Cartaro - The Geospatial CMS

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Cartaro - The Geospatial CMS
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Cartaro is a new web mapping platform that makes the power of some of the best open source geospatial components available in a content management system (CMS). Cartaro allows to set-up and run small websites or complex web applications with maps and geodata. It is also suitable for geoportals and spatial data infrastructures whenever there is the need to get everything up and running without much individual programming. The geospatial software stack used in Cartaro consists of PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers. The whole stack is managed from within the CMS Drupal. The geospatial components bring professional aspects of geodata management into the CMS. This is namely the ability to persist data as true geometries, thus allowing for complex and fast queries and analyses. It does also mean supporting a whole range of data formats and the most relevant OGC standards. For the latter Cartaro can extend the handling of user roles and permissions, which already exists in Drupal, to define fully granular read and write permissions for the web services, too. In the presentation we will first explain our basic motivation behind Cartaro: that is bringing geospatial functionality to the huge community of CMS developers and users. This community, which is of course much larger than the classical FOSS4G community, has a great potential to make more and better use of geodata than it was possible with most existing tools. We will then demonstrate how far the integration with the CMS reaches and present the Drupal user interface that allows to configure most features of Cartaro. We will show how to create, edit and map geospatial content with Cartaro and we will demonstrate the publication of this content as an OGC web service. We will also go into some details concerning the architecture of Cartaro and explain how we tackled specific problems. A glimpse of the some use cases will demonstrate the real potential of Cartaro. It will also show how the focus and functionality of a Cartaro based application can be extended with the installation of any of the Drupal modules that exist for almost every task one could imagine. The presentation will close with the future perspectives for Cartaro. From a technical point of view this includes the roadmap for the next months. But it also includes a discussion of our ideas about Cartaro's role as self-supporting bridge between the geo and not-so-geo world of open source software.
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there running and yet want to show is something about a new idea she that in and out however it is called the nested-grid written you kid on the block so it's Ariely and projects but it's also a project that has something to do with those because of public arrest your life the but 1st stop introduction
of during the company based in the south west of Germany made working in Germany and Celent through a kind of geospatial event of the year databases goes to the gym of the stuff like business owners were Jessop is more part of it and where all the other plans are among the cast of projects that although this branch McCall that used by the end of something like the old results from what we have developed and want to propagate and employment and projects and
if all this being a and if you focus also almost means smaller 11 and company was found to have only built approach based on open sauce and all of them are also contributing to Epistles from approach of for example the ability of the House Committee codes or maybe and audio and editor of small library that those loss of editing features based on all players in the application and major interested you can also cheque out the account but all the victims
Apollo what the idea behind it and that's thought about you should features on management systems and conventions as the cost of lost managed fund and economic brings of very producer Road administration but I saw that the mass can go into into details from the installation and religious Askhams all was bring some international alkalisation so you can use would Languages most of the demand for promotion the worsening building so you don't group Rouzaud companies but you can only go back to to them then add the very for for and it should bring some layout template because of the immense only much more open than the moment geospatial road through to parade attractive guys for PetroCan Phelan for the individual applications and so we can get used to Eustace should mean template and that of cross that another nice feature most mass bring out editorial opera was so that the book was an All some groups of people through and data dreaded data and other groups of people and that although the publishers of about response for publishing and depending on the same as his operas commuters employer and have many different groups that or have to contribute to record before being published an off calls of most because the immensely have some systems of more beautiful blog in the law for easy extendibility of all this point of as the set for General seem as the typical time and would say all of these features were very attractive for geospatial through the although 1 to manage was geospatial data my may want to a 2 pitch some Bruges through to a lot headed in with a lot published and on this this points to a very nice and so that's why the idea was created to build a sumptuous patients so we want to extend the features alongside as Jew data and the way that I need possibilities said that the data was state of and of cost through display and maybe and and and the news Fault data captured so being being of ways to incorporated all too great Jew data but you coding also caused by direct editing within the application and so of cost and the 1st with the idea of such a special seen as them many seem as log on to a ball special data and rental station later in some ways but not the full with funding for more simple number 4 x 4 you do not find many see a nested really have some dramatic geometry data at end that of possible scheme that specialist for systems of data from so that the need based and make sure that all the time are consistent that I can use station in his lover to use the NYT its growing and to sell the data and the way that guarantee the long term availability of them despite output is concerned that the new system that allowed station various of stuff like finding a future in another feature and and 2 ossicles laws and for caught the not only through the show debate on the matter in the application but also to integrate 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 4 0 to see services for data publication of calls for the result of this decision is an application was and the idea had
in mind where I wanted to push position geospatial seem as was between us and the website is the the only 1 automats included and some complex this applications to see on the right and so it's if you just want a huge Momoko maps with a website that you don't need the 0 0 ahead of some geospatial see mass and on the other hand if you have a very complex application and this is the real mind is may although not be derived from because the Newark you will have to do so much coding anyway so that you can make use of the advantages of the CIA its future but everything that is in the middle so that the applications that had a lot to do with maps and especially applications of the requirements different people may end of data and other people remain published a it at all these applications in between could be good candidates for the use of his that P and so what they are
detective between despite that his Unesco tyro as you can see it is well known components of the nails of costs as the library from thing that's displayed in the plant then baked use of fall applications of over web-services mainly and in the banque and close the database that allows really thought of German trees and all that is managed from of the proposed a arena by through most off you drop was some of the biggest most widespread open sauciness based on Ph the and and all idea was to go to Brooklyn from before the other components so we have to was ability to and yet of cost you Strawbridge presented on the to use of her great the surface of the application but also to use the chocolate and configuration guide to allow the configurational for other components and Cup are
over this is the so called troop or distribution that means it's not not binding 6 package of but it's a communication of different mobiles disappointing audiences have been existed before before he had the idea to create a Powell and on the other hand model said in a specialist rated so for example nails assault on full point model that used openly of libraries and the back but can be country critique of her and cut out the distribution of the means it takes to get a different more new but also different themes of the book and she looked application and different libraries and guarantees that they work together and in the good way of calls a could also use the many model separately I'm not doesn't
look like so if your used standard installation you get this Blue Ljupco that's very difficult moment in the face budget for integrated of the match of
this is 1 of the most potent components within the and you know well what opened this can do but the Tory of opposability to define the openly of Max simply through throughput men administration guy you can be fined labels can of cause combined the latest into maps and you can in a simple way was a defined by that you should use sold a stand of without coding but of the broader interface some all of this
in the face of looks like that someone of that shows all the latest in defined of new applications and Essakane gets from from the 2nd code and disappointed code range showed list of different layup types that features of school WiMax the maps so more less all that opened can display is also available with central another example of how you can find different state sites that should be applied to the trio labels and it can look like this but it was ability to attract the same size as the light and then of cost again define automatic should look like and everybody who knows throughout to program openmail slow gets idea what the brand 2nd said so you can handle them all year in the history she I'm up for it could be way but you can also do this the open this morning you can be fined so called the Harris we were doing but if produced through its to test in Britain the defined like this before Cup are of the biggest means you can be fined which punches should be available your email smack that can also called the Richards which Richards of the period of the match and again by the middle of the field recognise of many of the things some of which can be fined Hall of the medication should grow like walking the next 4
component was sold its use for coaches see services and Jews is running in the back and began to talk that the moment
he was off cultivars has no need to access the accused of in the face directly to the board airport functionality like and available through the for what you if for example you can be fined the 0 to 0 shizzle installation name any work says that should be used and here then you can be fined different players that you want to use front you saw that in your pipe car insulation and you can defined by what he saw at the moment it's a part of the answer lies with no critical using the face to define sites but there are plenty of all to the way the law used to create the as you can cook a case into account are event and and the nice thing the integration between draw Poland you saw the tide especially as far as the privileges for the time so success is find that means that in Group all you can to find the excess rights to to time and the same rights laws of the plight of tens be applied to the services of she saw in the and and think that makes it really nice because of the 1 place where find the excess rights to data and then it's gone future success for example of the room as a bubble your best of her hugues conceded you would also have to test the credentials that are required for the installation of 1 place among place that can be easily removed the managed or used by people who do not want to to the when they configurations and text of branding programming most
jazz of the last group of component of costs for storage of drew geometry types for patient care fees for the use of space in this as in all the people stop
again several Screentrade Howard looks like that in the end you should draw playing the face of it that is used to define UConn types of this example Hugh on the Continent and the a new group installation that shows that the capital of the road of distant defined different fields of your car and not the new things become part of what was ability to due to define Judaica tough for your point and assume that this is time the time the stalled this geometry feuds with and cost timing-first but exile in at yet defined more details for your charges feel so for something period shows that a point would be for the long term and can also be found protection the disused and it is the kind of the real of medical I get to use into face for data editing that allows you to do and and debate that only points off and polygons church typecast time so once
again the components that and use of the encounter was just before the close just proposed more you choose will not plus across model of and she was so thick that the extension of plug in Fort to choose also talk component and that is seeded to approve the synchronisation between the results within a Powell and she was so it is that it's the applied Bruch's from from cutoff from central automatically to of the of cost dodgy that uses defined on both sides of identical and then Open as a small model and then rival new with as good a more that allow us to a triple point type of Judaica for months Tchaikovskian Geis as for their own direct leaving your car installation and then the last thing for has opened thousand different model so available that are not focused on on Tuesday time but that many of the very interesting for the used in your car insulation and the thing that makes the real pulse disillusioned competitor about just that framework that you really can't profit from from the huge community of people about using the and and that are contributing more due to new owners have to find the right 1 unit life trilogy data about 10 and some
things more to recommend a lot really nice model for Cup are a this everything that history books virtuoso and this the whole not of different model said lawyers to do different things the virtuoso for for data publications and that although of things to do like that you may not occasions some from edited or published and then not Paul model with a troop all to use more do so that model allows for example to a parade of that they want to search for beta the new money would impose ability to great complex Search mosques that was obliged achieve pay it can use of some fields to some of the losses to end up at the banque which features is interested in and and that the old model of model that the thing that is as old as the new was the troop Paul whenever you wanted to synchronised comes the different data sauces and a devoted to halt feets also called of violence in New into your Kröpelin simulation and through a or for the more during the of possible through the
some might times over almost over just through to tell you in which direct you want to go down this mentioned integration of the new small dual could be extended so that you have the the easier and better ways to to Korea data and you think that's already finished with all the of printing money would not be based on the fish prints and that the losses were to print every match if your account or application and in the area of Cuba coding down on going development of low that your car installation can all foot your coding so it's is so I can interested to coding data can also offered your coding file allied cage and in the area religious this or very much time but there are still open some functionality open especially but can not be it began on different shapes read and right through which is full also services as it would be possible accused of Canada's says excess yes-or-no but working in order to extend the and then in of that to tools for of symbolisation so that you get a grip schemes and and then off call small that but because at the moment the functionality of the behaviour that cut how awful some or all of us only standard nails controls and that's not so on what many fancy nice looking which but I'm sure they'll be
will go on his own with the most interesting installations slot installations for of clients now so we of great motivation to to go on with this that and the novel is also would originals come from West you because of the cut hours also part of the worst uniting the and this bosses 6 5 myrobalan the youngest versus 7 overs 7 contains 1st savouries Popov version 1 0 so if you are interested to road to play on the Cup from the US on the 1 hand on the ball than the move
available and they can
and they are on Tuesday time but you can also play on this configuration and and in order to see how everything that's all you can ride the picks up on the lowest your life TV and if you want strike Ottavio insisted that you can download all the components from the local sides of from or and but people want it's not so easy to make everything look to get on to bring Jews of group to talk to of the group local installation and to talk to post just add that the tricky but of things is documented and think should take your skills to the festival to instal just thinking so you would on the way to of the well which is why he is only way by the way like of the way it is a city of about look as if you were a kid Yassin wrote the song that would say moment peach off draw pulled that you have to sort of for many languages and so is appalled medical cost for possible to have static and in that
what police said that the and no so that it could take you want the real tight integration between the Drupal into administration in the face and we are made of this only you or and because she was so over brings of the eurozone road management that mezzo does not know about me and the idea that she was so as although on the beach Pigalle that she used from group or and the books on the Jews of the Mets or so of cause if you would like to replace Jews Obama's so it's assessable but you would have to go of programming again and it is part of the management of British justices comes under the density of age to directly maps the question is the if you get a lot of car on along the way the the the bergkamp was that it was the