OpenLayers 3 - How To Successfully Run A Crowdfunding Campaign For An OSS Project

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OpenLayers 3 - How To Successfully Run A Crowdfunding Campaign For An OSS Project
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The impressive list of OSGeo Projects [1] show the necessity to develop OpenSource software. Behind all lines of code, there is the work of one developer. And, in our capitalist world, work means money. This presentation will underline the challenges of the crowdfunding effort organized for the development of the next major release of OpenLayers 3. OpenLayers is one of the most famous OSGeo library and is widely used for the development of web mapping applications. Its development started in 2007. In 2012, it was clear for the developers that the current release was at the end of its life. The emergence of new technologies implied to create a complete new libraries based on these new technologies. As usual in the OpenSource world, some developers started this work in the middle of 2012. Since a complete rewrite was required, it appeared clearly that the work needed to obtain a library that would allow the migration to the new release was huge. It was estimated to 2’500 hours of work. At this time, swisstopo planned a migration of its web mapping applications. swisstopo decided to use the future release of OpenLayers, which was only a very first prototype. In order to benefit of the advantages of OpenSource developments made by a community, it was not possible for swisstopo to simply mandate a company for the development of this library. The commitment of the OpenLayers community and its committers/developers was needed. So, in order to speed up the development process, swisstopo decided to invest a substantial amount of money and to organize a crowdfunding effort together with companies active in the OpenLayers development scene. Several financement channels were used: micro fundings from individuals and more important fundings from companies and administrations. This presentation will describe the main problems and challenges faced during this crowdfunding effort and how they have been solved. Here is a list of these problems and challenges: - Some key actors had to be convinced to donate in order to convince others to follow the movement. It is important that one or two big players make the first donations. And, since the money is managed by the higher manager, a lot of energy has been put in explaining how an OpenSource community works. The OpenSource development model is still not very well known and the higher management often think that a normal contract with one company is the best way to develop softwares. - The general objective was to be clear and strong enough in order to convince individuals, companies or administrations to invest on something that didn’t exist. - The financial capacities of individuals, companies or administrations are not the same. But all are part of the OpenLayers community. It was important to be able to handle donations of some dollars to some thousand of dollars. - OpenLayers is an OpenSource community, but is not a legal entity. It’s therefore not possible to make a contract with OpenLayers. In order to solve that, the main companies of the OpenLayers development scene decided to create an association in order to simplify the administrative aspects. - The commitments and the resources of the OpenLayers committers was needed in order to ensure that the library could be developed in a short time frame and with the necessary level of quality. - A worldwide communication concept has to be put in place in order to reach all potential crowdfunders. And this only with a few persons working partially on this project. - An organization had to be put in place in order to coordinate the work of persons located all around the world. But at the end, the result is here: more than 350’000 USD have been found and the development of OpenLayers 3 is a reality. And everyone can now benefit of a modern, performant and 2D/3D web mapping library, thanks to all crowdfunders and developers !!!
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thank you so open tools project of free so you can use it for birth of at the crest of the is to be free uses companies behind opens with project these people the and opens was budget and in the opening 3 is really a great fun but it could be the and it's a fantastic or about the that they need a summary of the of the month so at some point we need to to finance also these projects for fall pedestrian we stopped the development stopped the featured in January but that I'm not the fall January of this year we stopped at a called on the company and and the extent of the zis but it you with the best that died of a with the best that the offer of testimony was opened of the user United is
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and that another Zeebrugge of questions to between from the end of the here is a feature of the mud and the tension between the and you don't relationship between found and the founder of can only request and on track the features a paid they don't the bill by the possibility that they see the future of the future in the meantime the my dad the you as a person he to request for the future but they are only 1 part is an again anti Theakston's the fact that the
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1st visit is the station at the beginning in by sending it was predicting committee of open daily the beside to create the new year area of growth for the year they made reviews The over the summer 1st Test was would yet of the thought that no 1 0 but we tried to to propagate his quote funding at the time but is the broad and it was like I was really to to create something akin to open a two but with is more than the images that we made this 1 wants funding campaign we made a contract is again Didier and were found the made a point of contact with the teaching and in January of this year the thought that the man and since 3 or 4 months reality of for you with the disease development in order to to launch a new ideas in October of the what did we that
fast which was single life so we we had put on the phone from was the Continent in early from job and we have from sell summary guidance in a year and so we are gridless equalised with the 2 in the rest deeper of photos of we need to discuss whose open sauce community as user we need to go and the point of the minutiae of the 10 discussed with the sounds of tools commuting we have also seen the direct and some of whom backed with the team idea though is the both of you understand the stand on good made to all of these chronic in Europe for the best by a environment political fiasco impact with the manager of buzz of mapping and density and with the best 98 from that is what it was quite easy to write his 1st visit to find the money by the mapping engines the you will find the bottom from the shunned by companies and the station enable so to say is that the company that they see the Presley the and to them and the rest is the or so invest their own money in the development of a they have 1 9 1 2 on the that you can find the but and population by company and items fish and you will
find the best but the conclusion that the only got on the end of 22 and by and the media that this is something we should all so that part of the Society's with his proves that there is an interest in the music room and selecting the 1st but I got down to the discussed with and the station on company but also to discuss with the best and above all of the community what with the
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