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How To Create A Geocoded Town - Monmouthpedia And Gibraltarpedia

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the guy had talk about creating a yet code attack and John might have been involved in a number project on would be helping with on the project and its part of project in the week old time which stands for the Australian various unspoilt galleries libraries are kind of museums so it's about her linking at the total sector some Paul just tell you who
we are and John comings is a guy who's a don't at moment all over in June stock that he is currently working at the site Tuesday M and the match was system using and and and his also worked with the current in last year in Gibraltar doing what we audiences about in Gibraltar is the 5th in a row to take the case for a while and world of the book of the year of the political wing of the people which is based over by that the right of the
festival to take about is always Wikipedia hands of loyalist paid among us whose used Wikipedia because of these were in the room who is any side Wikipedia 1 person who use who new that who is at the scene and error in Wikipedia who failed to correct it right so messages a guys accusing the IRA's correct and that the reason why the of the brigades but that is because people see the arrest and the text of the world just talk about the rich are and it sensible by everyone it available in 276-bhp things will be been trying to exploit is that this is a by the book so easily and so many different which and if the 6 pound visited 6 months visited website there are about 500 50 million people every month to go and access Wikipedia so you get something on Wikipedia even if is the most of skill subject for instance unlooked today that the place where we are built is built on the old Clinton priority is not to call about 2 pages long about balance of Priory and interesting fact is you've heard abroad input if he ever existed he took on the show but not again whose name was not that mock and he was a paid for this that the Priory to be built and Brazil is a memory for that so actually places where the shock of not to get still lives his body is somewhere under the cafés and would be his funded by donations run by a charity Wikimedia foundations
often with the help of an idea possible walk in the park the use of some of the disappointment of the World Wide the of the Year at the time of his wish to use a weak in the hands of the press the the EEF the spiritual best sales of the book of life at the moment but there is a real sense of the word but we have been waiting for all an all the way we did test this is a
good fit for the start of the contract this week so do with all that would not be as the rule of law and the rules of the glories of the of the original at the end of it is pretty Maiduguri said she was proud of the
work he did in the days at 100 by the end of the subprime data some the smaller Welsh with whom he used to go the what and say is because end of the policy is since the and it was decided to use of the word he used the word of the day Britain that the growth in the rest of the he the list version growth action I'm a real would be there details people saying they would like to hang out for the night is actually and so and
number people doing times to wonder that might be a reputation with using a beach Wales and that was
guilty code and this Kelpie codes are over here we have long the subject to comply from around you like and then that they all based on a queue or code which Britain everybody's the same the difference is that the when you click on the key or sense is the language of your fund and it changed the language so here we got the same paying in in English and in the end you click on it and if your fund is at the end of it of giving the commission's quirky all why and it doesn't trancelike uses the fact that we have got Hawaiian and uses the fact that we got Israeli Adidas that the opticals to you might actually be saying it's a different versions this more about it would be possible if the fields of the Russian Ratchathani when not to give it a new when they beat English it would not deter the country you know enough to know that it's kind of a woman by 2 people speaking then sir
this is made clear in down museum to is a city command of the museums and you put your fund in sprint all acting for Anglo Saxon it to talk to him because there are people who who actually do great Wikipedia's an Anglo Saxon plot and we had a and we have people from all around the world comes to 21 Dublin music because you wanted Craig 1 place in the world where it looked like with a big was finished the something
and and his allies the Queen for the Indianapolis trying this idea how it was rapidly taken up while the times around the world this is the children's Museum in Indianapolis using this idea
and the idea sold in Bristol with some of the guys that are actually mean you care and we said that we wanted to do was Museum but the museum are still thinking about it and but some guy on the back said 1 daughter tale of the said the and with the use of credit for the World area of the world or so it seemed the Website cases where it would be diverted to say on the books for
about 5 seconds but the cost to the public the right of a city that is full of the most recent survey of the site but the of the size of data and 6 got such a good start and
had the right to remove As this column these technological kind of the was the losses but he mission where you want it you have to use your friends that he has worked on the deck of a bus when the of this kind of thing is also different there for the duration of the body is that of the law us a moment is
are a small part of the world has the means to pay for them Ms to part with their
critical of the tools to get the people what
so do we saw 1 firm of the meeting were carried along with of the time and codes and the cars will be fitted in the polls he would by an intruder by which he added it
is low in the with a flight to the UK of the 2 3 existing well about needed and that about half of all the problems and the and and that's kind of the same where most of the rest of the time and I am pleased the those in the fashion for the 100 million many schools by the British law because it would reduce the need to be loved by the likes of and about this
is that the 2 of them in the decisions on the outside of the is set to pretend that the I'm
talking about the immediate is just not worth getting rid of the ball well and
is great for the club not the half it is that they have been identified that have signed up at the close of the deal to go through the roof food but there is a moment that this will replace current the of the ball and and that for a while so I work quite so and which is wonderful under the skin of of the fruit of reverse the following made by the British the fate of the day but other justified because we figure Intel but some
believe the law of real the ruins his charity the only because of the those edited by the US and the sustainable add was for the whole of
the plan at the moment cash and was
the light of the loss of using and the and the way that these games the move away
from job in the 1st phase of the bill businesses themselves people say you read the and other yet so the the city is
also thought were brought in to save the day was that they use the read by the time the would produce over the top of the board of the German and we go to make up this year
so the for a long more for road the chance but it was to the freedom of the city where he said the board had to add the word is the yesterday to be the 1st to make the work of the new of the crash but said that this is
selling to what we did the conference with a 5th of the disease but it did not as some would be for a while yet the problem is is is a messy and I get people to use of and so every ball supplies will be able to go ahead for the 1st your by a history of the RAF and the board during the that the most difficult in the current year but also the clock the and the did lot a world of working at the time and the at the start of the book he had written in the stars but in the heat of the day what would happen if you
have the right to believe that the is period of the its asset a tiny during or at the end of the of the on the fact that the 3 men and forest from full back to the best of all that
so an African each long with because invited to go to talk that jolted government and the board of 120 sponge but this unmanicured tried for credit the default 1st would be and this is
that this is the case with the last Neanderthals live in your so I went round that this is the guy who was a classic like in this and it is the head of culture in Gibraltar and the full access to the whole of Gibraltar we've written by just of we of community of written just over thousand output the body belt so this is job offers a Bristol places of 30 thousand people actually that they got Cosmological was basically to walk round and go on wonder what but is that enough to about every dawned every 4 2 occasions every case all got something written all really about and so we had a
thousand 40 we load of the 3 thousand free images and this is showing the impact on the world's would like looking at the number of languages you could use to access the the Gibraltar obstacles to the written in different in the schools high because it can cause a lot of goals in in English and which is 1 of which is that they couldn't get it off what of India's well Takashi went around and Gibraltar and access the the culture in hand which is why this is wonderful for Wikipedia's when things would be different if the increase of global impact because with the leak of the new Caywood but I couldn't and in France and Germany and places in the in the First World British because the global South we have she nation given much of the legislation exhibit a government that they would not only do Gibraltar but we would spread out into space expectant but that the loss of Africa as well fully not actually go will stop not of the national board will will try and do the whole area around Gibraltar and this is showing
here the break down of the languages which has a pretty much like what I'd find ways in which this kind of access to coach a full of people in poetry and people in all Ketan and Dutch and the French and cattle and and all kinds interesting languages and
we are the statistics on the job the codes and when they kicked off with tell you can access in what kind of country bail action with and the actually usage of a queue of code is not a nice way that amazing is by the by she got back to the level of coastal data available to use a weak your British looking up come the axis of for most of the Wikipedia began she says being access for 5 times a day and and for the more powerful things like Gibraltar it with getting
a lot of access and the ideas to pick up is a free ideas people picking felt that the people South Africa taken this idea of a wicket found that around sweeter the go down the house and the picture 2 40 the
standard house account believe that she got something stoical side of a mountain Gandhi's house in Johannesburg and talking about doing and destined to choose and now Salander's so it's wonderful to have the kind of impact on Aug isolation and I'm actually find myself things
didn't know like this is a matter that the yellow but the middle this Johannesburg and that's what they speak English the other policy or where the First language which is English and actually the you think of South Africa as the English speaking nations are mostly it isn't it got other languages that they speak and and OR southafrica such having these kind of access is wonderful the
and weak on all around Freemantle the system view of free money although with the US and now we have a lot of the days fans and played tickets and but it is nice to be on the safe side I got this job the codes being used and again until the accident in different languages and because this is the Spanish told you would not think amused yet and with down from the top of wondering if he can rise to put stop of these things are Geco did the job somewhere improving the data and after
final slide in such a point that talkies and we come here because we are mostly the told people to think we must be done to talk to get people you want your best people will wondering which account of great way creating geotagged information it's a wonderful way of inspiring people to actually engage with a culture engage with information engage with the fact that the job is available and you actually can extolled virtual place where you live or even to place we don't and it's possible to create cooperation between atomic saucepan was would be to walk reaction to it on hope of hoping with with this folk where she finds of people die because we thought about things like looking universities but with told about wishing to the projects are running him thinking if only 1 these projects that actually got people involved locally principally all impact of your put it might actually quite strong saying that younger days demonstration technology and by the way with a ball that body last breath animal everybody in France and the Dutch club written a project and to do that she not after you don't and and in the cinema Jessica losses of a work by the time the plane Wikipedia than summer and and Street maps of interested and and what reluctant if so what are the city of street the state that had been part of a problem at the top of the PM 5th the can basically eating basically St house and I am thinking have many any point Owen area for lying on the street and I can think it would be good because of the way I couldn't associated with the but the discrete did they wanted as a way of creating a two and completely multilingual map of the world by using this job the little re direct and would be a statement together really would like to you the 5 minutes and I want to get to close but what if anybody has any of this comic blink these big datasets together with my son for the UK for a while was the of G is the poetry of your way to the way would all usual of the 2 she the these of tax from the generals books and it is that used while the of game so it is not that job to that of this yet it also has a of that in the early part held that straight back to the will of the people it is a sort of lap that doesn't design because is picture of what you don't want to talk to you in your life the because the of the tie will be of all the people not to go out and start struggled China not speak there is a matter the 2 on the laws of about the name of the ability of the find out about went badly and should not be allowed N that would be it but the there must at the point of the year some people are going it has been heard of application the and the roads are so that they could be so that is what we have is that they set of they has come over how much you spend on board but this size time the capital the the world wants to buy them bottles were sir still some schools would be paid but the this is my last year at the same all the time out of the car and set off a work yesterday as the 1st stage of the down from 2 days old when the has only just walked off when he was bowled by levels of the law yesterday as the best of is a world of Tuesday because only to find the right deal Last night the wrong doing it when it's time the used in his life with bigger match sign up to the more being culture that the problem is a special because the is the best of the year which is a great that with that it used by the board a little more such a days except for the 1 of the house was people used during the storey of the day it was clear he was not as the 1 at which the economy and a lack of access back to days of the the novel practise was on Wednesday with the but it is packed with the but
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Titel How To Create A Geocoded Town - Monmouthpedia And Gibraltarpedia
Serientitel FOSS4G Nottingham 2013
Autor Bamkin, Roger (Victuallers)
Cummings, John (Monmouthpedia)
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - keine kommerzielle Nutzung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben
DOI 10.5446/15543
Herausgeber FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Nottingham

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Monmouthpedia was the first Wikipedia project to embrace a whole town—specifically, the Welsh town of Monmouth (pron.: /ˈmɒnməθ/ MON-məth; Welsh: Trefynwy). The project aimed to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant, animal and other things in Monmouth in as many languages as possible, but with a special focus on Welsh. This was a different scale of wikipedia-project. The project was jointly funded by Monmouthshire County Council and Wikimedia UK, Monmouthshire County Council and it included free town wide Wi-Fi for the project. ” Monmouthpedia uses QRpedia codes, a type of bar code a smartphone can read through its camera (using one of the many free QR readers available) that takes you to a Wikipedia article in your language. QR codes are extremely useful, as physical signs have no way of displaying the same amount of information and in a potentially huge number of languages. Articles have coordinates (geotags) to allow a virtual tour of the town using Wikipedia's mobile apps (or the Wikipedia layer on Google Streetview) and are available in augmented reality software including Layar. Monmouthpedia may not use standard black and white QR codes, in order to differentiate between MonmouthpediA codes and other schemes and individual's codes. There are different kinds of QR code—plaques and labels—all put up with the permission of the council and building owner: GibraltarpediA is the first Wikipedia project to aspiresto bridge two continents. Like Monmouthpedia the project aims to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant and animal in Gibraltar in as many languages as possible. This is a large WikiProject; it's at least three times the size of MonmouthpediA. The area of interest includes the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Spanish municipalities along the coast of the Bay of Gibraltar, the northernmost coast of Morocco and Ceuta. This project also uses NFC technology in addition to QR codes The authors are currently working in Gibraltar to demonstrate geotagging in practise. The project uses open street map to keep track of its progress.

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