Building Catastrophe Models With Open Data And Open Software

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Building Catastrophe Models With Open Data And Open Software
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A catastrophe model is a tool/technique which estimates the potential loss of property and life following a major catastrophic event. Different types of events or perils are modelled including; windstorm, earthquake, flood, and storm surge. ELEMENTS is the in-house catastrophe modelling software which is developed by Impact Forecasting, part of Aon Benfield Analytics. Behind the software are models for a wide range of different event and peril types across many countries and regions of the world. To develop the different components of the catastrophe model, Impact Forecasting use a variety of proprietary and open solutions. Open Data sources such as OpenStreetMap, SRTM, CORINE land cover datasets are used, amongst others. The open-source programming language, Python, is also used extensively to create hazard footprints and files needed for the catastrophe model. The use of Open Source software and Open Data supplemented with other available proprietary data sources allow Impact Forecasting to build more flexible and transparent catastrophe models.
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thaksin has a room at Lincoln him in the back cool about 1 them a Case so today eggs couldn't say that about how well were building session lows using data under Britain still so that they
would pull out of next lights out for the injured because it was all about Richards who knows about regions and recognised the again the great and the betting is that he is a professional before but if you take so Tirawi ability such models but values cancelled the data show that the of developing model and also pulled visualization and in the previous day's the for false Fergie or on Tuesday when said it was at the age by companies the case and that the issue was making things open for business but bring back into the equation a
Case arranges is really just insurance for insurance companies to reinsurance and and then a big is us a occur and that the insurance company account for the anybody to them they get regions and on the field we are brokers essentially we sell Regency Terrinches realise that the
magazine is the Florida anyone maybe not guys the West to follow a soccer global and the and the area got and the part of the group was not just as it and that the car that we do and this is the region but the within and the ability to see into touching on where at 1 of the functions in in by focusing the logo here and much Eagles stalks of Broadway show which are that we developed such so it
seems does about 6 use worldwide and work federal developers and were building the for cold elements this is where we're on October should models for the girls with quickly Winstone and we didn't know enough enough about about for you so is she you do as these do is to put it in an insurance Appleford so nation where the sub-grid showed off the different houses the buildings on given estimated loss for any any and approach to the system event so the
components and the answer and it seems there were his coming and the with the exception only really got 3 3 key component of the Dow Zuck Environment ability and the explosion so within the houses that we might look at things like that for a quick shaking census a set and a break up of the same place was the intensity shaking at a location and close to the local Winstone was talking about when windspeed with stress and and floated might be the that will the flow of losses of the foot and the next the about vulnerability that's how a building or a stroke should respond to sue because such issues and that the damage to my Mike said the from those was responded to got to win Stone a greenhouse or get them quickly competitive with a bit more robust than exposure the defines and the risk in the 4th over of the things of the buildings and the sums in showed how much enjoyed each location and that may be and in some cases with his life insurance the number of people living alone in a location and together the 3 components can come together and just such a model and the output is the calculation giving Amitri figures for the potential losses for them but so they asked white people
using such a willingness to help them and help insurers and Rangers price the ecstatic of that the state is damage money we need to keep it that happens to take people out there was the last 25 usually started and in the rest and and following hurricane under and also the European winstone's the late Eighties and early Nineties we've seen since the only natural Tyrol's things like this great footed Winstone but and also Salonika also following the World Trade Center attacks things after as a model start to be developed and
so people use session models insurers arranges on the on to later but of the people in my might be Michael could use fashionable in an essay on the day of the top 3 and a quick out of the ground he became Prime thanks and it is the big 3 3 3 commercial modeling companies and now the books unit enemies of where and when the building was on in India for customers a
Case area on to the open so we've got and focused on the of living data found open so suffered and Austria the next few size 0 using an accommodation all these and in things were doing the model development and individualisation of the of the model sauce a Case so 0 with
their for some world of element will migrate tomorrow concurrency to these houses on ability and explosions were and reduction model components easier to social all the time or the findings fastest where my efficient under was in some cases the cheaper and so some examples we've got a book out here for individual event and now not sure you see that this is the city that little doubt that the current calculated footprint on a long close agreed to Turkey on the of quitting were quite proud of the match but this is the these Evans the default on that city from the issue as did you feel it's a quick could people go in and say we felt that this sense in this area so the dozen model that those who work closely matching what people felt and social life and so it is utilization use of the typhoon with not what would and based not as well and they say wanted is not as look at single event the look of hundreds of thousands of events he would build up this and pro ballistic events at a Stochastic events at so far Pomegreat hundreds of thousands of footprints you can and a much pretty free computer Preston sensitive and reason Piketon identities the Alexei wanted to Willis footprints is to say will these it is the regions of the disease and the that could affect affected us where we bring all together into a single massive table which showed that in the coming slides and we using all to do that with awaited and function which offers 2nd I'm a bit of the
Regis behind the circuit this is used in all the models of the developing fluid and and the and this is up with for earthquakes ecological images and then we will go commercial building we know somewhere in the UK means that we don't quite where to using the population density and population and reading once Cacheris Cluster published agreed tonight at this time I think it would place a commercial building in the City NYTimes and Simon and what sound and then wants an inside the commercial building might be India might the woods and so this is on board of as among the of point 6 and then we got the the difference and the
spell at different locations different mounted shaking and so this is the concept of shooting examples of the earthquake
was different instances of fell to get this is where we I basic await the Houses of says more likely to affect and places in the image of the zone where there were more people this is all the data ministry to get data and very accurate level of the great Boston again aggregate data aggravated region and large bludgeoned just and so as should the all waited
on sale method used to generate this is the author of that period the and and this gives you the treaty then we have the and Ashes only effects and in the probability of a citizens and the seat is eager to have a year had a L will approachability of high houses in the city millions and hypoglycemia of allows it going down to in new houses and the and so that was 1
example this is a bit more graphical for just for flood just showing how we bring together so a showing athletics and head after postal codes and they were looking at an does 1 event in this case and that the initiative and the event so model got these tables of made millions of millions roads because got hundreds of thousands vents each 1 affect number of a gets pretty big pretty quickly get so we know if we have sort it
on to the open days where they can use of open days said in a variety of ways mostly by creating and menu their freeness and by the advance of the World Trade is to a with a receipt for the storage cation local commercial use easy and counties the date set is a suitable for trying to do for us to do it in the scenario model and new I become we counties and the data is not a new 1 of the details for you to do and the link the biggest in going around but the by Guy and in the case so scurrilous about 3 of 400 data so and taken to the link with the slides of made available later and so some
examples a guest with the where Juakali developing and a is seen on model of Chile on the beaches of the south the and it is an open and will like the sort strange next year using said and a visit agreed with elevation values and and that really we win without because we want to present Countrywide model and and it was it was based only option a lot of other options which much higher costs on would would probably have implications for for the processing sound so this was also the illustrator prejudices was using at you let alone and survey the cases that data and sometimes and shift Kate and along scavenging Bailey and as they open sauces saucy and and she has produced the aesthetic useful for somewhat of 5 3 models using current which is why the status of the year and was also offer open data sauces making those Thomas does again to the use of the history some the point of interest is that there is a Case so
incensed visualization were and using a variety of tools for the visualization make sure of that where we just reduced elements explore does is not the Atlas from model after the examples in the next life this Bill using Jews and their latest and we've got a division of background not to see the solution Serena data out the way of services and creating pretty heavy and style files compute woman to give has arisen megabyte as of the files and to allow users to change classification and the data the city so that the thing that we do at Augusta for the rest of her life dishonesty both of it on the company's board and are also much more easily able to extend the extent of what and some
examples 3 of them from the job of bosses job public and was the of tools so that the top left to begin the got and the average inundation the proposal code for 1 event from the Austrian float model of the disease built on lazy and and was giving the is just before the 1st of 4 events on the right here we got at all right of got and the average annual loss and 7 inches Kanharith as it does the burning costs and a guest will as the Ashes computer Sherman Cowell which is a more recent American I couldn't say the aptly values mean something but we states is relatively high and this means more vigorous and but left got exposure so we can take care of to December amount of of where they enjoyed locations on and then the bus right here we've got a similar to the south left of this is an looking as Sonata events and showing what the to a loss is the region to the toilet should look at Campbell switch off is as well the postcodes districts municipalities and and regions as well also just
dementia season not just of his result is a propriety tools to and there are giants and global not really great bellicose just tools and these global can we will do I don't admitted that had and Gillis's well under the neighbors reasons as of junior during solutions to work and had a mixture of the so some so that the
2nd point which is really just history bit of the financing presentations trying to make out are model of the business or a guest cost and still Tuesday's some fashionably suffers from what book she Kahveci into it see what happens and and as much as self critical of the way to let the and with 11 saying that we can really can see inside the model and see what happens to begin changed the if you want and that to the cycle
generally just commissures suffer of the shape to seeking change the houses the exposure the ability in the for failure information and and see the effect that has and for example the ability to want to see it and I didn't know that side of the buildings during which quite what and you can make an assumption maybe not native Stern marinated Reinfeldt's concrete he could make the assumption from the model again and again destiny in the results so yes this
is also true for the UK stushie models as well and they used throughout the Jersey reassurance industry book and there are many other potential uses so a really good agencies and decline and when he had a wife scenario is at event with happen an acceptable to give you not put could help with the evacuation funding and on and humanitarian agencies and also commercial business is an academic institution amounts of taken model and needed for slightly different at all the sort of thing a guest the other point is that when making use of both open open data provided a set of his or some propriety suffer with with what weddings Augustus and make sure and noise of people going in the same way that we have an analyst at the best of the job of the confines of the new so and that the and health system I will use Adams a country country back also so
Augustus a summary and session lows will alighted Bestinvest on your your risk to to a succession have to build competitive in Durban data on concerns are the of data sauces using the special useful for some of the Countrywide morals wedding and where we need a cannon general general view of catastrophic risk rather than a scenario model that might be which would be very open sauce has suffered really can help speed up the datasets so were using tightened compute hundreds of thousands of great footprints and packages to help the speed of sound and with visualization wheezing Tuesday Vodafone and with a history of standard well the under a sell the also and cistuses final point in accession Mosley's in Asia and America beaten them in many of the sexes industries and simmer for open for the business should
be forgiven for Roser during questions over the head but the time races through on the left water and then asked if you want people questioned for the right to request to 1 of the great British car while the Church the for the rest of the White House about it the Open with the ball in at the time the driver of the likely all also by the way that you would destroy he would like to the 1 and and a guest with with the with a 1st buyout egg assault or use exhausted to develop the components August the final followed and so with the Web loving there is still a consumer January can incidents accused yet Southwell Evans is still a is don't see shoppe Siegel services still need without the project said the actual tool and you unit sunken going to stand up and say that the most basic and violence in the things you do to build the puts of model and as well as of the end 2nd by licensing the Agassi's and it so sorry for the question of how do you get a free ride the sort out the problems with the way had a good the Agassi tasting amid within the with a group we have led the from Cairo leaders good with quickly and the with this I can 6 and Winstone fluid and service on an air system which is communications between redundant pride in Chicago and is to be between 2 major where if authors licences is a we did it for the bowlers wants and is that it is a good idea to on a country level a callow are level and Bush's communications and make sure we got a humble more or less similar not and game of that we money and kind that they can and yet here tomorrow with the blog dollar well the ex about something that really the the sufferer is can act now sticky compete dollars potatoes people people on anything so that they were will also looking out as does the way being these could be for a lack a genius is taking data model history machines that when she values as if it was devoted to looking at a loss of life was the and and the as absolutely thousand the campaign is the same really rather than a man who that houses of sustained then instead looking at the damage to buildings in the city and people populations instead and frame is that it just needed outing this seems to be a model but you could use another based on their ability of 1 malls and to her over so this is a mixture and that it depends on under the team so looking to work in a guest could using sampled we are just about the European Winstone model and that was done with the University of Cologne so and so that is the size and the model it comes from acting in a way which I can conjunction with them and other models we might be looking in house and the and the and the and the of great seems to me that attenuation functions to describe the analyst agents on and we get used to it is a reference that is songs and the at its we so at Augusta using already was time will be pollution page about that and then is not lose use already published doses for some time the what of the UK there is the and that the Ministry of series and size of the state is the only 1 the reserve for elements now and then Villa also involved in a thing cold Oasis and and the US where a computer game together and a succession modeling beaches reaches game together and making some of the consigns banks such moments of the Today delays algorithms behind some of the components and law wrote that Sir Philip of Oasis and exhausted the book and and photo can follow suit and was about trying to really documents were the 1st by an exceptionally and a not so coverage of the housing boom was seen losses with the other I had no option but to put it well but the walls P now he's during the traditional it is to up the result the see but the the head of the UK and the and the thing would a hollow using the were in the world a bit like it or indeed the deployment in away the in the wake of the gallery said decisions can unit is my Boston and that it is intimate for the nothing thing so it if we need it if we can find the best tool for the job the best to the sauce and the issue with here is used the best of the job and in all cases eyes open so strong Productivity will depend on the situation serving from them in an early start to the the year ratio times following sickening get the sleek and however free quickly and and is Augusta quite in his 1st taste of what is going to go for a scan could had the of data from the majority of those comments or in the air some of the up on the idea of and so a guess that could use a sample of the the year as Altium's cut costs to rein data so the movies and the and some of the scene on well the within in Chile and the and the and the review returns is this is that we have to feel so is the great great at where not to can match the severity by how but the date was slabs can in some cases that the correct Coretta's history data to also last last 1 example Iustitia shines if you got to go this distressed and if he got the idea for the business of sauce making can cross references songs which can be as much count I've used it was struck off but it was said it of the city and for the state which Chris yet was not Julie 1 using schools but now there is with the ball I the over yet the of all East long P told there is that the music business thanks to the passing the it's really initially in a different situation to dictate what what we've found thing that it with their with everyone a week rigorously were document all processes they will be the subject of any money make a series of assumptions a move and the Evans and and is committed in assumptions about services this is the days reusing and this is all we got was had been today we need in the failure of history finger in the air and say Well we think we should be pitched in this much insurance and at a guess even cost model is best model and but at a place a if there is that the days there and be go time and and and the money cities that we will and but it again and it is also the implications using and unit less cost days more sign days this 1st in event on special terrain data floating meaning go down so on to Didier but they need to spend 2 not his 1st Anderson find out how to use your selling reaches of the Earth work it yesterday is or or or or or or or so to the output of all model would would go into something denied that financial losses to also banned from this tool of pleasure trade on a slide Amin get now lost the event from the model and that the information would feed into a pricing to to its 8 United and doesn't and season is essential losses at the Asian and reach for each event on 3 for each lost on each location committed to the UK or the daily unrealistic of policing output from this is that it has an influence the next also that this is the opposite a ready for the next pricing essentially him