Working With Spatial Databases With GeoAlchemy

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Working With Spatial Databases With GeoAlchemy
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GeoAlchemy helps you use spatial databases from Python. GeoAlchemy provides extensions to SQLAlchemy, the Python SQL toolkit and ORM. GeoAlchemy builds on SQLAlchemy's extreme flexibility, and can be used for different types of applications, from simple scripts to complex web applications. In this talk we will present GeoAlchemy and SQLAlchemy. We will describe when and how SQLAlchemy and GeoAlchemy can be useful. We will demonstrate the power and flexibility of the tools. We will also present the new version of GeoAlchemy, namely GeoAlchemy 2. GeoAlchemy 2 enables leveraging PostGIS' new features. For example, GeoAlchemy 2 supports PostGIS's new raster type. Finally, we will demonstrate how GeoAlchemy integrates with other well-known Python tools, such as Shapely.
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in terms of exposure of the the project the memory is used in the production of both the FA of the show and the 2nd version of its use by the from 18 December project that we do at Kempton most of all projects are very thin on the Irish and there is also the skyline project that you can find on the Web this is the application is that the kitchen is a bit on the side of versions of during the and it's written by its the books about it is the the end of the year is a German guide and is being very helpful working on the on Jewish need to save 1 of the main point of contact details of the further cities
thank you very much for pension and there are many questions that need to be of so


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