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OpenLayers 3 Showcase
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OpenLayers 3 enables a huge range of new web mapping functionality. In this talk, we'll show off many of the cool features of OpenLayers 3, including: Rich interaction and animation Virtual globe integration Raster layer effects Wide-ranging data source support The talk will be light on technical details and heavy with cool demos to show you how OpenLayers 3 opens up new and exciting ways of presenting your geospatial data.
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we going with were 3 what we wanted to and directions where during the 1st over with think that there is a convergence between 2 G and 3 G and people expect to be able to draw to the state media objects like the buildings and the chains on of on top of the project tied has on this picture of how we can see buildings on voice and site so that when the yet that we don't do any 3 direct now but that's what we wanted to and it is interesting to note that that is also a the player will add that the direction the going to
another key figure for the project is victory but will want to be able to display the many raked or many before featureless with complex thought on the map and we think we can use technologies like when to be able to achieve that and that the citing is also something re-routeing at and something we want to take in to account from the very 1st for from yet from the beginning of the development of the word so should I read
and victory in the ratings on main maintains a with the and we think that to be able to display to be as pretty objects and and with complex style many objects we think that we need to treat Matt as graphics and when this means is that most Pacific early this means that we think will not to used where she said the ISI like can and that modern rather of for now and we are ready to let them not to worry because in its current state than they worry by using his and can be quite expensive and we think that by using these technologies wages and can you can also get a very good performance but now like to
take and sometimes to position with 3 within the current sweep of of so when mapping diary on 1 side we are open to and and the threat to the libraries and very popular openly to as many she chose the before use and the and the flat is a great libraries and it's a very lightweight were great them over devices and it provides a Napier which is very convenient for the people to use on the list on the other side of the spectrum but we have read libraries but those like cesium and open with no doubt fantastic libraries and very of for diary is that they are also very complex to use and with a two week we want to be right in the middle of that and we actually want to cover the on tight space out 1 of the able to the beach and we also want to provide a convenient if you guys and easy enough for people to use and love this the week also want to sue for the future of the opening of tools to Paul because people use those it and in the so that's it and fell at the opening of 3 is a very ambitious project the ambitious and they worry for ambitious maps so that was
the year in the number and to talk about some of the design principles we replied these are the things we care about why developing the library of the 1st thing I
separation of confirmed separation of concepts to within the worry everything is very well separated but we have many modules many sides which has a clear task a clear responsibility and this actually chickens down to the Shiite and the and the with 2
examples of the man objects that use and the label is denied that the main and and and that by the end there is the object that takes care of the rendering operation to order in the operations of the and by end a objects and you won't find anywhere G of can code outside the and and and that it was as if you did you were determined about when the user seeds of the next 2 for example we have to the view objects at which is determined by a centre in the centre of the match resolution and a rotation and that as a year of which is very difficult but actually and they are as sought and the sauce represents the data it represents the remote stories that provides and answer of the data to we have this distinction here for the sauce is if we borrowed from the and the same model of sauce is the model and then there is the view that they are determined to what you see further but it does properties like opacity and visited on other and other things were things are separated is interactions and controls will be used to concept and Timothy we talk more but it was a big Interactions respond to rather than on the map and so we have tried over the DoubleClick interaction the teaches the interactions that this is just an interaction there is no presence in the dock encounter the the controls of a presence in the dock for examples of the site are scale of Zumba who from the moment those are controlled but then the
devastating we care about is obviously got from the at we want worry to the Super performance and which takes Fisher care for the and we want to so we America care for with the could we we write the desperate the JavaScript code we write and we want to avoid boxing and looks integrations that just the engines need to do if you're not careful with the type with an array of this is just an example will still want to be very nice for the damage but it from which led to re reuse Object within the diary as much as possible but we used this new and a key figure at the function of other education which request animation frame thought and higher rendering ending is based on the on this 1 and that function and we watched the frame where the prime RATE with we used to and specific tools to to access the frame where that we that we achieve and with a tried to redraw few pixels possible but in the end there and when the big thing is we to close the compiler to get a very compact and very complex library with optimized code so this is
just an illustration of public things we where King at and where care for about 4 4 4 4 months of the year and then think about the
diary as the opinion on the euro which means we use summer and it's your responsibilities as the developer of the designer to customised controls on everything and with a superb ride and objects like were the only which allows integration with other Nyeri for example that would strapped to 1 of used to from the with of all over the you can you can easily create bootstraps off for example so
that was the end and principles now that to give an overview of the current featureless with 2 for the with appalled by his 5 sauces all providers were said to exploit the type providers statement ideas and the match that and citizens and the the United and that and that we should all both side and singer but we have a number of controls at a vision of screen must positions airline zooms side that will show the you some of those and indeed news but we have a victim with a world that is studying and very ball expression systems it should 1 or more about that you can go to the start and we have many possible operating judges and the banks can now 50 including of those or Augie's see also rose general W and capabilities and the Williams sisters and it is just to say that we will have more with of animation framework that we use internally and that you can that we exposed also of people users can can do also sort of animations based on the former and see a supposed to occasions and device or and vision and acted there is more than that are just to say that their worries are in the squad the Chelsea British to bought by
Justice you just to the rose to example to show were under a three match through a flag that
this is a big match and maps and you can see the control the worst thing about it is out there in the Commons the and minus so you can see
that everything is animated
when uses in the means of its own
animated you can make even the
when you that there is the candidate of momentum affects white
banning but we have this day year control with me and and other
control as well and some something that with appalled is whoops yet rotation the ways
of levitation which can be
used for on mobile devices
and we of this week and we want move with this Binding
stuff when I'm rotated
Mapic and see the game include branch of their of the most as
well and we have the full screen control that allows and
switching the browser to of screen ACM identity but and
mentioned animation and and a producer previously this this
these example Iraq and demonstrates that what you can do with the animation framework you can do very very but this is just an example you will not do
that in a real application a feeling that this is that of the month but
the capabilities of the virus elastica must to
bouncing based on old and that their
automatically and so now will
let said the talk about the application their building key Minamisanriku within walking system for the Senate and the and and since its Sundance access to clean produce job in neighbourhood with a single to say is that the nails already very good use walking we can do as a team the pretty application and that's what we are going to do is not to be my Japanese is an open a Austria under gsn with so we try to use really lousy very wide and Marines is we created the and some component of the offer later so kind kind of Regents and we meet the components gains and the last time they although they are the activated my the land time of it and the stock applications are use when he 1 application produced we have to application now with opening 3 we are able to create also very nice obligation on my back so we remain the when 1 Applications it's really like the idea Australia 6 on the car and no Stonebridge but 50 and we can't quite believe it was in the end the party churned on the 17 off October code is really but of the and deeper the you solve 1 aspect of the
sponsors of the occasion and the and the application of for
application and that and and
Applications on a desktop so exactly the single biggest factor in the application and we stripy to to make the the application that on the eve of the leaves and it screens and so that the company have we may be
made to see them all 1st response nested conceded
defeat left is to order that the peak at open a 3 contract and no when tool
smaller ones with his more than we money to buy them and we don't have the right of contract you can see
something akin also he uses such to work we
will and I also believe that God the on the funding of the of the size of the screen OK and a
nice function is only 1 set of now you can start to the year for her for later and 4 Makhijani these days with what the and lies a nice
review function which will quickly that he would lead is open said xisco view is also Octavian's a that give you can say that future said a clear sign simply CEOP review if you don't really need another to cheque what he's with is back in summary icing you can
already was open a Austria's so different ways to make the which
but to conclude that would give a quick said that is based on on the project of storey where about a naturally on animals were about to to it is a three day 0 0 but at 1 2 we had a series of parties is this summer and this is going to be of a bit of the things we are currently working on a new where we work on a new website and you build system that we want is for them to be able to do because the openly 3 is going to be is a radio large libraries and but and be able to the custom built tailed for your applications that's what were working on out with a jet of extra is is key thing something where currently working on a where making progress but we are not yet there evict operating in something with been working on thinking also will show you the current status of the but SNL
before or open to remove you would like the grid of the reality that the P now I am not directly right now the most but you can change for example with the ball W S and you can change that W M S Parker minerals from the flight to the canon easy at a time bomb but it's not built in that area but this is something we discussed or that was the way the case the Apple but 1st the best think about it the mood is not supposed to director it was difficult to say it's a bit difficult to maintain in 43 because of the way we interact with the good Matadi so it's not clear yet that was the point of the match in 4 3 2 and the she the bulk of the work I know there is no competitive it is to complete the set 30 right and said new attacked the media companies to but it is more on the future of with the board which right for what would tools to book which means if you up is that if you have a knife applications you'd be the you will be able to date to the tree in the a few in the early days of the field yet would maintain order to an hour long a don't know exactly depends on all programmers with poetry with said that things going to is here to stay for some time that my opinion data from the world of the for a nyse should and say the and take a look at the Dutch the fun of the decision independent display with reduced and yet window that for sure the re release of 3 point 1 work now that various when the to the the money without the and but we at later walk back the about sorry didn't the walls are lined up giving us a with the books so as they said we've reuse can extensively land that are main that 1 of bombing granary and and so this is a United so we sepulchral 5 books of the city and 1990 and 8 11 is supposed to sue for where Jim of this is very good thing for us at this point she at there what she the Bulls but for example the if you look at I'd don't think this is something we discussed said but it would make sense to me any questions look at what looked like ours