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ESA User Services Powered By Open Source
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of that was the fact that this has been a sorry that that things that I don't need that yes I'm going to about in the afternoon on the island going to talk about the European Space Agency and how they use open source among the context of the briefly produced a team that Thomas was sitting in the role is the famous 40 Metcash and so committed and and so far beyond the myself of from the X in Austria was a match of committed and a part of the project time talking about on so what I'm going to talk about is a clear breach
introduction to the full and geodesic cold as it is called project to the next generation uses services from users by will briefly produced a component and we were in the Ross talk about medication announcements Thomas did mostly or exquisitely and after all this boring stuff will come with a fund part and try to get demonstration that this is going to work out from the US of the European Space Agency they're about trying to make a new area for of their existing uses services so that they got of the but and still growing and they want to provide access to stock for the need to provide access to decide what they want to have with this new version is fully on line data access to the services among them what they did in future be made her heard of the genius programme of the big European initiative the global monitored by Mom security began renamed the couple from the Guild of Copernicus villages in the name of that will be in the eye for several of the 2nd set alight 1 2 3 in the data and the extent to which the latest plants mission and of cost devil them the estimation they are ready for the language of October and the and the but emissions written by data in and so on as well and another big objective of this project is that they want a full use centralised configuration management thing so we need it needed to do at this to a deal to sell the book account of the 2nd season the On the are convicted of a crime no new some and the objective is that they should each Enric system usable for other beaches is built from advances musicals zones the this offer to provide a two hour set alight mission operate as if they want to reduce their debts 40 use a project or bottom this full stories diesel called across the sold uses come are to search for data and they want to do what they have so that what Rausing ages of 4 and what we using but providing the standardised access to those Rausing so big number of images of the dead sold to dimensional but the at the time dimension of cost so what we need is to excess single images in time bottles of multiple images of the months and so difficult period on the on side laptop so in the middle you can see what we call the process where we reusing suffer said that will not think it's met in the middle and she for the rest of pro cessing pulled off with everything but and we have on top of that for you not make the data management will be for the extra work so that Britain patent and its existing mezzo Intel's while script and the storey the the day in UXOs with real and filed with the police and in the past and this fact provides and internal W messing says that is used and by Metcash to feed the in the end but the fish Cirsa doubly Antaeus him man tiles service and the service for a few women in the the a bit of complications is that we need to look take authorisation into account of the future will have to decide but with the new she would a somewhat in most worthy of the occasion and the authorisation which goes to the component of the ingenious systems and we have to cash the decision so that they we can be really to foment also with authorisation amount of objective is that is the central point duration is still think you control of component of census New Labour conjurations for examples of we have new this year new set alight nation that we want to do is the consideration excimer computer or we want to have an additional of protection for his status that lies at the hands of cost the Hopkins today and we have and into the component with a defined not examined the face of 6 the state on that not to talk that describes the data that are to be interested 1st by that we get the rousing which is themselves account of goals in the 2nd and then we get to treat having it gets triggered by an excellent sent us which includes all the way to the information we need He lets the before
get anything by and highly based sauce austerity for the and told to see the duration move the she would but that's just 40 on 1 worth noting time as free pro cessing so we get the the images which are various different kinds of images mainly japex basically there are 3 ways how we get there she referencing information lost start with the last 1 which because the easiest way to reach your reference you the way win the doubt party is that we get the regular grid of high point located and in the summer of imagine it looks a bit odd but it works and then they had the most common way get the image is of a piece with a footprint so we have to accept Structured test 1st excellence this position on the political front and we have to reverse as so what are we doing in there prepossessing step is several demonstrations 1st of all we need to multiple Brendan geographic to the point on the way ReProtect the team majority in the protection of new to surfing and but the enormity of before we at of cross off the general picture is usually the reprojection means this like trying to get there but it singles and we internal about stations like timing and with Houston storey Indians wales led compression because the delimiting factory nearest storage space because we seed everything a cash would only to be brought on the fishing between the 2 people on the dole in the 5th but but came are coming to look at what was added to to Metcash 1st of all a red is that the time dimensions of for though as they are cast of books of satellite images and we want to be able to access each single image also Beatles time Eagles images that emerged and together so what we have here in the British version of his Fumio familiar to some extent with cash you can the time the mansion and his eight year the sequel Ifop and and the follow a for all the time start and end dates for which image and then you proleptic during public systems so in this case group that just the for working for a time so is so that from the time they get some parameters like which ties we are in and that the current time of here that's what we get from from changes from 43 in addition we have the in the bombing box of the current climate is requested for that we used well and then for a woman's reasons for for the and eventually we have also limits that we in in this case we we only want to merge 100 time end what this year the get that they were Elementis request that has been everything for distributed the and we have stopped at midnight and the and time the again for his day and a gift for a child in the bombing books which from this period we get back all the time and cost of the care of cost 1 of the last 100 ones and then Metcash goals and House cash and merchants all the time and Services 1 of the line he questioned Tiger any questions directed of this book found in the in the will of the the Red yes are has accepted that he would use the well that single are to be maintained at some of the exciting but there would put the fear around 1st to he 5 and then used the seed everything the cash but testing the case you can never across use
other options and this is for example the important for us to read only option the music can imagine if only each selected is only a small caution on their and we don't want to see the world but still delay a itself needs to serve Philip of so that's why we use abounding books in the seeding request and with the read only the sitting room a shorter poll tacit and not indication to think that they are anti and and the images are return so we have fully preceded cash given the possibilities that the including the period abounding books which should also not be don't necessarily to make it completely preceded it would or with proceedings to go 1st to the period at the beginning in this I'm by at all this fashion is available in the version that was released 40 0 5 days ago I'm not interested features this computer Max Kissoon sold off Brough's images for example of the way the game certain resolution and do it to the next sensible way on the resolution conceding the intrication this is what we do is likely to level 10 was here it is computer as the highest level that is actually cash and after what selects will now and then so on its computed from song late so you don't need be there is no new information anyway oops
I'm not interesting Optimization this because he using a sequel churches and and to collect fishes from us to the very nice strict for single the was single colour images music history just 1 more its 9 by of just the 1 very off that colour and then on the client's automatically expanded to 1 of the but there was some more want to say from this space there let's go the fund part please turn off go to the
nett connexions with the UK He wanted to
buy with its also or a submission to the opening of the challenge for changing times if you want to world for what can see your so
isolated time ready pre-selected or not and the Michelin opinion is visible so
caustic and use the Times the time all that showing reshowing then this morning that only the latest 100 times but is that are available are shown but as I can see that sold last 3
Tomasevicz Murchie over time and the 1 and to up to 100 between so can schools
through the storey but telling some some Astoria can later you want until now
the changed at times this is the way we
lost some images of the system of the time and only with those he a
Case that's by with at the end of area from just if interest is
at just wanted to show that the British working that so that the refugees would well to for me coming from the US and Australia 4 by each but it found and the
interesting thing is that we look at what
is to be on the verge of the time was that data said from from East of around 18 thousand images the cash is around 10 year but see collectors so this is
a what you of devoted so it's a
as 1 later covering 0 18 thousand images so this is
not now Thomas the Murphy's not done on the 1st appreciated but if this which thanks to the it's time now slice
mnras which riesch tree this the woman on the
slow connexion was found at the
fish and the Fed greatest to to books from we ought this idea with the storey OK let's go back to the presentation escape to the
pick up screenshots think conclusion servers and Asian as the conclusions they couldn't time so we see that there is much or open so soft the building blocks that can be readily we reuse for operation of Potomac conclusion that it is in the right thing to do for the review a code for the 1st version of early components is just to be over for components finished as bit late but that should start with the going to operations NYTimes that's not a very interesting and pollution and will open sauce offer its allows for easy the options and the and the and the like is that this for a amounted man was basically on talk to someone this is very cold and cost that they were part of all this the function on the placing the and is now available to body so it can be immediately using its or early release and so as we had already made keynote for example of the sort of time work after college he zone says spawns of this diverse demand Mahmood so when you do when you are and cost should be the such call the thought of scalability and the and we don't really see that the IRA that's all that statement that it would buy meant that time the saddle missions to will require a millions of seeds and they want to and were with that system before we will seize the moment what with what we've done with this 18 thousand images cash and we didn't have any of the big problems and must says that we we've that deceiving step is so that the slowest part of it and then there is also the issue that we sometimes we have to have a distinct time the laws in the case of the piano about the way that so if we get all the time and also emerged into 1 and a forest and we have to and see what we had already paid the said the deal at parts in a cash and this is a picture book from because the using as a collective dancing to reduce the part but we are still waiting in the next Evolution of the system will make deceiving completely Asynchronous at the moment it would write off the beaten just he will make it Asynchronous so that we can wait for sale images and to only 1 season in the summer but some them it initially away in the last emerged from the start Abbey you see as the belief in all no as as the seat after so that d'Abbro system for reaching a should receive their interest history of the Grand will prepossessing and deciding and move as well in the next evolution we want to switch to stay with just run through a brick gross testing the hefty internal loneliness and and then we see only points or older than the house part of the house the good question actually from an eye contact and there is this distaste this limited but the while the wrong wants a arrives at the moment and think we go into the room to the it found that of but ideas for no for a Timex this week that won't work at the moment but it is the way it is it is the only we need to talk to a man who was yes and was loosely although it is so so what do you mean by sauce the all out for what was they will enjoy unit left demonstrations just a simple openly is that it does not not being studies of the of the entry of project of these uses services because just the process of the picture in the face of the uses of this will be a different kind also a based on openly 1st but there you will have to to London for certain they said and they will definitely see which datasets to which select missions your searching until the results are all exactly hurdles searching and there is even the most needed to the to sold the researchers at the Institute a lot and you can highlighted a single season they get titles and it's why we live at this important refinement that we need to be able to access single images on top the following the a all the during just not the polls images are all in the name the ship in effect 18 thousand separate rooms but just with the local took place because he is just seeing the on the books of the of images them settlers of the for each year after complete through a from some will 0 2 would was that with the way it was an example but only in the various actually it should data Ali at Ali and operations OK at the end of the year in the implementation rate system and will not be responsible for the operation and the is early and so on yes it is the where is were
you in the right way after the Astra found it in the end the
put and the I old bellies yesterday of situations expansion of the list is too much of what does that mean that it adds to the storage of made the latest addition made later and in the old coverage as Poland and particular you have the time stock and and and footprint and what we all and as well as 11 and additional operation on on the describe separate can make a spatial tempura Search on bowls courageous for this irony time and the Prince and then we have to deal types all group coverage is 1 estate as a series that will be used period for a which she newsgroup but is the 1 later or 1 cover chicken during when the series you can during due to retrieval this up in the and W massive 1 later and told the sub images of ways by their own but the can still retrieved by the time access to the sea limited and the islands is set for most and if you if you may be sure to have a more elaborate answer than we talk tomorrow at its 11 30 summer and by way of a was supposed to mention is that in the background of this of this match the most showing the using a nice to earlier this a Submission of into the opening up of the team who had to be re used for Cape the I joke about the Nazi had to use it as leverage that alongside the but the the means test version of the machine some that's the Ananova somewhat Boris said to their findings on the count planet calamitous and without but they already top dusted they want features suffered the and and in March in the Brussels anyway that states I suppose is what so we have the relief find for for most of the time only funding to face is that we simply implementing of cost it is testing and that is why I wanted to let it get away with this because the difference and can be discussed but the big big agencies have been the faces and they want to use them the you