The Business Case For Open Standards

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The Business Case For Open Standards
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The use of open standards has brought considerable business value to Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s national mapping authority. Ordnance Survey participates in the development process for open standards in international standards bodies and is an early adopter of many open standards. The use of open standards has enabled Ordnance Survey to future proof internal information systems, foster innovation within new product development and better serve data to its customers. The use of open standards has brought considerable business value to Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s national mapping authority. Ordnance Survey participates in the development process for open standards in international standards bodies and is an early adopter of many open standards. The use of open standards has enabled Ordnance Survey to future proof internal information systems, foster innovation within new product development and better serve data to its customers.
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for standards and at the hands of the following the least P up for use of the money to go so what do you standards other
person terminology there is personal
jokiness number 1 in the night's thing about open standards is that there are many Jews from the estate of the main knowing that such as Cammell in city and some for messages all so popular that the almost standards themselves but which changed in variety of for mad see as the next Melott data on the other 2 main such as statistics have their own standard such as the next Lt Gen directly so what is a standard in my mind a standard is a blueprint it is something that allows people to to build something when Ocasek built up a building provides a blueprint so the builders are in January Inspectorate can look at it and say what villas according to plan building will fall down and killed stand but a standard is more than just a blueprint for the past the something that other people agreeable if it 30 not the it is not the the consensus for blessing that we typically called that standard specification and by abusive use of language we sometimes confused and specifications so actually a standard is a specification but not all specification are standard that makes a set of that we have Defaqto standards after standard is a special occasion that has become so popular because people it decided to use it mainly because it was implemented in trip around the sub-grid got circle work acceptance that the specifications may or not be opened it may not be publicly available without the sort of a licensing agreement with the the main problem with the fact that standard that their are own by a single man who can often does changes are when they wanted be a prime example is the son Websters's W S P E W as is the effect of standard for computing on billion standards that are created through consortium of companies government agencies educational institutions that uses an open consensus processes prime example of this is the witty co produced and then we have a body such as icily international standards were stationed at the rate page during a standard examples of dangerous and include past the party see the idea of a two day 11 and white by Procul I'll see
confusion between open standards and open sauce and activity among people who don't suffer development before a probably preaching to the choir but open sauces code its concrete where and may or may not implement open standard but open sausage treated in a very open environment with community in Baldwin publicly available and 1 of the great things about this offer highlight is taken off the and speed up the adoption of the standard wi for example that that if you have the release of suffered implements some new standard the to help work out of what they find interesting is that the typically don't open standards groups trio sauce and open sauce but trading standards in the inside right inside on that I'd like to here at the end of the presentation we see open standards are spending 3 area technology data services there are technolgy standards to officially manage data standards for but databases storage application servers standard such as the well which by so Tennessee standard now data standards to work with operate without Distaso data in European the European by a direct hit in the United States the procedural geographic data committee to examples of body set free to special data standards that we have cirrhosis standards to consume geospatial services agreed examples of these are part of a mess of the beaches what matters from a GCSE now
we see of standards benefiting hosted people within an organisation from suffered over all yet sea level people like the deal was for suffered Oprah's open standards promote code reuse and powers them to exploit reference reference to the limitations of stories about Fourier price are Ketek's open sauce opened standard rather promotes Brazilian design patterns gives inflexibility when the designing systems and a lesson to react easily quickly were really ever changing itinerant on providing managers open standard promote effective budgeting through the use of suffered allows and his what outside where they need to its also good for cost reduction in a product of pride he directed directories open standards helped them to a life in their ideas strategy with policy and technology and to not fusses innovation in recent research and other sealable open standards helped them to a life cover strategy with like long term technolgy developments and it also gives them a certain amount of work and site which over can drive new business if so the no those those are just some of the benefits to internal security with an organisation but we'll Cécile's with of the standards as being as during to good sound public policy and used the you Kazan examples of the kind the Cabinet Office as mandated the use of standard in all government I'd Thesis to ensure that they are in the UK or to talk to each other
in April this April this year the Cabinet Office released a Oracle the Open standard principles contains 7 principles in that placing the user part of the decision making processes of standards and even suppliers to play on a level playing field supporting a sustainable cost 40 flexibility change making some decisions quite simply of using a very transparent process when choosing standards and also trying to be very transfer when actually implementing the standard medical these have tremendous business their from this diagram but a stole from the rich the autumn vision is systems with opener faces up over open data for this is that we talk to each other across government but in the case like I'm
really into open standards open sauce and open data might think at the heart of all this is the user worried for user opened standards promote improved it access especially access to data during vertices crises complex improved data sharing monks stakeholder organisations are improving just the understanding of the benefits and the FA sharing information on improving communication which which in turn this community building up interest inequality and documentation tri-state access another aspect
of open standards is thought leadership and a load of self promotion or use Serbia's as an an example by since the time the 1st release are from digital for the had the use of open sentences as the hot or are strategy with Italy tried to develop opens standard both the and and globally are distinguished director general the nestled Lawrence is the culture of the you into Diane to be experts say that the agenda for the global information like I never remember with withstand for with United Nations officials on the global cheeses Commission at the end idea we provide techno X technical expertise to conspiring to create a European standards now we continue to support and by a programmes such as L European location programs to create a European data for a call up to the standards we were made support the television programme and think we led by example on the use of W W and that's all we also provided expertise to create a location discovered that it is standard in the table Gemini and the something about eating one's own dog food so we we have a lot flexion was last about it was released in India Mel and also as a commercial W and we have a free and commercial W and the called of the state of space probe with no
long term technical members of GCSE think since 1990 that could be mistaken roughly of 15 year so far the team is on the board of directors with someone on the global would rise 3 Council and also the business valued committee with particular debilitating stadium L and Jews Bakal and hopefully now the emerging points of interest standard for heavily of all the niceties the to to 11 eyes by Saudi see to 11 is to use the Sean Loquasto's victory over special standards on were very and data some the presentations this week from the week provided guidance on how to build the and maintenance of a link data on your eyes Cessford for location data on were bowled in a number of bodies such as the W breezy government when data so open standards look really good on paper but they really work and think 1 with ascertaining that is true but that a point this is an inner or up ability experiment so the ODI see ordered surveyed with the support of the ice will be hosting a plug over the next 2 months to really task for of the standards the amount of be funding and the and Italy at the time what we want is good all and vendors sauce commercial than written in the 1st notably suffered as read the is union and techies from across the public sector and the public sector get them in a room and just really really test these standards on the outcome of this will be the 2 things that witty easily the trading in year for which the quite technical and will be creating a best practise paper not the best practise papers that these sort of the good the bad and the ugly of the everything that we find information such as well we try the standard and it worked in mapping professional but it and working in options were we try this huge a separate exceptions with the work around to do that but it's a way wave of just getting people got into the players on how to use the standard with within within the sub-grid available on their interest in the sale conference next week 23 10 45 British summertime on cut is a 2nd much over on the 1st Friday of the word a survey Southampton on the 17th October with a 2nd try on the night of December results which will be presented on the 10th of December and if you are interested come grabbing really really like like people's purchase but
actually my last slide before a close to the 1 have the question the hero of the day he says said by the gets the preferred in East because it and we could do to get bigger to touch based just pick your brain but I've had a question for you guys are just went through some of the benefits of standards committee would think of some negative aspects of the it was a quick and but was it the best of the post which let the outlines of the testing 1 G itself 1 of his use the test the that's enough for the job not all of the children of the same year as the United States said we were 1 0 follow calls White we've actually have to do the same thing with with bodily of certain aspects of it just we thought were were lacking so we implemented of work around so we intend the them back into the GCSE and and is the criticism of the city but and general standards bicycle long-time to job the revised standard so you may find something the balshaw but it will take 6 9 12 18 months said that by the time the you will die so that step deflated limitation ICI anyone else did I'd this time last year are they still code she the that my question the question my patagia previous what could be wrong but the books of the year a phrase her last book on the eve of the said yes it should someone has to pay what well what they like but the GCSE its consensus that so it the load yeast then when they like a GCSE just using the an example of the consensus based and and involves a large Community people's really see the battle staff rather smaller under 20 people for the people actually working on a senator thousands of myself included just people who are interested in geospatial 1 of treat somehow so fast that a way of maintaining the status as having a community McTier's striving to to work on them really provides a tactic or changes in the it's a long time it does and and that is 1 of the negative expert aspects of of standards were time for many reasons takes a long time to build a consensus and and make sure that the standard assault I'm not saying also played sent down the 1 short time working with some of the sting Jones as he wants it to be over and you can be sure that they are in the self can be considered so that it is not that what you have to go that far the 4th round by when will take it out but the strike locals say that the example and the Abu over such as the 1 of the of the balls and a bit later than this summer 1 theory is that you are long time for this we all know what she was feature of system British all very relieved that they had footage of the stadium and the walls of used in the film is so that we have no signs that this is said fact that the and so on and so on that are and don't think about right now the governor of the state its owned and that's why we have completely safe offer doing quite well discover for 1 set for much more by a group of the same good good the because so