Gestural Interaction With Spatiotemporal Linked Open Data

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Gestural Interaction With Spatiotemporal Linked Open Data
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Exploring complex spatiotemporal data can be very challenging for non-experts. Recently, gestural interaction has emerged as a promising option, which has been successfully applied to various domains, including simple map control. In this paper, we investigate whether gestures can be used to enable non-experts to explore and understand complex spatiotemporal phenomena. In this case study we made use of large amounts of Linked Open Data about the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and related ecological, economical and social factors. The results of our study indicate that people of all ages can easily learn gestures and successfully use them to explore the visualized and aggregated spatiotemporal data about the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.
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welcome everyone for its presentation before are starting to wonder if you could be the next big thing the idea that although the was published it could come just became other 2 weeks ago in the early morning a eye get this loaded message from from him there yet another like that very happy to be here with you so how it and then you start with a motivation how long waiting white without the application very Creek introduction to leader and the something very to introduce or application talking about the how we create or datasets and how we can make the gestures 18 or application for inserted a global construe and how we evaluate or approach this precludes and future work
so like to start with the beautiful picture of the Brazilian and that the was called the land of the the that unfortunately it's getting more like this risk
recently although Menze for
good being conducted by the these the Brazilian research has based associated with the development for each other ProJet for fighting against afforestation that reduced from 2 thousand 4 to the 25 27 thousand scoop the houses gratuitous to this number of fell is also led to the number of in another on issues but it produced produced are quick Fernandez accused him of being produced every day it's very hot visualize unique experts to look through the state in East also very very hot to correlate these days for this reforestation data with all the information not only to the to fight and he's forestation when he took place but also to understand why it happened and
so we come with this week this you questions that moderate opera protocol to efficiently correlated deforestation phenomena with text of their goals in how to effectively comedy data population in very easy way to donate an expert worried information yes song Jewell making it possible to corrodies information with all the sauces we the you the approach of the tries of losses in the City which is a modern that proposed that sustainable development bookers only when these 3 verbals take into account namely that are over the social and a comical rebels with these ideas we joined a competition last year called the seizure of the team interactive science and we were awarded with 10 thousand heroes for developing the road it is these projects had for sending just 4 weeks time for development so I had retreated to the area and how we we with about we have to correlate this the storey from Asian houses that in a nice way then we had the idea to the opening of her that but
what I think a that to me but the shorter as we know that led the way this weekend published or tax are the of the deals in everything and everything East very Skora boys during recall that we can get full wants off to another but also to 1 from 1 not to another has with a clear accusing the the links with a very very good from scorbutic but for said just read before you a computer doesn't understand
what the shadow of picture there a simple questions like was logic about we read that into winners and but a computer just attacks so much of corrected quiz of the world the 1st exist what seaside of the picture or even some special related questions when where it by or by holds data was taken a computer cannot stand with other of standing
sold as he was said the opening of describes a map of publishing structure because so that can be truly become more useful
what does it mean that imagine we got the data said of seating and week over to the book and it is a unique identified as meeting off produced Aug and we got
the from officials from manual falls life the church's or of culture are to see the city's in in and so on in the all including as soon as you the Podger data to the into a beleaguered opened it network you you can establish links to the and put more money and also to get more crowded with the data some just wrapping up
some benefit that I can get you can Academy latest computer can also understand what stuff are all could efficient Maddox's like not only looking for an apple but the company has called for computer know what you mean in Italy a different kind of datasets making the whole order very near possible because to the wall of the word private and public data can makes in it and labels like companies the TV deals with the city possibly creating the innovations so now that we are experts above the it we be unwilling to quickly see how we could or datasets which took the forestation data produced by the body to the Brazilian government the band also from from the Brazilian comment which took like that is that is going from a like deciding crops their heads of cattle Ejide beauty population in the area of human topologies of Brazil we wrote the script in prices for download the information for the idea service in trip information create the triples Claudia triples to correlate later in the week but everything in the dust the book covers the new
format will the time and space Corica in the opening hours of book every 4 described the observation we aggravate everything grid cells of 25 but 25 geometry in 4 times series of 22 thousand 4 2 4 just 9 so let's go to all 2nd affected by held to affected complicated a population that most of the Coral for my presentation we thought about created a very directive using gesture for directly with information remember this the
triangle introduced before is that the same process had to eat we try to use the application of the of the every corner of the all for a bit we part the forestation data correlated with a solo show a comic or a volatile information here in on the top we particular and that the person you can he recognised it moved information he is just number project understood that new the discrete
shot of the application how it works basically you're seeing soaring the reading that its is afforestation correlated with the population of 1 state of they call a means deforestation level from the green being very good red very bad and the height of the bill Jama trees are the published the jostling
developed for for the with a goal was like this is just a year you can move the globe inclination 1 of the leading like you should swimming Irish innovative in a time travel but went out in the swept the upper hand we tried to find the the
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today it is not the other way around if
you see a guy who came from the fact that she's issues change that the year of the Vows large of public of everything I could open the but they but
of the the where her job new next
Asia for next so the UK came up but
soon from the pop that means the and we
would also delivered 0 8 4 4 approach for the direct with old it basically we wanted to know from from the user how well they felt using direct with a global using the gestures in how the media was a foot is was to tiring if it was like not corresponding what they expected and we believe that all users using the explanation for 5 to 8 minutes we got a question and which went 28 questions dividing troops the 1st 1 within just in August information magenta if the left handed or right handed if your for with the encuentra Industries Inc also like we were for something like that in the 2nd group of question was using this non T L X which subjective workload assessment to for before of subjective workload assessment operate the test group was basically of 43 people 28 Neil 15 female the youngest his 1 10 oldest 59 7 left handed and 36 the right handed in familiar with the those councils only 19 below the results of the question the uses scale for 0 2 20 were lower values correspond to lower working the was rated 1 wall of the time trial the moment here people delighted that much it is that it too was bird frustrating because you need a certain angle for the machine and the standard you'll Johan it is really up to some older people find it very very tiring uses the Bess's rated 1 was the funniest 1 leg application movement something has
wheels loss of Burgess and 3 point the Jessalin named mentally turned in just the 1st leg brought after to remove the restrained joined it in getting the ages all the people fund a system but accessible particular when compared with the 1st Battalion the number of house will over suppressant today the user accommodation gets to see the re affected when by stand overseen by the next as we still have to improve the because that we have to say that but gesture for big computer understanding that a person is a new users have like this with to opt out for the computer understand but there are many people around the globe doesn't know is still No 2 along with the rise of for use in the NHS there the sub-grid every something good details every scene was reading job than the user interface was another would is gold the Lincoln opened the processes was develop using Genoa the open-eyed for the gestures during and the Jessica from the from the eclectic in converted to movements it is everything free or sauce is available the top for for download someone is interested in taking it the behind was really
reducing for just 1 next the Xbox says cost 100 year's something a computer running Windows 7 and the and the projected for a side to play the
destination is now on for in Brazil being in Japan is safety there is going to come to the Double in November is going to be in also many schools Judith said that is a very very nice way for in the record that of allowing the and the cash to globes the interim schools some conclusions the trial with the broadening the attractive beneath you solution to display Bishopton predicted it has a high except as classrooms put before it is being all or other Germany in the joys changes reveals selected but Isabel's were able to learn how the 3 just without an excessive workload and to find a played all for the good base for fish to connected deforestation data with enough external verbals some future work we have to improve the website and just before we need any kind of of system for separated the use of funds from the background try different like framework tool for with just using this open-eyed the enable a has risen by children because we have a problem when children because they are linked if they are either too sure this sort Sacundai detective so
enriching the of my presentations like you enter picture studded with beautiful pictures of assessing the 1st win not only help off into the distant but to reduce
will also it seems almost many Pashinin naked in a rug the foods and Laura Brazil that was the year of waiting at the figure of
you look