OSM und öffentliche Verwaltung – Wie geht das?

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OSM und öffentliche Verwaltung – Wie geht das?
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Terwyen, Johannes
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Der Regionalverband Ruhr und seine Partner entwickeln zurzeit eine neue Stadtkarte auf der Basis von ALKIS (Amtliches Liegenschaftskatasterinformationssystem)- und OSM-Daten. Nach einer kleinen Einführung in die Inhalte und die Technik beleuchtet dieser Beitrag das Projekt insbesondere unter dem Aspekt der „Zusammenarbeit“ der Kommunen und der OSM-Community. Beschrieben wird der Prozess des „Kennenlernens“ und „Verstehens“. Im Kern geht es um Respekt, Akzeptanz und Toleranz als Basis für eine fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit zum beiderseitigen Vorteil.

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good morning together of me a Sir 1019 my name is long term is coming
from the regional association ruhr the topic is called osm and public administration how does that sometimes work? That's what I'm even asking had when I came here for him in frank hunter has addressed me I explained to you eight years ago explained under the rv the usm goes and Now you want to explain that to us no, no, it probably is that osm better explain themselves
the web community can do it all it can probably get better even explain my presentation goes actually he up there that himself public administrations to approach usm osm data to use but maybe even further steps go as we read in part by usm and betting ourselves look at us another lecture to dead grandma
control position one I'm not
okay i'm just not a notebook keyboard is whether user okay is no lecture on data software and processes but actually exactly what I already have have addressed and therefore I do
also a bit faster has I said I'm from the Ruhr area There are two football clubs out there heartily rival and if the derby is then in our elation the project subtitles elected first fcl kiss against borussia osm first fc eick is synonymous with his public geo administration and even more what i am clearly employer first fcl kis that is for me today away game if you like
okay we play the two halves first half is called osm data use around in the sense of in public Administration US to apply data the second half is called osm data cultivating is the more interesting topic
but first she must with me again through the history so that we in to understand an overall context So the regional association is doing since 1972 instead of cards like those look see her right and what she is actually they have to remember quite old style just remember that
We do not do a city map alone but we do it with 68 cities Communities and circles together we are called
are not a small room so im Compared to us m we are natural small not whole world special already one island but we think of relatively large room that the conurbation rhein-ruhr if you like and because we want that do together with cities and we have communities over 40 years Experience gained in the cooperation agreements Both things should be remembered we need again later
the 68 members is a wasp swarm because we are equal partners some of them are here too that means we have one contract closed we have rights but as one does in the administration makes the Members' Assembly we have working groups and we put together decisions if we can do that Almost like in Brussels, it can be difficult that means we have the whole body junk and we have the need for consensus and that although we are quite heterogeneous when we are back to the right side view we have big cities so dortmund eat duisburg düsseldorf cologne or something I hope no big one to forget but we also have small communities So what we have in Cologne or at they did not even happen but local community we have big and small we have in between the as medium authorities the circles and basically these are members dedicated to being involved and active and passive and that does not have to necessarily match each other with big and engaged or active and small and Passive, that's what's going on we have very strong communities make products independent and also own interests have the cities and the circles are cadastral authorities the Communities are not a cadastre for now authorities and in all that I have just time clerk and Office Manager often written It means in this unification process we do not necessarily have that within a city the head of the office the same opinion as the clerk so we have too unification process within the get cities or even a city does not necessarily speak with one
one voice together, we are the first Fc Alkis could only work you say the rvr vista trainer we are always sitting on the ejector seat
ok so that we can continue to spin performances borussia osm again frank just said that right I need to explain them nothing they know probably everything for the most part itself only as keywords crowdsourcing community operated project and controls himself on this path important to me is very dynamic compared to public administration but we have from the public Administration says the series or ours
decision making processes that's all very much elaborate and very heterogeneous if I sometimes better talk.de a cocoon or so then i think oh sms too pretty heterogeneous and has similar elaborate processes to coordinate so first half time where there is a data
use is actually not a real thing football game that's actually more like on the training ground because it works actually only a game without opponents if you may say so, and indeed in half of the first fc alkis
you have seen the map earlier we thought about something new and although we are building a new city ​​map a combination of openstreetmap data alkis and address data and own swell below you can watch us like that Thematic levels of what they like draw means so we take the roads and transport network of openstreetmap we take the buildings and the land use of age and the both other things are more like that rand or next section it goes actually about these two big dates Heads we tap at this point to
[Applause] I just stole everything so im The idea is not quite grounded new to know most of them from Rostock the open regional map mecklenburg western pomerania and you know the bielefeld cartons are bielefelder actually projects that expire before and that's when the company developed that technical procedures and we do that with the same service provider works well as we said
take in the first fcl boxes where smk my reaction was called osm do not we take instead demolition So osm means exchange traffic network against the whole was first a very violent very emotional reaction and we had to deal with it and clarify it how do you dispute the debate or why is that? and then I just have those
Team lineup from the first Event looked in the defense fda is acting with prejudice so after the motto they are not amateurs
trained whose data are not complete and what of cruises data model so many errors head of our data was very difficult argument and no organization and whom We want to address the defense says osm data could not be good we do not take we do not look we
the attack on us Team line up in front in the front in the storm surveying and cadastral law always meets in every mirror on the wings officially and reliable We all know that public administration while ok Midfield we have the altar left and right of it data model and settle and as a hanging six kilograms and then we lure are complete we have trained full data model employees and the data is good that was what we did At the beginning, the discussion had to get around was wildly messed up in parts I already said emotionally so this discussion tries to objectify So it's not like it's borussia Sms village but let's see what the for qualities and have something
the effect was we have because we wanted to exchange the traffic networks
my comparison made of batteries and osm Data according to strict criteria something like Availability and up-to-date but also classification completeness what is in and how homogeneous are the data situation loyalty Today I can say that it is between usm and as osm road network and alkis Land use at many places want to sound like such by location expensive information-proof activation and of course, because of the cadre can I actually expect it to be in a circle unna is just as good as in dortmund but because osm does not have to so we have to be so inevitably again separated by just look that in urban urban spaces and watch this in rural areas we looked at other things
for example, rights of use compatibility of licenses means if we have data from different data Do not want to mix our pots own and we want them pass on or use then we mix licenses and we have to know how we are allowed to do that at all We are allowed to publish it under what criteria do we have to Write and all these things we have data license germany 2 with Appointment still and at openstreetmap bbl and then all of these regulate the thus arise the share alike and the post way and so on that leads not out of it that was much better only two aspects that we light up Basically we have one very elaborate voting process he always made that way back and forth wavered between emotional input and objectify and then try it out close
arguments weighed I 'll do it a bit faster
and then have had a decision he is already two years old the experience of his municipal partners use as new data sources for the new map osm data old and address data and own sources and only as a note to how sensitive this decision is when I have the same or similar day before or these films are mostly cities holder then i turn alkis data and and osm data around because everyone thinks he has that largest share of this collect database scarce so everyone brings the the better input my god i am im away game ok second half osm
maintain a statement in our data
project was our city ​​map should be up to date that's just as trivial as it was a request from the project and
then I thought okay where from So we get the data on the button n ladies was possibly even one little influence that just that the that the data is incorporated in usm so if we want our city map on the right is up to date then we can do that on the left side then we will do bp So we do not just want osm data but we also actively participate in the take part in the maintenance of the data Ok motiv motive is what you are have described we want to be right so currently Let's have a look on the left and have a look thought that's good we have now no longer a data pot but us have together pot that is one win-win situation for usm and for the cities far and away
the emotional debate we had when it came to osm data only use against going back over again and therefore Just a little bit that Explanation why does that mean
actually, that's what you 're talking about means first that the administration osm must learn that's what the frank hunter is about eight years started basically taken with his first lecture in the reason took how does it work how can I mentppen which rules must I note We discussed that a lot
the partie was more difficult is the one in the in the conti butter Thompson in original sting guidelines that's part of usm in there become so to speak as as communal expresses itself too it has to recognize and to give out especially in the last year only groups Great discussion given and one Revision of this editing guidelines So core is part of the osm become a community
I have that so short here headlines ross posted from the guidelines namely affiliation Disclose communicate and reach his Follow the guidelines with features So be aware not meet any of what what is the head of the data and the data taken on something like that quality control and the preceding training of the staff and be full-fledged part of the community that was difficult so I have that called for co-operation and me make a slot again explain why this may be difficult if i am a member of staff public administration in the intranet have information about green space office from the planning office of Umweltamt the in the broadest sense also are interesting or relevant for the maintenance and updating of osm data then I can not do that so easy just because I have it now I have it I'm kind of a servant of two Gentlemen when I am administrating securities I once had the administration cap advent information ran and set it off and then I'm the map and and are the one that I can not I can not do that, that's one beside that I open that to usm and I have to make it transparent also within the administration open and make transparent I have to go to the administration process that's the one and the data be that we got free right to it as administration which office and in the reason taken an administrative decision cause that says yes you are allowed on the record year and on the record other not as an example that has to
that some communes said
have that does not work that went up to printed exit the first fc alk is a difficult one situation i have this x spex it called in reference to what yesterday we ran in london evening We all do not know each other the geodata was only outside surrounds and the bon jovi has but inside read in with holes in cheese you can not live the project lives from that all join in and that is complete diddy diddy i do not have that right people are speculated before is the right one, let's just leave it that way and as in the first part we thought that can only be resolved by us objectify the discussion and just lead with the members look us That's what we did
we are when he learned only once went there and have usm for we first advertised fc alkis to have organized information events who were also busy and we explained to osm what it was I already said that the frank Hunter once started eight years ago what is usm how does it work? This still has qualities with the with the indication of which advantages How did he get away with us? have current data and in the Administration always takes the argument less work in the sense of yes to the So today would nurse ours own old data completely independently that means i have to go every street every way research and then interpret Classify edit to the one in the web service comes I can do it go out when I do that in usm there was a little faster or faster mostly so what the benefits less work all in information events they have been well received
what do we have in the next step also made, so to speak, still in the inner circle of the first fca christian Training done for the communes was a one-day training thus Hands-on on the computer and have just explains the data model tapings climate relations topology at relation are some dropped out with features and have that was such a thing Part still frontal and then we have
but also really enjoyed being trained or we are one with the id and we also have for the Maybe they just talk to the black puzzle pieces were the yet left open maybe it could be information provide or furniture or web service is already enough already goes so well that were the usm training here too
Once again something like that is pulled together 96 colleagues in the 60 cities now have participated and now more or less eager to rescue and we are planning the construction training there is it then purely in relations because if you are a road worker must always remember that it yet what is behind or below So is construction training is in preparation so far so far i have been all the time
just talked about the first fcx what the team lineup conscious usm on is not only the first fc schalke flies benefits that partly exist just at sm Frankfurt has experienced this for eight years that was almost thrown out like that So communes are not always open and transparent was a statement with the we have encountered and the original is editing guidelines that became so sometimes held so high why only so a barrier we want we want you not as a public administration only behind it legitimately the worry that organized map the bend data content can edit can in your direction and abuse the care is justified so that was the defense watch what my storm he was really bad authority lame old data old it lacks important information and and sometimes so a bit sun sun arrogance with the meppener so we are much better than you or our data are better even as the in context, we mean now
also made the step against at all advertise at borussia osm for the participation of the communes means we have complied what we what the organ making guidelines require transparency Participation in the community We have one wiki built there is something in there We who we are are what we want to do and we also participate in that meet one or another rapper and in cologne does it just as well as much that the Cologne administration so to speak the die local osm group has reactivated and it there again regular group meetings we have communicated everything one in a public event Administration meets openstreetmap and us We imagined that was the first one part we have discussed and we have also collected ideas together so what information is for usm maybe for important or good ones services which data we can provide Under what conditions in total was That's a positive echo
I have to hurry so a further of last thought of this I put personally believe that osm maybe also has a little problem in the in in the then on the long haul in continuity or in rural areas So space where there are no more or have the data gaps or are old or are not maintained and that is something where i stay at usm so stay with us usm advertise that's exactly the same gap that communes can fill we are well worth it as it is always diffuse the Steinhof to roll and and to enter data in the sense and because we have a very strong one focus on homogeneity and will be able to complete Exactly into these gaps break in and just osm data the places update that with the with the hole in the lawn is only symbolic Ok, now we come very fast
summary the initial situation was like a wall was misunderstanding prejudices I like to summarize them here again
that with an insight we live in different obviously not compatible geodata worlds we have completely different organizational forms and we know knew little about each other and we partly take care of ours mutual dislikes so why
I think the way we are now we have still hit relatively at the beginning that is something like get to know to break down prejudices and understand to learn from each other
that was the way it was for their wild parcours now it gets pathetic pretty much that goal is basically taken respectful of each other acceptance tolerance and in the end can be so something like the like cooperation and in the sense of osm maintain data together and use it on We made the way and that
would be the message from me, so to speak today, we are a good match So we are a few Schalke and dortmund but first fc alkis and where is that usm fit together well and we could
at your place in the friendly game make it grow like that [Applause]


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