Introduction To Location And Linked Data

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Introduction To Location And Linked Data
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A lot of data references some kind of location whether it is a place name, street name, address, postcode or some kind of coordinate. Because of this it is becoming clear that location provides an important data integration hub on the linked data web. This talk gives an introduction to linked data, and will focus on challenges around constructing linked data for geographic and spatial information. Examples will focus on work being done at Ordnance Survey and the wider UK Government. A lot of data references some kind of location whether it is a place name, street name, address, postcode or some kind of coordinate. Because of this it is becoming clear that location provides an important data integration hub on the linked data web. This talk gives an introduction to linked data, and will focus on challenges around constructing linked data for geographic and spatial information. Examples will focus on work being done at Ordnance Survey and the wider UK Government.
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that is the care of standing people know about like they ought to themselves almost a per among the head now people not the end of some of the lost subject the introduction of an of introduced a link data what it is and and then talk about some of the old data and and 2 of them are around the rest of the cake and the and so this is what attracted to get
hurt become of 1 of these is a three so that 3 is that the government stops today and the take up of start to the new law of data and salsa databank tabloid organisations and at the age is 1 of us in the standard of the system to choose from and the and the images of the many go Jinmao his and camels and the and the Treaty City amount of the deceased and the and the ghost of a subject of much of the standard of the of the popular vote but it yet community is full maps which is of says it is exile some government bonds and the cast of the big 4 on the day it is his right and the rest of the rest of us might think about it you can shake out in the go beyond for the good of the vision of the by Stimac's and the financial data OAX the aura of and man and a much every little the main houses of the and and now some brought it to a new state law that will the of these is the data is kind of
interesting when I want when I pre altogether sensible valuable when he got the different Asos's together and that is something that is a programme of work that might be a where over the about trying to bring it together with the Vikings by which is about facing special data infrastructure use a unique identifies to reference things into a bag and the real together in a spirit or special data stretches the cases they turn destructive in the spring everything together and not just the stuff and Load Juande comments about and this is the
stuff that goes the way of playing that this is the famous or a from any point of view on scheme is divided by not to show on team this latest the despite the raising scheme publishing and the data on the Web get 1 stuff just published data and the American government losses and notes on the part of the state was wanted to publish a few spreadsheet so that it was dangerous but she said that she had been at the top of the said on the Web site it is a really count as releasing data to to get to stop the release date here machine-readable for not as a stranger in Britain get 3 Stothard issued a appointees Microsoft said the release of the excellence of the release of those he has the folly countries month approach to stand on its get for stock as the start getting into data well thought using latest on from the W 3 sixes but I think of all the British data and and use it you take your eyes as busy as the Prime Ricky's in a new data to identify a new at the five star and as she thought linking will data out of the people status of the human voice and links gets more context it small knowledge which might be useful for the application sir and the
ability to use the the Chile's explaining what they were was beaten on the head and the retreat to stand as well with the salt and has been
around for a 10 year and doesn't think of it as being to the weather that as a female is that were talking about a lot contention something people of the sort and is based on a very very
simple ONS's based on this idea of statements which is the triples so much of both is the subject of Baseley subject the objective of the things that could be person place mobilisation and a pretty good just a relationship between found that led to the relates
things to valleys for example dates on under the strain on the NHS of the subject is not the real identified by a your off and the values of the any extra asking that it is to give you an
example so they spoke of published on the day of what are called the mind of the bosses of the ball and this book publishing data about statistical 7 that's my and those of published this about government departments and the bonus of a provision that the place at the end of the old world these rules silos data that from different side to win a connexion between and if they were International as connexions with 2 in the league they too
well waded you wouldn't like each of those things that is so long that it has got area on the side of the city and and identified Southampton you identify people places organisation the deal arise and then leave you on the Web says the where she died on the way back to the qualify what battling means on the document where you know the sort of links between the 2 not looking at that level for the time being but in another way of saying that the law has been woman so they will not a and the and the and the Commodity stuff for a more more these might she get bigger offers data and in the 1st place the goalmouth
talk about handsomely data and order the 3 is a good way of pasta and number of opera and we created and link data 3 of the 4 9 times for the 1st part of the business for a point opened the point but is a price worth Tojo about codes where they are which used the and and it was the biggest series of and talk about seems to face the and index of the matches and closely as a political pantomime which has information about all of the civil biting and administrative areas in the country so of the constituency As a tree and
so it go and there are signs that this would find it reminded that had tools having your eye for every placing Great Britain at the moment we have to to make do with the administrative area of this is the on the order of the order for the owners had called now when I look at your
Isas screenshot few of them escape from which he received a text a nice to have a chat with a few facts telling you and for the most part the back where it was made of his estate to his tally in the county was also England that this is what you get here from the browser here from around the changes human also spokesman Asian you want to make him out if you're really data client and that she get back by the end of this information and a lot
but this is an information the and the joke that 1 of the cheapest enthralling data is in the early days not many Lee Basle's very suitable for geospatial data is not any of the triple stalls to the database that although the number of them have the capability to especially indexing of what we did was actually tree computed along the implicit took or correlation ships and that is in the data that for example if you look up the mistress of a built the everything it contains everything within the such as well as well as well as make sense for them to take the job of most of the spectators who got number of
different 80 are used that you can use to interact with the measures were made consoles conference in this is entitled some sort of the 1st people told such a on which is built on top of which is a place that you should find the or a place in the summer simple station on the more interesting wanted to queries a he ought to go out to stop period for this Spalko is data as if you illustrational databases that's the group to assume that this built some so Suffolk or patchy gender or a database of most of the other radio as late on this is a strange
all of us by the point that we can do it in itself in the foot off query going to stop much of a hold plays on the night it uterus points for my when it like it is Jason X analysis and the villages of the order and the the slushy Fergie baguette request falling on the day of the shoot you will to look at the request of embedded in Java script to gauge the Komachi then use them to build a stage on the other interesting a
because it but something of reconciliation he on the list is a random stretching cracked affect Book of big silicate although like reason the country and 1 of the on the scope of the initiative their lawyers and which because they are what exist based assistant is just a bit of sex the thing is it doesn't give you put into anything else you know where you find out what the and the European regions that included the Munich authority counties in raising that were fuelled find in a competitive the Rover in each Christology wants a competitive are avoid reason for growing regions of the solution but with an American cities the latest British ends little called refined logistical and he said that the
single called placings believe that is what is done is struck the match the string and colour to the you are right in the 1st leg data so you now but the Orion spreadsheet which means you can angle often get information from Alan data and users to announce the date the 40 got the wants approach pragmatic simple things she could go to grab the last caught about it as a place to stay and sticky on a matches but I just a way of looking at the 1st like that the best just come over 3
summer and that on the good of people doing the data on the government and the and exodus published to stolen from the time they say they will be seen publishing and handling decide on the line restrict publishing that the Environment Agency that office in now you are so legislation so that she later data for every piece of legislation the country and what this is about it is that is thought to
really joined so that you the CIA and the part of communities Michael Gove publishing the fact that they published in early in the season multiple deprivation diplomats 1 of the companies has published a new meaningful that divides agency Babel to data to the West that will certainly be 1 of the language to the legislation see them now you could stands for this big where the data across government and his link to your suggest all of the states application use it because it's only days because it is so audio that makes it received easy but it makes it easier because you work translating different from Jason random stuff that mistake on the back 9 1st as on all this is
going to of the crime available to them and you can see the and the other 1 is a little on the UK and that built from of she just the and the restaurant your right over all of the text into 1 of the guys and get a list of all the bathing will to quality of operations in the area and then you can do for complex from which she has the ability to alter and they bring found
dictate to say I'm not a big fan of the discussion before the talk of the big picture of the day 1 of the things that early and most of party what you
actually get is but it is the design when he wanted to they are most sold thought the across the data on which we would be using and then we
were in interesting can be changed and that the government is really saying and uses an interest and is a 10 points out that provide value services that we let the force of data about transport environment and the level of Saudi crimes where the business patient how little been released as early data linked to the place that you want to do some sort of analysis and at least the 1st level of different area from the country that has made it very and we to
build on an application which is been sound Richelieu summary is very bourgeoisified but election you more easily the queries across the number plates of more complex queries and so that the applications just designed for says of new
area you want to find a house with the will to live and urged the Bank of England to the World filter out to find the house America's Got late where the and education over schools of the Ohio State ratings maybe is near pop in maybe this but it is low levels of leaves you get the idea that we can combine or the state's assessor really not that would be a lot find so again what he can do and I just what he can do International database Iwaki why would you want to resist the snakes so much easier
and as the number of interest or my started off mentioned that we based in were well with special data praise where the is something called GST was standardised by the agency's just or close away from bidding Geometries qualitative and quantitative spatial data into audio found that Elizabeth the anti Gemmell we'd is the way the Georgia in order to store is a big blow to the head of state and and ideas of that would go standard people create database load audience and start build a special and some think that some but they are making up for another big database and and has been in the latest of see the release of to some sort of a way to town it is
include my Sara Lee data gracefully people stop start how your eyes on the Web which identified the results is interested in the storey using some of the things generated by Stephen said he he wants to grow its easy arrest your eyes another or a Liorah's roundabout and this means it and have the of key clashing said people people using a tentative numbers Vicky's but and get one because you become a victim trace the global carried out of the Commons and to accommodate for my now across the way could idea on it just makes it easy to create data on big such a where it starting some I'm not really a job for them or early Ajai's person on just interested in data and fingers on its time precious to think that the only point the public the on Cup talk the passionate about the data that we've got what we can do that the on the road to get to the stage in a long pins and in a slightly different more about data rather than visualizations of a time and again out of the sky and troubled suspicious of special any anymore and to see if just data but it's really really Fulton and and in the most prized and and a Pfizer location is 1 of the key how everything connected with and what my next told collection of says of where it location has been should be a key integration of the 2 recent joins and so that we can create a thought that by the group and has can also stop for of all things like that