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GeoNetwork Opensource - The Geospatial Metadata Catalogue
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The presentation will provide an insight of the new functionality available in the latest release of the software. Publishing and managing spatial metadata using GeoNetwork opensource has become main stream in many Spatial Data Infrastructures. The project developers have made big progress on INSPIRE support, performance, scalability, usability, workflow, metadata profile plugins and catalogue services compliance. Examples of implementations of the software will be given, highlighting several national European SDI portals developed in the context of the INSPIRE directive as well as work for Environment Canada.
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and here and your alone all the memory of so that there will join emulator is in some of the stuff like using Workshop at and the annual disallowed and that you were of the sort of work which we started developing Mauritania's Obama 12 is about yet under the microphone so works and yet as recording the music of this 1 people by that while all tried as the Gupta it at the hands of the big somewhat the Parker was part in what the Sonoma was goaled computer at the Samuel the it found that the June that were predict that the 12 year is about how women working at the United Nations for the bigger goes ghost-wrote position and left their 3 0 5 year Isabel to start my own company deal cup and it didn't work is being there
developing ever since a with quite a good deal of developers and and very broad network of uses the what although was all
discussed a little bit of what with this June network work how we developed and and then have a couple of slices of what's new and how you can use it Q it has been to
use as a way of not presented this of the 1st 4 days of a lot of things happen
P basically would do work is is a suffered published data through but the and its real about prop early describing it data making it the findable on the Web is findable as the good where the searchable discoverable probably is that is the word and but so provides you will very Cumbrian
and said that the late editing and management system and and I'm suprising 12 year hommage committee at 2 pm at the latest systems and the and still not be done with it but the basic billing books that this
would build suffer or not standards coming out of the the sold technical committee to 11 and them at the latest on the 1 9 1 1 5 for instance in the hallways of related standards to head as the open geospatial consortium standards that we use a lot and those ideas for instance on
the couple of interoperability so we descriptions of metal in the system and we make those searchable and by the end you the 1 on the excesses through a website inject most people don't really want access this rule ruled the main entry point but went ahead of the PM at the later propagate systems in a network and then discovered that all different places so we have support for an is by France's senior which is bought will sell than support and then we support bulk of couple of services in the faces like though juicy couple of service for the way in the face of provocative which is in the face used and libraries mainly and we have crisis Street up the seeds and then we have opened Geo sorry open surge extension that is France's retype something your browser in the search the small sausage books senior browse a utility connected tools put up a lot of June at work the with system of the harvesting synchronisation sleeping could 1 couple of told a whole lot of other catalogues that use those kind of in the fish and so you can get that methylate out the other catalogues and kind of cash it locally states that we set harvesting syncretization duplication whatever you you start looking see Seamico search local in the couple of any in the order across the whole of the later that this in your couple of the boys and it doesn't pollute the Metadata that you storey itself the things that get you remove some couple out from your promising scheme and but the latest remove from a couple of it said
sci fi the couple of this in a way out of the blue in the face of the infrastructure and they then described datasets they described data services were services foetus services download services would review cold and but way the prop descriptions they become really high find and all witchetty dealing with that's the other would jurors were does visited
that it has using the face and we in building a new from the summit in the bill was released in Britain to and just a couple of months ago and we also work with tomorrow world is a workshop albeit at on the hull tool set up and manage it units were couple of its of free Workshop facing other building as or morning will look at this in the face and we will start a three during a highest in the school start contributing some services with a metal data and get it into the couple of and and things that admitted later inside Web multilingual method which is of order and so the welcome to join the works of tomorrow but
in the application itself is just the basis for setting up your own couple or so this is the self worries and looks band of my seat and but then you build their own in the face so or you building new application at the top of the server that will just user Cup talk service for the Web for instance tool to interact with it for use that all the book's using the faces that are available and currently we had fingers 3 different applications that you could use using faces dump directly with June work at plane h t well based at ICCS JavaScript based and now we're working on a new book strip and to the other when the health angular based on on screen took of that so where is it using
your head the 2nd is that I'm not and that use of their national level for their in spite of baubles in some form and
so that the senior squad significant number of the country's that uses South where for them for the publishing of metal data for this by the and that is also used in a new account of the Australia you as Frigo all over the world and but quite often inquiry complexes the head of the Met Office to using it is using it as part of a bigger system Adams so a big big use a base so how do we
do that it is a community
Jerome project and in their which Rydell to get
people to get uses together and and get a defined what is needed index releases at so we had a meeting this effing this was to a 3 Isabel with European countries friends by and we have a simpler meeting again that and the November and then we saw the finding big building blocks that we want tackle and and can get the funding right and specifications right we
currently have about it and the people on the use of making it and that's the English 1 as a French made with 200 subscribers and a Spanish 1 as well from the people on the developer many that the most active of this and then this commit list and and is about impact suffered developers working on this is demographic of the downloads instead of stable of the last of abuse between 50 and 100 until thousand dollars for months J absolutely demands that was downloading all this stuff at least
we know that it's download do a collaborative As said community driven so we of proposals coming in at a proposals that comes through the developers usually and we discuss it was said to get or sit together all my nose guide and we ultimately the and that once it has been implemented we accept the for integration into chaos so he escaped from Fiscales the belching Creekview's Langer yet but the likely to at some point at and where face to face meeting so we meet here that we usually meat for a week in in Italy and every and sit together and have a go through all the issues speed the where can smaller packages and as I said we are basically gone some the context between the user and develop a as well as development as self what I'd heard Dolangi look up as head of the developers directly communicate with a client and what Watada needs and so tried to get the Lions very sure we also provide that supports contract so if you want your system if you want the full number you can gold or the other is to get Ascot questions how we provide the type of support and the try to resulted from a some of the
benefits with support common requirements of a very large group is very different also in type of users and so this people that deal most I would take that of this people the deal arrested later that day the huge quantities of data but there the requirements are to describe make findable at and then is sometimes described in an inmate the data that is focused on the big that data fields Madrid focused on the US that they don't tell the difference that the profiles supported the new can add your own profiles of the system and it makes a testing in compliance easier because of all this across thing within the community which at a cost of at the city quite a big deal by by just distributing the cost among the full range of countries at each country just pretty limited amount of money and and that we have a big big improvement in the system and so preventing the them the luck and the obvious open-source things and and innovation because we have researchers the bills research projects all around the world and the you 57 projects that I'd known research projects a lot of in Australia they come with new things and then the they didn't to the system pretty quickly 1st testing and the and later figure for the
project its this is also an owner at trade Mike for the sustainability of the project is a solid users and developed a community some on the new version
to them at the last 1 presented at 1st but he was too 6 at this into a now it to them as
a said the was released with a lot of function new functionality it is way too much still Paisley discuss here and but this too is a page turner are developer Web site that lists all the propoals functions of going into the system but is this really you can read not just so the left so that was which is based use interface at designed was found mainly for the Dutch national during and and that has been bought the tools and also the Swiss 1 and that has been bought to them and is now that the full views and phase when you download and instal this is support from the profile plugins so widely earlier versions were implementing a profile directly in the south where and if you needed to know as America's profile to be and that it would need to be building and now those applied in so they can use it files that something all the old stuff you need for a vote addition scheme from this scheme of liberation so that the find how old your which editor looks like what presented all of that is that the into a Metadata profile body and you can Load Jerome profiles and and also developed separately and I'll go back to that we've been than
splitting up of where in smaller components Indian you still download 1 installed but if you go to the sauce goatee could make you see the difference compiled in anger so it also made the move from subversion to get at some point over year this is
kind of the entry point a website and if you can sell the sofa now and if you installed as nothing yet so here added Load that had the and Load that some sampled data when you do
a search where the building on the left so you can still provide opposition instance but he works by type of data by bus service skill that it is available in sole inflation coming out of the match and in any event to results Uganda's failure results the like this but also with just about Mills and when you go over which amounts to see the extent of the data said the small matter of the site and you can immediately filled to see only Web services friends the new
presentation later that using this X Java layout will we now working on the new layout again but you have different view multi their this visit the full you multi is spite of you will begin view Metadata by by Metadata baggage and Seed exibility can takes and you can add a bit of a different view mild and in the system configuration so that ministers could be fine which view Mozart available to and use so she only 1 ahead of the full view here using them make sure that they only see that you mode of German not polio separately
In the editor as well as in their results you can then use the right click and the context of a new to rule that added to the beach Gaydamak the later to set the privileges so as exist to what parts of the debate to what the be to what kind of services and print exports see explorable sets of that later and data and
editor of this is that it when by the and this is view load with all the biggest city in Europe when you go over your help on what exactly are looking at on the right is a validation report from the right ciency where you methylated that is available and it also suggestions so if you added the Keywords Goma separated the suggestion would be to split up and in a separate the word and the the and the Committee of Vice such such a change secret select a suggestion and click the applied and then they will deliver work for you and you don't really records in relatedly sauces so you can have the child relation to between them at the late services and then all the individual areas for instance tool go up and down through your data said so it is that is used and that and the and the service or service used this and this and this data and billing in the in the autumn and look more at for
instance defeated the will of all the data said that as well as a shape and then instantly deployability said that is the duty of the rest of the eye and deploys away the sale have told Gulf different system selected you and and launch a new service instantly As
said this scheme Metadata scheme applied in the squad for that if you have if your working with the Marine profile you have your own validation rules your requirements and you can visit the debate developer scheme a plugin demanding that yourself that loaded into the system when you need it with were working on
the where hope but your with inspire a Protocols support is developing a medal with a 1 0 1 1 of organisation and it's also beautiful 3 will stories can profiles saw this will allow people to co operate on the profiles and there have a central place where we maintain them and and it the people that the responsible for Marine Profile conducted a marine profile and 1 response will for not America's fraud they and so that was the end of the year central location of all the later profiles they could be used it would or a system that will use them work of is the use South where the and what we wanted was discovered with a promise licence on that so that could be incorporated in both open sauces was proprietary where to make sure that there is a lot of systems that value data gets the same asking scheme a trial so what
am mentioned that his wife had seen here so out just go through the streets of San we would have liked it is working on a new administration in the face of this moment what a pity it is very quick and that's based on a angular JavaScript at the 3 and boat and it's probably very likely that we use the same also suffered and music using to face the future some just
published this than the new up wrinkles old where you can update the late in where they were a set of policies at the statistics and status information on your back up audiences and say I can see what type of their search and the if you database connexions are finding the user Group ministrations controlled look abilities and home and its allowed silages chilled
very limited things like that he is a database status for instance said that the index is located the connexions are created to back up services and get capabilities the
information on that within services are used for the search site is my as he is W very popular said that use and a face that is not and so you you can to get an idea where people said at it you can see this an of
different ways this is a search of his 6th sold again based services by the sea in
a quick as search terms that a used so what's the most popular type of their use any instead trained by category it said promising go
figuration This is being that the claims that the is in the and become much more transparent select your and couple of the 1 Hollis from all the said things are in the same screen you can update quickly but the group was some with with the Book of
the printed P 1 of the word at but