Farm Maps Online: An Open Source Success In Norway

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Farm Maps Online: An Open Source Success In Norway
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We present GPI, the primary application used to view and maintain information and geo-data of farms, farm geometries and farm properties throughout Norway - enabling farmers to create and update some farm data records themselves directly.
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Last the then the and look at about the from online for something called the guy and the and the programme called regional and white programme called API possible programs are success in Norway used up and the rise of the sauce has been made contribution to the success as the couple were so that word to get to know each and the
last year and and they provide information about Fourier forest and some Research world and I'm on the road and is now subside 1st and the 2nd lowest about applications in all to talk about the application is on how to
keep it at the far Macromind application is the client it's not in my to and information to order farms but information about the funds that means area information information about them within a point it is and so it also says information about all this and it has a different of 40 for printing at this sort the picture
of application there is a year I have a kind of a on the road you can proceed with the and the village of information on is the way by then they point thermals or all again to own He is a different eligibility the last ditch provide then picking up a protest and you can do as social and appropriate as it was in the used by farmers but is also used by private person because it it contains information about what is it's open to the city's the but it is only set up by community applied for a moment and for that with a new coach 1 thing though is that follows seems to be back in the bigger cities where it is going to go through and the and they were followed for some so that is the 1st that the company now that you make cost of their own from the group to get what from and have a crack area that actually are growing up it's Nomex obligations is called the
regional and women programs then that is also application that based on information from the sort of person to do the use to of a client this is set only used by farmers and they use it to apply for subsidized these applications placed for takeover of the summer so far can be used pay for to apply for such as the nested built on the site the there that because it seems that the Prime along the way but I do know we are so integrated need and for the national system for dedication merb this system is used by the those systems of those is to collect the system to get the information that the bombers joined them so sort of way this is all the
complicated talk about it now it is about 100 different ways to apply for supplies for and from regions regions that various devoted to the mesh have the the regions of the for these application is the same obligation used or on the way so behave differently awkward include where the following year he said in the following sell off by a body which regions of farms located in getting different choices for for obligations at the end up life would get all stake building in the world the way that this year there that the kind of subsidising the different faces that where you can apply for got on to the stage and the 2 of them all the for farmers and even for a moment of life sell the was a problem early because they in the past a can operate he apply here which he area you not only for the sake of this is the great and the good area for farmers to draw so if you actually made a world of his own He drove road and I just don't outside the capital those that have the farmers who make great application says that community in and out of the control of the application of the other caustic occurred at the judges and the and the probability of a world under domestic because of the sudden by the British closed and the Forest of the moment not much to to dust
on top of the grid for the British team and that they wanted the 6th they wanted a more denying 1990 and Foster and more 1st the flat then we had a guy was this occasion rather than we have for most of the right of the and of a time and the other about 45 programs oil what someone or city some stories investments had did we care for early in the project found this is the sort from the at the work of client and survey the and at school up her days a year are usually sort of the way of the Dome that would turn the situation around the said use
only commercial so but see what you have to be brought that will also wanted to instal biomas certified which slow and began to his own country that and the other firm will follow broke through the look like something like this 1st had to use the time to figure out what kind of other than the accurate of price quote from the and the and the price prescribed from case to case is quite possible to that the price Fourier should have had the great Runtime Environment of and we have to wait for a donor discussions regarding prices you really needed in the 100 thousand books by this for a number of decisions those like the possible that and the unions and the nasty and that was in the Spanish like that and is a member which the 4th in the Open at the K 6 2 6 4 civilians unity only used to see the use of the House of Commons that effort difference is that the into this disposal slower than the could dystopic owed money adulterous also but the big
this it would be there face and because will raise the calling the date by which animal ways which the money for the difficulty in the run of qualification but no changes that could continue to run the country was possible use and and more sold and reason it would have been too expensive like likely to about back to to get the order of the for then there is the same landing which means that it here and as the by will demand for it the verdict but that was waiting on the stories of system on the side of life and how nice by spring and look around so or less so upset about his bad planning you should know that needed by 1 million books is history because of the way that public changes to get the new were made up of because like it should stop beginning to defy 11 in particular thought of it he'd together plans shake and find of the welcomed for self-tuning the look of a book called the and that we needed to put the current looking project but it opens sauce we can do it like this says case of project opening find open so that they can be used and that they will have to take all the Budget discussions that they already taken a rehab but the amount of money needed because of the summit do let's look there
are has bisque so that media to go for up the sauce and this summer the 1st of these is the simplest also is the both Jess posters of both the US and the run up through the offspring unheimlich which that this is not very often meant that the British would have wished most parallel and if you are on possible tables like that if you look at and they can thousand different tables and there on the same day we had a specialist at the the to order package that if you work on set of the wall to tables and not have to do other work and the and the station is by the way on along the the hi-bred is that local sultans no hybrid so that if you take yet used to so I didn't really know what the time of
and he had to go application was launched in June to talk and the and the month low slung only discovered the used on the amusement commitment to refuse to programme it's sort of like a broad Chris somebody tools to also and the broader on Windows fedora went to the from the Brooks their to get this is what we have that kind of place where the to that was done by using the sustained and bring to get rid of services these kept up Chris using generic data that and that was OK by because the storey the as data that looks like it emerged as a different kind of that so we have to create like can play was written table and had made a double what those tables were because of cause like I use in the way database daylight while the bill them overlooking accomplished admitted that the best that the reason why these postbus berated is that those that have been used in India the and survey so much easier to collect to of the by Gazza are not begin brand quite a bit integrated testers justice and their bosses justice this is because this summer but that there should run from so big that the system was just before I went to production and it is far can there is bigger together by my files on my mind prop against the government and the British had and to compute ownership the yet distract from using prop is that the company which they sometimes so that to use of courtesy to get through the that the rate in the minutes UK was to hand public here to Peruggia Beddoes is going up that double present
but in commercial opens 50 the commercials allusions to go for Microsoft and the prices are cases of the together playing under the sauce really it of this
very simple solution is a moment that it could work in their own time and with the yet so that users will database will not be occasions the on loan them as it has this look cost something and is price for Opus off
global and commercial soft on the book there some of different and the Daily bag and the and keep prices boys because that if you read the best repriced side that they can say what processor because they are so money for factors by the cost of the price of that you have to see the and find out what prices but the much but the man of the systems because it's like a lake maggots if you wanted to find the price of 6 yet there they
then this 1 difference between gold and the and the number of private services like having load of private sites you she means more the load the and low profile of decisions more traffic do not through the really mean higher and higher than and the cost of the may get so Mohammed like this not after mapping relations between traffic and seat the was that the baby was
but she says and yet Bulgaria all
can this that open-source increased debatable from because we can't get the system in that it can go on for a 1st Solution get below rejected his five year there are about 500 thousand more power and the request and that does for more moment and have to to get to the principles of the then we could sell to work to build the for the scale of the system from the beginning because and cost of and the city is thought to take the service but the and we are ready for traffic if you buy the Oracle licence for a city that was the beauty of the music was a bit of a puzzle scaling season this systems because of the and local because of the nature of the data uneasy is the
system that is not the sort was the worst but we won't go into the there still more indulging adult
sauce is that it makes it easy to a new crucial there because you might think that by the system and the way you can buy on the site and the system to get their hands on the front the and that was but usually is raised his to find the plug in either of the them and your run like a J system for the way he took get Jackson package from 6 about and and and we were under on the order and the so they have days of worries there for integrations need East opener but with the aid of mind it is the social added cost and to be this is the difference in the
system undated visit will be the pointing side is the standards but also some that it would be possible to do it the fort was flawed OpenSKOS was commuted caught sound like should not be should be more because it is the for practise of the used on Sunday is no way to get in there like This is written in the Rovers Fred openly in the collective memory of its was moved by the fact that so we have to support that the is drawbacks suitable sauce here
there is a causal drawbacks but I for 1 won't they are not and because that is a at the commercials offer quite as a model for fraud suffered from people work you should after it that is why for the reduce the used sufferers then that and that is that the farmer at hands of the care if you of of the or commercial sofa 42 far from your side for the attack but case the cause of the fault of effort and just 32 since perspective from their in the coffers to cooperate of from organisations board but the you have to be raised application justice South like this the with a call to blame but you should see the problem has been that there is much for the global sauce of water protested that the part of the job the and they like some say that you may get a refund As far as I'm not various and get a refund folkloric because the so on the UK is among the 1st 1 in order that the fact that almost of way but the who helped the defeat Cerberus it is further proof of the House and the Royal throughout the have contributed some results but it is also for out of hand by birth of the 1st person to have the you should there is a 1st for the out there and move to gabions from those
like hopefully you agree on the need to cope with a lot laws points made it possible to the Applications 1st look
of this this it was it's not about the brought these against or if the draw this