Neues zur LKW-Maut in Deutschland; Probleme in OSM?

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Neues zur LKW-Maut in Deutschland; Probleme in OSM?
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Kurze Übersicht welche Erneuerungen im LKW-Maut-Gesetz dazugekommen sind und welche Folgen es für das OSM-Maut-Tagging-Schemata hat.
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yes in the summer also applies to German federal roads the truck toll and short We all want those blue ones everywhere fault and every eight o'clock what is that for a crazy blitzer is he does not apply to the truck tolls if we Sit back and relax but what that will follow for that em ticket had shimmered that will us robert klemm now explain thank you yes
exactly one position I was with too my car track made so no Of course I drove slowly but it was a blitzer so everything ok
So I want it if you continue
Somehow yes I would like to drive to the truck toll again summarizes what Now tell the cling car toll because since last year we know yes that next year in autumn is so far yes, what does that have to do for us? usm mapping for the stacking schema wanted to summarize that briefly
again a review I have indeed in the last years on the fund is a little bit about it Michael tells Physicians a bit apart set and exactly once again to summarize since july 2008 10
as I said on a federal highway Pull off the truck toll and now highlighted as extra again Looked over planned from autumn 2020 there it tolls the car our minister of transport had that anyway first had that presented in the Developer treat and exactly and because of that I have the times before highlighted the bass the federal office for Road has quasi the
wall sections as open data for provided and with what now quasi the toll collections at all Federal roads can be represented Everyone can download this my hearing was heard this csv-file now has eg utm coordinates that was not the case in the past Everyone can now virtually bullet reinladen and look at where there is the toll booths but again briefly to the car
toll this is an old photo in a frame
I am already on master's thesis encountered this is photo of than this photo not but this screenshot is like said of 2015 At that time there was already an election campaign yes already the topic car toll and brief overview it can be so But it does not have to look like that and for me as the usa is the question okay we have different ones here categories, how can I do that? reflect our existing schemata or do I need a new is the at all compatible I can implement that almost anywhere in the world and I read that once was pursued and problematic is that it is not really as said What we see here is German right and it has nothing to do with norm or otherwise to take the taken and so come too
problems but again very shortly that's the way I am right now just abstractly transferred out of the nice wiki page great car toll and have simply compiled as current the tolls stretch will be captured but I'm not always correct also like to show example because this great 2 I have none no one knew but yes that has I have someone registered so far not seen yet Let's see, of course, it is important you first in Germany at the moment captured with great three and one sees just already one must produce many takes and would you continue this as now? it is now we have problems too the car toll because the car toll is with
in all 32 mappable because these these Vehicle class refers to EU standard and that's just not from the woman with each other yes what problems are already before court I have you the java shown briefly
I found it totally confusing when still more to come it will be the Vehicle class will be easy continued sma have also in the past itself tried usm roads in to tecan with maud big extra effort because i every time I have to choose the texts and I have to know when is it two ? Been there three 75 or grandpa and he has one a bit exhausting I have to do that Every street has to be single I have to touch the dots after wearing yes i found that a bit exhausting my idea might have you want to over there someday to discuss or speak that one just a bit on trend and this german norm quasi into its own theme and that we are quasi We use certain classes as drink or you can switch this one after the other can we then explicitly say which toll roads or which vehicle classes are then meant I noticed that you could meanwhile also tolls together you do not have to pull everything because now we have through the bast also the possibility the toll points how to represent because that is currently euro we are not yet operating in it I do not know why but yes you would have He just wants to think that he only has a short time that's exactly what it was beautiful Five minutes are perfect rum thanks per bed


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