GIS For All: Exploring The Barriers And Opportunities For Underexploited GIS Applications

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GIS For All: Exploring The Barriers And Opportunities For Underexploited GIS Applications
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We will explore the barriers that affect the utilisation of GIS and opportunities to overcome these barriers. Using questionnaire and interview techniques we identified ways forward for future research and development to facilitate more widespread adoption and exploitation of GIS applications, and the importance of openness in this. Geographical Information System (GIS) applications have been existed since the early 1960s, but evidence suggests that adoption of GIS technologies still remains relatively low in many sectors. We will explore both the barriers that affect the utilisation of GIS and opportunities to overcome these barriers. As part of this exploration we performed a literature review, collected responses from quantitative questionnaire survey and interviewed a range of technical and domain experts. Having analysed and collated the results of these studies we have identified ways forward for future research and development to facilitate wider spread adoption and exploitation of GIS applications. Our final discussion focuses on the importance of open-source GIS software, open data and cloud computing as key mediators for the wider appropriation of GIS based solutions.
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you wait and collying and today I'm going to present our project is exploring the back Paris an opportunity for the GS applications I test being 6 years actually since it appears of the GS bus allow the common problem is that there's the abortion rate is still Libya let Miller then Alomar libel on the problem many speak course that Gs is really depends on different of subjects so peoples have to you integrated GPS with expertise that make everything difficult so we really interesting is what is the current application of the GS what is a barriers fall such kind of users when the user G. S so wizard Techonology I evalution we really want to know is current technology that can be used to breaking the barriers force for the for the GS as is a corporation cooperation project between the horrors and Digital the research institutes and order so and actually for this project I was sent to the on so therefore around story stream weeks and we designed as a questionnaires away ask ask around the flip 30 and the stuff is to institutions and makes a so raced around well we get some results and we just want to remind some important results to you
1st thing I want to introduce what why As Gs is difficult for them lossy you there's and what worries the barriers come from as it can say from this graph that GSA Israel multidisciplinary subject it is really if it tightening related to a lot of things because the the softer here so that has minds of diversity at them to use for the different subjects also data a huge amount of data and different of data models and was my sisters and refer to the just special Massoud's people always strange was this type of mass also people people so quite important factors in use and G is B cost yes depend on what type of of appplication 1 to use it you have to master different alive of expertise for GS because makes people than 10 difficult to masking such kind of knowledge also half it is quite important because from this from starting of the GS the hardware is continuing evalution country in diminution but there is because as the data is still continue gross the current hot waste it cannot afford some of their applications
was really quite interested who the user is and what kind of applications they are she is and also want to notice what is the barriers doing such kind of application and is ending opportunities that we could to improve the experience of suggests we investigate
some new searches wait trying to find out the applications of Gs when many investigate fault Domus including this government transportation commercials public and education surprisingly have found that the application domains this continue to grow of maybe 60 years ago this is every fellow players in this domain but ran off nearly every bill nowhere used yes who were related to geographical information we tried to
investigate the virus that with funding in the past that is cut there's this lack of training this falls of people's factors like of funding for the research factors also Z. purposes of the GS the culprit to send their work and that is quite interesting which will result is a barrier so the GS use that means that in the past the this to last such kind of a symbol like conference that workshops for the users to master in such candor Mori tech knowledge and also we found some some and technical barriers of for example the softer aside and beta sites that acquire important 1 because in the past as elect such kind of soft to is and also data as its big problem a softer and softer reusability is that there's a problem of the GS software of the cost maybe maybe it's the softer due at Pfizer and now expert in usability too so people of funds are some of the softer interface is quite difficult to all create and cannot find the menus and also the wind or something like that as a company recrosses barriers with fans people we're trying to wrest
state of field of participants from 2 groups 1 group with founding investor-voting 1 group of Falun so they from a universe of lodging and wheat many investigators students frowned also in we investigated the stuff that many other research stuff fund use and user groups he is a bit too group from the 2 groups that are around why Sir for the beginners that means that if you have never touched with Gs before and was 3rd base the trend uses as a means that have maybe 1 2 straight years 6 pairs of Gs we also have the the most case experts in GSM is to have more than 5 years experience suggests background various losing couldn't special transpose civil and dual sense but this season
investigate results as we got so I fully divide is another factor seen 2 groups as we do why did before because it is a bit to date and softer size thus means of technical factors I was a founding network training of act and of Veronese's that's or organizational barriers we found that it's really various the results but if which all land that means which on and to Khot cut this percentage with found that's on the usability side founding side chain and Veronese a higher than that of our G. level but ourself to is a bit lower as we found out that the most important ways training most of people also that Cheney maybe is the most important things for them because the navigate chain and also the never got any a useful material for the began as before they just a starter for for for the GS so that is quite important I think is for for the GS side to provide beginners information to an almost as though all viruses out some we rested investigates some people Zayed and not aware that Gs can provide such can function to isn't he was about such kind of function but not where the GS can provide of so that's is also important size-full for the beginners a usability side at this interesting is we rest is people who use the GS they found that maybe this commercial commercial of soft to rear provide a by to use but it'd because they can chicken information and also oversees indicate indicating attractive but open-source they found it's quite difficult to find some of the the functions the course is the man years and in the majors project problems is a bit difficult we also investigate the
use of the yes most surprising most surprising and my presentation recent major 1 most of the EU's Gs for map presentation and my Georgelin also understand as knowledge for and suggest specialist and database management but I think and less people understand that she has come to a D some forcing the even just think GSC is assessed present the MEPs presents objects was a cannot stand there's GSK integrate things and do something things support things on
we also investigate several of group leaders from from old and so including customer service and post-sales support group was is 2 groups that met many face is a the Journal uses of his yes because they're a user on the survey MAC product of the user his group understand more of us the usability of the GS for the users can provide more information regarding to the usability we also investigate some technical just searches and academic research in universal lodging and of a bosses suggestions of Ford's car the the search direction of the G S and how to reduce the barriers for the current technology this just
some fate just a feels summarize the results a most of people think that I ts right now for the big analysis and not be easy to use and they have to lend case skills and 2nd wines that that finds that the most to users only for they use Gs and they just use for that the very beginning of where we these implications regarding to the complex applications they have to refer to a programming and some difficult since that makes the users feel frustrated and difficult to continue the use of the G. S and also I think Gs because it's Rafah's too much is stepping of knowledge and reasoning is professional knowledge is quite important but this means that they have to take quite a lot of time to lens knowledge some makes sense difficult now we found interesting things is all so a group that professional users they found that as a current computing power is quite difficult to affords so to to some of his applications a particularly the applications you effort shows must massive data Borland for example is day to relate to the holders of over the global that they have to deal with that and also I think the expert that's if they want to move forward as I have to use the the every detailed technical documents but some for open source and some of the units commercial products is quite difficult provided by the detailed of documents force users of
regarding charges scotching We provide several solutions but some I things is still guess some an imitation and constants of those the 1st lines open-sourced years we get quite large of the and this very very good for the education purpose course is transparent for the code and you can demonstrates how to use a suggests hollow the GSC structure structured for the beginner suspected province and as I mentioned this document and GSA up low-cost so that can be used to for different group even for the commercials that's a good benefit and Ossietzky's it to expandable for projects I think this quite quite good for some projects that need to integrate is due here s as Open Data has opened data is quite important to Pickens take care the current is OpenStreetMap can provide well good quality data from the pure state is around the seventies coverage of OpenStreetMap those dates qualities and it's still a problem but these can be free to down the free to users that act solves the problem of of his data see some degree of AWS's cost I think that we use quite reduced because you don't need to pay for the data I regarding to on so they now have a commercial product but to the square expensive for some users can't is it provides Open Data and Open Space to his country some free data to people
another thing is the cloud computing this is for while the peace at which he needs the where powerful computation the color computing is 3 a while it's a potential directions I can be used for the she has taken promos at yeah them remotely and people can compute this their implications remotely that country use a cost because you can share the resources shares data on them with others as well thank you around much
and they cease my research thank you at the and questions