Doing Business With FOSS

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Doing Business With FOSS
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How to make money with free and open source software ... that's the question! Often the easy answer is “by delivering services to the clients using the software”. A more nuanced answer could be: “to be open in your business model, to cooperate with other FOSS project communities and to provide a sustainable service offer with quality assurance to the clients”. Dirk Frigne, co-founder of Geosparc and spiritual father of Geomajas will share his experience with open source adepts and business people interested in starting doing business in an open and transparent way.
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but until I should thoughtful and then at last week that the club have revealed heavily now and then is the surf again as base of the food chain so let's
go back to the 1st picture of the ecosystem and want to try
tried to match the 4th for G community on top of that picture so 1st of all a detective who
have to stay cost of living which are developers of because that's what the hell are we have uses using things the developers are making operating but there is more than that have also research because and opens Alsace about vision about future and we do research about technology and researchers are working to get a bit developers because researchers have already and the developers are producing the most fashionable of over and on this stiffness the used by solution by who are presenting the solution to the and we have off stuff and no consoles communities that can be re used to we have integration provide integrating all this nice will stuffed into working things at the end so this is the 1st it's more than that but that that that's enough for today the question of
what was here how does that what other driving falsest behind the commissioners and this is what by investigated so the 1st thing did so there is a very nice
presentations a given by just on programme how to get rich and save the planet with the thought that this was a very intriguing title and wanted to move to know 1 the top the so there and when he pre-process presentation of his friends were already saying he drinking sometimes giving it away for free how with the possible I they didn't understand so he gave presentation of of that and I'm trying to build a further on the presentation to so why did it
was look out of the business and by children on the internet for the business model of every and there
is a clear statement about as read the goal businesses trading and distributing propriety care leading the way propriety this is what we all do it and then they have failed to sell problems using room so that the boss until direct and for days and then there also strange things they have to practical strategy have direct sales for a moment as the response technical citizens in the West and then outside of the West and the rest of the ropes they have international distribute rose and they have Berlanti of this business book but they is adamant that the club would the 1st part so the next day by try was too much that businesses that the business model of Judy closest so they talked about users and and comparable to use of the operates business by the International the sales and have to opaque so back to
the question of how to get rich and save the planet with the results the before we can build and that
wanted go some things about opened sauce business this is a graphic designer from customers of projected to be protected I'm not going to tell you all about that but just going to summarise for those who know how
to do business with the results so far this is the value model of of office of searching and the they are different model steady and used to have a jewel Isas which you can use if you have control over the development by if you are the owner of the suffered and you can't make it to the sauce and and sell proprieties soft but not proprietor of the
storey as it as licence offer a big difference another model as well most of us are doing so for selling so you on expert in 1 or other technology and you specialise in training or in the for the don't need to be open about ownership of of them and although model this applies for provided for to be pressing providers but you concentric packaging you make sure that all the objects that use all the of all the things from the Office of community work together with the right releases and to release that can be re used and it helps if you are in control of the ball another model is consulting and going to be in the Boston it because this is not
purpose access rising you have all the teachers for for the disease access to rise and and that last year have suffered as a service that you can provide services using open sauce and that it helps also if you have control of the development so
having said that we can start with the real topical does of this
present day she and and the other motivation some people get rich some examples built
it's not realist jetting amount all the people the rich like Steve Jobs some back to that later
what do they have in common 12 back to the business model of
Basra but what is the 1 thing that this particular as they sell products and sales and marketing sell abroad now I'm
talking to the people of open sauce community of cost opens was about libraries yet building tools of creating things and there was a queue combined before Lancs was created tools great before was created so some products is very for people from the used you community and but we sell hours we are consultancy are experts and that that's great but it's not sustainable enough we should do more and in New South community but also need recurrent funding or like the people who became rich do so and sticking
point is already mentioned that propriety propriety propriety gifts of very strong mechanisms to protect duties understood to protect the OK think and they
are a lot of companies in a suffered as protecting the where there is even on board is a she felt the as a business sofa Alliance and this is the list of companies who are a member of the of the Open is a shin and they come to the to protect through to come up for their rights but there are funny interesting dated producer documents
and the right interesting things many more than what I'd indicate here princess probably properly licence Australia has also been backed on national economic activity that is more than 3 times the impact of erected by of and so on so prop only licence offer it and Wright proprieties never properly licence of the think so a couple of commands on that
was Jill soft where it properly licensed because that's the way was you only get annuity of project in your licence this is corrective every country to computer is known if you know what the quality of what sort of the of the suffered so it's probably not so and other things that the as a state said it mentioned but this from the previous life physically and physically protecting suffered by the hot weather walls and what is a very expensive way of protecting them so 1 of the benefits of of the industry is maybe there the value in the protection of the area but I'm think again that the focus of the new features on but the sufferer among the things at a less than in physically at Villa and the thing that protection even an open sauce and violence this is necessary because of but we shouldn't by about physical protection and think that a purely legal protection for should be sufficient because it's about prospects if we can if we have a legal good licence that almost respect and be you when they do not agree on open for licence change and why
protection for well that's about and the Ashes think we are all going and because we are looking model consoles offers or but we are committing an open the but it should be fun to be challenging opens also threat is enough at the best in many ways of creating new innovations that it is the basis of the future of the to save the world but there are different products going on and and violent below the environmental challenges that you have to do and it's very offer and I'd think that if you want more entrepreneurs and granted that my and them protection is that we should have a way to protect the right to claim the respect of all those don't respect at the going to be able to compete with the trio Straus propriety business that's around them how can we do that world can think we should
work together very nice picture from the film NEMO where all the little fish for a free but think that's something that we have to work on and that's why we are here to talk to each or 2 for audiences to to have that approach to don't read the invented really can't work to get a and try to bring all the sofa basis to veterans into but this offer and we
should do that in and balanced think that the we should move to find a balance between protection and flexibility 1 of the big point of 4 per of opens also offer is its flexibility interoperability so by think that of me we should build and protection McCann was so that we can trace sustainable systems that can say the it was or even mentioned by previous speaker and think I'm are is a prop action that this very strong but that should be sufficient but a look at systems like Microsoft or whether they have control over your contract from the operating system but the and he was a product of the office of applications we talked about free and opens also for free in the way of being free of being in control about being control about your Britain's think this at for freedom is Israeli think I'd be air I'd be are as protection shooting should be sufficient to to to create that so that new open soft fresh and can be a bit of the the ideas that it can be interesting to have closed sauce systems on top of open sauce suffer sex and that given that the board should be for new venture to protect themselves for certain amount of time not like Microsoft not like as read which have for his of protection and UConn the them almost any more began to work together a 1 company come due begin to get a hand to it but she knew don't may to make the same for them and we have to protect the later and and that the solution to go on strong enough and protection is in that interesting that they have created a new venture offers can make it look soft again and again but you can create new later on top of that statistical idea he took the last 5 minutes of want to use this as an example about Joe my has found that the job might community has has gone and his continuing to so becta the the
1st spectrum of the Jew my community as an ecosystem well before we read the
book this is all the stakeholder assignment before and then recreated commercialisation Jews by which is 0 with a 1 and who is responsible for the mood of the station of things coming out of the July 1 but very working together also that all the community update 1 used research has a new breeding tidy you should protect him so I should be able to protect his I'd be are what he did at just part is the get if you use a soft where the that that you can Lise's or that began licence published over community this researchers can be traced protective of Britain into a into close for solutions but the solution can follow arrives his idea into the market going to establish by the solution by the end use the value but if you want to use a value on top of this also well he has also had to protect the I'd be of his additions and there for the fate of the show licence to choose Bach and this having that protection the solution but can sell his solution to the and sell to integration by using it and also and this is the solution by the ability to grow not becoming not become a new Microsoft but as sufficient to invest in the country integrated bombs and go to use of creating integrated solutions they need expert but a certain things that you do it you spot is providing the experts we are not providing the ball by ourselves that for we are to smile as a company but we are collecting the ball over from the communities they never and re selling them to the integration not so that we have a working community and that the integration bombers of creating Systems system sustainable systems and they need to for so we provide provides sepulchral Britain's through the and for which they paid just by
books and just Bob will uses an reinvest of 1 in the back into the community so this was this is 1 use is 1 example of how you can create a sustainable businesspeople system that would open sauce and think to
conclude that 3 Preble's things we should sell pro that protection is a bowl of Dr licences and we should Bootle commercial fought to be to have a bigger 1st again the propriety industry of today's thank you for your attention where the hell cattle the the dressed in research the sorry from all of the time but now saw of the 3 stages the and game so the question is at the start of research what what through the researchers too well
but depending on what what researchers do but money research in both also all Britons and I want to you to possibilities and the British everything and make it open but that 1 of the key points Escudero your wrestles and if you want to have the possibilities of all right to results it stop all this good to make everything openings protect something if you want to protect something unique propriety suffered to do that we provide developer licence so well that you pay for Roger it's a good idea think they understand the worst after the game you can published the you can political brand of your research but you are not obliged to publish Anulka in many many times you create also not written prove what you did so you can published the the results of a repeat the and then you can get higher developer because it's a solo is a project of the note it is difficult to predict that the database but and that's why the developer lattices reading very cheap so that it gives you bought unity to don't opened of the so that if you use opens also offer in many cases of the 2 types of life is that you have life like a actually be is the and then you can do what everyone to have also all the nicest likely to be eligible young where you have more possibilities to trade business that what we want to do is to use a Jeep yellow lines that so that I can trade the business so that can earn money so that he can reinvest an object of projects and 4 insist for research and we want to provide very cheap developer licences so that it's that so that you can protect as long as needed the things that you have created and then have the choice for you create or you make it into commercial approach approaches and that it can develop migrate to another level or you say OK it was an idea was a beauty but that's not of any use commercial value until today than you are obliged to give it back to the community or you have to keep paying the that load but you don't want to do that so you get back to the community that this is is as an answer to a question it is a game of squash getting a just they were of site the game the big thing finished