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TileServer: Hosting Map Tiles And MBTiles
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OpenGIS Web Map Tiling Service (WMTS) is becoming the standard used for distributing raster maps to the web and mobile applications, cell-phones, tablets as well as desktop software. Practically all popular desktop GIS products now support this standard as well, including ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop, open-source Quantum GIS (qgis) and uDig, etc. The TileServer, a new open-source software project, is going to be demonstrated. It is able to serve maps from an ordinary web-hosting and provide an efficient OGC WMTS compliant map tile service for maps pre-rendered with MapTiler, MapTiler Cluster, GDAL2Tiles, TileMill or available in MBTiles format. The presentation will demonstrate compatibility with ArcGIS client and other desktop GIS software, with popular web APIs (such as Google Maps, MapBox, OpenLayers, Leaflet) and with mobile SDKs. We will show a complete workflow from a GeoTIFF file (Ordnance Survey OpenData) with custom spatial reference coordinate system (OSGB / EPSG:27700) to the online service (OGC WMTS) provided from an ordinary web-hosting. The software has been originally developed by Klokan Technologies GmbH (Switzerland) in cooperation with NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA) and it has been successfully used to expose detailed aerial photos during disaster relief actions, for example on the crisis response for Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Isaac in 2012. The software was able to handle large demand from an ordinary in-house web server without any issues. The geodata were displayed in a web application for general public and provided to GIS clients for professional use - thanks to compatibility with ArcIMS. It can be easily used for serving base maps, aerial photos or any other raster geodata. It very easy to apply - just copy the project files to a PHP-enabled directory along with your map data containing metadata.json file. The online service can be easily protected with password or burned-in watermarks made during the geodata rendering. Tiles are served directly by Apache web server with mod rewrite rules as static files and therefore are very fast and with correct HTTP caching headers. The web interface and XML metadata are delivered via PHP, because it allows deployment on large number of existing web servers including variety of free web hosting providers. There is no need to install any additional software on the webserver. The mapping data can be easily served in the standardized form from in-house web servers, or from practically any standard web-hosting provider (the cheap unlimited tariffs are applicable too), and from a private cloud. The same principle can be applied on an external content distribution network (Amazon S3 / CloudFront) to serve the geodata with higher speed and reliability by automatically caching it geographically closer to your online visitors, while still paying only a few cents per transferred gigabyte.
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more and I'm from a small Swiss company the or or not contracted this development of products and what I'm going to show you basic or petition away from the safety of publishing the printed match to its annual and so style approach it and the start
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you're seeing piles of small Puget the fastest redefined juridical creation and
of the this the styles are only or and their 2
dynamically from the from the Daytona servers install special so much Sergio server and disorder but it is accessing Judas order or general eroded the and providing them to the vet to the client to the Ministry of the more wooden approach Foster is so His career in the ring of or a in the these of these data also so that the files small small images are in fact the pasta available because you Stoughton more this summer and with the seeding approach in effect in figure on a sofa which which is providing the Styles in advance and store in the summer of all the way between between the client and the and the server so it's possible that just a and the and dynamically with the British and the approach which is now standardised as the and yes you can also compiles or just get eroded the 1 or 2 of the disco computer or or server but during the time of the day and Cronje old across as all these data and create created said in advance and this this is the approach which we are taking a for 4 days on the beach we are speaking during his presentation with this Britain during approach the issue majority for status chocophiles utility of which was my student project for for Google of and because open and there but their data style milk probably no and the other of the approaches to the shorter the next which is kind of like advance the from Cheadle piles of their
so advantage and disadvantages of the Briton during approach the candidate yourself on the slide the most the disadvantages usually if you have a few high quality hosting always disagreements and or fuels direct side in the Cloud you can simply put the night data in the same location as your as your event of called and but the Giummo files and and euphoria sales from the site and still had the singable mapping directions to the jobless chips libraries cycle parameters without the need to install any other soft and is this can be quite a quiet of quite a good thing because it goes to instal a safari of them and they made it can stop the rot and you have to use to upgrade versions if you simply had their debate that it's much more reliable also results without the dynamic aspects of its it is that even faster than that it there is a sofa in the team for disturbing because of observer suddenly all too much for you because of the of the content on the day and this is this is that the advantage of code of using this Britain during approach for for sharing the data of cost is not does not fit to all the data on which the data which are regularly updated and so you you need it you need to change change what what is visible to the people that this approach is ProPublica will not the best strong because would have to the processing and handling of data transfers the Sir of and 28 aside if you have something like a based which you create and and its debt is on the server so without any change and you have a large number of visitors accessing the match and then that is good and the approaches to the way to go but especially if you don't like huge amount of data of the day and then you can even use Ricci postings and and you need to save for your so full of headaches is hosting it's also recently launched quite what the printed tiles Wisdom or by applications more by the goalposts are using it also for offline fishing offline storey and a by the vice associated with Hugh summer on the way and As well as hosting the
thousand of the most straightforward way how to out to see the dialysis infected added to restructure the dermatoses room levels and eggs and wide coordinate for the storey of the also so few around Yeovil by also much Taylor you could dedicated to be greeted is is that it to restructure the of eggs and why and and the files and this is like data mapping making would you need to prove their for for the openers or other just could be the worst of food to the world so that if you if you can be opened match disabled load tiles and the ladies of the alternative to the
full the storey which is some kind of like a cage record over the tiles are in effect the same files moralist are just just put into as lied or or of people are using Judith as well as the storage for tiles because it is also just a container something where you can put would dose Britain the images internalised are again advantage is disadvantages was visit by Quichua denied need some kind of soft were which is serving and on the other side is really easier to transfer data from uncertain other because you have to to handle of potentially millions of small files and that's good so traditionally the axis on the server is done just just directly to physics and why and how Dahl's but if you need more if you write a view 4th at the next like years and plane missing the Metadata would is bond books have version is room would order was levels and this is his is being sold by while Jason recently quite well in the end of the growth of cost are not their own mind
order standards which is sold in the program pretty well but the countryside more designed for order for that just could be the worst and the and the viewers
are using it as well on the subgrid and the tiles and the lawsuit practically anywhere suggest just you just can't go with them on any called called surveys on Muslim as the you can you can just put them on before serving in the company can be Vindo Sir just just go paedophiles there and if it directories exposed to the sun and the your maps are available as a sauce on the side and its through beginning of Austin Reed hosting Street each the hosting saw Oracle will drive a books of such a great thing if you are a student and but it at all it was to have the match songline or mind with the tree services if your serious of cost you will sit up something like Ingenix surveys of ways of optimized optimized the for serving the custody files and or use some kind of called service or seed and service for distribution of the match and he becomes through the
W and yes so the excise it is nice but we have a standard now L and so the question is how to expose the match which operate under would go into the piles through this so called opened S consulting
standard and the David Chris is the people in the Open sauce project which is doing exactly this the kind of like a push to speech he for of that it would be the best Language from the world model about that but it's the easiest way to install and that of the project is to be put it is
easy to use too simply is the boot details of into
into default on of hosting server you next to the beach he files which are and approach and simple aged excess file on but she and once 1 so the city style side in the same for the rest of the so each the files from the project get online surveys which is oafishly of following the grid and the specifications it is means you can you can open the match in the in the traditional justice to clients like Yujia as large as that of and and others models reuse the piles of enough and a model of
modern humorous and more by the prices so of the 1st 1st reason why to work on the Telser was easy-to-use use it for for the long ball people who are interested to install and the hosts were also meant they in a special service of her the Roddick and installed on the deal a cost of which he did is servers ingenuity of the Street of India's Implementation according to mind which this is the 1st open so perfect which is to exposing W has in a way that the as the protect opening so we had to study the how history implemented and just under with finding a bit different ways the then exactly state for implementation of the standard so so we find the beautiful following their way and in the light of providing the debutant is the weight of its compatible with with their clients of so that that some interesting and cost of this project as well and then become with who is so I'm more either a on how to implement the Telser and this that side of it in fact but often the during the month in the US every need some kind of music interface and you have to implemented in this language did language and language mental state owned various technologies and read
infected come up with the with the
idea of having Justin exposure of of police also met the data about file great and do all the user interface in just the so so that just because loading this small smaller
of information about the man about how great and a building to hold in the face of which looks like like
this in the end of for 4 previewing the tiles and giving people away how to use the trials of the use of the match players there are now about
to become Lamentations being implemented for details service the same high doubts are now been bought from the beach which to order a languages and their students in Switzerland of working some must disease or not on the writing of the pasta into each into bite and on the hour dealership in a bid to make the project to to have the sea but plus implementation which gives you a fast posting for and tiles well and we have a Muslim as she implementation so no service offered all just pushing the files the club but is to get the using interface and the access as
it is presented here in fact that the US over age he has been used in the introduction of by out of order hurricanes and it was injury so they replaced part time amasser with these Britain the tiles and simple which the and the other reason for doing this was that during during the evidence of the people
the accessing the Richmond people's accessing the and the server crashed simply because because of the many clients accessing accessing the same data sauces and they replaced replays the service for providing the maps and felt simple simply although all the people who were working to use the imagery just after David flying is the is the opposite of the piles processes some server and provides all the others but the access to the body and the as most of the people American eyes that it's not are crime as and more because it is just that was different Ural building building the data into into their GSK clients and in order for that analyses only because of his age and so on so
that the project has been in fact used on the production or a last year if I go to the processes of Hulme hollowed detail server can be used all how easy it is in fact to put the Mets in the way 1 of the most on the 1st step is to render
tiles and the easiest ProPublica use to mentality that this could
publication new just truth in the First World and the files you want to rent a new job in the a load of old of data for months and so you can just see 5 according in system and and on Jewish friends is from the file if it's available inside the file if not you can you can specified annually
cruises interface as shown here with a preview where body the image is located and any
intrusive you want to into for the or into a package of Dodd once options as well for settings levels and owned and the weight of bit and it's persisting of processes its processing the data its able to combine also multiple files into a seamless layers and the and advantage is that once you diamond of you end up with the crunch tiles ordered the paper on the August disc and so he can contribute the and Applications
so different into full and there was something like this for a decade but the you should just opened the Google Maps you leaflet it you you get your getting doesn't publication can start to and the with other function of Microsoft appropriate or or use this old single later from multiple areas and so on but the ordered the opera where the 2nd step is upload of these data into into a host in any way to get there is the about future so I
go to the British which cited as download download as it file on the and and into the
same for the raid on big file just would before the with the tiles and the ones you want to visit the website is to this day the
user interface ority which is completely adjusted basis with
the list of the files and by clicking on 1 of 1 of the match so you get the preview in Google Maps and ready to use the word Allah and for the multiple Lewis in by by clicking on the
show chose or so of the day you can just go and pasted and so on all of summer also has each day mountains that building loading the into this year but you can use of used the match on the desktop as well so we have had the by the gods for for various this declines which are which are directly supported to seize the seat in a way how and showing showing us to buy the water where you should click and what you should stop so that the Mets of the inside
of the of the edge of the old days without installation of the sofa and in its streets each the files on hosting and the and the piles of bloated and the performance is so really good at from the compiler able to through medication its significance across the than but and dynamic approaches for food is because the fact the files are served as prevented files by the server Donald said through speech so sold a header spa are are corrugated details you this title has modification dates of database of anywhere and during its and and encased in SOS simply the John because because he did the Protocols handling is done by the by that but she or or other observers and this is a highly optimized ordered an old the each the stuff is doing is providing the Metadata and Exum all files which are loaded wants in the beginning but clients and and then the Royal image data are exostoses directly if you're interested in the end the project This is a Man Emanuelle if you are
interested in the demand by the new candidate at the time column of their souls Olympic if you compiler digital files and other however quite hot on improving the performance and the old the whole a utility has been written into see was last and so on but it's also available for for using and in the processing bitchiest so as a command line application next to the user interface which is also it was easy to use but also discipline in automated processes and it's a able to end the very large datasets of the river a
a good some example speed and the for example the order and survey opened it completes datasets so we have very Opel tiles printed it's about 15 gigabytes of data which is simply put all server and you have to have fully placement of open space in the eye but you control and your restricted by anything Elwood unit is a simple 15 year by some of space on on the server and any can zooming and use Google Maps sepia the flat and on the more while on Droid and read as the case for demands to Google on or or open sauce 1 or or other for access to the data
and about this disc and uses a big round match for additional additional sauces its infected by by police in New paying some some of
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