The Right Approach: How Toscana Is Migrating To GFOSS

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The Right Approach: How Toscana Is Migrating To GFOSS
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The Tuscany Regional Administration had a rather usual proprietary GIS infrastructure (ArcIMS, Oracle, ArcGIS). They started migrating to Open Source GIS with an integrated approach, both on the sever side (PostGIS, MapServer, Geonetworks) and on the client side (Quantum GIS, GRASS), providing also training to hundreds of their technicians. What makes this experience particularly interesting is the fact that they worked form the onset in very close contact with the community, requiring that the code developed for them was generalized, and pushed to main source code. This seemed more cumbersome at first, having to coordinate with several other developers, and not having functions closely fit to their specific needs, but the superiority of this approach become quickly evident, as several functions were further improved and maintained by third parties. Among the most notable achievements were much improved topology support in PostGIS, SLD support in QGIS, and much more. We advise other administrations and enterprises to avoid the temptation of working in isolation, and simply using FOSS4G, maybe tailoring it locally, without contributing back, as this approach is short-lived, and less successful in the long term.
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decision pulled small so that the state is mobile or collector and the EU would have don't do much but that most of the things are collected the original the sell itself and the big reason for the ban which is that they got a lot of the ball but 25 by by of data Madrid but also at the start of the memory of the old piratical not to prop a database of all you have several database of several 100 of the provides so that they act as and are now in a city that the decision was due to keep by central levelling in the Ministry of Environment and to have the region's as local notes and and decided to go and how they want to organise so they are not all the obliged to publish the mass of the of the season W accepted you can never look local food to what is published this added the king of the
high number of people was working on suggested the in the region more than 400 people the central this over of 14 of the while the specialists who keeps the infrastructure like but they also have a number of local is deal which culture forestry of reduced roads and also said that it is pretty divers and by and the
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this site for it to get rid of this and to go for freeze and so it idea was to do my duty to the whole structure of the server and declined to drop trees and in the meantime they also migrating from the bottom the the migrating all the death of the 2 0 2 free softer that much more complex itself to thousands of people working so it you can just go out and shoot a rethink and put through the night but they were denied a first to of what works in the office and so his ability to attract the right but the for visited the radical and this it's a its separated so that and goal at their own pace but it was decided to work with the community which is that so 1 of the reasons why like to do is told because that this was 1 of those decisions so that they understood that the that that was the key factor for the success of the operation but and they want to go to the back of the front for a stake in the open at of cost is the biggest city in the process of doing it but there are quite a lot of time and we passed the point of the return of the entitled to so it was that very
clear from the beginning that old people go to work on the road it must be committed of the road there are used that was think about things like a little bit of the committee but backdated was good because they are the reason that they are on the basis that the employ the usual IXI firms were in no society that and boy band tool just just let them know it lowered the you stop Oracle and also pointed and a C in the 4th high people and but is not a case of debt and the players that joined the work with all of and the just try OK they say save from the beginning in the in the for my of but would that all the codes of Britain must go in the centre of the 1 who were not entitled to do so could and and devious they couldn't access to the a new board and choice because the half year except for tools are being used for only for them but it's a really really good such after grids said so
what they did and the side to go free to spend less than those very clear that it did need and want to save money of nice if I decided that this was not about of the of the project but even before this where for a have to have a meeting with service but the golden because it was not so much several where they lost to spend better the money they will know that most of what may be old big GS company are and so we want to keep as much money as possible in the city that we want to have to sell usable for everybody and not just those who can by so we want to make a or University students have tools for working with programme infrastructure and self maker of both the data and the self to allow the use of the data and 4 that was the basic Bentegodi sold a choice of which is not a technical which is that the political culture and put the roots in well in a way out of the political culture in a desk of those that are not up only pillow because the building is so that they have strong skilled inside the region that is part or with the case of the the hour and the shells of word people that is able to buy a place from outside the about through to use its they headed so they could you are much more of a choice Case all this 1 was
trading they understood that they had to train people to understand is the tools the and developing what is missing of costly for this nice after but we all know that the completely we need for here and now think to improve and and
support having myself to deploy but not supported by any but I don't have enough for a number to call or email to write it so well cost before decisive costs about that was that the idea without retraining and we did a lot of training with from the state almost everybody in use of more than where the cost of cost both of them were general causes Scott really up you were on and off the people doing and this for they had this what acceptance of the need to be the compulsory schools where the price of a new way behind the because they were acquiring a ski even those Lewis a number that is still want to use my oxide thing about this is not cellular know something rather than the real thing said that they were not used to this and I'd be convinced that the real training but that think is because the public sort of the universe more of the fund the last about it might be as a relations from rich with with the height of the real but I don't want to
go into the details about what we are developing the with the year by Jim 14 the and Google's for improved its we side of real the specialized driver for you know specialise while had sold the and special job in the world you are with improved was for time
we have pointed to the also tools for would like this to used to seeing the comics although reference to the fact that it might examples of their work and with the size of the house hunting you find the parts of the city centre but we
developed this night saying the library which is displayed a way of Jose Tessas special part of the don't fit into just and but this can be used on its own now that it was a quiet day were part after fibre in for the acid and now opera libraries and the USA by a specialized acutely Essex except the and
so on mental of things on the board yes the you work for us for for a while a lot of topology would want to find a book were proposed in the body of snow is so large it due to the guide but we made me so make about
it which is what you want to have a good case checking that and now with this in a way that we don't so it can be useful for from the US for a full back improvements to the gym the use ahead of cost Jim Al and the order book for the budget amounts of improved a lot real to
work on the specialized of amid the system over reusing of life and that's the way you might want to ask of a figure for the same kind of body and especially if the good you can use it for desperately want bought for
mitigating sites but specialized for the Book of the eccentric set up that is the last block where just added this was limited by by
as much fun idea but of people is a sound 1 not knowing what to say that it is the right mapping framework which is that the niceties this storey is that it is a little less so you can set up your own thing and you take your data from would have out of the mess of the we did a lot
of work across the figure on Tuesday as so much of 6 months ability to publish real not with every options so there were a lot of the activity and was that they were right to be key about the transparency of the board of Standard patient of the singles and the sort of thing so we did a lot of of that some of the sprawling a review as of these useful discovered that the people at the were not using treated as study of the way a lot of people you know and I thought he using because of this the of the board experts can designed or the with could plausibly the easiest way of doing that now except the the
and the fruit of the capabilities of the new to functions of we we proved thought we can develop a recording of job that is so of features from the domestic some that people know that you can't get back to a from the past and we can do is now from from 2 GS books about these things and now we can run your your place from accustomed to conclude that all the candidates are and not this car and the and drive which was not possible before we developed a new Quechua
planes autistic later you can run a bit queries from a computer yes without having any conditions on the debate is about from select can have your credit storey on their plight rather than 1 100 but you can extract data from CUP's your data from the front of the car have ordered the and cut at community Greaseball level at the start of 1 by 1 over back to that belongs to each of them by the this we have not
for 13 there was presence in the only version of the media but it has been called into recent based on not scripts so it's or call full actually are invited to testify before 1st the experimental phase of any feedback and will be the debate creative active from the tables for the old points or Alliance accept the offer in the near about the seen its but it's not but the campus contestant 2 or 3 or 4 that and you can keep it in your protectant reopened and you can go up to an hour or so to set then though we have to allow the specialized pledging which is the useful sobbing of pre and post earthquake buildings which very chewing to attack on the situation by the itself that sort of it can be useful for you to extract inches and preview against but I am not Nujoma playing that as a mention a and then
we with the board just the during the 1st year of its main your costs on best of 4 for various moreover accounts of of the storey of costs in the high tech sector that we also of certain amount of hours for what BigSim so that it can be no fixed 6 easy without the restocking with all the bidding process accepted a the fighting and the over that the were prise gobbets Shiawassee because they were the price that the people could actually as reply and said on solution for their programs because of further they are not used to this kind of service of 4 of the region's funding and the cost of making advantage was that you could be the fix it lacks the you can have your oil nightly the hugely as the and that the body can compete with the proprietary would sell all programs read to go to the way to place at the rest of because I'd like an a Case solo
here you have new knowledge of what was available at Wall more last year to your programme
firm a week and this life because of the other things that too we couldn't find a prop a replacement for the thing that is something that I've been should such work at the Met and the point of cap on the island a and but still for the position that the use itself with the British and that all the free word that think the cat was the only area where I we didn't make any in began a
Case of what for this being computed that of cost costs because it was much less so they had much worse was to improve things for more services around for the body of a single today died on their own before the House are free to go people to of them at the busy ticket the same budget but could do much more and an
icy learn that they could influence the bulk of the need something in the order of the day S of cost something that makes sense but the could have that could have different automatic and the and also for us is that the roads very good because they provide a real and had the use cases when you the sort of thing that something working but when you put it on the on the road than the and that's what it was about both sides from they discovered that some of the data they improve the where more than improve the by other subject of administration from the of France cell was of British for them but for the group to with their money and their got more than they paid for with the and stopping networking without the musician because of was the needs of all the same and so caring and see what they develop now they know that they have to put some Idamante unfazed but the and not everything is on the shoulders of the can rely on to keep things light which was not the case for the cost of their care but what is
of foreign Mapagu that's not everybody's understand this is a we don't have natural strategy the about that he said the Government that they spent a lot of money in the same thing and and they don't have the same efficiency and the tools of collaboration but down and not really where have this our table and everything but reworking what is working it's people-to-people collaboration technical publishing work the well and so that 3-GS wording is working very well ahead of release with another almost 100 people and very often the same people who had lined the up level that discuss the BigSim things on the on off all made releases
but there are reasons the long now that the reason why I'm not has not been the same not good reason and and that the reasons of cost up losses to decide and the order of the day to discuss with you how would a community sometimes committee tragedy as they sometimes do not send you exhibit so it's it through the night to go ahead with your for with that brought about of costs less of a work on the 18 a Case you to think only of the to of apply Life funds which compiler on your Windows works and you have to wonder if if the the site as a return on their way to a the
thing is that to do this you need some it can really reliant on because it you if you buy a package more be works but if you which I want to go into these processes and we have to understand how many times you discussing update to read them and this is where your job it would be like this and if you don't have to feel that this could be a bit of pro or either you trust very much itself to provide part of the so the more you understand what really going on about it all and so it needs to work but it didn't go to work to support the
self if some of you want to this and they are 1 of romantic or with the use of the decision to saying that the noted that they should have a word of his death that the future with a community from the beginning of the year of Kyoto ready and then published game and all work together with the with a community board as much as possible solutions can see nicer to develop on her own but to break out of that and make sure that when you Hölldobler understand all these very well in the summer goes in order to stop and the cost Rees everything the good but you
have to book a room at the world with and out of the Holocaust