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Vektortiles hinter den Kulissen
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Skowron, Thomas
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Vektortiles verdrängen an vielen Stellen Bitmaps, aber wie werden sie gemacht? Wieso setzt sich das MVT Format durch und was kann es? Und wurde WMS neu erfunden?

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after this
comparison So the scenery is a little bit more the technique of the vector partly Please, I would like to have one today a little bit on it for a very short time why do you do that with the vector part ever does and after that one bit in detail as director partly on a technical level at all look where are the limitations what can you do with it but where hears So we'll see things were under the hood much earlier a lot of simple man just has one card painted it was all very much presentation oriented we just had a fixed format in the just things in it was probably filled all
labels placed by hand and so on and that's why we have him very much presentation-oriented map the same graphically was very useful and just So determined a very very fine could have presentation then later
but one is moved away from it because one
More and more he is in the direction the now is a map now
visually not so beautiful though the huge advantage that she has generated by rule based systems So it can be fully automated there I would like to visit the Lecture by christoph hohmann von last year point presentation Sorrento regionalization of open geodata and thereby one would need
you also need new strategies clear for the delivery of cards there are then the classic wms and is also for many things especially very specific of the range common and of great advantage but in multi user system the then just more and more turned up It was not a viable method anymore So it's very difficult to have a wms to set up just hundreds of thousands of
Serving users is sometimes too already problematic with several hundreds of users and thus the precisely with that of the webs rise up
these the city ​​map also originated here
on the example of openstreetmaps we see that the world is small Tiles is shared and thereby have the just standardized query or
a good readability of the whole so we always have the same can do the same with the parameters be retrieved and thereby like millions of users in the principle with one with a whole operate a narrow infrastructure However, it has the disadvantage that for give the presentation cement yes So with wms wfs you can still through appropriate parameterization But things change just because of this through this great focus on the caching and just on this
standardized inquiry form we can just do nothing more than dress But we can do that through a few tricks
at least several make it possible styles in the bitmap area by doing so that we just keep records of the There is a possibility to separate margins here in the potential of course it has its limit we can do specific geometry surgery are there not for example more possible yes so if we tell him yes for this particular style would need but now I am quite another generalized table then I have an influence again on the data management but Nonetheless, the whole thing is still relatively resource intensive so if we We have to create many tiles make geometry operations at the free
besides we had in the last lecture the simplification just makes you one big has a big impact on it the performance and when we are there im looking domain specific
illustration is possible with with tiles yes, because we are there by very good rule based systems also have a visual Generating a good card is one thing extension often difficult So suppose we have the now Cartographers the red card has one very rich deselection yes and before especially if we are at openstreetmap yes, watch the complete preview spectrum is used Now someone is coming and wants this expand data and would like to halt suddenly put the marker on it nice difficult because the timetable is already used up yes I'm in the
principle already such a pot of color underneath I can not now even a color on the set without problems will be shown again because you have to go well and shadow somehow trick and really chic it does not look like it then graphical scalability that too problem with bitmap tiles if we want to print that for example, it works actually hardly so you could now say okay we load now instead of one tile and much tile and doubled
so that the resolution but in the stop moment I have in principle mine very small and can write nothing more to recognize on the map though It prints the same problem happens at about even high resolved display you still have many services only 72 dpi
deliver tiles and on high-resolution displays do not see that more so beautiful and that's why you look thought well a new technology needs
therefore the users just want theirs sharing cartons that's just that driving factor yes many somehow know that in the customer area know that a customer comes around the corner and says so but absolutely wants all buildings red are yes or you want somehow
leave out any features so me For example, I do not want any points from have interest in my card on it or I just want a few Add features like I said with maps to some extent still goes then Do you want to just this data from the rendering even more decouple that
just really data management and the version a completely different topic is than that rendering and of course again enable caching because we want yes
all web scale or something and best
You would still like to be there now a new technology is developing too an exchange format for not graphical applications yes so we see
even now that, for example routing engines meanwhile on vector partly just received and also about vector partly in the routes in the big and the whole is not the topic now necessarily new because vector technologies has been around since the eighties yes So it's not like that now so far only raster existed and vector is what completely new and this one can but also in existing technologies reuse and expand just when we are in such a common
we have bitmap renner chain look just about the database anyway can post a christian just that could be something else too then we have a renderer that changes just imitates precisely this bitmaps usual z xy scheme there is in the usually still in cache city ​​between it not every query is just a runner process and thus also a database But topping fires somehow a web server interlayer and at the end somehow the viewer somehow comes can do things in the case of vector you sometimes try everything
to equalize a bit they say we try more and more
from the stack in style agnostic too while we are at the last level
have seen the things in orange the have to stop somehow in principle know how the style looks like if you want to wake up in it oddset
just push on the edges yes on It would be best if only the client know how the style at the end looks because then you have the complete flexibility in the dress and on top can you just cease all the more and more reuse
on the technical side what do we have for options yes it somehow went wrong with geo jameson a lot because that can yes, every browser that is relatively easy But implementing the disadvantage yes these vectors come out that are gigantic so even compared with with bitmaps they are enormous and by that also bad to optimize At some point, it did not work anymore Four could be just for very small cards with somehow very few features as an overlay but not as a full card or a drain then it just stopped being no Optimization sometime in the top jason that relies on the jackson so has a relatively good compatibility with the whole but uses relative coordinates so we also a little bit more features him in such a part in can code without it immediately nonetheless, it still leads to problems still only for cards with limited complexity and transmission sizes are still pretty fat what happened next to a few years I think 2014/15 really went go ahead next to mvp around the corner mapbox vector partly that just a very specific for it developed format is just about card data partly to be included so you can really complex maps are also what we do just used by bitmaps and must it did not restrict itself so much but the disadvantage that no longer human readable well the question is who can still somehow multi polygons so im But string read so and so are in principle, no raw data more so while eg at geo jason one could say okay, I'll just take one red had and cut the in parts at mvt it is very clear us have a relative coordinates were projected accordingly and then what is in there is in the principle only one marginal rule the whole thing came out of the needs in upscaled and operational you have to say that very clearly that can just out of the valley and it always had this thought at noon We just need a data structure the just the rendering with the help of can use graphics cards yes and therefore you can also see the tools in the small then there are just just gl tools So based on opengl and the data which are partly in there are just optimized margins regulations for graphics cards are yes and very important of course, even small data sizes because I just want to use elaborate cards have many features in there and must I just have certain liberties so that's going on in the vde itself on log throwers that is now no black magic that is actually a relatively simple one standard defines him as binary data is packed but it is to example in contrast to Jason Do not describe data formats yourself but you need him this scheme this proto theme that is in the case of mvc open source and I think a htc is one License because I'm not completely mistaken That does not even mean that schema to lead but in principle one needs only once the schema and then you can read all the vector part stop every time somehow does not have the Werktor part unpack and knowing what in it stands You have to say though if the theme can not be got the data actually do not understand anymore how looks so technically totally gone now
we just have the outside unfortunately each part can have several layers Every teacher can hold several features
have and features can be wrong You can also have several geometries So that's how you can give it completely normal for mapping multi-geometries And it just has a day structure geometries currently supported are points lions trinks and polygons and in the day there is the value that is now vector mapbox vector was part of it version 2.1 it will someday be the version 3 come in the geometries just for example of the but that's not possible yet released and that can be synonymous again to change exactly how does it all look like? lower level so we see in the
principle the geometries out there stop complete relative coordinates so we start at some point Now I am quite sure I believe lower left edge of the part is and then I go just two steps to the right a step up Accordingly, year continues, for example as after again down but without dx change and the whole is then relatively optimally by that just protocol that this was once allows and was once is in principle one way to pay the small ones too so I did not consume much memory I, for example, louder values ​​of Paying under 127 will be that everything just a proven city somehow that helps to consume and thereby I can do very very fine details even under circumstances encode without that that all that much memory needs which is also still possible that pro teacher defines a so-called extent that's what we think we have before lecture you can just say okay how many I have pixel in principle or how I can score many points in this sector Picture at all we know that from bitmap partly there is usually 256 at vector partly we can do that in principle So I pick one teacher per teacher can a teacher have him the fine is dissolved and a teacher of coarser dissolved and they are both in one part and use them both has the advantages of just one hand and one good resolution on the other hand from one small file size as mentioned that whole is just about this book to jump commands within the geometry realized there is an implicit close of rings when it comes to polygons that it maybe a bit unusual if you have other realization formats as for example dkb knows and what also important is just the clock a thing So to the polygons must or the rings must be in the right one order be present the whole has the advantage you can leave the styling completely open well complete is so exaggerated one may be empty now she was sharing eg just with those with the case example of Customer wants to have all the buildings in red that would go now one says okay all elements in the building are the I would like to blush with the transparency of 50 percent and this information in principle I need only to the client and I as the producer of the vector partly need not at all to know nothing about it you can still do this styling bit further on from the day on this is for example for me then I would like to walk on the layer only those who have the rank one So only the highest ranking roads or like this we can also do that bit more complex we can go there also parameters connect that we okay, only the cities say the one have larger population than 9000 and this region's main regions are the would go then too it is just that way through this high Optimizing that you have many features you can handle that too accordingly, if possible on layer based things should work and These filters are only sparse should use small support but just the reflect off of several from sources
We can also do a sandwich in realizing how we see it here gives a source 1 and a source 2 and they can then be interwoven you can do that in the client without make big problems by assembling Vector is a relatively trivial part so if i use it as a server several layers to one way totally want to merge that is a total cheap because I need now no graphics start engine this is basically two blocks do not join together more or less you could also query wms-like allow so I tell the server please give me only the specific layer or give me a sandwich now I would then have several teachers also for example only one query it would not have to blur in the client Nevertheless, there are limitations I have said more often ok now can use it to build rich cards but you must not forget that still cut in the end projected data so you have to domain-specific Application-specific stood completely look closely at what I want with Do the data before I create it So georg or router or just others Applications may be the same use technology but they have very different strategies around for example, the cut again merge features if I vector which partly to utilize the in addition to changing graphic cards the element amount really in the frame stay that's because I'm at bitmaps i can only use each pixel once forgive yes and then I can Optimize a bit and then reduce the amount of data continues to vector Can I use every pixel on several forgive teachers and thus can the amount of data increase very fast which just leads to that just in the average scales very very aggressive has to be simplified and omitted otherwise it must be in the vector be huge in part much bigger than with maps and him also the clients when rendering quite nice Sweat comes in handy tricks and tweaks what is possible you can say okay okay I run a lot selectively we see it that way with some projects, such as open web then it will be very fast or things are rendered very late So we see Secondary roads now in open street map wagon will be very late changed that also has very strange artifacts so if you really are not because you can see this card that just such islands for example in germany arise because these are just are linked not by motorways but stop in the side streets of inside have high significance so there is
also quite problems what you just still It is possible to do geometries in few features with the same attributes too
then aggregate the money and then in a concrete way so that you just say if the all highways I'm in now In this sector I have the part in it adopted in a multi layer feature
all of which have the same attribute the that's the same attribute I can do then yes, just do not change and the labels I realize separately on a second layer and make him the label placement already in the coded vector do not share that decide more of the client that can bring a little something
is the spatial clustering of geometries and that's where I tell them I just try geometries that spatially close to each other are also in to bring the file close to each other these relative coordinates just keep as small as possible and that with it I can do that a bit at the end still a few already, it just save and maybe just the rendering we come to the conclusion that accelerate whole is an interesting technology is also largely based standard technologies is open specification from there we can there just all work with it It's not all that great has been around for five years styling can actually be realized more customer friendly because we can just start now tools to give the customer directly and the decide on the color choice and the choice of features but we have to say the whole is just driven by the needs of upscaled 1 so many of the hosting people who now something with factor 3 they want to do that problems sometimes not him while developing these formats in the my time was thought up there now Thank you very much for the attention and am pleased
on request you would have half more had a minute Nevertheless, thanks for the lecture, there are Thank you for the lecture to the for example, with the highways in the multi lane feature and the labels then extra then saved for handy every single letter of its position and rotation saved in the sector part or how exactly does it work? So it's not that dramatic can then just say I would like to this point just the shields and gives then ok, I would like to have that follow the drinking so the a4 or the b 123 or whatever that render the fund then happens directly in the client So you do not have to do that anymore one thing that has to happen just one you have to go for a Typography decides you have to Client also give the funds with a special format so that's just then as little as possible of the glyphs So I need to retrieve I do not have to worry about it now Okay I'll calculate in the server or just part generator already like that letters and placement exactly before but I say just where should that be Complete label will be changed and the collision with action and so on then usually makes the vector Thailand further questions
you said that mv now so to speak that's what you want red box vector partly sounds to me a little bit as if this company it sounds like a bit behind it to google chrome Can you say that a little bit? yes, you are perfectly right that that's right so it's just this pack
is in principle 100 percent of map box driven it seems a bit more open than it is Unfortunately but you can certainly discuss with So for example, now is just the version 3 in development somehow now Coming soon will be now not really communicated to the outside what happens there but you can be there like that to participate a bit so to can for you now ever watch the v3 spec and just there maybe comment feldmann something does not understand that one it has just implemented the ford is just the analogy to google chrome in principle, yes it is just open technology but you have very little right to vote now from the community out it just has the big advantage that that what was developed pretty much Meaningful is so it's just nothing Doris and it's also clever develops but yes we have to there maybe we'll see him too as a frosties community there as well ours wish with purely integrated that we say we need certain things then please a little more consideration for us So this thing that now so far just just points lions and polygons went and there is no spline , for example typed is that just shows too is it just it comes from one certain corner and come now somehow this plan is and now just the question so who can do something with it so maybe start in professional area more but im top area there we have no stop spikes and that's just it question of the policy and the development and so on and we just have to go there if we continue this want to use technology too look straight on and maybe also try to have a say further questions well then I say thomas again for the lecture as energy [Applause]


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