem can be said in this excerpt now if for example I'm thinking of moving that card cut from one side just zb is just a statistical evaluation which then adapts dynamically to it what can a partner cut out to see that, for example, also in that's why in a project then do it quite that seemed so who is probably in the case now perhaps a bit again overloaded so we had already the feeling we are actually now a point where you can say okay so far and then we cover it So I had some already could possibly be a bit of an impression be too complex I 've got the usage behavior looked at as it was also used actually the interaction levels the inside are but I believe that now, so to speak another dynamic statistic evaluation so maybe you know it not anymore but maybe another one complexity level would have been too much but I've got another application made where it went and that's what so to speak, where one just then appropriate statistical values ??????so to speak on the card has and then the statistics right dynamically adapts while the So I think the map shifts a super exciting area in each In this case , thank you, there are more ask many thanks for the very nice lecture So I have the consequence as well Of course, very nice this distribution of the poor regionalized and you said the copy is and again not so many of the poor just have in any arbitrary white houses used to be common along the streets one that I see such question just here this visualization is self-named The question then becomes the consequence the question is who has between wont and who will be like cattle what was what was their attitude to the poor who lived in between are there do you see any possibility this question this method so yes thanks for the answer Consultation I believe if you have this social topography actually still would expand on this look the purism direction in addition to the wealthy layers It is actually now that way The whole city is poor because you have to get this initial picture then it really is this poverty everywhere, of course concentrated in some areas but that's actually how it hangs but also with the social structure street together you have to say that is trier at a time casually said it is very detached just a little to trade as it is slowly garnisonsstadt expanded but insofar, this is structural poverty actually in the whole city distributed the other story is natural really hard to grasp that's him so to speak also an idea-historical one we ask poverty, so to speak perceived poverty is received and just as much as you can do it that on the basis of certain occupation criteria or what they too short ago had hinted that this poverty categories just then in certain districts again solidify or even if we again look at age structure there you can also notice certain things again or just massage in individual houses so that then up to ten poor households just with individual houses had lived Well then I would now the lecture Close I thank you again for the lecture and also for the discussion