ODVIS.AT - Visualization Of Austrian Open Government Data

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ODVIS.AT - Visualization Of Austrian Open Government Data
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ODVIS-AT is a project funded by the Internet Foundation Austria and Salzburg University of Applied Science. The goal is to display open data (demographic, open government data) in a quick and easy way to end users. In 2011 the Austrian cities Linz and Vienna launched two Open Government Data services where information was published in textform (csv, pdf, json, etc.), other public authorities joined soon (find a current list at data.gov.at). In an attempt to make this data visible we started the development of a visualization service in 2013 where published data is linked to geodata and the result is put on a map. The project consists of an internet portal (odvis.at) and an api to query the data and allow personalization and combination of information. At the moment the project is still in development phase but scheduled to be finished in September 2013. The project adresses a public audience as well as researchers, journalists, students and developers. Data can be accessed from a central service that provides a snapshot of currently available government data. On thehe backend the visualisation is rendered as a graphic layer to be used with Open Street Map, using Mapnik and a postGIS module. Rendering on demand allows filtering, combination of data sets, mathematical computation (via the api) and hence the personalisation of the information display. In the presentation at FOSS4G we would like to show the project status (finished version should be ready) and experiences with the project.
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pulled out of the can Liverpool's so that the child could be of use to read by had about it the more more I get all the buzz of the possession of Irish about to sell its oil to study of about it that Australia also check in Austria has not ruled that the law of will computer thank you find someone to talk about of approach to working on at the top of the sites built University of Applied Sciences which is not you on its project that sort funded by the Austrian and Internet Foundation and on the
deals with open government data in 2 thousand 12 on some of 30 in Austria study to be published datasets on this is a picture of the state of the NHS was the 1st city in Austria who published a government data but not under the published 120 7 datasets this is
Indiana and was a 2nd city on at the moment they published around 100 82 datasets so Austria all of that data said that had the
creativecommons licence on and the with demographic for government data collected in the Web service called on data she on its based on Sea can and as you see on the cities there are on federal state than their also on national board and stations and also community who should
data to the public some there are 20 different publishers which makes the the dealing with the day to difficult time he conceded that the author to the published and most datasets which is and James Anderson small community also in Upper Austria and then there is that the State of Law up Austria and buses and on we have 6 cities
that published that we have found success of 9 estate at the moment the published data I'm including and which is at the same time federal state and city their 2 communities and their 7 national optimizations like though by publishing financial data or it's all about when this
happened in 2 thousand 12 in this summer on a came up with the project ideas to visualise all the data and that on the high road to small proposal for a grants that on funded by internet Foundation of Austria and the project cited in January we have 3 people working on it which is the the point of mine in the eschewed and actually students were and the plan was to be July's open government data and other my 1st my intention was to go with the with the visitors additions to all of those are authorities and that the case of this is a population data everyone as published but you did not can with their stuff on the island can be put it on the under licence that will allow us to sharing and to allow people to use it on so
we are working on these of the surveys which think at the moment is not accessible because it's still working for but on the idea is that you go through a navigation menu you choose your data said and you can find so the data that their of the July on a map combined either with a constraint or even while but we of producing only the red parts of salt the 1 example was from year although this is steatorrhea Hugo closer you see that so the look
at it on the credibility of communities the date said the
company as is the 1st also as long as some of the in other data from the book for us it was the easiest to use the this season example of what he gets on the end want to say this of good example because it contains a moral less of the show on terms which is in UDI not cold and also allow called the you to code on which is pretty standard and we can work with that there are other datasets on that heavily but called BigSim which is district and it's a number is number 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 so we have to make some correlation with the real community so that you can put it on and the other problem is that the data said are some of the data is not think correctly over to the with 1 and stuff like that On
the biggest problem at the moment was that there was no official release of communities and of Faustian board data on and there is an official place where can access or by that data which is statistical stress on but even if you buy a data said in a high resolution still not allowed to publish it on to give away so we had to find a solution for that then since and and you to would you information systems are really had learn everything from schools to local there are cheaper than opens the ONS and then in Australia the sauce especially as a special case which is the and but which is different because the and is labelled under 1 allow called but it has almost 2 million people leaving their so the grandmother teased totally next if you want to compared community we can sign the and there is a community cold with which he is special for Austria on the day that Labels order sense but the sticks the city districts of him on the
guest the of the 3rd from the street all of the community and there are paid and from the city's because tonight's from being sent from Canada and we have to do with conversions since their different Projections coordinate and then we were so proud when we had the 1st but the problem was they were still holes in it and that that the reason for that was that and the relations in August should maps were not all was correct so we tried to take that and we have
to to get that uses simulations on the US economy that some of the fixes but saw that people are ready but of fixed is so prolific doing something wrong as the Speaker something to show on the map but then there is
another programme in Austria that in the queue to thousand 13 on 3 districts were combined so that the 66 or combine so that if 1 of 3 new districts of the board is changed on wheels to find a solution to to the with that and their also joined on all of communities so the programme with the Open should data for us is that it's to current action would like to the good they set of 2 thousand 12 but we are really creating the bits of the 1st 4
on so that we talk of living about on the exit repotting the regionalist is the 1st thing to a love of the UK based on as a sub before a lot of hand manual workers to be done we have to look at every single datasets tried to understand what it means but my hope is that in the future if we have a new releases of the same datasets like from 2 thousand 30 to 40 are posess was to go ahead and we can just run again with of the 2 about on week yes we have datasets for every year for some of 2 thousand 4 2 thousand 13 and you combining in Austria into view so that they accessible for for the Rangers and was for for the we are working on the developed by John so that all the data is available through in in some cases which is not possible at the moment because you can only grabbed this is the 1st from the state to be caught but not on the day itself and are plan is to have the service where all the data is utilised for people that's just that we were just interested in in an overview but on the same side ahead of the where you can adjust the of the data and the status of how you want to render the your your data on an individual basis we also we also learn that with some datasets does not make sense to just published and Sunni Beckham the commission and we also want to give the people the possibility to write it but quite right comments on what the detection means what it might be note about the today we
running on other school infrastructure sewage and we received the truth to be enough to win more people will access to the service that the 2 system would cost the state of the art and that the and then also for a new the to walk out on to the information trainers on which it was difficult for us to choose which technology technology we should use on we have the University of size book all who has a been on the Department their using a server but we thought we we would go with and also wincher on might look better to help us improve is the key to the future of ideas On the every promised to
be on the by September 2 thousand 13 August this is not case of with me will extend the 1st release by pro between once which depositing uploading data on since every day we have to look at every data said and there are a couple of 100 struck stakes sometimes I'm but as long as your fund can do the work published on we are also trying
to find funding for the new year we have to we want to maintain service on we want to publish from its not mission on a unit basis because that's on hot datasets are actually really or a lot of them are released on annually basis on we also programs with the the names of all the of the date of the columns of the can take a bit of life bursts that would be viewed to walk for a column on many children are foreign in commuter community or a new car in the street but then there are also things like that children per 100 working people and Iwunda the city Soros or some standard and demographic in terms of terminal achieve that we can use and if not then you trying to say to suggest 1 also tools are adminstration to be more common consistent in naming their their data on year we also would like we are already in the country with the local authorities to work on the training scheme and also work on the pros as hot of the she could publisher dating machine-readable for much of that can great but more easily just are seen in the City
OK that's what you need the ISA regulated under the weight is that let loose and that the same WalletPop used to reject it they have to get out of it is that they will lose yesterday as well then that he should be out of the question will be the year of the Welsh such as the actor yes has found you can bowl with have but dump of the database maybe we haven't injured that as 1 but that is not what they were thinking are on you can go on to predict that the dump all are made she has been looking October but the whole data with probing the their on to hand over time but thank you to the power of its are not out of of the British and its but international on standard tool to label at to order so of the L 8 to start with the nuts and you see as which is in a state of some and then if you going down the Ministry of the levels at some point you are at the early age you codes and also this is a community combined which is approximately between on the 1 thousand and 10 thousand people living in such a community in Austria we have different but for that demand became silent and command a called which of the 2 different things yes the