An Introduction To Open Source Geospatial

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An Introduction To Open Source Geospatial
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and and Rugby ogee seok attack toward who knows what the 0 GCSE stands for the as the opened you spectacle saucer when they they do all open standard salt without the 3 aspect of open-source revolt open standards and we of open data to talk about open data later today and are well actually and half an an hour after the finish so this is not pitch for open source of their some to give
you a perspective on open source geospatial some things wrong with the country and so from this should be this should be orange colourblind on my slides and this is the case some
and the agenda as the 1st looking to suffered Languages forgettable about open just look at what called us off a development work and we have to think about the thinking a book about proprietary and the also open source and we talk about suffer licensing the Open sought to special Foundation and were presented with your life but ask if that someone so that we make a few minutes but for the next so the the
1st thing was open source and took its offered and how to develop softer difficulties have a problem again this when should be package of the orange and suffered sold the problem This is house offers being very simple restraint followed the primary motivation is to to solve the problem in the results were in the same ISA stretching H have something to do with the idea of make a solution to this problem becomes
open-source development when you take the solution and published the called on the internet and if the code any good and there is more people out there who have the same problem than something interesting happened because of they have new ideas that the new requirements and they find box in this offer which has been created because offers all but and so what they do they improve the cold and released a new version and you get into this cycle and this is across as that never and or you have suffered a loss like working and did not want problems so this goes on it never and I'm and that of his the where the action is this is where all the procedure to meet in the conference are working and the
same thing works in the proprietorially development teams that sold the problems but you have a whole lot of stuff around the job well we think you don't need it may be due and the Priory motivation is a different 1 it to make money which is not a bad thing everybody needs to make money but if it's the Priory motivation sometimes maybe may be that know stuff doesn't get done because the idea is just to make money and not to solve the problem so what happens here is that the primary task is to Mockett differentiation there not like to be a lot of sold the public but you try to be different fathers and better than other that's the Priory tacitly and the business model is to restrict the distribution channels sold when you're we say that we want to go
to the Internet and just published the cold there is no restriction invisible you have restrictions and this reads restrictions the goal to sell licences so become from the make money motivation and you want to sell licences how the ascent licences for example by restricting features and we using them in the next version summary there something wrong with the offer and you don't fix of ride away because it will be a feature in the next version during cell and when are you going to read this after is opposed order Moghaddam as people at test analyst the context locals as and at 1 point you want to launch the product in 1 point to launch the product again when it is finished not agree not usually you launch product in a timescale that this suitable for your selling for your room remarketing of 4 games they all finished just before Christmas strange that all the work that enough just before Christmas all the games and sold GS after will be finished for the next big fare for the same happens not difficult with during this life she the media hallways just done before for 40 or so the point in time is not something that is evolutionary now have a new version but fixed by interest that are not to solve the the problem but they are to make money so you can ask
questions when as the Socrates when is new functionality implemented who care if something breaks 1 Ottoman of open-source against open-source which is sometimes uses all accounts to anybody if something goes wrong last year when the new Microsoft last and that he had abused trading on Microsoft I saw that the game has got a good agreement and how many people actually developed the softer so far Oracle as by think more than 100 thousand employees nowadays the people you think developed August after its following not 100 thousand people by making good guests about 100 so are and then you you're 500 to do the licensing manager of of any of many made people just boxes and this about this this has changed over the past 10 year squad but because no is you don't need to sell boxes and more because I can just like and download within the proprietary industry there is a lot of changes going on and they have a really part time so that the bigger there are the more problems that have to adapt to the new ways of doing open-source so do the other stood don't suffer they try to make you not get too soft bluntly said the licences and Italian on about how the new not allowed to share it and I only have 1 c wants to people can work on the same side for the same time zone and the other thing is where the developers gone this is not true it's not enter which the colours or on the way out of the diplomatic response they signed a non disclosure agreement and are not allowed to talk to the rest of the world and they sit and a black box in that locked up rooms and that's where the developed suffer we think this is going to be good suffer the locked up and all the rest of the world as having a body making good food and the love and there are but in the ruins of the World going on their souls after developers have hot time developing suffered proprietor environment because they are not allowed to go on the internet just download this open stuff which is so great or
a of this is a bit strange and got to better understand this week are now have to be more transparent sold making
transparent uses of makes things easier but look at the
open sauce paradigms so that is the theory behind the old thing and the Prime a motivation during and it sold the public and then published sauceboat that everybody use it and how to compute 2nd with where you
mean helped them to cut but why would help somebody to call the myself Rezai of the event at which is my ownership must be crazy but make money these or questions like that you get when you to open source of the salt we looked into this and so on
and by a for the past year didn't do a good job about talking so this talk tomorrow and his always pretty of all was bigoted finding the streets far idealism and business relenting each but they didn't spending of time teaching that skills to everyone on my team this from rock where I've failed hot failed so I'm trying to are made make a point and in trying to legend know why it is actually in order to make money
and why would have to try to on
line so long this is what we have
just seen the interactions users and that the real prove suffer and then we iterate this thing and and going to the polls and when we make money by providing support sold whenever somebody does something for you spent an hour giving Yusupova on the telephone trying to help you to understand how this works and spending time for use or you have to pay very simple the very straightforward business model trainee you can come to my place at all to do it by spent time for you to play the very simple Consulting you don't know how to set up the system you don't have time to act is that the system yourself or you don't know the technique addicted to get some money into the house and some accounts 3 also and spend the day there to to pay their rents so you pay them another with the maintained distribution maybe you have a specific stacked also offer that you want to use it 1 thousand 500 if England is that they all want to use the same sort because they have the same problem but they need a copy of this offer sought to do is to create a distribution and then maintained and some is going to pay you for doing this all you but fixing something goes wrong and said of the campaign before you begin to Implementation like installed on your own or Castorina in your premises and fix though the 5 or so that they too can actually get through and so on you can get service level agreements so you can say something goes wrong will answer with 18 for hours by Alonso within 24 hours by will answer within whatever time defined depending Johnson can stand up or down the price of what you pay for the service the agreement and you can have maintenance so that after a year he just get all the was suffer installed or whenever there is a security patch use of as well as the quality of state security patch is not publicly and River and sort of the new system before it was polluted sold these kind of things that all business model to behind open source so what's special about
this though monopolies the should be ready play so there is no monopolies because the open source code and everybody can use every that everybody can provide the services for this thing is highly competitive it's actually Capitalia's in tourist for whether this is good and not sure because I'm not to capitalist but that it so in a way far away from anything socialist using Orianna during suffered which had been locked away in this is not business and where they were really good and I can see in the front aug 8 of
the man and why is there so much cost going on about licence and and less than 10 per cent of revenue nighty's generated from set aside for usage lessons but why do we think that open sauces making everybody so much cheaper and so much cheaper and it's just 10 per cent in Asia is even only 2 per cent because of the beauty of it is just cost to the by the street 1 of the 10 per cent is in a area and all the rest is the for maintenance of the green training consulting and Implementation all this other stuff so long quite why is there so much talking about licences obviously because it's the only thing that scales so of Microsoft sales 1 of the operating system and a cellulite since they don't have to do anything for cellulitis it's like printing money Celestyn's business model is 1 of the best ones you can get used don't have to work for it which is pulled out like to have that sort of and this is why we are so much doubt we have 6 billions of Ross in China for not setting proprietor licence is because they didn't setting of the lessons of the just copies of the Daily News and I think they just didn't make the money which is a different thing so I'd lost 6 billion off 6 billion dollars because I'm after taking the more time so we just go there are so switch to lead aspect of
open source and that's free suffering so it is free suffer their open sauce to know the difference between 2 skip the there was a big more between 3 suffered open-source because the open source guys that we have to do business and the face of a that yellow we of told I'd idealism that is an old doing open source of the leak talks about the need more or what is left is different tastes of soft their licences and 1 of them is this 1 where your used by allowed to use the aim for a purpose your allowed to understand that a lot to adjusted to your needs became a collaborative anybody else and that not as and free period but has been free speech figures West tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow but PM
with proprietary licences it's a bit different because you are not allowed to copy and not allowed to modify enough to give away in order to improve militants politicians and and and so if you look at those licence you you read those licences closely just take 1 of those licences and read through the dividend she Eddie are too long to reach the same thing you go and was signed up for Facebook for or group plus and they just change was a good thing the change the proceedings data statement every through it and this is where those big area saw that led see this this column follow and a white
mesh st but of but 20 sir There is no
sound but it is the grid but the and
then it it up 2 of by
that forget at the break that
this was sixty-second explained everything so much further than that would be able to do as well as which this 1 in public
so what are the 3 suffer licensee all a garden this is going to stay that way if you are going to suffer licences terms of services and the agreement deliberate all as a a coming and cheque on them because we change whenever we want to change that and this not going to happen with open source of Bristol open sauce offer is actually licensed more clearly and better than a proprietors after will ever be able to do because of proprieties suffered licence is old by whoever believes that are so it some advice on the 2nd change everything and this happens all the time and again even happened to open source after like of my felt when it was bought by Oracle because the my as the told was owned by a company and they had an open source licence on it but they also have some branding rights and things like that sort of what might be done to rescue was in trouble saying things happened with open office heard about openoffice and led to a for between open offers and near office pushed to open read out there are some things become complicated after sometimes when you go into more detail of running out of time
someone on the phone just 1 little thing when every year somebody's a commercial suffered set all stop as raw that's not right because of the commercial side is a misnomer what is commercial suffered an using maps of in a commercial environment is open source of making money with a people are using it in a commercial environment its commercial suffered so the word commercial suffered Disney anything the real differentiation is proprietor soft and opens also offer or so that the 2 different things so of proprietors offers writer but the proprietary Folkestone like that because it sounds and the proprietor of the word Bokalo was
sauce of when we know this is period and model and all the big businesses including idea of the best part is the and Microsoft support open source and say it's a cool saying salt are if they say it's a good thing and they have a vital interest in not having off sauce because their living offsetting licences open sauce must actually be a good thing but anybody can call
anything open-source so how are you going to know that this offer you want to use it is actually a good side and this is where the open source
geospatial Foundation comes into play and that the holes of this organiser of the conference the your is deal and they
organised Aichi its nonprofit organisation founded in 2 thousand 6 leading was produced by Hugh open source we of some celebrities with a patchy real volunteer base and sponsorship funded an
omission is disappointed promote the highest quality open source do feature of the what do we do
we provide needed infrastructure financially infrastructure and promote field sauce after and we help to have 1 of these conferences every year somewhere in the world part of the work
with you as very complex structure and there is 100 81 Chada member state owned by the Organisation and there is a big giving membership and this membership is organised in local chapters gonorrhoea over 40 local chapter in Germany and Italy and Africa and Denmark almost and not violence and and you can you can open chapters very active so if you not which your from the top to the new just tried and ask them what they need to do with things there has conferences like this 1 that that's where all the actual zone that we have got so book and the committee's have special special task a conference comedy obviously is also committee that quality assurance open-source projects its the intubation processes that we have following directors and the present using the president this morning traffic and and we of 25 off her they come from the foundation project so there is some of the projects which have applied to become part of was jewel and to become
part of the was your you have to go through and intubation
prose and this incubation prose looks into the sauceboat and cheques for the popular design who owns is there for to short both sets is the are the people developing this offer other from different organize Asian baby ideally from competing commercial entities alleging noise not hold by 1 scene organisation or the other by 1 thing if he's run over the sub-grid stops to exist that's the plus factor in run over by a bus budget and so we tried to get product whose work by spectrum more than identified means that these types of developer sold off 1 of the 1 of the riskiest things ever is this conference because something happened here and and all are quality-assurance is going to
OK we do covered licensing ownership development bosses quality documentation the Tories are committed to fund functioning if you want to know more everything is on the way everything is transparent you can follow every single thing in decision that we are doing its everything there
some of the ways you life their summer presentations here about this the and you can see that some of them are yellow the enterprise ready they have gone through intubation the islands are 80 duration or that just associated self appointed the good life of their own on the web we can always say whether it's completely the correct way of doing things because these ones have actually got through all posters and approval that this is noise you order funding on the big thanks to
all lost 1 which should here the
order Aston technology geopathic 1st resolution was the 2nd for the docusoap Boreanaz and can't to camp thanks for helping out and most
of walking the boys you works because you purchase and pace in the cheap Rose said this means you use this offer and then you learn about this offer and eventually after half a year or a year you are able to answer a question on the main list and that's the point when you have should become part of the post as a few great being not too stupid you being enough have to ask them to put questions but at 1 point you can help somebody else and this is how it all works so that into the pros part of the local chapter and in the case download the sovereign debuts to learn and Bolton meaningless pagers African tried to extend something right documentation makes up for it and that's how you become part of the community and open source is a safe ity investment account stresses that more this is an investment that actually make sense because it's not devalued whenever you invest in to open source not going to stop being able to use that after a year because I lessons has run out you can use as long as you want and after race was switched into thousand 3 together with me from provides a system to allow the sauce system and there are still using the installation at I'd have put on the machine is still only today it's amazing but that's offers tenure Zolpiden I'd on the room and the number of dead in the road and it's incredibly is reduced to a bit works the book a days for the
attention of the world over and over running and this is the next phase its and Falkland so pleased for your flight now were in 1 year or to meet again in Auckland that text so
it and and he's the 1 on his car of all
that has happened in the