Open Geospatial Data And Services Publication On The Cloud: The INGEOCLOUDS Open Source Approach


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Open Geospatial Data And Services Publication On The Cloud: The INGEOCLOUDS Open Source Approach
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Baurens, Benoit (AKKA Techologies)
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FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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The cloud can be used as an infrastructure, as a platform or as a (desktop) software replacement according to the three different paradigms that it supports (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). On the other hand at the moment more and more applications are using the cloud as their backend since it promises (unlimited) scalability and elasticity in terms of storage and computing power. In the open source geospatial world a lot of effort has been invested in developing excellent software that can be used to store, manage, visualize and publish on the web geospatial data and services. But when it comes to the cloud those offerings are not always readily available since the software, we all build, does not scale in a way that can take advantage of the cloud. In that respect we worked towards providing scalability and elasticity capabilities for the storage, querying and visualization of geospatial data based on existing open source solutions like the Mapserver, PostGIS, Apache and so on. We also worked on the lower part of the software stack so that we can build an elastic file system for storing geospatial data. So we are in the process of offering a fully open source solution that can take advantage of the cloud and its properties. Moreover we have coupled this solution with support for publishing anyone’s geospatial data as Linked Open Data so that they can be readily combined with other data on the web. In that respect we are using an open source SPARQL endpoint (Virtuoso) that allows us to store geospatially enabled information given that a suitable conceptual model will be provided described in RDF. Thus we allow for seamless integration of published data on the semantic web and we provide the necessary services for integrating this kind of offering in other applications in the future. Additionally we identified an emerging need to allow end users to publish their own data and create dynamically their own customized services on the cloud. Thus we exploit cloud’s “unlimited” storage capabilities to allow end users to publish their own data (as long as it is cost effective, too), combine them with existing data and create their own WMS/WFS customized services and publish them on the web. This has a great value-added for the users since they can actually publish their own maps. Finally, we demonstrate the capabilities of our technical solution by building and offering a set of advanced geophysical services through the platform. These services include a service for creating shakemaps (maps the visualize the effects caused by an earthquake to the environment), predicting landslides (providing maps assessing the possibility of landslides) and handling pollution information in ground waters. In conclusion, we offer an open source software stack that is based on existing open source software and extends it as needed in order to take to the most possible advantage of the properties of the cloud. We have tried to keep the software agnostic for the specific cloud and its capabilities. The work is carried out within the INGEOCLOUDS FP7 Project, co-funded by the EU, and with the participation of companies (AKKA technologies, France), research centers (CNR, Italy and FORTH, Greece) and data providers like geological surveys (GEUS, Denmark; GEO-ZS, Slovenia; BRGM, France and EKBAA, Greece) and earthquake research institutes (EPPO, Greece).
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by the European Commission not comedy objected to the pilot project which School in injury doubts and that set by police in a joke out of 1 of the main issues for us to be a good use of the solver because of the likely these tools on all mature and that this is the thousand most Houston's many of the decisions and the and this is why we are speaking about these opens tools division approaching the disparate so
I'm stripped of mind positions on the disabled that of we mind about the context and the challenges they face in this but are not and that is good about getting the size of the Latinos about it now but the media are among some big principles and shows how we did it with the technology in the budget and the show's some achievement that might hope to with the interest you pay and the euro fell below what we are doing this because we have right and that it would speak about of all kinds and how you could be also the for the you and for the development of the of the pot so about the
context of this book is about the size of the project the base of the project it is that time and I saw the musician and public institutions and ticket could on phase with the needs of other creating charities special and there until they die and this is what we are dealing with in this way object to the idea that the of after from the children who were the 1st that and are facing the problem all publishing data times and of then with maps of course but also providing Donald services provided such as is that so this is what it is about and that the commission and to produce some that was but because there are are interested in seeing the cult Computing technology into the game and we have seen with the barricades beverages in technology and will begin to see how we put that being in the red and the next so that was the
statement that the they noted that the group have to approve of the way you have to be wasting data but also includes the now that it has produced by good institutions that efficient on including this insisted that the problem that they have is giving up ability to sustain the and also showing that with a few of their own they were so there is a gap in the in the face of the of relating to the use of these devices sir allowed the
conditions and you may be right that are starting to silence 17 with a recommendation that the set up a commission group into the and in spite of bold and in order to improve to media data and that is the way that this is trying to push on the biggest occasions in Europe is to adapt to among rules taking rules modeling rules in the movement addition than the and and the biggest and that's the thing about the way we used to have to that it is stationed and this rules with a certain kind of going up to the tools of 27 and so on that are critical obligations fall was the biggest issue in the country for 4 from his world and this is also what is about so of what is
and what from someone you go to the tools of loans and the opposition and institutions and that they are all about the the game because of a Mapping and using that with the activities of some of the best and I was on my close some not just doing that with the idea of outside the passages some not enough that the majority of doing that has added that provide but use about the the application on the
future of the and then when you have to serve the bigger array of customers or or the uses it you do that you need bit of the very efficient and reliable of ideas and discussed money of the
uprising in spite of the issues said that the label litigation coming step-by-step and 27 to announce that and that was that the problem situation the half that usually about the case of some of producing spite combined solutions that not trying not to catch the match about what they have been and I don't want to make pretty good the redefined branded the systems that this is so that the front of the house in the and the and there in this Budget which we tried to produce a solution for a unit of for Walt for removing the so
every day because I
just don't know what would be a when being products so that the club would have to develop a thicker this especially in the and build film about need trial and that beach should and the during the Blue advantage that is so we hope that they are assessed advances and Blue and 1 of the bigger that the project is also to to assets of existing that sets and services from the institutions of the universe which also we have a big and institutions with some of them will be much or intensified the and not be so not just working yes with the exercise of where we are with the the trauma of the uses here for the cost of and I want them to go to to prove that in spite of mediation and all the rest that have developed in the integrity
of the data surveyed political socialist based on involves to people Services said this is the name of the lead at the end of the moment the ball to the ground with a management as well as you may use gays and that the set up reached that these men and that we have high security issues with the tool's skills when
we got there we expected it to 22 and and finishing next year to about what we are about to go back to will be usable part
of you that you just don't want to do is so well as about but computing the presiding could but the House of the Dead and red about things about that just announced that it
principles that we used to say to this as it will use that to discuss was or about has just to convince them to join the board of the beginning because it was not until then that about how Computing can be dangerous so that this is that when the figures of the prices of grant computing concept at as it said it had additional costs and 1 inches of the hole and the real successful status and you realise that the game and that is the duty of the account for achieving your
so big Computing is the demanding the Commander of the Order of the majesty of traditional computing and that this would like the job so I do you you do these kind of tools that we use she
highly had of holidays in the case of of this the prices of computing on cost reductions this is the minimum standards and then come to to the people condition as well so that we have to prove in this political so that the head of the local stuff she is going to be reduced to dust because they will be able to just the that
it's not all about money was not the from my eyes the 2 to the biggest institutions of salt of were also brought Computing of getting the money to accept what I wanted to get the cost of a new recruit get debate Britain's is that the technology is also very interesting them and also egregious access and to provide a service so a big deal
about the way that it did not deal with the death of the and the output of all manner of through and on the Web services cost of civil service system ahead of done from the dance to to flattened beginning the number of them to use the of
this about this is that in the basics of a computer and was over the top it
is being associated not project about the achievements of the projects that are not only about Supercomputing off the value of the goods on the banks of uses to about services for that the management Essex services with a goal that success is that they say adviser that indication of what is available to to comply with since by a legal legations and there will be produced some was that to do that when we go to see some of losses on relented was also an interesting for using them as a family man and a string majority the and across the usage of data between the different the institutions which is based on the setting of a date approach and provide and that the UK and that was that providers to manage their own private and on Monday that only and to to manage the revisions and confusion and the data that sets and the we are samples applications from the club and that the 2 groups mostly in the
UK so what does that say about the fact that we and the and the club is not the only about the 15 we women who is that it's not only 13 and Division on the which which is just running the club's instead of New York and on the high seas us we don't have to think about it it you have to think of all that the would be buyer insuring by including the said it planned to choose in your own applications and the different areas of your idea fish in the existence of this is the basic provided by the college but to write about with a record of cost that is yet to prove that for Europe that special data storage the not so that the using the and the board and so on the and the words of a song will not to be as can enjoy special on were this
this that the area when the tools of also led to a Best but we have also had of the offer which is a bit of titles to which is the book by the end they sentencing in France and the Low Michael but it is also day that you are said to have been with the company that staff from the use of tools to provide food and a half at the end of March who is not yet fully integrated ramekins provision and dedication and accurate in which their goals in the last few have to be be able to do to be around to get to get a clear view on the usage of the fuel results is a generalised respect joined security so it that it
is the number 1 going to the 3rd where tried to to be as much as Barack domestic from the top Computing possible even if it's very difficult to get in and the wind and the best and certainly the the head from a from competition in providing some very interesting services is and last week the debt that we have proved that management but shows that the new conditions management for local we go into the book is about way the
same world is so that the 2 was for use for 4 by the close but he is the only man to have messages about so called the services of the values but if you
go back navigation time said that I'm not just
as a way to spend time that about that but they could do with the kind of it as a just the shows that are based on the of the last the system and that is the that it is
only 1 trying to let so this is a not a
bad on the set out to do some rooms and again the usage of the system of the joy of this by the condition is not thought about the uses requirements and not by the following the step by step the accommodations the Dick group over the of the commission and we want to combine mapping edition and finding the requirements of the law of the land to build a new rules of taxes to division also W the view that it is also about to the debate on the in the capital for that we gave it seems to think that and we want to simplify that changes that we have not predict that were working with the Excel sheets and of course the all for might of As over the the by
product end mapping which engine but that the far most of it but we are the only side in the city of communication and the and the Provisional also in spite of his
is now we go to the on grass and it said that it would not be an issue that used in the body of the public are now and we have some of the
most popular the mind and the tools to get over that and we head of have been hit by city but that now the in the
system and the Fees easily generated by this is so
about the difference that the end of the teaching of maths operator with the beauty of creating the and betting that said
on the findings of his view and that of services which are means of this is required by the volume conditions and the lack of machine and kept for accessing the said during the but this
is the kind of man that the room was so
that has said that it had to get on
with big about some implementation of issues that we face and the use of open tools to tell that rather over all made days is the file system which should take the last again we gave of solutions which is very interesting that humans and the great and the
good but it does offer a few words in the response to the front system go straight to to the point where the and the and the number of the most that the
plan will also be without the and a friend of a song that was West but used for building and that is that the BBC is still relying on the state of the system and it just so happens that this should litigation is used to fund from the latest version of the UK had maps of strong in the last again as without a massive for the with the version and several states that can be read as an elastic of the of the used depending on that charge on the owner of the debate
on out that we have a duty pool for about dancing and digital is also being put on the back station with that much of system that is able to assess whether people so it is still alive and eventually switch to the other although 718
that and the and and understanding the system we have the right to compete for the part of the some examples about this vision of a and AS researchers is for creating new that the provided that would be using the system that they can use we can defined as it uses a different ways that they have and the experts and services and Monitoring which is often a sense because we issued by the club for all euro uses you have also to be able to to make them believe that using your sustained propped up what sort of day whether the
and a load of and so on and on but the system is also over that which we have been thinking about reducing the deficit to just a lot of you through the use of the NYT the and the UK which is so that based on the where they got that wants to go to the problem of data see those that could be used to read about the commission integration and being able to use the data from the front it was and
that being able to detect connect is the time to head into the differently by taking lead from the ideas of the Old Bailey and so this is a very emotive aspect of the Jack
and we think we speak about scientific project we want to be able to integrate and despite as they got in the way so we produce
that designed to computational with which has not yet as intimidation and in the end the triple which is based on a tools and would provide the Texas and and vision not of the state
island was the chosen because of its open secession that has very good sense of the features that he did not yet popular all that on the day working that and that you get the better of the 2 classes of some of tools and also using the goods instances
in the ground as the big have to take your different in the last year and some of the many mechanisms from the additional that is to the idea of dribbles using ought to know that it's except for as well you just described that they had decided that the only kind of all 5 of his just you should
hold them all so each concept of the three man team who is also the committed and were described the of a situation that would like to to use the same on 2 2 2 2 2 integrated data and of the world it is also not to the death analyst said that the replied that the differences for example groundwater management so what we
have now is a bad luck the back but it is about to open at the end of this month and we know that as a yes on the back of violence which has a lot to achieve the objective of the not yet achieve that we expect them to July next year to choose to do that a lot of care and made a big is that you to be able to access the more finely among them off funding to the bafflement of full system and manage to cut the cost of the system of locals of the system and we are also getting the processing power that the providers to the use of the system that the test and the building with them and kind of this is that we need to reassess different but it is a of providing free service is also begins Thesis that is used to being on the development of the new so usage
I'm to restrict the kind of changes we have themselves for the nomination these are the requirements for inspired concerning the ability and the basis for going mad founded as well as the
system at the end of the requirements which required to 20 request that it should also be which 6 only if we go to
match the needs to reach 50 so this the kind of human being we have to do other media said that
we are a very big over yet going on and on the faculty because we want to give that bullish on the said and that is said to be able to to give them the prestige of that I'm
so we didn't really know what also there are beginning to get some of the tracks for form with the ball but I'm by to use a buffer and eventually pushed under about him to the ground and that the future judges were which from rising and so to integrate reintegrating summed up the views of the sea salt but said the group will come up in the amount we have a the rush out in November and was so you it would be without a where we would have some and some on the system and
some training sold on Tuesday to conductus the to interested in the early loss of that thank you you take the questions so it was Chris of pink cricket but this summer not history of the book is the group of 5 because around for off that the judges and the French Geological Survey which is using not extensive here and there were very much interested in the idea that women again with mapping application which is called common which is known to only in France but the White for the sake of is the division which is based not on the field that this was so that most of us will also using up so that what we need to start building the systems but but I like a bit more return of that


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