Glob3 Mobile. A New Approach To Mobile GIS 3d

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Glob3 Mobile. A New Approach To Mobile GIS 3d
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G3M (Glob3 mobile) is a new Framework developed from scratch by IGO Software using the know how acquired developing glob3 and the first version of glob3 mobile. G3M wants to be the reference framework for developing 3d GIS mobile solutions. G3M has been developed taking mobile-only issues into consideration (Performance, Usability, Fragmentation, etc...). In addition, using the same core we have developed a html5 version in order to run in standard browsers in a near future. At the moment, we have the following capabilities: Multiplatform: iOS Android HTML5 - WebGL Terrain support Efficient tiled-based planet rendering Raster support Vectorials support (Limited): geojson (bson) Markers Labelling 3D Models: Rendering and Blender plugin for exporting of any format Blender can read. Animations subsystem: Animated change of position, color, size, etc for 3d shapes, 3d-models, etc. Animated movement of Camera. Tasks handling subsystem: run tasks in background, periodical tasks, etc. Downloader subsystem download queue with priority per request. cancelable requests. Downloader cache (interchangeables databases using sqlite) Offline maps The used architecture is one of the key features of this project. The core is only developed in C++ and works in iOS platform. This code is translated to java in order to use in Android and webGL (GWT). Using well-known object oriented Design Patterns (Abstract factory, Builder, Template method, etc) we was able to create an extensible core system, that can be ported to new platforms with relative easy-to-implement native-implementation of few classes. The result is the possibility of build native applications in iOS, Android and webGL using the very same API. Now the library has been ready to release under a open source license
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