Coordinate Reference System Challenges In GeoScience Modelling

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Coordinate Reference System Challenges In GeoScience Modelling
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Geoscience modellers develop numerical models where constraints are placed on how the model domain and sampling relates to location in the modelled world and the real world. The shape of the model domain is a significant factor for numerical algorithms and computational solvers. This leads to a number of interesting definitions of coordinate reference systems. I will summarise some requirements the modelling community have for specifying and working with coordinate reference systems. Post processing and presentation of analyses are important factors; archiving for future use is a crucial consideration. I will present examples of horizontal and vertical coordinate system definitions in common use in the meteorology and oceanography domains and the challenges they may bring. The conclusion will be a discussion how specifications and tools for defining, interpreting and transforming coordinate reference systems, such as Well Known Text (WKT), European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) and PROJ.4 are able or unable to meet the requirements of a geosciences modeller.
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as well and it was all very interested in their algorithms and that's all there is and the late the models to the with real world and the relationship is somewhat interesting citizens Taylor solos Physics about a physicist results to help with a set on the very found and his 1st response was to consider circle can would have come the name of cross and that was the World and The Naked start model said that the kind of the attitude that we would say this is an example
of a limited in America model that we pelted and the flying over on apply carry projection and you can see the model domain is a slight interesting shake and the gun my colleague from the cells individually model quite glycols model local not exactly the sort of small details on protecting the and and this is taken will
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Poland to the people who we were with another thing during point the is resampling soaps and this is to do with interpolation and the very interested in the integration schemes will be used and is that what effect on the kind of work to do and in the number of different types of recycling need to be and a Justice of the moisture problems to the picture of a joint here is a global model and which is the name of the cash that is
limited area model next on top of said these men defined quite different and this particular use case what with looking at the
global temperature and the limited area mobile temperature of model is a baseline and people want to do not only for the difference between the temperature particular around and summon only said across the globe to we have to do quite Castle something of 1 data on the other before we can do this simple numbers 1 1 the other 2 and only that's a little bit about the kind of
challenges facing about talking about Cawdor consistent themselves to the 1st 1 with looking at here woefully rotated polls so taken no geographic told systems and and they moved in with all and the recent death of his own capture he Projections than they a very large numbers Quesnay of all and in South Pole which means they have a very very small area and set a new record you get and sinks and the place where the cell area tends to 0 and it really gets to cause them problems that have to do it in the global mobile of the local model of the move that to simulate and care about just look at the pub with the way with the grid is not quite the end with looking at the Italian advantage squad around us and what happens in central Asia does not because the again but moved up diagrams
Treasury what we've done with taking geographical wouldn't system Astron just talking about it and then we got into new dramatist 2 1 in the location of all the good that no code system is what happens to be the Finite agrees that different model summary of white men and then some people so do the attention of the globe so they can shift the Meridian all to give them a nice model space where they want so
what is the looking at of
what would turn parameterized coordinate systems we got simple and numbers weakened small transformation and everything from the handled by the kind of programme that we
have is widened a translated coordinate reference system and that's a widely-used 19 but in this case and the people who decided that the most pulled various forms part of the occupation and the various other oceanfront because the ocean model is so to do this they created to move pulse rather than just 1 1 accounted 1 over and as a person for a bit of a stir with his presence is quite interesting made to work with and and you can see the area where the 2 main simply defined a told and there is with a significant walking take this
is what we have is the each set in mobile domain is defined in terms centre and it's called wheels happy area of the South try a gives some information about connectivity which sells connect to what impact in what direction but these doesn't use the full picture sir 1 of my questions and 1 of the things that we have posted size is this really a Cawdor system is helpful 1st try entry to the because the kind of work that we want to do with the these 1st and what we do rotated Polish Britain's will be doing the geographical would system or protected code system to can see how the requirements for together but do we have enough information is that the a worthwhile approach but in the
ushered in the ocean model Group which Detroit agreed the whole suite the useful different resolutions different purposes and that being used by a lot of climate research and whether for costing ocean modeling communities but the full process about how you can build a demand is going to of the area and but to more examples of way to finding demand which gained credence to take him on to the people who developing new record algorithms 1 reason for this is that as computing power and storage potential increases that most 1 more the infected from most of the time they have a certain amount of time on the spot where to run model and will have to sell if you wanted a 6 0 4 comes a new start in the night and I want to give for cross the new it doesn't really help if your for cost returns after 6 o'clock in the evening because it has annual to Windows time frame for the written given used to computer with an automatic you will purchasing power they increase the resolution of the grid in time and space by precautions fits into the same Model time at the time that the placards rejection mustard placards and for Neurofen system has more more problems particular round balls to the wanted to move away from the book up with examples of the talk about a lot like the end the quadtree and the huge see as the main stretch across all of the globe is heavily receptionist and model being runs in the Met Office in some experimental configurations using a particular the research the system might respected the show a lot of care with the ocean model quit the most this tell self and the use some information about not sell muscle you get back from the model its as he put it data and anyone of although not the 1 we saw pullout that the number of your options as the become more popular that coming to the tool builders and saying we want to support so should you the and what all the
and rotating Paul data in a early in the 19th with the coastlines walked around to you must cut from this is appalled at the ocean model seawater potential temperature and you can see kind of where the world is but because we don't currently treat as a tree code reference system we come same told to pull the coastline and an interesting features particular and Africa if you know your African Joe graffiti and that does not good representation so and talk
of a pact transform Cawdor consistent from the key requirements that tool builders with being presented with which fought for extensively would find very nice toolkit we're and pleasant library which looks into approach for Connex back to the party and the public vaulting likely which is what we are making the graphics and that provides a really useful tools handling of a take over written a number of other requirements that we have and that all transfection in approach for which does everything we need rotated only comes to what could be translated toward reference systems we know where we have to do this we have to approach the problem and from 1 perspective to think that there is an interesting idea that that we should be approaching in this way and this is the kind of functionality that we want to but I'm not convinced have seen all the answer is yes that's 1 of the reasons I've come here to get some more opinions is this a good idea for is that the whole world pain that will come back is time say eye which we never gone down the road they are really really good the the required and we
have as well as the functional persisting is about specification said people creating data and this to prospective future just Chepchumba equipped from the where the full cost as prospective them into for cost the Willie said for for tomorrow morning and will have the full cost 12 club and 6 in the evening to a maybe 5 days may get 7 days when the same thing 12 hours later the Muslim woman anybody wants is the latest information the climate recession very different position because that looking at doing runs at 200 150 is managing many many different scenario is very interested in the data are cutting problems and they've got the requirements to go back to data critic 10 15 is built use that now and comparative things that their during and as a huge project called the climate model into comparison study which has hundreds of care data from the last 10 days of climate research which is being used for the International Power on climate change were pulled which is just being published at the moment will be Olivio newspapers with various Indians Ms to me the best part is that the Tory quality and 64 the climate searches which standard some way that we can trust will still be there in 10 his time the listing which practically earlier and we found quite difficult because as the model is come up with new ideas it's been quite a hot to work out how you get you coordinate systems in particular when as a thought I'd awakens the rotated told and it's a comic definition 32 code is easy to define the beach model was built giving the provinces and the idea the kids Chico's giving exact answer doesn't really that for with looking well and text and particular the and by the time the alphabet and I had to make up about but there is a special working group India GCSE looking revamping and the code reference system well-meant text and and interested about whether that provided the long term mechanism without really going to get what we need and I've start making having discussions with some of those people and about giving them the rotated poll used to say could you peaceable this because of the money will we pumped about in well in tax 1 of the only to mention this the widely used standard within the climate research community called the climate and 4 costing conventions for Nexia and just want to see the city and this week what the main specific favoured focused on climate research because of the kind of requirements of been talking about this Komogorova method specifying code reference systems and and somewhat recently looking at how they can find either use another methodology all my methodology on to another 1 that this is very heavy it not community but it's not clear how that gets out into the geographic communities of how it might be able to be used with the idea of where the some of those questions that I'd
like to take a look at the time Frigo will be left with the float discussion of for my questions front on board were happy to take any of the questions you have only 1 talked about that this is 1 of the reasons citing on up to find out more information about the 1st but not have a bad habit standard definition Cawdor systems what what are best approach a 2nd was is useful to treat these translated code references the mass toward reference system should we be tried to push these kinds of destinations into tools that we would use and particular the approach for which has been a very effect and bring to a boil use cases and of those and you are in the you have to grid and the acute you the 1st lesson from the audience the question of how we are obvious 2nd place to the poverty line is the translated for which he is rumoured to be ready for the season and the 2nd is that no cost for for is that they said they and already those by so that goes to the tactic of the Germans as they were the items confusing off tried for 5 different times are yet to find a good 1 that seems to and the work of the UK with a really that is likely to face a word for it and he said it has and the other was in the world were in the same way that it also has a 3rd of death of the bill for the benefit of a few that the policy that that he is not going to I'm from the age of can it by the time of their across the world these 2 1 7 1 Big from are arrested state to some of the ideas were is as they say in the way it works is that some of the best of your ability to use the phrase vertical data arrested and into the world of the next day or 2 you see the bruises on the use that time be the group over as the array is equally 1 the state of British tennis is seeing well the game will travel to South Louisville be put together in the and that was going on that the state from the reprojection there interest because 1 of the challenges that we face and we get better model seizing cities ocean models than the data said that if he got the considers that they ought to have a two year rate data that you're not used to doing it utility red areas and then at 2 body for of Kaunus different data about like give you sell in the UK into the centre of what you mean by centre the full Kaunas which may give you a slightly all change and some climate is about not sell talking about on my mind do during a controls much longer other way around and they were taking you take something the existing space like coastline and tell me how that looks index based we come we do have a mesh methodology doing the amendment not something we can during the rotated pulse because we got a mathematical counts for accurate Icopal date set of from behind and that would be so showed origin model is that it is functionality and local we have and we went back cover says no not now the city has to be changed or rather that were such suspected deal and that it was the beginning of the year you have to work with these like it must be said that some of her own this said it was somewhere and love so that is a 3rd of the work of the same name over the where they were able to use their radios 1 way presentable at the age of operating 21 overs of the day and although the some of still a what of the for the ball but the region and the and siege used you don't walk up about but not something that try to approach for the car and head of the F word of this after a year long trip the book of the location and the of the chance for a long of these things were celebrated for the the danger of some of the this is the last day of the of the versions of the new season that some of the interest in the case of King the bill for the rest for of the year but what has said about the so of the each the load of soap and asking this tactic to answer to the 1st 1 is if it is 1 season data this picture and Ivory sample the data to trying recycled from the rotated poll on to something that you just wouldn't stand and so that we got putting tools which we written specifically to meet some of the cases are mention 1 called high this told with critical virus which is data management told that would give us the tools to do every something on top order system that they could work with and if the securities huge is just 1 of which than the odds public tools will do not just a few pages and uses a point was the pitches Irish area and they have told the right to provide information about this and that tools and cut their on your members to see the eve of the conference the you can experiment with 2 on the air and she wanted to go down the route free something the data than the people who doing it did where are changing the data at the point where I something so that you need to apply little bit of caution and take a few changing a resolution at the same time as their assuming that you going exactly the same number as in the UK so that the in this year of has long and while they are on which the city work of the police a lot of money the able to Asia is that by the end of the year and a group of 3 or which had