Advanced Cartographic Map Rendering In GeoServer

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Advanced Cartographic Map Rendering In GeoServer
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Various software can style maps and generate a proper SLD document for OGC compliant WMS like GeoServer to use. However, in most occasions, the styling allowed by the graphical tools is pretty limited and not good enough to achieve good looking, readable and efficient cartographic output. Topics that will be covered are as follows: - Mastering multi-scale styling, choosing the appropriate style and content for the various map scales - Using GeoServer extensions to build common hatch patterns - Line styling beyond the basics, such as cased lines, controlling symbols along a line and the way they repeat - Leveraging TTF symbol fonts and SVGs to generate good looking point thematic maps, line and fill patterns - Use the full power of GeoServer label lay-outing tools to build pleasant, informative maps on both point, polygon and line layers, including adding road plates to your map - Leverage the labelling subsystem conflict resolution engine to avoid overlaps in stand alone point symbology - Blending charts into a map - Dynamically transform data during rendering to get more explicative maps without the need to pre-process a large amount of views, such as on the fly contours extraction, heat maps, and wind maps from raster data - Leverage the analitic power of spatial databases to build dynamic thematic maps based on SQL views - Perform cross layer filtering and parametrize it to perform informative cross layer containment and neighborhood searches. The presentation aims to provide the attendees with enough information to master SLD documents allowing him to produce amazingly looking maps on his own. At the end of the presentation the SLD will no longer be cartographer's enemy.
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and everybody for those who and the year before names and there were further Solutions which is light and as a company called the beautiful Jugos yesterday and animal the pros and in this presentation I'm going to show
you some examples of how to use a producer of the and users said which is a new extension to the sold Coleman of Africa issues when growing man and we are all then what the
examples will or almost all of examples which show both the is so the same and the sea assessing just so that you can have become present them for the Essar the UN going to only show that important part of the budget because she was very long time and going to focus on a on the part of want to show you the equivalent Sissons's a which only that because so called by that can Owais site landslide into the light fully As of the existence of the pros and cons has said this is a very calm is very expressive but not stand on the so the so if you go for Inter-operable approach to vote for us of the 2 1 quickly make maps people and what will we do the
so had an example now which is a sort of anti along the on going to show you what beaches of the salt we
stuck with some digital additional in the city she bought the without showing up there
with the more details about the
and and so on but the building's then the
possible stance on as a CEO so that the signing of the change the sites which has a switched presentation of this this kind of what you would expect
from a more with the solution that that he is never feel it with too much information and change their despite the and value element hide the and show depending on the current state of the you have protocol for the scale of where you're looking so the 1st thing I'm going to talk about
this process society which means you and
the and the process fighting is generally pretty easy you either have understood the area or satellite which to show as he is the right as you don't have to to do anything for you how the television for any kind of all that you physical Olomidà pressure temperature by the rest of Luton and then you have to set up a caught up Clermont has the won all is a list of and that is where you might take over the lead in the middle classes in the face of it this year into of what it and then you realise that the body would the chorus and users leader in the late between between the combined so you visit eating at 5 points and anybody between is interpolated between 2 called the the CSN expression
is just slightly more call but when is worth it and so are the same and I'd just reached the kind of representation in the heading the display Gillenia interpolation between the by point is for the fight and then the type of approach to the law in this case it's so it caught between on weight and build so you get visit the order of the day she continues uses which makes sense in a designer and you have a pollutant annually want to show the area where the concentration of the the
then as a set the end for was the basics that the 1 thing that you really have to muster the day you want to start making the although
players to offer for Bolton read the use of yet during that exposed on the Web is more to more than a solution is not your old paper man with a big serve solution and you decide on display and the way that it is about showing the before the solutions and different solutions to want to show that it is the way or you want to show they can still decide needed to take the crown from progressivity should details because of the way and get to crowded and nobody can do and that also for performance reasons you don't want to have to display 100 million lines Dynamic which would adjusters open of black gold right and but would also take all the time to do it in so this is 1 place where the same true queues at the same time a good looking man and high hyper profile the this is is an example of
dependencies for can see eye progressivity shorter more details and and hiding P at the PM but BP sought put up and up at the top of the PM so we start with a visit the ritual a showing some point return it off because they are so busy that it additional gets unsuitable for high cost which is played there to cause and by adding that the 1st the highways than codes and the buildings as a swimming and also display of those goals from single life these lines and again with when changes scaling makes sense of the change of so the
of her and so being there as early this is
controlled by chalk elements means given me the and not straightening from 18 assess there is a problem but you up so the programs that you can sit on 4 or so far as either will fill the ExCeL as well when the state of 20 given me is below 75 thousand their ideas which Liselotte which side would order was not sure what 1 thousand and that there are so because they were and they think that you might want to do
is alternative and so why don't identity that change the way in which a display and to see them in the same way this later codes from single life is lying in the
case of their so the of playing with both need me Mnemiopsis given minute or 2 the on off than there was in the same thing here to play with not scaling minibus about the thoroughly of their case line display while this 1 goes from the thousand 75 so single-line goes from their thousand 75 thousand when and be in a bowl and thousand to deny despite his life and his just chunks of the cost of this is that the for studying
CSF's so again when the time when the state is between the thousands that 55 5 thousand you can almost pretty high can use on the line Cheul pixels wide and look at this 1 is discussed the baby CSFB to statistical line or was that the activities of the same time which has of the Disney ABC so busy for any old the for any of when the state is less than the standard rate of less than 1 2 7 5 thousand then like loving which side where the take label from a rapid you labelling and by some them could talk about playing with because of the way the state is less than 10 thousand instead I'd go for the case of the play which is done by the time of more times and 1 of the 1st day than white line behind the scrum with 70 basis and then will be so of that they won with something in the way of the world because of the light is that in the so that all the good times are paid at 1st and then or the white miso the sex this is off to get the programme display because they are so support around like the sort As you can see this is recalled that allows me to be change display depending on the scale without having to worry the lobbying for show which is going on between the 2 sides another the thing that is so
often the missing or me is used in is the use of taxis but there stages like so as the
bosses of its audience he assess you can see the point with a solid Koren baths on means something to easily or you can still believe by beating symbols buying them so that we have a different time or player this in the case of the we have this very long winded the same that the state of their use this little the of way body in the sea assesses the bullying uses it was thought this this just part of the Website all locate when the and the city of Udon classification by body which matches cemeteries which is also has but it was sold by then end use this is a part of it so I can see the light of what we can also do it
provides thought the call from as the right to have a lot of simple libraries on Gesar can return to the what I'm doing here is then gold is again to 1 of the semi the UK like the like getting bigger last these simple and referred to the fund and the code of the top saying bulkhead while you're at it the other way but some lodging around the same cities of political system of the which is what extension its also by as the of cost hatches are
supported by the extended the well known names such in the so the provides the notion of a well known box which are 5 or 6 names like circle where across the Solent just has extended the the of the of the concept and we have the ability to order a new kind of Moccas white code 1 of them called The Times which is across and that's how you do it seems insist that something of a favourite with the times simple not the best way of getting without that symbol like lot also after specify the court and off stroke and the hallway sticky an area of the city that we are fed up with all of which means that the sun would be allowed to use of the world is the size of a that place that the bigger site Causer their but the again because the ex becomes bigger this sort of builders
and was the result for the team you can more so that you have the best catches then you
can have dashes but is to be paid for the ability to put put it price on display of all deadline or on the blind where there are so for being the sisters to would say OK give me a better Radio 4 2 which means to pick suspend onto the saucepan to peaks of the announced of its own and the you can have more than 1 volume if you want to have a beltline I would say to peaks of the them picks up the pieces and the and the tactics of public and and but from the beginning and that would give you a beltline representations but again this is the citizen presentations quite but for this 1 with the
user eyes which is not fully part of the specification not to be the 1 for and its more flexible but the done what of the 1 1 support is the ability to use in March that the could along the lines of a specified and short before it so that it is time for the King of satirical along the lines but I'm using the Charm space so that it could be cooked with some space but in India he was an all the line which is also on the line and the using the dash offset the to synchronise that you are so that they don't about that we what they are with the ability to use of the Chevrolet with a single to be repeated his unique to just as the a 1 1 as video by de between the symbols but I would be a uniform 1 just the allows you to would to non uniforms because he was the best way which can more playing
perfectly duty is that they wanted to put a label on it on out and I wanted to have made the rectangle may be Unicomb below its and may be adapted to the side of the of the label in this case is just as an extension on top of their busy cancelled the which allows it to put a graphic element of Texas symbolise at which is something that you know what I wouldn't be allowed to do and the same outlook for disabled please use any time a mock I'd into a specified the name of the mark but the status quo and then there is another set of options that's say Upul came with the motley is a size it to match the 2 proportions of the label so I'm housing stretching so if not more numerous where the tangled and also adding a Gothic mahjong that is from spacing between the label and and the and the and the result of this is a very long time and this is equivalent of to
assess when the wind basically the same thing says the Gothic is of shield and saying used where and the and setting the sides more than the march so this is how you eat means process when he comes to point
symbology 100 per cent of the or so here and have some sort of out mapmaker with points higher points which represent the locations and they wanted to display each 1 with a different symbol the on the nature of the locations some are shopping centres for the schools sold are of government buildings and so on and had a bag and then categorised but the and the Ecstasy code have to put together a quite long winded to fill the 2 0 specified shoppings because the and because they are something like Oh and gifts to see life is a seat 38 1 and then the in the name of the aunt of the thing that has to be shopping inside and then Anshu was this particular not of Michael Owen and after the these like 16 times something Sussex under not sorry for 6 times resulting in 600 lines of the to create a new system will end specified liable for them when they do it with the assessed is is
that this is the only 1 win from the feet of success in the light of 70 lines but it is now and the end using the power of cascading I'm saying for any that start means match any for any of those points please used his libel full name and that the fight on the side you order wise was a black circle tool to display by the time and matching are shopping centre then used this like earnings from basic early setting the Beswick's and then overriding them only in the part of the need for a result of the 600 lines of the becomes only 7 of seeds assessed and anything will into a
finite identified Fatah is not why the White have to set up all dispute presented to of the media could blow to the name of the Iachimo I want to use that in the end but it from the beauty of the system and to allow him to do that it is a country other than you and you have to determine sticking to the things that I want to use the disadvantage is
extension on a where I'm basically instead of using the fought off before idea that despite their body most where I'm saying OK this last part of the body you pick from the image so of only have to be played 1 shot to prevent 1 of the with the of 6
and this works of causal truancy assessed and produces the overall Styles tool of 50 so much and this is the result again when it comes to Lab
early in the USA has a lot of love and loss of and options to control Hilder the labels are displayed just the latest example of this world is following the line these soaring on the road it is label and this 1 is actually being brought on 2 lines and this is a set of when the options controlled Congolese in this case for what life labelling and saying the the auctioning through the labels repeated the label every inch 150 peaks of society by a very long line a display multiple times on group in the league was because most of the time this enabled and new musically made of 1 feature of the tournament all the and another and another and another because they have broken the crossings but for the sake of this play would like to to have the whole lying in this group and the options makes just a few growth which lines have the same label and he was there and then that is not displacement allows the system to move the label along the lines of the thinking is that place but I wanted to put it is a ready beezie with another level to avoid this the equivalent before the
equivalent citing the sisters were released sold the only thing to point out that it is how we specified options which is the same as a boy her point
labels for point labels are we don't need to do much but some of them are very very longer and when running on line in the beating in sense that the line is alongside longer label longer right but when comes to appoint a don't want appointed where labelled the takes off the the map icann have just automatic right but it was the same land so this is of and the options name bought over 100 excelsis if the labelled goes beyond 1 and the peaks of a just abrupt enough for me automatically in 1 or more lines to satisfy the maximum ranked for Boyega
labels again we are using all to to have been that would be acting as more space we are blind displacement and then that is 1 Olomidà which is growing up with a very well known to even to long-time just users which is good news that the judges are want to try to to explain how labelled the was much bigger than the political itself so basically just restraint to compute how the then believes compared to the point and then the label in his going to be displayed the East 70 per cent of it by the 4th fits into political so we allow them to go on but side not much with 0 point 9 am to allowing 98 per cent of the label to go outside political because and is not actually 1 that it was to be visible given the political we can
also applied the concept of label obstacles which is the idea that the film only lines at some point should not be overly should not be overlapping labels from basically saying the any of these symbols is a lump of coal so that they don't have this kind of situation where Bolduc unbeloved overlaps would be not a single and Hugo ICI fuel showing by the day and load of County 1 this not because they are not quite as the MoD has not obstacles transformations we of 2 kinds
of transformation just overjoyed at permission and the and the Spanish and the and the 1st versions of the to became the presentation before it is not before that in the mouth by want to apply some changes to the jumping the and playing for some changed the whole later that displaying the offer was on the transformation is not the ideal way to take the job at the end of life but also function and with to offset the ability to do what generate simple shied away so on with the job but I think it without about court and then on top of it and painted in that is very large number of functions that can be applied to a job is to accept that this is expected the beginning and end of line and so on areas this is version of the
same size see all how much easier it is to the point of this when you can put in the Gulf said that the UK you'd which is called the junk white this is another example use
of your job the transformation industry extracting the and the flying because they want to add natural at the end of lines and actually doing some magic which is probably not yet the end of the rotation of the IRA was to be on lined to be an end of the line on applying and all function which is called and the angle to get to the end the angle of the line the and use it as a petition of the so that the IRA alliance with the there we have
earned the interest from Asian which is comes to applying some special not across a seat on the flight to give tools to provide a different representation of the data in this case of calling the just go for the dubious brought on the flight extract in a number of ways lines the landing this than playing on the map this is the only 1 feature that is missing from the assessing CSF's to date you can expressed by the formation yet that is the work of going on to understand and this is very powerful because it is a that before the start of frustration applied only on the area of looking at and only under solution looking up so that they are actually very cost because they are not across a single that the set of their prices in the US the negative solution the need the dissolution of look in looking
for a blogger along on the internet in a few days of the British the presentation of the deal and the USA about automatic during the audience of the times for for all this year cystitis and the music of the scenes it was you this is that we all
year under the auction was a with
their but I'm never actually
talked about it but senior so the priority and and giving it a number that higher than number of the higher priority for not labelled all yes that can be an expression you can take it from the database of 2 1 guest everything else these are ahead using CSF's not none other than moment you half tool do it within the user did yesterday and but we are moving to worth making CSN sinisterly the office of the moment see assesses after determined the flying as the before you uses it we are working to watch making them interchangeable and other point you will be able to upload says but up to now each of the 4 games