Das OSM-Wiki – die eierlegende Wollmilchsau der Community


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Das OSM-Wiki – die eierlegende Wollmilchsau der Community
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Krüger, Hanna
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Ein Rundumschlag zum OSM-Wiki: Was steht eigentlich alles drin, welche Stärken und Schwächen hat das Konzept und wie könnte man den Problemen des Wikis entgegenwirken.

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block is so sm and today continue the discussion in the last almost started over the year the os develops the egg-laying wollmilchsau the community and for that we have on the stage hannah krüger much fun he yes Hello to my presentation today afternoon block exactly it is about the osm the and i want to start with it first briefly a few words to me say and what do I have with that at all to do wiki The whole thing went for me, too
last year, what I did before so in the wiki did was actually
More so I used that and me stop here and there for a Stammtisch to register or we have the dresden page edited but I was not really anyone who is there now has been actively engaged in and then came Last year he gave the discussion
on the us on saturday in bonn That's a bit offensive to me then given me then closer to deal only once briefly for you what was it all about at all ? if you need a wiki 2.0 and mine thesis that I have represented at that discussion was clearly no we should clean up and I have all then taken to the connection then too really to take you a little bit seriously do I am an active wiki reader since then the animals hardly ever in the wiki and if i delete the animals then i have since meanwhile, I think that's close 4000 pieces and how he sees it all is nobody noticed that 's me Do not seem to break much to have done and yes, I really read wiki pages and that is actually the
Point My lecture is something that I read actually noticed and that's it First I think it will be relatively few irritate you is in the wiki you really everything and all that is there I go now shortly afterwards on
We have the tagging on the one hand documentation I think I know those but most of you only do that actually only 20 percent of the content pages in the wiki as it is one we have a very small amount by the way
this is not the second biggest one yet blog I'm so colorful mixed together the documentation of imports that is also a very important function of the wikis every import that happens at usm should after the open street map guidelines in the import catalog be documented and if possible also have their own wiki page exactly you will find that as well
then you have a relative presence on the main page the event calendar hopefully most of you will know you By the way, there are still local sites like I said before that I was there too myself a bit on the road with Stammtisch pages that you know then are still announced mapping parties but you can also find many local if that's probably the case now you are not exactly your own city then also rather less effort besides, we also had already two lectures by pascal yesterday and from japan you can find there also companies and organizations themselves there better times worse times then in the wiki document incidentally
and I actually think so very interesting very interesting one has a very strong side community dealing with the documentation employed by hardware and software I would almost say you think so about every gps that knows that ever a pro and contra was brought out discussion what can the whole thing do etc are usually pretty bad also linked and you will too almost every routing software and so almost every routing will ever invent that somehow in the open street map environment came out and then there is still
a part I have here now osm times called history there you will find press releases blog post etc etc everything that somehow like it is and I have a point here too
want to mention again are indeed report experience reports from the beginnings There are actually many wiki pages on which one stands on which one will find people who wrote 2006 then in 2006 yes I have now here in mine City started and I have here now The following 27 roads are recorded and how sees it then tauss is also from his somehow completely historical exciting to read through the times when you have time and lust and then
There is still a big one so much big function of the wiki is actually a reminder for meppen Here you can find lists of lush lines list house numbers in individual cities streets list etc etc yes that very much active meter or not tend to care for each other and, as it were, theirs use reminder where was I where I still have to go What is still missing in my city and this
then continue right away each of these areas actually has his own community and that would I also say his own in a certain way wise entitled in the wiki to be there too if you are
Look at it so the users pay attention you have to say that with wickie about 100 3000 users has or is only a very small part of the actually registered usm use there are about 600 60 active ones members per month that means everyone at least once every month touch and then we have 125 very active users which I have limited here now with a more than ten apps a month Which of course is because of that my month where you have less time et cetera but those are the happy happy ones I think that's synonymous editor By name, if you know each other now
these 125 users look at what's up
these around That's the first point we have now the statistics from the last two So I'm february and January I looked at it, I think so too a little bit more december there is of course first wiki data in huge theme block for that I now completely out here leave because I to have no opinion and I would like to summarize that here also not necessarily on and then do we have in any case as point number two the tech pages there are currently 35
Users are all very active There are six pages to maintain and new create I still mean that list now therefore, this reminder is listed also a pretty big community with after all, 24 people are very active These lists are to be maintained local sites are similar in size with 28 members then I have the theme again nerds these are people who dive with me actually in each of these blocks because they have a specific theme that For example, they are around trees very popular or even or yes Power grids are also a very popular one very popular thing and then make really everything in this area and then almost everyone takes page on then I have something else like that on the subject of general and cosmetic these are the people who have summarized who like to correct spelling mistakes dealing with categories of categorization work by the side and so on what you are not really in one now hold block together what I can here it is very exciting to find it actually only seven people so too Here again is only a very small part of the people and then have we still have four people around months with the care of these where I also say import would that be okay with the imports Seems pretty good too function
you look at it now I have
just the tool of the pass no ice used audio controls and have I looked at how many of these men from these editors have because an openstreetmap account and how often take advantage of that and he has it of course, a little bit to her as the hanger it is taken relatively often, we have that there problem that there are a lot of people there he just out of the wikipedia area come and then somehow also with us then appear in the wiki but I would say such a right one Correlation can be seen here now not really there really is those as epic map every day 36 are also on the way ring the have no open street map account or At least I did not find any yes there is actually everything then
I would like to do that again with the
to deal with the topic of the language Officially, there are 60 languages ​​in this blog you also on the main page you can see a total of 60 language, however, after a bit I had to find research only 13 of these languages ​​are I'm still active and I want to now happy again a couple of pay and rausholen facts he looks at you
which of these communitys really you have to be absolutely active best are the czechs there are over 3000 pages on it Czech there are even one or I think it's about the same many as in German, however, based the small community behind it I would just say they are The second leader is the Germans then the french the spanier me believe that does not irritate now synonymous a lot of the poles are still very far or very good about it with before all hire a map and what surprised me very much that in galicia so that's a small one part of Spain that actually lead a separate wiki and there is also a rule a lively community that is so
then we have five moderately active community here there are many outdated but there are still at least so two to three men there regularly so in the last half to every now and then something changed who have taken care now a bit has that will determine he will realize that here now some big community are missing and I'll do that again now
that is, on the one hand the japanese and russians and also the Italians actually very big wikis also have with the japanese Over 3,000 pages of this community are but in the last years yes in certain as death it is no more the pages are no longer maintained this is the Japanese in front of everyone because they are very active Men had had very active editor the 2016 has said he has no desire since then these wiki pages are all no longer maintained I believe in the Last couple of months, there was another bit of activity but that's it very restrained That's why I would just go here speak inactive communitys and The same fate has many more others would be hit a bit now counted at 60 we are now within this table still not everyone else spoke of this There are really only two to ten pages, as a rule, is the main page translated the beginner's guide and therefore the help side and that was it may also be 12 again days, but there I would now do not speak of living community but more of a stop started and then within Half a year has lost the desire
and then I come to a topic that always very often also addressed and also in the debate there in the last one year has played a big role namely orphaned and old pages and I've looked at it like often were the pages in the open street map wiki because edited so looks
you look at it for generally all sides The whole thing looks pretty catastrophic So they are the topmost bar
in fact, the pages are only one were touched and that works in turn down and actually are then only the others with 8000 with 8000 pages there regularly or more than 30 times were touched really still where i would say they were maintained Of course you are also aware of that now that one is longer than 1 1 so one
editing needs a side to it create
That's why I have to go again looked at how many on the side because after half a year of creation were still maintained and unfortunately you have to say that only 54 percent and 56 percent were never again after half a year Now I want to touch the whole thing
watch again for the tech pages and
at least show it all again then the whole thing will see again
a little better so there we go actually on 700 pages more often than 330 or more times be edited but you can see a very or a here too at least a blog of only 1 to 5 times was edited there is also there
even if it was postponed
but here you can at least say that There are only eleven pages the total after her first creation only so it was not touched so it looks better overall this community as in the others what of course, again, there are such the press release I have to
most likely after half do not touch it again because the Then I'm ready
like to look again at structural problems then enter the wikis and for it
I would first deal with it what can such a wiki actually good and indeed it can be very text-based text-based content including this Multilingualism works as far as they are has shaped relatively well It has a pretty small one piece one should only need an account of is unfortunately not in the case now the usm account together but good that I think most of them should not disturb and otherwise true Trouble not the admin but otherwise You can do it first and leave what you do want what is the wiki, however, unsuitable for and I would say that is very clear structured and moderated writing they do not have a moderator and that leads Of course there are problems that it is above all things on the daytime again and again the problem with edit wars et cetera there We also have the problem Of course it will be through this To moderate a mixture between puzzles between in the current state and between now outdated gives that leads of course also with and which I also quite clearly as one problem they are tables and lists Here we have a very complicated Syntax which then also causes the that the loading times of these pages if the lists are correspondingly outgrowing are long I think there are also pages that I can you do not load anymore because easy the lists are too long and just then eventually crashing browser and others are also such things like databases or calendars or similar things such things the image of the week a man on the 1 the to cause some problems We clearly have that in the calendar are this is a script that needs it none exist but it has to be regular be pushed by hand and also In such things as image often like this image of the week is the problem for that the pages are there automatically invited into these scripts because partly very funny look and that happened to me already that I thought that was just mischievous anyone on these pages wrote and you have to
also say at some points does this really work really well on the one hand, the local pages of the many communitys are also maintained also organizations and companies if the be cared for regularly work well and these things too with the hardware and software videos I would say that is the portening with them as we already did showed there are regularly activity is therefore from there works in principle, however I would very clearly say here we have here a long list and we should there take care that we will not be too Sometime in lahde problematics That's why I would say it
is not everything perfect but wants more can already be on the part already on very high level
However, I certainly see it problem with the tech pages just what
I have not seen it last year have but we really have the problem here that here is very unstructured is written and it has none clear unity has given one has meanwhile a bit on it agreed that the pages usually start with day or qi but there are even some who do not mind it then you can find these pages really hardly Also we have a here by Of course we also have a bad one searchable kite and what i where i am to deal with it again separately would like to be the whole is not mobile and By that I would say we lose up every case communitys and that's what we are definitely no longer in the tooth because i would claim most men are but rather on the mobile phone on the road and it is too for me very annoying if I somehow in front of a doctor's office you like now I would like to know how daily again what do I know everything is I know it Unfortunately, not all which singles access are there and i can do this page just do not use mobile because I am you just do not on the mobile phone Load more and that's something I what I also varieties in the last I have seen in talks with that before all things in communitys i believe I had spoken to one from Ghana so there's the local chapter too heads now meant in her area That really does not matter at all role and that's all because of it because mobile is not there and everything what mobile is not there that interests the users do not and with that I would also say we just lose a large part of these communitys of the I would also say this one list and this event calendar where I already went into it are definitely a problem and we should really think about it then if he does not on tools like regio sm or like Jamaica calendar or something set in the direction that we too mobile and also just never have tooth the time is that was there every week every day somebody continues this calendar pushes I believe we do not have to talk about it is just mischievous
and that's why I would be mine too suggestion for the important I come see it works on some points pretty good, but we have too problematic content in there and that is clearly the list of the Databases of calendars and these tagging pages and i would like to or my suggestion would be about that Make an effort to get those things out of the way come out if that if that we would have done about 40 up to 50 percent fewer wiki pages and I think that would be the clearing up and clearing up it would cause the wiki again clearly usable and you could just start such things like responsibilities such as for companies to clarify whether you are there do not want to animate people Be more regular about your wiki pages To take care of And that's how I am at the end
my speech thank you for the attention and stand for questions gladly available
[Applause] thank you so much for this lecture Now we can do it a bit We have a little time to discuss there is message in borth I have a question on the leeze he actually did not see therapy at all yes that's not because I had me now at the languages ​​has on this other translation exists Of course the English too then the rest of the pages matter are clearly above I believe 60 percent of the pages, yes I have me not all again separately looked at are there still messages [Music] they spoke you have quite interesting things found that just now, for example, the Russian Japanese community then not in wiki is more say she was so too be times when there as so many pages of time are they elsewhere now Do you know anything that stops Found somewhere other platforms or no I do not know that I had it now too, I have it have the assumption that at least the Italian one so community to be every case is different communicates above all things because they are yes now also very strong with the wikipedia but I'm linked to it from Italy had now synonymous with that by that not the evaluation only now in the Last month I did it too no longer the time since found again Specifically, the Japanese to speak especially yes there is also the question is whether this One of the things I took care of just believe that he does not want more So what was interesting would be if the others if that's different we found them using what you like them better then maybe that would be a pattern for us or then you can there maybe something to learn that we can give you one possibility the other possibility Of course they would need it too not the ones they found used it does not help much maybe they can all one way English therefore need special Translation no longer So would be the question whether we as what In any case , you can learn outside I agree with that is on everyone What else do I know then on the page at the latest then also again would you have tried nutzungs statistics so which pages often be called and read I had it now So far, it has not been very busy is that stuff like wickie dumbs and as the statistics so far not it really worked that too First what in the last weeks was fixed again I still wanted to speak do you really have any questions? in the wiki in the respective languages counted or are you just up Translations from English original I was limited to one side Little doubt in the year dance or russian last change 2015 that seemed extremely unlikely to me that it has not been edited since 2010 or changed the Russian-speaking pages There was already something in the wiki itself this tool that you can look at how the languages ​​look like are there there are both namely the once that one can only filter after the translated pages and for some very there are also lively pages possibility then I believe too base of the language then also to filter there is definitely more in it or everything in one category with it is so went in the fall from the russian to the russian from Japanese Italian German French and Spanish are there I was in it then something It was definitely there and there too Little activity as a student I give you right the Russian there was in the last every now and then again little activity but compared to that What happened until 2015 is there but neglect it there is something weird about it Construction with the languages ​​in wiki the man has these two letters code and colon that you like that but that starts somewhere list of which track in the wiki software which languages ​​exist and if a language does not exist but you can create the page anyway but then she is not in the extra namespace in there and then she would possibly from the software so not recognized and no special Categories created for that is how it was a very strange story was I already stumbled over it then I made the links to the tag info that could also since these statistics one a little bit affect whichever automated wiki pages there maybe that asks for any things or so but the explanation I was right, I do not have it now Gives the assertion that the Russians are massively active in the wiki but I remember a two Examples and if that is wonderful then Thank you very much for the message that's it, next we talk about bicycle node points after a short break [Applause]


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