The RAGLD (Rapid Assembly Of Geo-centred Linked Data) Framework

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The RAGLD (Rapid Assembly Of Geo-centred Linked Data) Framework
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As more linked data and open data emerges a need was identified to meet a rising demand for a suite of application developersÂ’ tools to make it easier to bring together, use and exploit these diverse data sets. RAGLD aims to create a set of tools, components and services to make it easier to develop linked Data applications. This talk will describe the RAGLD framework and examples will be given on how it can be used.
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some of them look about on a perfect called raggle local this project that the city could be a rebel stands for the rapid assembly juice and to link it to the application so is connected to the background of the motivation behind the predicament describe or what it was we had to be built using the radical told on
system the board of the way 1st right ruckled was a collaborative projected to a woman services to Parliament and the University of Southampton and a stroke of legal simple as part funded by the technology strategy bold as part of their policy a public policy not datasets funding so it's a little bit about what might
patients so this is the really big presentations was published by Graham and this is that this is the sort of big issue this is a shake up is a bit of controversy this was the sort of tried to catch all of the data was published at well on the way out order survey disturbed by the talk that caught red 0 Stanley things went over to the indication understand that is not linked data fishing on the big 1 that sits in the middle is something called the media which is early data version of Wikipedia and was also a way somewhere about something goals James the 1 gym ends the across souls gazetted blood and now and again but the but the engine is so that they could pick up a connecting the following day to Web surfing given the Jennings such as a unit Applications now 1 of the of the things about 1 of the 4 should think about the early days away is people actually on that day in the late 46 and Somali government data salespeople publishing silos loses body which seems a little bit pointless given please and I'm really going to be so what found a guide book
neediness local he Glazer but he Glazer and decided he wanted to create a simple web-services program prop that online data of a key would cause saying to weaken this for example of publishing about administrative jokes and and the opposite of statistics also published data about managed to talk about what we have seen database of Scientific context the but published by likely different information for you can be a cheaper published a link between to identify the say this is the same as it was a cubicles saying it to entities into different except for the same thing now located were told which would simply doesn't want to link but that was published to the full of the same asking should for them into my Scuol database and if you like filled the chance to play just if a was the same as being the same as saying that was explicit connexion between and see at the end but it was for me the chance to play is a was singers relationships on the link takes away and created a really really simple which were like that and or or an occasion back listable yet the are as well and they were identified the same thing that some of some of those same as a cancer interpretation questions visit to alleviate the applicant and make a bit of a decision because you can see why such a 1 as well as the services of the Southampton and has hazardously someone summer said that the geographic area Southampton is the same as the capsule around Southampton which is not strictly true that which is why I have a new look at what you get the idea releasing services does 1 thing very well and he was discussing a pigeon made a bit more generous Canada just half same has continued manycore really simple containment service this time in Southampton and you get back a list of everything in Southampton or cagey may be Korea different from services a bit like the disambiguation thing and Wikipedia so built but and the office of absentee by comestible you things which calls comes but we are not actually the same as the 1 I send out other could be on the others could we could lead to generalise decided to of other simple services firm another
motivation was at the time it was on this is a application some foreign Southampton University built called see it looks like a fairly of standard mash that were really with the idea here and there was issued a on 1 of the following on the authority different managed to various what it doesn't give you back information about crime deprivation education in the area the only information should only diagram number of all while left and this is the coaches information about the area that you click on it and the concentric circles should summit summaries of information on the area is that adjacent to go out the 1st sentence of his of all things the adjacent to the same place on the London next to step steps adjacent to the site but they found that they had to do a lot of work to with this wonderful connected update the family had to do a lot of work to create a visualization rituals to queries they don't statistical aggregation in a struggling side for not actually there so they have to create a explicitly implicit connexions and all they said was would have been made if we have a framework tools that led to the only people published a civil 2nd Schumann use all its open data and that the Government published a train was just makes it easier to build the kind of applications and so that is the
right vision behind records of the proceeds countless Frank equation aversion to build a series of polls services to enable you to get everything from visualization statistical aggravation to queries make easy this tried to build a draggled and and the thing that really
examples of some is done so it looks like order relationship management service that this is the this is the more generous version of the same No 1 of the things we did here as well as seeking to we do here is to status just use my Securitate based on the colour a the far more common than to find another have a little could the promise of a week engaging saying what my relationship services in transitivity symmetric or transit unsymmetrical reflexive and it just makes it quite easy than to build a whole suite of difference is based on that seeking build adjacency service contains a service on Thursday was slow but later on which is good genealogy data and see build parent service we condolences to service or siblings such as the 1 database simple taken a promise of which build a whole bunch of different services and but its transformation surfaces mechanic emitting may be shaped follows into audio written on for Chicagoans that what that was about it 1 day for much of the day on a simple could special processes that took the lives of reconciliation services covered overspecialization components seeking special by to the automatic relies on we did also created very sampling data publishing framework that can stop the triple stalled record and academics and the other on the Web on the way to a management told she busily chain all of these things together and go said federations and you can order it serves aggregate results are so what to do now is just the give you a couple of examples to show how all of these things can fit together on a very simple example down so
that given the nature of about sauces called for the full of the stuff
we don't rivalled part of the code of Iraq is a waste of technology the ideas you wanted it to be published later easily dystonia standard lamps 1 thought that the views on the project which John common Williams traded him with a son of the founder we used to to use my SkiWelt seized were fresh has also the available but is also FFTW and now Rokhlin
bomb and this is what you get when you successfully installed a rebel Environment disco minds welcomed
page and elevated them as we provide pages give you list of the of the services I set up a new fund that this was 1 that we should go easing government data will 1st surfaces sun based on the cost of stops from Transport dated or go down and and there is the issue but said
rebel cut the number of configuration from now on this is the hottest thought told the rule of it is catalytic bigger progression poison something called for which is slightly more human friendly version of the body says it is the lowest worried of effects and for the way it was a busy week in achieving just specify the differences you want to construct Abbas's should behave simple problems that are not on your then presented with
something like that said this is this is the 4th and what would you she back must be generous it pays to get you back up for the festive season a and thrash with so this Rovers simple restful services where it will give you back instructions on the request of coach request that you answer would it was for the young the full service which would be interested airport because of the collapse of Long within a week about the state has a one on one with a burst of things on the go or contains a secret the initiative area of giving it was too early for scenario on the specified Aladdin long of people blissfully airport into the with on a any intractability of airports ran for slightly the boundaries of the initiative area of the city is very very simple services that you can build firm easily on standards of from and data and the and the level of
service as the committee giving it a list of all the features and and that is that this was
a based of of cyclical Wallace and solidity particular for customer simple examples of war ical also looks like the a what of throughout as an
example the chaining all of these together so on 1 of the credibility of Southampton revealed so far and that the world boring Droitwich's from talks of the fight for Beijing stoical pouring statistical the and Collective Sugiki as points as he went along the dry out and so after a slight had been or just the 1st thing we did this was recreated unjust and made up some of the early in the day space is said to be in big is going to go a long caught my that related to record so that it can do a cruise gave me back within days this is what you get and the order for this year are on the rise of the basic state
so boys and it was day that the basic state his is to was a cheeky them say that interested and the records into of a record service could easily be installed as the new Katie file the pace of the ball but that geometry is not easily interested the but but if you are this way command
Washington just the Egyptian visualize it on a map of choice but that and the way that the I way the that is is by the standards of of a sort but here is this is a or or identifies the geometry right this is a cold and just say the word Georgia and suggest that it into a record so told the on a
pound another thing we did was a amenities of very simple and unity on a things which from the start to of a way easing the Nadal's is doesn't like of Officer so I can do it you can't take the roots and you can just the rebel told the command buffer and worked on it and more you can do
digicam actually originating and and Komachi
created Ujaama Tree from the buffet Road is still the into a right old service the novel the buffet roads told and now
I can do you can find all of the things on which within the of geometry and again this and I is say that it is is old this is all just chaining hope choose your eyes together so in the words of the city where job to the geometry Bladen's points with the special criticised finding all of things that all the baby's than the geometry and his old sounds missing and a spokesman said that when you in the end it took a few days not by bad the ideas each 1 of these is a Riversimple component of those 1 thing very wealthy officer and the judge ingestion service special query service making just Cheney's altogether now and again what
you want you down the before he queries can create a new geometry from the baby is the most popular chief from babies and domestic Regis that into a rival tools and displayed on a which is a long horrible you are at it again full of this is just fussing euros murals Bjoroy into each other the last that's 1 example of
the need for fact that another and other interesting buying on a daily basis of all the services sounds as well as doing well combined created Montauk family tree lined data and link to be the answer about optimized example arrivals my by Billiet talk about some of the relationship services would indicated a simple musculo database which had been a list of relatives the got people and has a long gone as a person the next column as the parents of that we can do chicken and change the rest for setting the Prada filed for to generate from simple that she can generate a grandfather service or grandparents the state attorney rethink which is to coach away from the shoppe person or nonsense to service which would do full transitive pleasure or descendants of security about the way we can put siblings and and has metrics 4 siblings the rate of these Italy's with its own in the days before interest for the the select and judging siblings parents the grandparents of Boston screens ghosted descendants as well as a of on this issue I want just continues are data and some Wireless's woman states that behind the casual Street for near the map based account of your choice in the right toolkit on this issue and the place to buy a player but the idea of someone with a related some point out that what the when there is a saying he was pleased that you gangs my smiling that my family and my website that she retrieving all of the information for mapping nicely for operating in window that and I did that and it is other early and so again this will we did as we took the children on developed as a way to housing go any knowledgeably data which services will develop in this country applications such and on the record toolkit think it took him may be about my from about the weight of the law this together at the end of the planning the base the idea that the people who want to use Lampeter that they don't get dams Auckland point so that they have got this far from teachers Universe took to the build just build Applications like this the law to allow them to make it easy for easy the Justice
sunrise within the bid and the building was a set of tools technologies to make it easier to select data filled the felt data manipulate data visualize data transform data quickly communicated and bring all of these things together and the simple components of the interesting applications and the moment when the cover the position of a try from Figaro admitted it seems race for which the regardless also a week in which the last time I was the boss is based not quite sure where the where how we can and so it got away with it over the side of the county where the pound that that was the assistant boy did of a whistle stop tour behind the record framework also components chain altogether built applications situation nyse spell said the new
boy but this you can view the found is were sociable comes but that was enough that idea a we based written off the prefered concept and and through so so that we haven't quite productionised and Ian released as a commercial country so saying that people but and would be happy with people to take on that where the exploits of the public were in the of in you can occur along the way computer Blue Waters before the the Baltimore from yesterday it said it is Presley's signs the same kind of thing the man who brought the case for all of the you and I'm so the you failures we wanted to make it count distillery's of some not was to get in and that was local and law people find every difficult and ideas we could be far easier to set the date for the British go about column the just and lost to global can promise losses transit and then use it to receive just below transitive closure and O'Neill data the daisy such reasoning we the on the edges as is worse as a result of the we the are a good but the Georgia find the right the islands are seeking pretty order the year is up to you and if you want to them and to the injured science the database and sister succumbing it again in the number of had the pleasure wanted little P Price land which the fact that some way by the the we end at the with not now so in same arrival the other to create has not to the idea was to create storey simple restful type services so you just have free somewhat contains the have long term to the written which would do you a simple spatial containment query does all of the simple restful libraries do we have any and all of my friends by yes we with is also has an awful Korean point you want that that this was what we did was to create own tyldesley built the took a stock Acree service on top of the triple still and the rest of his playing days on a seat in a by a good Treasuries has Crispers just my SkiWelt and distress simple simple had relationships and still where you can actually part by far a triple Staunton's of queries found a written really with an early try that I 1 1 of 1 of the reasons we use the simple pestos because the same as that of the real imitated stick pretty they're not dictate a big thing of it and that it was just take on just as quite easy to do so and a brief off but we are only L in the age of 4 some weight at but the law was changed and the Lions the were in life people and something of a called but with it's about we did look at people were doing just it was a bit to blend of for a use a but that she complicated of a heavy having him the and says is a similar are divided investigate using it yet by the end of the absolute on the half shell so why do I want him because they have known that it would the other made 1 never did which like the rest of the world and all the time which was ordered by where they we were on the evidence yet to me and it doesn't Associati shape of has all the while it also uses the will not to a bright start to the year and a half hour show and think this was designed to be a bit more light weight to be easier and based on the sauce told the people that maybe not familiar with what she to the guys who from Southampton who works with the dividend any giant told in every headed off in the and only showed that they they were just on interested in what simply I'm free stories as an I was written in the hands of the US media nyse and the 1st half of the of data that a when the company was 1 of each