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Leaflet: Past, Present, Future
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Leaflet, a JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps, has come a long way since its inception. The library started as a one-night hack and evolved over the next two years as a closed proprietary API, developed by one person, and then was finally rewritten from scratch as an open source library in 2011. Leaflet is now the most popular open source solution for publishing maps on the Web. What’s the story behind Leaflet? How did it became so successful so quickly despite strong competition and lack of features? This talk will be presented by its lead developer and will cover lessons learned, the current state of the project and future challenges.
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the case of colour by time whenever you want and you can call me what I'm transport that universal lines and said it was a G community unless until for singing a ridiculous on and the 1st day of that 1 small little thing for that you need the idea created the cell if you
don't know where the food is great a Case so many people that the foot is actually is very simple
thing after it was initially created the about to unhealthy is built up as a simple where lightweight of small over where alternative very simple just replied worry for Britain and said that if it looks very simple is just the tiles staff better data some are and pubs and some interactions zooms and said its everything you take your car to nothing but a new still and said the history of it
is also Richard so back in to the other 5 Google Maps it yesterday to built in the world into thousands 6 open Where's will build was built already very long time and and other 9 Google Maps Fabio version 3 was Ruiz with regret support from a while and the ends only needs to thousand 11 leaflets was released in public and so in a very very short time this is a really simple is sold for its
against such a huge the ball were presence on the web so they are I've always trying so rich automotive time something so simple fact that used by the biggest players in the world so quicker Forest were the top opened plants which to it on the front page of all the major newspapers like your time Washington Post the Guardian all the most innovative jewel companies like the books are cotton be used and so a lot of government agencies and so in a way that would be used so and the stock could choose to go through before the features shows some of the most but the thing is the way to the still in setting will want to tell you a storey a storey of how the foot was and how and why it was worth and the White think it became so popular what made it so so the storey goes can say
that can say that I'm a predictable of over the impact of early easy and it's easy distracted and I'm took the lead not this modest person in this room there are people much more than I and invite them the as
a rock musician Nesta's them organisational added that of some people in a way beautiful music but somewhat makes me a very good open-source lover and maybe not triggered like coffers enterprise the developer is that I'd is a get excited about
something so if I'm excited by this urged this rushed to just Colton Bill something called and the exact this
happens in April 2 2 thousand 8 5 is built when I'd found out that was going to work for public while it was a new start start that based its a commercial rights and of over sort of obesity and the and the Europe and think about what you were going to do and there was about the week left until what we can come to give too far field team and Sunset that reading about this company was during and I'd found out about it and I don't really really excited inside couldn't wait until the common we can tell us what to do so by going
Brett Lee who had a hand in case someone is bought by the presentation side and just included some pictures of Giddens's suggests you can just look at the pictures of the as Silas to codes and ability to really resemble 200 lines of code of looking at implementation so it occurred in do anything but you can't just be just load the publicity about tiles and around and that nothing more than to be a was really excited and that they didn't know anything about the way the existing solutions for of where and when only came to give them a clue show that this is that while the state's you you will be are just 2 big idea and the and the and game are their
Italian and said they had services the ability double follow should be wake you coating tiles routine and needed to a simple just a pity that so that people could put their services to use of the Website so out data Tony will this old recalled that should build but we can't risk building something from scratch we need to build a full featured a quickly it we needed to be major and so there than the This Britain major very
established Opus or solution everyone uses in the world is gold open lawyers and will do is built on top of it well that was a bit straight at the hands of the crew
and only than and has ordered the like looking at the world where and when to to understand what would to answer before as says something about the winners in each you to understand that I'd was very are inexperience I'd new anything about this really huge complex the world GS world with like advanced hundreds of for men and brought a calls it was very new to me but in the end of the site of the sinking the well maps can be complex I just hasn't always use around it can be much higher than that of the less open where side and
freaked out from the back of always always thought that was matched by me I'll get over lawyers and select 1 megabyte just the goatlike like 100 thousand lines of cold water and add enough was completely
computer since the eyes and in the way to do at the end the year with what it's all about the idea really desperate and that higher had this small thought that well we need
some basic baby are requirements and their actually not but we need some Diallo's no Projections just look up the extreme democracy some pop up some bolides and much not much more than that the mostly all that uses 1 from the and so I'd want to do so the are also think
remember exactly and Load Pegguy was thinking of building a receivable reduce small are open Where's and would be thinking and there are in this show there was a burst like from Boston guide bargain Aiston J as community prospective so the ball over and that he written in White virtually
no 1 wants a paternity just use of lawyers and so maybe it was as part of that but you have memory the density array of its was by the as yet but so when someone tells you that I'd could can do something with that are will fail inside a strong belief in in where they wanted to have a jolly accepted but said
that was still problem called it wanted me to build the big Fabio until 4 bowlers and said to them locate initially but and the latest or players are so I'm decided to cheat up had the right to weeks left until the deadline when needed to prevent are annual shiny a inside had a set of requirements for that it thought well Alvilde all everything from scratch for what he wanted all along the way and there are Bellshill them and that will admit that is not where it will see how the free
Celeste added during the rigorously and in several weeks side debts of
prefers basic duration of what could be a way Journal nosweat much like anyone represent of that's also so it was risible it the Irish fans were acquitted was the bursaries small convertible where slight 50 times smaller 100 times smaller and went into weeks so called
made so keen to see what I'd built the Cayless see seeing how good the stories of voting power to direct everything and what what was happening 1 so fast pounded you legal where so fast that you the and letters of well ahead of the field where the yet and my
point and the on made said cable was goaled with which are accustomed solution right with a review of the year so don't to use later was still
working on the guy but I get so attractive different projects across for and so bigger was mostly 1 and heard and it was cool saucily nobody could help me and there were a lot of other products that are needed to answer to 14 mapping the ice quite difficult but there are browsers that advance same with every day getting used features like new boxes well and the new devices appearing and that was it is said to became difficult inside and and
felt very well about this that and so that the last straw was
that's when some guy and that was using a web of slides that he and the sauce was closed and obfuscated and he had to visit the sophisticated quote he'd like her a reverse in the if it to fix the box and then just sent me about what she said just aptly batch of things about for the and the 1st of what will when as the and then it became the said because I thought that will leave people go to a great way to help the project to contribute to it and even the reverse and new code then when this gold was open sauce than that there is a real need for people to contribute to its the ideas need to convince my law to make it open source and that's what I did world like a huge where with 20 items with my are going and what it should be open sauce and said they thought about it and they agreed
to sell 1 again and again so
so it is right to want to enable for the foot and so well applied eventually became initially are wanted to just espec struck the cause of the ABI are without the provider Reuters of and so it really is but eventually ideas to rolled everything from scratch and the with the leaflets and is
built without a two year bursary healthier billed as usual edition of the Book Dead history the project in against you 1st half year iWork all just looking everything well so that everything looks great all the coaches understand and with the ball the and and and he was a moment when it gets really is users 1 more like that decided to help the and then the other people during his I talk riots Jason bullets of celebrities and the end said the deal was that there were times if we wait that they will see that there is huge crowds people touch leading to talk to the girls that was amazing yet so far think was with but more until another reason a lucrative people contributing please goal of people lose the budget to the end because we have very limited
time a Case leaflets the present and now he can do it if you see that really also map some future website so if not to let it will probably be the but it
suffused it has amazing uses the moment the
most visited were websites and the world it is used not
just from matter but for data visualizations has and
uses not even for a real methods both Skyrim due to cope with the the death is the world of work
or also minimize and this is not
a given that it's a officials side of total strategy dangerous and it's a stranger browser it would build a leaflet here some starts on
behalf so yes three year total but not much wiser killed by 6 thousand to about 7 thousand is what it's like 50 times less than where to its that it has committed from 150 people around the world and that's an amazing number so many people contributed to the night has is 1 of those polled were just approaches from the time with almost these thousands Das more than thousand for its overreacted the developed it has about a dozen closed issues about 700 calls for where people sending for request every time you I think it from there
is also a huge 1 infrastructure Saudi official globally is that it is exploiting among them are a amazing Foggins some the
best ones to for a great things like Clustering is best was range of old locations assault think so many times on the
picture editing in before dawn is also agreed and now I've wanted talking about how wise leaflet became to popular that so
everything goes from the to was the best mining principles and what I'd advocates to other and but they want to respond with its and so initially when they
thought would features like to see in my life agreed by the Middle East of all the possible features that could be a before the and and is that it's
not too much like can handle that al and instead of focusing on the number of features of old
focus and quality of features will take the very essentials the molten board and features and make them work perfectly across all devices Momo platforms everywhere so that they are working Great so that they have designed a great designer brought goes the people like it's just from the beginning and so the bent on the body points for the LSE and Chi conceded that was going to do all kinds of things out because she was very
determined to make the behind as simple as possible so every action but you can do with it is just that the more smallest amount of code possible rethought out how to make it is small and released simple and so that by creating a man planning and clear adding a Amacher being being of up to it and opening of up is just lines of code that there are just Ray intuitive and there is
also a convention over integration restful it was made popular by real developers and the means that everything should work rate of the book's without any might come figuration without loss of configuration objects to just really map and working great of the of the law and should do something we want to do something more you can but out of the books works and
that 1 of the most often principles that made the Footsie attracts so so many contributions and think this principle is lacking in many of the sauce projects special the GS industry is that code should be Justin allows citing the ABI eyed and points and like into the wider to face each invisible inside the code itself should be simple and think many you saw this picture
white typical Apple brought to the global brought and here companies like and and I can confirm that this is the success of the products so the same thing happens to coastal town
imagine you wrote a really complex release Maurits's piece of code is beautiful was geniuses and it has all the techniques InvesTech Programming techniques like mad Programming some banners design Bannister difficult of everything but extensible white configurable and so we have this all burst March code and said that someone
comes to disclose she really wants to come to be and when she tries to do that she sees that the code is still smarting complex that he will contribute became his things that its to come books to smart which aims whenever the vulgar things that both my skills are not as good to contribute and so I'll certainly break something because everything is so called their night don't see don't understand how it all works completely so it and that's a big stumbling block to a sauce so we have the white open open-source
value that people can come to be used to products but the this values are often unreachable because of the complexity because people can contribute to a code as too complex and too far still
determined to make the code as simple as possible history for simple at every Evershed programmer can due to the foot sauce and understand it and it's a great yet and the board of were so depopulated possible for open sauce contributions to happen to them for the world to be as simple as possible so not as simple as just clicking on what he added the quicker but that it is and can added the codes and Aegon Bush about being save and it will send a blog questions you can contribute by just clicking several but that that could be simpler and now that the were full is simplified enough and Utah became so successfully popular because of the now we need to make the code simpler to so is
that after to be just opened its need to be transparent yes and no 1 more principle that saw the ball Tree Codes act on right lyrics for music and so on Wednesday similar to the way writing poetry and writing code because writing poetry is writing expressing the mean through simple were phrase and its the similar coach you can express something simple wording understandable but that it would have died meeting with it because it is made of the and the and the consequences of this simplicity a code is very
easy to optimized and so that the food is very fast for his move of weapons and out also
make sure that the simplicity is reflecting the documentation so that they easyJet stand so the
couple words about the future for
so here is the most of what moments of additional don't presented the really some amazing features that the FA will have to next version with her I this guy had an
excellent tournament look features a leaflet more than what so I'm really tried hard to make its stay focused lightweight to to stage down to where essentials and everything worked out perfectly for for this assertion features and actually does not joke in the last the Irilut remove the that dredging featured not actually more time with from the caught to the leaf foot the docile but going and blogs there must the and the prolific or status small and everything goes out to the
simplicity of the foot future
making things were where made prevented him from flexibility in brewing before the that works great analyses new devices to bring usability to small there are improving funding infrastructure is easier for people to the point where it was quality and but a website more during the into very advanced briefings with the foot but that everyone knows what how 2 world to call followed from for to be
rude successful to songs you need to use a new plumes of which universal need to Boston means which was worse the need to listen to what the public
voted for the huge Road the captain of the public to use of the word for the more questions for all the for the doesn't move to which so of also produced a film published so that the new of you to take your but that she did not see the between the 2 lead collection of you guys to something like the wrong but because the new on and on went to make it sold over control dependencies just require what that published on the main stage to specify the quiet version and it would be simpler and easier to manage it because we were in the foot we don't usually need a lot of public interdependencies is a things much simpler with


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