Disconnected Geospatial Mobile & Open Source 5 Rules To Success?

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Disconnected Geospatial Mobile & Open Source 5 Rules To Success?
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We present the challenges of building a disconnected geospatial mobile solution and devise five simple rules for the success of your app. This paper will look at the following key issues: Rule 1 Data Storage. Streaming GI data requires good bandwidth, by implementing a caching mechanism the end-user will always have access to the data for a given area. Rule 2 - Use Open Source. Free and Open Source software for GIS has evolved significantly in recent years and in some cases faster than commercial alternatives. The mobile field is a bit different and few experts are using free and open source mobile GIS, despite the good tools that exist. Rule 3 - Use Open Standards. In combination with the use of Open Source products, Open Standards can help future proof the solution. Rule 4 - Simplify User Interfaces. The time of the stylus is gone and users now expect to use their finger for driving the application. Specific attention must be paid to designing simple and clear user interfaces. Rule 5 - Implement Non native Solutions. Should separate solutions be developed for IPhone and Android? Could the answer be instead to actually develop non native solutions reducing development and maintenance costs. Armed with these rules we will look at the challenges on the road ahead to implementing your GI Mobile solution.
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the much or by the mesh again coming this afternoon and has used the money said the ground from a company precisest via a British based company that system integrated and dramatist to integrate deal on Tuesday showed that nation's within the business on to price emissions said and but today on going to try to take you through of step that says this week are a further to try to design a new that Distributed a job on 1 open so that they are actually for every model in the UK eat picture and rented and a
should stop at the dressing is what where the main driver and considerations at 1st try to move to was an open acute Ikhtyar and not the 1st time and it was then that we were about over the last few as we need to be a reduced cost that is not just a question of producing costs for the condition of the solutions is also entomophilous and saying to the world data at the sky and then meant of decisions as you probably know you up and particularly in the early in the day with the stranded emphasis from the Government to push through the use of open data open sauces solutions so that was a key driver for a week or so to look at the interpretability that such as of data when accused of considering to the world that they have achieved a stuffed with the public that can lead you to essentially future proved the solutions and and eventually trying to reduced risk to be than the Oct sent back to take a bit
of energy when they talk about the need to take your guests and actually to be dealt with at the end of is a set of computer so FFTW which is that to help you to quickly swap continent that when you consider that the fact that 1 of these reasonably good and energy you end up the
will to swell components of from those little and brought the majority to be pretty much everything that because essentially the them up and then what do you want to change the company into his move from the Red relatively that 2 of a allow strokes and and it usually is not those brought of goods in the business legitimate and as 1 of the key and that we have to be really good as we design and implemented the solution is to build a business that she from many of the clients of data to the business but it should sit in the middle and combining of event at which the coupled company and that's what writing to a British company and and Italy that will help you to be used and the numbers of the continent across your solution and drive to coast on the committee solutions what we
try to get it to do over the next few sliced accused through 5 cheaper and to try to improve the care of fuel open acute Ikhtyar and the start of 1 of dispute government spending would understand on and and see was not cities practical to put them in place what are the pros and cons of implementing those various governments rules the
1st was a princess yes we should certainly didn't use of principles that it was for ages and then we have to stick to the principles to a client sometimes difficult and the French in Caseros and it was quite obvious that the Princess was a strong contender but it's really well suited to deeper large numbers of device languages industry and that it should industries that has been created from a princess products for a long time and that and we are very good with the princess to for open standouts about again and was adamant which together we give it a strong and this is to teach approved a solutions that again and when it goes and so his belief that the ability to understand the of security this week that access to the sauce and and it is a proven technologies revolt and I major defect will be fixed at a quickly by the community and those without saying that as well and
not just and and you up now widely and there is not a communications and dielectric emissions from the government like a mention the way that you need the right to tell us about now before the start of opens so spread that is really really just a clear that on might be not would need to be mindful and and
OR is used as an example and say yes weapons the critical product of the and 2 after Julie mapping agencies across Europe idea in France and the Czech that the law using the princess product that actually funding development of those further to make it for instance points but compliant across Europe said that a clear and the violence that has been so cities is that we would and should certainly be considered interpretability that's the digital styles and this is all about Hollywood
into the system and we got the 1st leg of the UK's again stopped by as a nonenergy to stop we found this is very much what will help you to lie and deceive simulated data between the competent and a few solutions because going to be using the immense W anti we are created cheap and so between Jews 7-Up said the opening of the fact that as the beauty of it will not constrained to stay with them for for the last 1 might actually do because the Prince's doesn't that is the Masters here for the weekend swap with up to date technology now there is a lot
of debate around a particular used the internet industry should be go for where and non native over the lack of among 5 at technology it stands are
finished last Friday and has a strong had where we have helped us to implement solutions which could be used in the anti problem multiple type of device and and is different type of the operating system as well as different type of screen as size which response to design now again about 5 birdies addition advantages particularly indigenize industry would got the ability to cash in the smaller data can be just can still be the official with Jewish duplications Apia so that is the combined brings us of the fact that vintages and you go the same as well as a number of domestic taking and we think that few presentation of which the fact which already integrated refitted 70 view that at development before the and and users and complained that the new to to to drive very nice design
Epsom estimates that has been 1 which and causes of death and change we had to do but we have to be and will
mindful of the fact that we were disconnected environment and and users and and working at the end of the decade working must seem to be and that is a pool faculty team was looking around the learning and the of command coverage that map indicating that and actually and announced that they had the jaded is that they had looted opera and Fiji coverage even nowadays and and combined with the fact that we are looking at G pediatricians burst of publications are hungry in and we said we would only to and the and user which world of data on the device and and including and that the lack of what he called Westminster mapping the Czech is relief from the demands being which and could take a large amount of data and we only have a few gigabyte of space and a device will lawsuit is the thinking about the business data and which now cases was over millions of free calls needed to be and displayed and that by the time you read about the extent that it was so full access to all the attributes to be a boutique where he said the group had killed and study he is used to engage refuelled stoical because the need to understand that the probability do you want to display last week before global with the 2 prolific area because it all which is topographical and be sufficient are looking to do in the data of the 1st questions to be asked the with the which you and uses it to make sure that you get to and users as there is a high risk that it will not start using these applications as it turns out he was the only way to get into a approval data from the like as the head of tree and so and so that you could the ability to and swept again and so and locals company and serving the data to the rest of the applications now 1 of
the key Chantry up was the provisions of the best mapping we decided to use the lack of time cash thought she is is an open have not and and efficient because you you don't even need any sort of a way to provide a data you can access dedicated to the limit that there is a downside to it yet dismay the time is the cricket is to provide a detailed but actually know more space it takes on the part this because the idea of the those little titles was doesn't of trials will go under the threshold of the bloke size on August so you need to be very mindful of the women's versus storage space and and we find out that you that the party could be 120 cash the the lack of last amount data and a specially that is a told information is the best was a 500 12 pixels by 500 12 to use of the optimal but also the best storage now ready
and the next 1 is all about using the face that the security and and again when designing a man applications you to move that demand for off where the user is going to be and have access to the application of an extreme Environment part of the men arrested you choose to make it simple Dakota last codes of backs and indeed again that goes along with the idea of reducing the cost in which you invest a concept of response design which goes well with the issue of funding to the status
of the dirt the solution building block with the the festivities that we have had a hands on is to go before a Windows 7 tablets understand that you are there for the words be those that amount of France that we decided that to go for something which might sound a bit but issues but we decided to stop during the data and was placed with us 2 which has a strong record managing the data on the beat in a convenient way said the data was achieved and that he was the author loaded on to a cold and device and things to consider them as people thinking what she was really on the right that yes when that you only get 1 uses and the status of a full back and to you that we capable of serving and 700 thousands of teaches at Reading said seconds to the and uses so this is a critical solutions again we wanted to remain as well as similar so that tools was not the only to direct level we could that you can see the alternative so that of the data would be served from the romance of the FA the and the and again the usual suspected being sent implementing the and plant applications were looking at a lot of opening script Chukwuma by the a convenient type of product as eschewed quickly implemented the solution integrated into an existing firms and even an integrated with the local cheekiest on of the devices that can be used as an mention is a move that led to the teacher actually so it was good to see corallite is not for you can do that and stir the network and you don't have to regional solutions that you do as hot as open and communications with 70 as he can do that as well now as suggested that he found it so princesses plates that you need to be mindful that you that it's not as simple to go for open sauce in musicians so you to think about it and we for the commercial products which is actually the changes that he will move to enable the fund with the lack of before and it was read on to per the texture and that was the mood to make it simple to do and he was too good a database mapping as well as their business data justices simple and they need to be just after data download and dispatch so that
their children will be denied of the cash didn't to generate a based not Angie but you out as a true and have a really good strong synchronising the data belief that the central latest but because the rich and well component disillusioned with to ability to achieve you and the various data captured on sites and synchronised at the convenience and using a opened company and so worried about of lessons
and the is a rather than sauce and it was good to a plan to start using a princess you understand away from being a using and that the US is a great way to reduce licensing that you don't have to pay anything when the Detroit it across Europe and the rest is not maintenance process as such as you get the best whenever you want you write in whenever you high and there is a strong message to US of the World Anti that you demonstrate a powerful pencils is you don't have to be a long before consoles the commercial solutions to stability and that was a key and agreed to demonstrate that the opens sauce you understand that the cash was 1st has something that we have to work hard at it and then it is certainly not 3rd that business is still societies but and I was at the match and should not just be considered for the best mapping as so we discovered as we certainty that the ministers deputations for reasonably steady business data on the day to catch the as way that we would use the dramatic improved a perfomance of applications that it could be the case where you got and users to P using reputations in the same location time after time they might be surveying and not until into a straight for days and days and the data will be difficult for them with the federal on Sunday available for the duration of this service is a good way to meet with the approval from the applications and goes
without saying that and because we was opened you like the 1 at the top of the standard that and said the data which and world openness and particular and that just as method of this debate with the big players lecture Facebook until it was too early to say to you that than that and we still believe that if we filed with the Securities and the 1st 2 quick to the solution for the party to the case and said that it has to do with and and that the city's windows tablets where iPods and so on have confirmed that the police don't know level function achieved we would put you in the teeth of considering and their native implementation of that is an achievement locally soft and and she the integrations is to
ask was you got my conducted and feel free to contact with the latest data from the discussions of questions from the House and a half and has used to publish someone some issues with the times and half development and time the advanced to questions about his judgement work on the average of move and could in what kind of woman 38 quite satisfied with their daughter and the other was way to and 0 from year Nashua or you can order a to to last about their descendants perfomances fewer people mapping from the Houston she pinched Discriminant just zooms overdone to rest and even less about the effort is said to have a friendly and highly most of them will get back to 2nd for the 2nd smacks together data and we've got a lot of data and and 75 dozens thinking about it and Texas about 5 10 seconds to get national coach coming back England said that the deal was that the worst was over for the 1st where is because the status of these days the call for solution that to stop it and I'm not don't only have featured in a new constrained by like a during the dubious we've got the ability to use scribbled abdicating 1st will not even if it was connected that some of the synchronising weedy cooking everything so that every single future captured the best like a few duties and and then use by a service orientated architecture 1 of Century procedure and and and it has to do not transactions overshooting and so much to some time from a questions not movement the beckham questions and should have had the good shows a minimum of a year side which is something we have probably this on their own iPod later on a free should something and have about state a when the sight of a yes but we political to the front and on concocting inched in the combination technology and was that could lead to come and talk to later unobtrusive and was the likes unimaginably become but in the whole stand yesterday was that 1 of the earlier out this of humanity and the tensions that have with the ability to go manager back to base to use the fantasy Germany's put them into a simple executive also the city desert just doing Universe include windows installations in storage 18 and then about deeper could automatically because he works on cold primarily well and was opposed rested data is already the automatic so but it simplified to just 1 question on common details about the issue with the tiles and not using space efficiently and an additional 2 million the tiles and which so get some of the heaviest and the and the rest of world looking to the settlement and that the time might need a bit of discussions review did not find a way to separate it into the back of open areas are wanted to buy prices in the UK and a lot of Jerusalem examples of Monday's mapping and wanted a direct access all but the last useful noting among the largest in the UK is the world's certainties on right about the yoga and and she observations of bad over the last 3 days with data Conference enough was 48 at messy editions of technology will not looking at where the dedicate from general to back and database so you can easily with the data provided reaching that it is some from the number on questions about the the accession to start 3 I'm concerned that some of images and and fashionable and branches of cars and best of all kinds of stuff things to do things in and collection among because the branches of a man and a woman medal at would let and frontend particularly which is using the like offers for the list and the way up but it was 1st that because we have to do to achieve could to like and infrastructure for the feast eCoupled so we are still in the data locally has opened for another of huge a sense for the year Government to open and then that information is an acute back into a Washington infrastucture and tomatoes and committed to a central database to sign a new contract allowing customers then you're speaking flown from his about that his tax has and was wondering about Latin seem to 9 of the 18 and under the gum line only about the way in the West but in the history and of a the man and concerns about the see you on the network and the band had been due to sit around and in the city that is not the 1st step to note you mention that work within a full disconnected environment so we don't have any that and see on the front and then the internet for a quiet and technology the most the data which uses it straight as it is with a new board and tablets and when you consider the movements of follows Natala stands this was a for great which each other states that because and so and