Malawi Atlas - eine SDI mit PostGIS, GeoServer und GeoExt

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Malawi Atlas - eine SDI mit PostGIS, GeoServer und GeoExt

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Malawi Atlas - eine SDI mit PostGIS, GeoServer und GeoExt
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Der Malawi-Atlas ist eine Plattform, um Naturgefahren in Malawi mittels Geodaten zu visualisieren. Im Hintergrund wird auf bewährte Open-Source-Komponenten wie PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoExt und OpenLayers gesetzt.
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then I may
speaker at he is doing it geo serviceman decorated in an application Thank you very much Yes, I welcome you today project malawi atlas this is one pretty classic web application of source code is also open I show after the link and it is one Cooperation with Zgs where I work the Help and support organizations copy and group worldwide and the project that There were already five years before and we have now just relaunched I shall now a glance give an overview of which technologies for have used and in the end also give a brief look which alternative technologies possible are been short to me exactly scientific staff most likely in salzburg faculty of computer science I am mainly the programmer with us in the work group and do just the whole geoinformatics in question are incurred In addition, I also organize this meet up web game salzburg what we have today would still be imagined and otherwise as I said I do everything with open then geoinformatics has to do I'm still short for that in short , we are just one
Department at the University of Salzburg There are 18,000 students studying 18,000
3000 employees and ZG it is very heavily funded third party we offer give a master to the applied one there are about 35 computers students annually and we also have a very big program with about 45 doctoral students there are seven
working groups i am in the working group the science lab and the project malawi atlas was in the group in cooperation with the working group integrated social Indicators just for comparison
2014 and 2019 from the surface not much now changed maybe everything is left on the left bit transparent and louder windows flying around and right everything a bit more compact but that is not that big at all point but it is more about what in the Background has happened and how the sourcecode has changed because it was in the first version because it is in principle a few long javascript knows where everything also worked great and now we have all this little
component-based made so that really every part of the site on your own javascript details you can look just like this here
is the sourcecode I could exactly look at and now only rough overview
how it looks each next has the visible Component and every chart is layar feature info the map gives sprinter layout everything has its own class and can theoretically be used again or is reasonably easy to the internal then exactly then if
an overview and indeed like that looks It is in principle the classic open source is so we have a post gibbs database where all the way the data are then stored on the im file systems are the raster files and everything is being done by the server
shared wms and bfs and the website is in the normal apache webserver and with cubist or with everyone other client can just synonymous this Integrate wms and bfs directly and now I'll just show you what it looks like
that's why atlas is here in malawi
the left side , we are just that Whole teachers are over 100 in total first structured according to regions but one can indeed look at predefined maps which is then zoomed in and out right away exactly shown you can on individual then click on features at the bottom left an info on the right is just the legend after another example exactly the same region Again, I can then there's also Search features that we are not here on a beefier and then clicks directly from the data of this single feature will then be lower left a diagram generates this almost dynamically Then I can do functions now here on malawi looking for the individual districts exactly and the individual regions which also completely nice i can print too now a beautiful Look for the beautiful neckline right there I can wave me a title now and content is then put exactly
a little bit faster we had
Just a minute and then I can just the map as a pdf here she comes already and have it really for print and take that will be
also made with a server plugin So in connection with the very first Lecture I'll be there soon go into it ok then right now I look there we still have a documentation that is with sphinx I will
even later tell what it is is easy you can do with it write in text documents in january what should not be displayed
Insert plaster and you can do that as one create website but can the pdf to generate
ok then again just a little bit
in more detail the individual components So as I said post circle and take we use so postgresql is one very powerful software we use However, that's what the role is Relational skills are not really We basically have 100 layers as individual tables lie in it and are not connected but it is also for this purpose absolutely good but what we did we have 7
Post is in principle only synonymous namespace are based on the different regions and we have We also considered that the tables naming it uniformly because that's Project were just taken over 100 tables very uneven have been named and there you have yourself someday no longer able to cope and we just have one
naming scene is considering whether the
wisdom last conclusion is now two times is definitely set for our other style it was whole practically so it has one at the very beginning just the schema where just the layer in a certain region in it then lie as a rough drawing because an exact term a source and quite on conclusion of the yes that you are so halfway have rightly takes then from tesa was
we just used extensively
So you can just use the vector data from post then circle the grid data we have just normal stored in the file system in the server and we also have some big ones raster data because we are in charge of drones had and there is in any case important that we have the data processed in front of something and for example pyramids expects it that four can be read with high performance sometimes we also have our data at a service called open areal web uploaded it is very roughly comparable to openstreetmap just for rasta data because you can his data upload and that will be over b mts for example, provided and what can be done you can then do a redirect that animal server so to speak these b mts resource reads and then it looks like whether it comes to its own server exactly then we have the styling with sld made before with just as well with judes with judes 3 you can also that it is part of the master styling of pew export it as a sed and then too again Load josepha and there is also enormous important that the sed if the then always belong to the respective teacher neatly naming because he as me that Project over normal were also the sed It is often named quite differently than in turn the teacher is in post and again otherwise named as the teacher then inclusive is called and exactly only as embassy if you ever have many Dates do you early thoughts about proper naming because that just pays off exactly another tip for servers and that is to give an external folder to that all data should be and that makes perfect sense because if you the user updated then there is external folder just squints at his place and he will be updated and that will do That's just the trend Program logic from the actual data exactly and we have just more plugins used once you can do that I have not shown before but you unfortunately every single one can do it too export and I have now as standard qia package taken so usually when you export something then it's a joke but I have it aware only theo package offered then also no inquiry for shape free get a small step just that long-term business case to replace then exactly pressure is just own plugin and what I have shown before maybe I just have her open exactly
for example, these charts cake Diagrams are also available directly from server rendered and that's it too an own plugin for the
website, we have the framework excess that is an excellent one
framework for the application case it is has a great performance so if you are the complete source code of the website even open source makes it is under License gpl available otherwise you have to buy that but Exactly we have just the open source version is taken and there is one very strong structure before but if you can just this structure just fits then one has the same life and life just is very handy for a lot data-intensive things eg I can show it again here what
here happens at zoom this is taken directly from wwf it by read the cellist and if I just I just had a so-called exit define astor and I just stop this data store for the regions and defined for the subregions and if I've done that once then I also have a lot of components my web application put together and then have relative I got a lot of gifts so I have to Just adjust once and then it is Relatively easy with his website the prefabricated components almost to expand exactly as well
present it to the cards we have if layers and there is a lab geoex which, so to speak, the interface between access and open layers defined and that it does in principle is the open airs just in this special structure of excess to For example, connect all the layers in the same way a map will be displayed as taken access data store and that's exactly what just makes that life very much easier in total we have the webapplications was two on open airs back then meanwhile it's where I am Project made new what open airs four now on more than 5 soon comes out again open air sex and it was the idea for a short time whether we are now just update the web app itself as just change the versions but the jump between open layer2 and open airs 3 is very big and that's why we have it in principle a complete become broad just then you can as I said with
extras are very easy diagrams if if just the data in This extrasteuer store are available you have a lot of diagrams and with many presentation options that's exactly how easy it is to do it
the printing function that I showed before have the one is called the user over
print plugin or is based in principle on maps sprint in version 2 and works fine and right it's not quite up to speed trivial but in principle also possible So I do not have my half day sit down meanwhile there is already webfish Driver a complete how far is with jasperreports but that is not in josef as plugin directly nothing in it But as I said my experience with the cinema print plugin that flawlessly and if you like the existing one possibilities takes then one has quite easy life and videos created this is the pdf that simply puts in client a jason just defined it which excerpt is taken and which layer will be taken and then this jason sends me a server and the server returns the pdf so relatively simple go again
the documentation earlier was the
documentation just as yes only as a pdf and it probably does not read reading so many people and now have now just taken on sphinx and so on it it just started a combination engine in many open source projects taken such example also clever becomes and a real variety various functions has give most simple function taken and one writes the documentation in rst files that are similar to brands
a little less intuitive but im principle is also quite fast in it and just has the great advantage that One can immediately calculate the accumulation as publish web pages there is a command with the command line then the source code The website generates but you can also just as good a PDF and one man If you like new features for example installed is then directly into the reinstall documentation and automatically then always the latest version new so i can build a lot recommend something a bit is problematic in any case
is the upload of data but it is just not super trivial if I want to derive data now then Let's take the example of vector data then I have only the weather data because the post chris database invite that Can you google with google's relatively easy then i have to go into the cinema server the admin interface select that one layer should be published then must I either I'm styling with the styling
Satisfied or I just had to styling again separately with the sed generate can litigate or buggies ago and also the target server again then that communicate styling and then as a final step I have to change the newly published layer in the web we have one jason file where everything is in there and just so intact you can do everything you can insert new ones but it is not so easy and there I have to example also learned at the conference gives the server an import plugin where you can apparently relatively easy data importing can only be good for a short time
outlook what just alternatives
have been possible to read that is only an infographic about backend and frontend technologies what is possible
only that of a pool there is beside
the server just synonymous google server web server thick like a special smart one server is exciting that you just the styling can do about the gui So about the program and not in sed export and so on that's it is an advantage and you can just pdf cards also print composer by cubist directly and is also a bit it is easier to precisely metadata
example directly into the sourcecode what two pragmatic and it works fine but it works maybe it would be better to own future about the cs double you service so the The catalog is published and still is as a last comment to the frontend also
we also thought about what we can do Do not take everything yourself it has to be built because there are already many predefined frameworks in the app store matches and we voted for it they decided to do it all themselves Build was just things like, for example he actually creates the diagram himself but wanted to do in principle but also easily predefined for the frontend Take solutions and exactly if you want You can also do everything yourself build as videos did we take a web frameworks chase on the wg names but nowadays you often take angela react or view and a map library and then can you post Pleasure to fit everything you want but has a lot of effort then would be
so far through and thank me for your attention
[Applause] Thanks for that there are questions about it or not great lecture how does it work with the diagram is this form that can element or is that so now this diagram so access offers many components and it is just one predefined diagram component and can and you can in principle then Just say this special component should now be a diagram and can then just define it with the jason which data are taken and how the and so it is very framework specific That's a question to the sphinx understood correctly so one has Almost one input file can be the Generating output formats is now only quasi static text that we do Can or could you do the game too? dynamic from contents of the database now make any report the is now filled with textual to query a specific field with from the database So I believe principle, you can do that I do not know if it's for it so it really would have been built for Documentations thought and not now for reporter position I do not know if it is around now it's about reports from somehow geo data specifically just so if we want to do that because there is just jasper that's just a java solutions by just general reporter can generate And there is also this match right now sprint 3 is building on this jasper and there it also expands to say cards documents and if you can you also really extensively Reports generated from the geo data We have not got it done yet used but exactly is in principle possible a short question about the content of the portals which become disaster types as ever shown there do not see controlled and how Currently, information is a good question So as I said I'm aware of me not focused on the content The principle is all sorts of things Natural hazards like dry ones flooding storms exactly and that was in cooperation with the local development workers have the the just recorded partially some years old partly current but I have to honestly admit that I have not me with the data now busy we have others made me the technician So we implemented everything there will be a training through the people on the spot that just as well can upload your data and the goal is already there will continue Thank you very much there are still questions otherwise thank you for all humor and green