FOSS4G 2013 Keynote

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FOSS4G 2013 Keynote
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some of the the issues in a straight line to be the case but you need to be strategic which
can think on Saturday and talk about it and from J G Sundridge over time I've and following the open so and it and and and it will ask me how can a good job that you have not militia time and it myself out higher and the executive director of the humanitarian open straight back to the use of Windsor and open data communities and that the disaster was so that the so
stomatitis that about my journey to this open an open data thing and the ability to breaching the required is a lot of the idea in the sun under the capacity for the 1st time this year the of answers to think about and the company using those tools and
so on and had a look at the beginning my opens with the line which is that I'm not good idea at the company that didn't and Gethins data subscription services and the way the Government the the and the action
training and of other people and it was done by the bad things don't know what is going and what they won't do it again in a new job as the head of the talking about not endangered species the development of the company details are not out of
line with that mapping Russian indissolubly at the end of the decade the starting with the game on the Sony would back accompanying someone in the UK and working for the said it had been left in the wild with so leg now not stand on the so they think that if you praise that taxes that attacks over here and job but it is a bit ceatec that not to publish the names that that the into it with a tax on the Web but back on the track membership of organisations and things like that but that is only using up so you can convince politicians to do equipment interests were interested the game was shot into
bed with the activities of working with him on the hand and a church hundreds of with the data by methods Emmott's code at the start of the their but violated the and then they saw that the Government is the and that the amount of money a suspect to down to know that I'm not actually would be unlikely to get a bit Navy language and 2 had Imax cut it will about their business model so and the other had died
in the United said said that job and System mapping and Street and that been a job at the height identifying the system and that it should not have to work in the UK and it is working on and what could you like to know that there is a focus of the data and the with some of the project is now under way and that was a joke but the unit at the company and the board other was not defined as you could use it to make money but not into the back those willing to actually be move and and using stop that other people could use under background
and the US and Europe and the rest about which accused the idea which opened up after the into the weekend the 1st about presented the Gypsy seaweed leading as the idea you could is open to about 2 days after planting Adam Hypalon became friends and family in 10 and that was my 1st added Saturday and mapping and Street map about a year before but in the end
it happens so the rebels in the stage at the end of this year contribute is the is the wrong attribution screenshot action before August about change for all the it and using before and after the end of last week the most about community and happen was that the BBC was that happened and the West should not just about not discussing ends despite the wanted some of the images and after about the risk up the identities of talking about it and the more people start up and at the end of the month 600 people contributed advanced about them were all to the good and this is not the 1st time in history had been used by visualizations and response was time them up action not in the Philippines into the night but it was the 1st time it has shown that it can be really important did quickly moved to the
UK and this is 1 of the shops were on services generally and that you have to do is click on this is surgeon rescue on team of County and it is only because it should be a user presentations everywhere in the world but this is the people who actually using on the ground but that it has no official 11 divisions in the emergency applications that with the help of positions and they are not actually not people on the ground were asking for Street by which was the 1st time but not by
the way is likely will be some of the deals in UK from the on display merchandise people on its checking into similar the hockey and so do not intend to part of the International position migration and the hot the Czech high the idea but that is only could to on board and that the 2 accused of abusing a resident in the UK said that the head of the back 4 but not that work and and so that we can link there and has been travelling the of quick and training in the use of about the groups are not actually the and ensure that some the system contract because it is so again was that we didn't because I wanted and so and now
some of the Red Hot doing so than on the field as the positions yourself of the goal but the about people developing open so strong when we had a duty to do so bookshops and some traders say and because they want to do 2 things simply to be fully and who is problems and the BigSim quickly in the red beaches that this
is all doesn't just become we thought about it until the end of the contract positions because the tactical people that all of them at the time of of the application of a box of what and the damage Jakarta of launches and it is not the indications that you would think it was that the United beautiful beaches all the things you people talking about and had the all the time and it has been in the combined entity would go in and see a beautiful country and is now situations like that if you had
put so I'm happy with that and the other regions UK then today eye last year was around this year on the team and on the high end of the year history happy and project and I'm not recently 1 in the UK as it has back up with the money so that we do is to create on a sense of humour to see a computer and he is that she doesn't get together a printed and stand on the so the phasing out in the press that the police can do the same thing now and in the mapping check in the books and the injury to block the basic you on and find out how it is that he became keep people to have access to the technology would certainly be a Workshop at the end and not like a including the and have a computer and you have access to the internet said that it is
a typical mapping in immediately on large up and Applications said that we continue to not out and he was quick with public but the scale of the operation is to teach you how to use technology is that it can get a better job than the and also to not account of what happened to me so that people have attacked is not be taking the play decisions economic decisions businesses and Madrid sauces and
I to some of the team for the application so after on is that you
have got to be working in Haiti on the question him about the threat of the England a banque book and you do if you not had the time so I was amazed that the advanced about communities did Elvis mapping after the earthquake in Haiti but there was no reason that it could have existed before and updated so the pilot in Indonesia and the idea of what the wrapping together at the time to work
on those communion mapping with to the community in mapping was committed strengthening groups in the history Indonesia wrong because of the programme so on the way to the surface and the risk reduction was helping with his family to be a part of the system is open to abuse of the and in the amount that would not be easy as grandeur Susan injured but about and that is saying it was it's not because this is a community as bad as it is in the habit of community essentially which has no income and how to it to those resources and each village decide what needs to be more secure imagine that the village has a discussion with the change so it needs to be looked at and and because everything mentally and gradual community to and not do that and that was the extent spreadsheets of data did so in good driven with the action making was not so that working with those groups on to see if digital pupils could make it easier of the 2
things that was what he was doing so that printed in a happy mood is the tools and a big part of it was certainly not going to get the team to open to review large or not with the beginning of pictures of the communities and so that they were all over the versions of game had
just come as a bit of a projected move around and shed light changes showing the job which about rather than the 2 is working and is having a discussion on the network we try to do things with a history and a universe contest will who could not most buildings got scholarship to pass produces and and long and is working with Saudi reason city and is 1 of mapping contest this year as on in analysing to be not the kind that never happen again said that will be part of the structure the so this
year we are working on a programme about the environment contingency planning and that means you develop had disastrous might happen and planned for all of the disaster management Agency will react how much you need to hygiene chips where can be evacuated and so that we were doing it in partnership with a deal is not provide trading in the US to so that the last emerges can actually make decisions using set on the main site who uses and so it impact some and what we do is to be open to the Conservatives and the infrastructure that and have scientific model was presented at the service not happen in the coming houses with a bit of that in the case the of the percentage of houses will be destroyed and the workshops on and 6 Robinson and Indonesia to teach the and the other is that it opens should not wanted you end up in 3rd over some the experimental little over the top but it is a question of who will the students the means was to be the said OK but what happened in the last couple Suzuki this is happening need the plan and contingency plans
to use the internet or other recognised the gentleman the programme that the president of Indonesia is a demonstration of how it is and Quentin G and had made by the decisions about setting intricate said and it was decided that it doesn't look at the most populous country in the world which often not come to an end
and we have a new expense images of the pitches about Instagram things heading home from the airport but it could pitches might be useful with so in in January this year to cut 1 of the half and that the loss of
my team was actually did not in the city at the time without giving them bookshop of places where you can actually go into the best time to take some of long time because it is the moment in the year floating and a lot of what was interesting from the perspective of a
of but for 1st time this year that
was used in showing of people were having had actually happened so this is it this is not from the and agency that with a result that it has finished on the website has also and that not only news has been another good relations about this is up with over because there is that much demand for information as 1 of the 1st times on the head a provided the
and although on the programme the most out of the church is not handling since the beginning of this throughout training with 500 people about wasted on this is that it is eye contributed to mapping million buildings in street up to social media which serves really exciting happened in Japan of also
using on at the end of the day and on Saturday it was important that the man was also extremely important of people and it's so that we could do was specialist at its teaching the at an immediate and trainer level of the stewards to scales produced with an increase in the the Indonesian government and the and the preferred actually be official training programme by the government on Monday in the 1st time instant not national government will have to official curriculum I'm not
really into the pages of a team of the Nineties and cook for a hot Indonesia office with immediate Indonesia and was quoted at the British people who committed to open open knowledge or opposite the existence of the Jewish and the 1st the 2 weeks ago of the went governed inviting and and those with an interest joint so why not just
look at the meeting in Indonesia which has been concentrating on 2 on to to such a project and the rest of the programme that was supposed underpinned by until his for 6 months in the country to Africa to help with information management of local Rutgers of a big crowd at the end the street not almost to say on steps of which is a crisis information management system and so hot provided the technical assistance to the people so some of the staff for 2 weeks twice once just don't use up wants to cheque it seemed that the needed a technical assistance from and services of the the traffic and the public at the end a camera and a number
of and this is actually the additional Workshop system the bonus room who along with his in France who came out of the community so is going to suffer wrath of people come that as well and that was over the this is
a big reason why project in the UK of which was found to open for the project on this is that it was initially through backed on cities in Asia the printed disaster and so the idea that if you have detailed information you can buy the planned on and it is amazing to me that it was moved to a summary of because of the country's last sightings of approach to the written on my him the subject of a recent
events in the project which version of the event and was in Bangladesh Stoica on Wednesday and teaching people adequate information and this is where the Government and the City is and silicified groups of us at the community debate about so I really didn't at which was interested in Brooklyn benefit from the order of the day
after the love in the air that we have wanted on community and was at the University of the spent 6 months of the teaching and in the case of Sir who want to learn about the history about would provide some equipment maker cooking facilities and happens this is an excuse trains and the
details of and should be viewed as open straight out of and the and the detailed some as a player of players the in the only option for details about the new Nottingham that the government or the sort government options but it is thought the sale so that make my job and that the makers are not the I'm
sale though the of the British with the American Red Cross in that is asking Valentia's from Winston not presented the digitise at the building and it is eventually has been held from the comfort of their moment and we this up to the task in Message awaiting checked out the area to work on but it is also about this is the number of men who have seen as someone who that them to move and actually defeated at a detailed information that you can get from a set and so that is used to make risk not on this that it was not in the case it is because of
the hope that it would digitise and there was just a case of if you really want to sell images of the innocent and the media and from work in the United fans who someone told and the potential for it to be and where they go into with another great
friend Hoppenstedt about is not action so in the Philippines has a in December last year following the heavy trading and was also on the the list about community has been the response to the Internet and on the and the hot was really really than ideas and so that the data was into action to maps and is that the rest of the ground but not action and the explanation that you don't know about that she says you should definitely and talk about this season just keep that tried to do devices and provides Jessop put on so that they can not and case and the ship with a view of the church which is the opposite of the addition of new during those of the United Nations
but it has actually don't do things went straight up on despite the so that is only the garden in the city which Luton and that we ended up doing a as the foot of a programme that will cost the a lavatory uses for imagery surgical images of the 2 thousand which usually took the time to do it but he said it was open to which is the United States episodes of actually doesn't expect advantageous after the states have worked out and set on standby with responses to that but used on the media to the Internet and the and the and may be used rooted in the original case and the resolution a of camera and the West OpenSKOS had focus application exercise the to see if we can make that information use the and so that is not used by the National Grid the pages of National Grid named after the damage is no damage his own images of what the average supplemented with the appeal is that it has had the damage Sergison after the incident on the ground in cheque things up there is only 6 thousand people saw the images the 1st time we so did the rivers of the initial response to preserve up immediately fell over much bigger so that will cut out of lot of time on his damage assessment on the ground and helping find people by the people needed and all that good was in side and taking images was done it was actually used in a way that could easily interpreter of Logic
renewed unrelated to belong to the good and the bad country is the set to simplify the rules and the States and also travelled with advanced about Japan to the amount of data was as standard not on June 20 last year to become a sheet of paper it just with local groups on his complete in the city and in the pages of bomb and things get back to you certainly on not change on concerns about the use of dozens strip which will it it's amazing on on Saturday and will be introduced after the country was re sauces a century and a half an injunction with advanced about Japan was able to go just is mapping essentially on a
firm that is inspired him to take part of the message in the digital humanitarian not which is that if a group that plans to build a stage on 2 groups that called hot on the Democrats are in a kind of love that all the good understood invented the and not only the that this is if you visualization and eventually to you talk to Serbia and should is a bit of the attack on an unrelated the event to the group's connexion at the centre of a problem
and so it went on all about trying to do is another things on dimensions of the services the and the 1st on Logic about many the wildlife its currently in a Languages on this is designed to be the start of this year information and witty and most of us probably some based on a survey in which he and the other day that the world could not individually find Shirley expected it is getting stuck you just want to go through the steps on to but in issue would not boxing is on the side of the of the on line and in the absence has called off a summit patch translated into the language of the spent 7 days in the US the 1st of his that has only been in which shade Indonesian reducing the English and the people perceive but not that many people speak the video of the incident in which an translated immediately to advance Indonesia and equity is a Japanese German that I'm
1 of the 2 was a pupil at the Institute of continued to the project and we continue to look at items to under his featured on the site about this actually translation of data so I don't legislation sound and that it was and is an English for example and it is difficult understand so that was bit is an English on that has happened this time system it is an which is just the rules of the community on visit to look at so that you could expertise in the another language of opposite easy and about data in all in the mind which are essentially through translation of the tools that they had not gotten in which it had no idea what going on the way but and
this is just the manager that had to do so it is also in the of the allows him to pick a good to go digitise on and then it back in the beginning which people discovered not someone just under the banks by the end of the users of the difficult so that only the problem of could in and then we have to have them on the field and the Institute of Economic and its tasks that had what happened that night and it is clear and it is up to us to get a
mention the technical working group in need of a good many of us are sitting next meeting with this month civilian deaths and interested in the unit that protected perspective join scene with the Red working on how to use a hole in my head all the way and is a relatively and the scene in the early hours of 1 1 shot up to
during the day and a half Applications really wanted looking for just Williams part of the violence and eventually came up with the games with a highly trained and Indonesia last year and I'm the and said that the he was the deal I'm interested I've read about it on an iPad within a lot of fun at the nation's largest page looking like on Monday Commission over time the data was a not and that he had said on the
island and the and be a bit more about what happened and that the group had a add include in the end opens up the and not mapping free thinking you lose such rooms