Mitfahren-BW –ÖPNV und Fahrgemeinschaften intermodal mit dem OpenTripPlanner

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Mitfahren-BW –ÖPNV und Fahrgemeinschaften intermodal mit dem OpenTripPlanner
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Freie, intermodale Open-Source-Routenplaner wie OpenTripPlanner, zunehmend als Open Data veröffentlichte ÖPNV-Fahrpläne sowie OpenStreetMap machen neue, innovative Anwendungen möglich, um z.B. Pendlern Alternativen zur Fahrt im eigenen Auto anzubieten.
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vor bb and thank you very much i am holger from with the carpool we are one stuttgart initiative stuttgart known
from print radio television and internet We are the first city the one nationwide the ban on driving for euro 4 we have introduced these
made things to do in things Turnaround we want to ride this make it more attractive in stuttgart and that is Germany-wide i think a pretty good cut that Occupational traffic is the car occupation scart 1.2 people that sounds yes
Actually it is already good to trend backwards and if you then consider
that only every tenth rider is not comes from the same household has so it's the mobility study in germany worked out last year then that are extremely few actually with one Colleagues maybe or with someone together with the others in the morning to the workplace why is that so in our view, it is just too much
consuming and in every respect alone if i want to search i can in germany so because she is not at 20 looking for carpools then the company has maybe there is one more then own colleagues still in there that is easy to laborious yes there is that is
So I have to if I have to I might have to look for someone three four apps in a row search then i didnt find anything then i have to I am looking forward to it again our approach first we bring that Together we want to ride a car bring together carpool de is Our partners already represent theirs Ads available that is one large provider of carpools just so on the short haul or Middle distance railway line is according to ak But in the short-range area is Carpool de very good and also In the future, the advertisements will never change us ready but also on the other side for the
driver, it is also expensive When I am in the morning in the professional traffic then i and i are on the way In no way wants a detour to pick up the rider that was the idea of flinc at the time I do not know some of you know perhaps one last year, the Service set the goods as essential concept that the driver the Rider picks up and drops off at his goal but we think the driver makes that does not have to go along with the
come how does he do that with the öpnv yes he can with the bus maybe come to the main road or to one pe and m parking and can be there get in the carpool or too Conversely, when the driver starts somewhere at the bus stop and the last mile then made with the öpnv but
maybe and that is very common especially in rural areas is the pnv and we had not clocked so well just does not drive at all and that's why
of course, the individual mobility is a theme that is at the intermodal routing come very clear the footpath already with bayer but also on Theme cycling and car routing are we connected with it so that one eg with the car Also to a park and ride parking can drive or to a parking lot let's get straight to it
what is the situation that it is a example from the region of Stuttgart if So you follow from the south reutlingen would like to drive stuttgart or the stuttgart south then you can with the Doing the public then you are so good hour 20 on the way or you are lucky and find one carpool the big part of the route is also on the way and you do
then just the last mile with the bus and then you are just one more three quarters of an hour on the way
so how do we do that tells it straight already carpool de presents us are listings available that is
essentially start target and time and from that we gratefully determine the alleged route yes where does the drive driver well long and along this route we look what are there for it holding point the bus stops directly at the train stations the way b & m parking is partly a a bit further away so a bit bigger buffer that we generate then that does not fit together in the pdf format I'll come to this and soon combine that with the pnv data and then had the operas in the trip planner so that we are actually more individual fr communities with the public can combine yes come now
open ship planner of the open ship planner is an intermodal route planning actually combines that individual traffic with the public he is java is based and licensed under lgpl one supports as I said that
pvc car bicycle pedestrian routing he can station based bike sharing and so also mixed modalities park & ride or kiss and ride that's me drive someone to the pnv and did not have any Parking can also be found by bike i can turn off to the wheel on the public or take the wheel with you barrier-free routing supports and some more are currently in the development so carsharing retailing and the rail traffic straight three meters announced today that I am now in march go online with your trip planner then over and car to go with it so there is a lot going on right now technically what is behind the routing is also and already heard before but Searching for star that is not so awfully fast especially if you're a whole state how to cover in württemberg but there is also a lot happening in the further development in version 2 just changed from open ship david on the so-called raptor algorithm So there is also what the star has but the advantage that he just actually real time information good can integrate with and has one pretty active community of the open ship planner And yes, that started in 2009 too
through climate the throughout the public area really are an innovator par excellence and there fell in the topic open data and open have developed the gt is that gts format goes back to you but it many are still many years later therefore the Netherlands joined the example in this will be nationwide open ship norway sat long Finland use him and that is also meanwhile very important They contribute their own bring in requirements and just So the theme of performance is natural important point also the topic extensibility code quality is im Currently under review there it is at the moment one more a bit difficult there so his own to bring things in and you have to do that again follow the same and then so his own version but there happens just what would be more intense with the topic busy is interested in what is there Continue to happen on the third of april is in Oslo the vdp open day it should also live stream, give us a look
open ship countries a bit closer So what is he like the top left
we have already seen little that is who's out of the box with comes now come a little over the years and that's just one of those developer tool so that's what you want no one else today on the Next to it, that's that 's that interface from norway finland very much beautiful responsive web application all over so chic it can look like that too So they have the whole stack built and open source put this whole data preparation and so on So there is a lot of flowed included from the bottom left that is the current content in the Development is maybe will be in the version 2 integrated that is yes with created modern web technologies and then there are two three options as an app to address but we have with for decentralized an adapter for the public transport written in noble and thus should it be possible then the otti in for example or the transporter app to integrate
The technical interface of the open offers Ship countries on one side one rest interface to that are easy Let me give you a few quests which stops are there as sees because the departures from there looks like one red one can already see the red below request becomes oblong the gp has white
I'm not sure two dozen parameter that supports best look in the documentary so there is really everything that is configurable we do not want the user to feel otherwise but is nice if you just yourself can influence in the app and yes too back from norway finland comes one something more modern interface the
graphic interface which then enables even more complex inquiries where you then also data gets all the more graf can assemble so that you can do not ask with 345 maybe in a row the information someone must be able to view but can this really be in a curry assemble documentation a bit I have the best photography I have then hit the slide packed topic
data sources already have it casually so etf s can mention the open ship he pulls out the street network or can you even in street map refer supports digital terrain models, for example to include accessibility or just for the bike, too to take into account increases and there are various apps for cyclists
provider for example the gfs format that but not all support so to For example, the German railway is not yet but we also have one for that converter wrote the quasi on the that's the great thing about this kapi then drove accordingly gfs yes, even if you create a utopia then set up for themselves can that also works very well with handwork one invites the quotes monday openstreetmap pdf file but for the whole now actually running continuously you have to keep a little bit more do this is just an example what does our process chain look like?
we have the same one openstreetmap data we daily update with at osmium so that deltas down again and make the current dataset on the one hand, we use the roof extract from the geo factory and in Alsace the Alsace and cut from it but so a bit in the struggle for bathing württemberg trump because even if you like us actually only in baden württemberg you want red then you want maybe a change in Strasbourg or something, and then we'll do it one more time little post-processing because we For example park & ​​ride many park & ride parking spaces are even not properly covered and there we are now a bit generous we say simply all parking in the area of stations that do not explicitly park and ride logitech are the first we take a good one, you can not take a look and so on we there already pure but the pick we made Hanover price inquiry and merge
with it the osm data that 's not something we play back would be about an automatism but for us as tourism first better than the current data quality we come to The topic of public life is just how to do it looks so etf that are quite old format and as well that is and there are csv files in it actually a relatio nahles data model I have stops there desktops I have my lines that are
the out and I have trips then Weekdays run and yes that's what then dark blue that's the way it is Duty and then I can I'll wrap up some extra stuff can transfers, that is, transfers define where can I change or also maybe i can not shapes specify that means I am not a straight line from hand to hand you had to enter or represent one actually just the bus along had caused the street or can show
Unfortunately we have already been the traffic networks are not so generous with your data and constantly ready though the save your mass transit project has
This beautiful card is created for you gradually is yellow or yellow is lighter Green are so more and more the but not only provide your data that she is providing the data important but also in what quality and the actuality that you do that is then
again another topic that's why we have in ours processing first one quality check built in there is for example, the google transit validator The results of the feeds are all German free available feeds times compiled validate at updates have the results We are on our side on our side provided and what ours We noticed that in one tab repository explicitly deposited as
as a show because usually is only the communication one finds the error and then and then you report that to the Verkehrsverbund will be fixed or too not and others may run in the same mistake as said actually you have to do that transparently do That's why we have such a guitar string put on yes and then the other Publish many traffic networks No shapes have the following one says really want to see where the bus drives prophet the train that's what they are license reasons not because they are in today background often you still have it commercial Data may not have that in part is currently being converted to openstreetmap So many are up to that case we use by patrick kruse from the University of Freiburg a pretty Good map matching has developed with which one actually these chefs that to enrich is not so good but that works pretty well and for baden württemberg we provide the perpetrators also have the files Enriched disposal of
quality problems just like that a glance what is that the quality that is now for example Umstiege I wondered why Can not we get that way there? out there you are where this corner is there can actually get off and the two minutes walk over it Subway station background Verkehrsverbund erroneously very many changes in his data delivered as forbidden knew not that you put in googles and looked so red lines are forbidden transitions and green ones are with time deposited transfers and that's the case the intersection of inner city Stuttgart city ​​center There you can not really eat so well that did not even know such a mistake the long time is not resolved yet not that's why we said publish the refueled other
problem is the time we travel have from the eva data so then would we have five allies who have your data is open to the public We looked for others together and the one in the data then you put that if you put it back then again in the transit validator and packs you look what we have there now built together then you realize Oops in the dates are time travel possible get in the bus and come to the past and if you look then why is that
then you will find on the internet then actually the departure table and then you see someone just has it simply this downhill list typed so here is one for the the bus is easier for people to read a certain time 13 7 here and 13 08 19 he is there and then he goes there So just again this loop of actually he is doing this here loop and then drives underneath but then somebody just like that down typed yes this is for
read up again a whole option of the parameters to build a can give a count so many influence our times
put together so you can get one Insight one looks like a graf road network on one side and then combined for each change will be so for every link with one with the öpnv such edges are generated yes
just a short while if you have one Counting then you get quite a lot Warnings or you do not know exactly what is that how serious is that
that can be a html list
show We have researched to read im kot what do they mean, how critical are the warnings and above all
we have with the scope and when he gets out coop plugin has to be developed with which one locates this data then can show a map afterwards osmos coop quite nice on friday has the jochen pot in the lecture about it and then you can do that on one see map where are the warnings or where are the problems here and connecting dnv city ​​so platforms where you can also not Yes, that's exactly what it was
my lecture i have on the next one a few links on the side we want that
We advance the topic of traffic turnaround would be happy if even more in the
we will focus on this topic We first on Baden württemberg true and sees this is data topic is elaborate but maybe there is elsewhere interested in the sun what to set up for your transport network want as I said the left list That's it
[Applause] yes you have questions any one of you uses the ATP with me 123 times
okay i'm still there is saturday including the notice we wait each with it that to be voted can I also come from Baden württemberg and do you have contact to Bathing mass transit company württemberg in stuttgart or how is that are now a citizen initiative a citizen initiative we are 22 people yes both with background and exactly So that's kind of an initiative project that we do by the way We are in contact with after traffic Baden-Württemberg we know that you dfs data is working on it actually to provide times for total bathing württemberg because the do not even be able to do this are you here also refuse so that it is already ne and we are in contact because by that we are with this data We actually work quite so in the three-digit range errors in the data found wrong coordinates this time travel or named miss matches yes there was then the village here and not the village in 20 kilometers Distance to the route inserted such Things are easy in the data and we communicate that to the Nahverkehrsgesellschaft back so that the that again to the allied the data can communicate and communicate Toni is in Munich from openstreetmap says yes we know exactly with which it swells a public transit That's exactly what data or data is called So we are on the way in the osm public transport community i believe I have the letter to Herr Kretschmann written because yes I am an elector and I have Chosen him eight years ago and it was This open data was promised has never come down to a tiny one Trivia and the bike route planner Baden württemberg is also known or yes so the topic open data is a theme involves a lot of leading one many people have to be different Channels somehow appeal from the top down we just hope that we with our with our initiative an example of how open data actually makes sense what you do with it can do that and that motivates too to go this way and as I said in the background that happens That will take a while until it is good is in those gradually over Well, there are other women I continue
otherwise I would never have a short one understood you are one citizen initiative that means that too all honorary we have one We got the last promotion year in april the hacker tons that Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg won the audience and the jury Price was great and there we have 15,000 euros in funding get yes because if at the moment no question is simon you can maybe I would have set up this way because I work at the Swiss Federal Railways and of course we also thought about how looks at the mobility of the future that's what the db does and you have it there
ever with those with the db talked for example in how far it is your concept is connectable by their reflections we were in august last year Berlin Stand up pitch while the train is just now means that she with the own developments that they have everything in the house so there is the theme of jopie and on demand mobility clever shuttle who is also known as now packed together and in itself the new set up the pursuing first First of all your topic and there it's also more commercial rider the theme of peer to peer file sharing is in fact I believe they have a grateful theme flowing through them no money ok i think anyway that the potential is remains so stay open yes I know that from my own house It is said that we can do everything ourselves well ok so thank you at the place just the open source projects there make an open house and that without it that would not be possible at all thanks to all who are somehow active moment we are not finished yet have four more minutes and there were also a question was the result or is ignored is a question you can not 1 otherwise there is an apology here when I see you so up and down I would be interested in the Provider of rides how open are they for now you called her with, so to speak wanted to integrate because of course that too their business model is in there you now wanted to cooperate with ryan device Etc we are lucky that we have two For that our approach is very open that we also for privacy reasons Do not want to push us between them but we are a search engine that means what we find we give out and got it back to the local offer that also means for example take commission or not is theirs thing with blabla I had so far yes already had contact but they say only We will not do that I think so and that fits it there are some communes for example the buy solar system if I have then I am easy then pay attention also that you have your data too provide as I said the topic is privacy always a bit disgusting but yes so we hope that when it is running because then which then becomes a model and others themselves then a click then maybe can you just go back against that micro because there is actually direct I could of course ask for Algorithm now from the road routing you You said your concept is here Carpooling where the riders to get to the track means that really you only calculated the distance and then the ride opportunities because actually you will say I have a threshold and says is two minutes of detour or so is okay and then with two minutes detour time I already stretch quite another which are possible you can do So we have one side, so to speak The personal experience would be me Do it yourself and there I say for one regular carpool maybe but for actually neither and that is also a thing that exists in the Immediately I hold the open ship There is a lot going on there synonymous so and demand stories So if there is something more then look we certainly also one but that we first adjusted has what is there for the concept there already to demonstrate ok technology you why do you say okay so thanks I also say we have one more At least we have two more minutes that means many questions if you still have that would be ready a question yes there was one more question from my side now it is so that I noticed have as a user of ride opportunities the blabla is simply around the present in things visibility most people know this brand and know the brand alternative not what do you have there as it were thought about the press work to make other solutions known be good point we are at the make a tour for you rural quasi and make advertising in the counties and that is a matter where we look for local partnerships then they are actually dependent on that make public we are on the way in there are some commercial areas Initiative mobility is a topic of traffic jams that means we are there in such mobility working groups on the move and Speakers are there once Advertising is one thing you need much we are from the technology we can then still support use if someone is appointed as yes, ask exactly if you look now download timetable from The traffic sins do not yet have published there is nowhere the workflow is the process could download demonstrated so and ontario we have the whole thing as the end of the crypt we have not yet provided but it's our turn or if you to ask you already can not there to do more thank you so much, thank you very much thank you very much


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