GraphHopper-Routing-Engine – Einblicke und Ausblick

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GraphHopper-Routing-Engine – Einblicke und Ausblick
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Der Vortrag wird Einblicke in vergangene und aktuelle Entwicklungen liefern. Auch wird ein Ausblick auf kommende Features nicht fehlen.
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we have the name and we hear from now what to do with But Graf can do it like that Development has been and still is a prospect in the future what will be so soon is the Disturbing Behavior of
British exactly yes welcome to my Lecture on the graphics engine and first of all a question who of you
knows because graf upper hand yes, most of them are you 've also used it before So now set up the same yes are already significantly less
and who of you already has it adapted or used the java api there it is then significantly lower everything clearly then I know about what I am let me in yes, but first I will not am a physicist and programmer problem solver additionally also especially curious and one the founder of graf kobbo gmbh so we
have behind or before the open yes we have to the open source project a company is founded and our goal is to route all the tools and develop tour planning and doing so as open data and open source as possible use and big parts just yourself Also this software as open source too publish and of course a very important point to earn the money it sounds devilishly but it is very important that we stop too to keep a longer-term goal in mind Can take the routing engine and Jason to keep alive and then too then again the money in the exceptions community and in our own flow back to the open source community to let
We have had exactly this year before So seen the power of routing engine
is a Java library or a web service for routing and that makes it now no partial or visualization and also no geocaching of course we also have a demo the force maps where you bring everything together
a functional route planner can be build to which I then shall show prohibited is fast and memory efficient and uses on the street map Of course we can also do other data data tomtom data or existing octagon in porta so her maps data
can one import there as well and There are various algorithms so as Extra these are the normal ones I would say algorithms and then So that means flexible with us mode at the graphics engine and then there it's the back of the contract haruki that's the speed mode and between in between and flexible Soon there is a hybrid mode that's the landmark i'm coming actually not in detail more but there are just a different number of algorithms where to choose
Can you be particularly flexible now so would like to be pro request would like to prefer other things or whether you just want to be brutally fast and we offer a few out of the box Profile on pedestrian car motorcycle bike and also pnv so time-dependent red route planning with with timetable data if you stop that GPS data has the same thing as the case is for example berlin brandenburg Unfortunately saxony not not yet and that's exactly what the grazers are like now
maps demo maybe i can where is my mouse
exactly is the so actually is just power over the green line and the turn-off instructions and the elevation data
everything else so the map and synonymous geocaching what needs to be done that comes from others eps from others services exactly and north has stream
we are holding one of the two engines integrated grasshopper uses now
something like the name says that normal graf based models the halt use mathematicians and how come
we go there so we have the stop satellite data as you can see here and make it the osm data first
So from stored baseless and base and relations and in grasshopper we then slightly different format so yes So not every usm node is one
graphic knot in burggraf opera only the crossing knots are the important ones they are called Tornos or refuel and then of course we have knew so then connect this Banks and also turn information on Everyone knew we store different attributes in the new version you can then more or less everything relatively easy with relatively little effort 3 1 save and geometry distance speeds for the different ones Vehicles can be stored directly she does not have to figure out on the fly one but it can also be easily calculated and then we have a very simple one
storage model underneath that one can either keep in memory or and memory map on the hard disk but I will not get closer to that Enter a simple link list of distinctive for each knot and
if you let it go that way the blue that is there now shows
that's the so-called short it fits So the shortest way tree and with Help this shortest way tree so
for every stroke in this tree we calculate the weight and can then at the end when we reach the goal have found our shortest way
give back that is now the
furnished extra so to speak so the so called it and the interesting one is just the difference so if you now that was the unidirectional one elstermann as directional it takes there
then decrease again the knot number or roughly halved So now here in which you talk in the new example top right the
knot had mandated the mandate I had written to me takes so around 25,000 the unidirectional first would be twice as much as at 50,000 knots to visit MUST BE WITH YOU BEFORE getting the best route can spend security and so on
so called speed mode contacts hierarchy we see the bottom right the knots are still significantly enlarged there are only a few left 600 knot thus a factor both the 50 or so less knot there but also requires a visit few other changes longer before time and so on, so that now only one
rough overview couple insights now in
to have the current development of 2018 we released two versions and
the important the important changes were that we core some things have improved so we have the possibility now for the returned path details So you can spend some details here you can see average speed then you can virtually at every point of the office dropped back we have a new web framework we use now that it him Developer makes new service easier to advance endpoint and we have a better release management that means one needs only a komm with tekken and zack is the whole in report It took a long time and is but very comfortable of course now and as one of the bigger changes
or bigger yes features quasi for the open source world is that we are this crown lpa an open source as open have published that was almost a part of before closed source project now is the open Source since they had such a time blogpost covered that's the picture on the bottom right that is
Also a very interesting thing where you can millions of edges in the browser can visualize and the performance is impressive now i will but only very briefly the ice
Congratulations I hope that someone wlan
chops our way that of course shit so someone is abused because of that now the alpine kept but only once achieved but yes that happens
somehow last one of you days is not that random or that is supposed to say that to me
somehow happened in the last days you always have to somehow always the bells and that annoys animal but still always a feature that that automatically blocked the public
transit the public transit module has also evolved significantly So you can now use several gtf's So read more and more agencies per city or just several places and then keep them in a count and in addition was also the gfs
realtime the routing much faster and in the next version as quasi even as a prospect we have the iso crown pa married with public transit can marry that's what
On the right you can see where individual ones aufpoppen island because you're there somehow a stop at gate one stop and exactly so should
We have a lot of babbels then bottom right or holes in the then polyphonic arise yes that is I find one very positive development
and we still had 0-11 or too I think we have 11 now speed up the matching significantly So what about matching it maybe just a short demo would have that does not hurt so yes that matchmaking is simply that one stop has a list of gps coordinates and Now you throw against the count and war back a fine geometry though because we also have some details You can then deliver back also the average speed the maximum speed the surface from openstreetmap all the data you get just in the graphene you can also save then also bring back So with a list so if you now you can go hiking then that takes you but they also deliver that data back as well the turn-off instructions for a yes for hikers, matching is suitable and we have the stop clear can still accelerate the
So I can do that
but now that's another behind I can show that here So this partie has ever I have just mentioned that we can deliver now and the you can be pretty
visualize So here right below you can see keep the grader at the part-ways there is asphalt and then sometime is that somehow the different ones places boasted that are of course now Not all of us have to go there yet a little bit better and put more pure cancer in it but that will definitely be more detailed and more data is coming in and not only server is but also highway type
so we have one red one time So called moment if that is now ferry or tangl or bridges and so on
and so on, then everything is relative good and accurate and then you can
Of course not only spend that but based on this data turn the red one on then can avoid tunnel Avoid bridges and there I would be
a demo for a moment
I think that whole Interesting
if it does not work but had
just so it's now a normal one Pedestrian red and if I have this now highly experimental brunch enabled then i can do my job now because copy purely
then I'll take one right now very simplified form of vom
yes that means I have I want to no case that the hype steps in it happens and I also want cable stone avoid no head no cobblestones and then I do just a simple factor of ten the time or the weight should be tenfold and then avoided he now in the lower area
kabel stone and back at the station used the now currently still a
stairs and that avoids the one then when i run this script the user and which is very interesting
probably for developers that we too scripting can
what I want then exactly at the moment So I can explain very briefly what that But that makes you sad another
just so that it knows now somewhere not west of dresden and if Now the script darein best what
he then avoids doing that So highway motto who gets one factor 3 and claps and that's exactly what Avoid if you now factor 2 would then participate in the behavior of the highway still with and the factor One is then usually just everything with motorway to the yes the interesting
here on the aspect is that he really now for every edge oh so I wanted So that is still for exactly that
whole goes then also
[Applause] exactly what is in between now that's true that's called a compiler giannino that's an open source project that will be bytecode in java
translates both request translated and The generated code will be under circumstances called a million times and that is not measurably slower than native there was that can also in addition still optimized by jet so by java and if you can do that now So now you can of course see no differences in performance or so it is it is it a very interesting aspect of that make routing customizer image Of course , this is nothing for potter fans
new ones have their scripting language we do not want new scripting find language and as I said that is also a highly experimental industry since it gets very difficult we have that easy to integrate yes then I come back to the presentation now
wanted to mention so turn There are also restrictions for the speed murder in the future and hopefully
There are also alternative routes that exist
currently only for the flexible mode or hip hop fashion and it is very important
android navigation stk so with grafe based routing server you can now build a navigation app and that is also 100% open source was from the map box navigation sdk followed but it stops in closed source part of it closed this is still a small advertisement
built-in then maybe not so interesting
and that 's it
[Applause] thank you very much i'll give it to me soon
plenary has questions about it Yes alexey volkov german train was me Of course, very interested is the stood and the plans re multimodal and omv he notes that here as it were finished or is there still further development are planned there even larger gaps end in the I do not mean that now Data but the implementation is not there
are certainly still block so just multimodal so we can nv plus pedestrian but quite real multi modal we can only post the routing adaptable I do not say my now so out of the box so that's on everyone if there is something else in the direction do more
this experimental scripting mode works the scripting of fashions and modes or 50 plus in the extra or the also works speed motto the other even if you're just below certain restrictions also at 1 So we have so you can speak so to speak then take this script around a profile what to do then
so you can say here I have the script and call it that kind of a custom car and then you can it then in the query but it is fixed and start but you can thus just without java knowledge also his own assemble yourself and then that also make fast Two questions with a good answer Chances reputed further questions
[Applause] so from osm duty always falls to me again that there are many attributes usm it also gives in most routes you still do not support that are as things as leaves or presence of highways straight pedestrian mute is there planned the logic for extracting the routing Let's improve a bit that's what the entrance someday So we live by stop
concepts so we are we are already focusing our energy topics that we find important and that So again we invite you or to warm you up where you are think what needs to be improved because there are just so many things which need to be improved