GIS Is Not Dead, It's Coming For You And It's Been Drinking JavaScript

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GIS Is Not Dead, It's Coming For You And It's Been Drinking JavaScript
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This talk will discuss several super kick-ass ways that JavaScript and the web have re-shaped GIS and are changing how we visualize, analyze and share geospatial data with each other and the world. GIS is dead? No, it’s not, and it’s coming to find you and spatially kick your ass with a big bag of JavaScript. The world changes fast (hello, Internet). Yet, our industry (map making in one form or another) is stuck, and has generally shown itself to be slow to react to new ideas and paradigms that grow rapidly in other spaces. But there is still hope! GIS is coming back, and it’s being re-tooled with lots of shiny new software and geo-weapons. It’s going to make an assault on all of our previous notions of its old self. Of course this new and shiny GIS resembles its former self in many ways, it's also full many new ideas about how we experience maps and data on the web. As we witness a massive resurgence in JavaScript (hello D3 & node.js), and more emphasis placed on the web in general, we see that there are actually still large holes that should be filled the geo-spatial stack. New waves of JavaScript developers have, and will continue to fill these gaps. This talk will discuss several super kick-ass ways that JavaScript and the web have re-shaped GIS and are changing how we visualize, analyze and share geospatial data with each other and the world.
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is that the banque that is central to what we do about it said visualize central to every day of the world and if you don't believe me look at the help of his estranged ideas which 20 things would because along the way so that was my life and my job was is that the central to the way was the sort of thing that would step through a little bit about the state of the river for a medium is out there but they are probably admit to them 1 going along so lot of order to the top talked about him to order the storm and as to why his
job after missing from the conference and the deficit and it feels it is not just the big gives me saying what the hell with a job was the innovation in the Jewish state of the job the modern day here is 1 talking about things that are happening in the environment that this conference and and the 2 days and then moved on to talk them out of the previous 2 days on his for and that that the conditions that the US did not need go into the sub-grid Soham psychogeography and the start of the real time Web mapping today the talk on the street it was in the the and sold today and the and the ability to move them to a total of based was that he had on the 1st day into the account of how would have held in and out of the some of the other teams in the world to London will be talking about this great video cuticle wife and and it has talked dimensions of the of the family pieces of a job with the Mets and really fun on the day that
the points out that as a rule of law and rebels Eagles of this magistri like him so it is far from interest in this is already a hit in the face of the bat the disease has been the lack of and then add some of the Red Cross and other people who was then just a just another stretch of the about the history of the disease close to that of added to the strain of the and then that the world the sequel about on the 0 like but it is 1 that has had as a kid and just as 1 wanted so much to the line that the idea is that it is taking to stop it really can be absurd language and the heads of the world's the
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this country is that the Web is a lot of time and the rest of the time thinking about the way to think about how well the ball and in the end of the day with the ball in the perception of job but also old and has a famous father the about at attributed quotes but it was to attend the majority of developer I would be taken seriously and that is the don't know job was to do do not really taken seriously by the believe that so much of how we were found with the legislation Mistry's is relationship data and that requires that this is the some knowledge of jobs for the boys compiles job on the 1 hand and the
quality of the illusion of the attack is the 1 every right is moving from the right the ball the place for the 1st fascinating right great because you can you can take 6 months off to come out with something with the new exchange the and the processing who was of thinking about how we prices video and these industry is just pleased to be fast moving had rethinking awaited traditionally down because of new advanced that the water this is the huge stuff with past 5 used by the new duties on what would probably be the most work of this kind data this is this world that that religious comes from following a problem they have so far remained the
revolution is that the positive that right this is really what happens in the revolution was a good thing because the biggest of with 6 teams in the likes of the missing the cause of 16 year on the beach but also the fact that gets them access to the full machine that the buy to let deal that went to the gym
but the outlet access to the debut this is the plight of this massive powerhouse that we need reduced the visualization not doing your Processing on a wide is that this is what I'm asking myself and called it a dispute between the size of Madrid migration and David doing a lot of work with with wedge of explosive abandoned after data by illegitimate but that was a really really good at the beginning industry figures show that the cost in terms of the deal of the day we have to do that but we are still stuck with the sort of relationship server databases will vote on the offer of a place at the beginning of the end but that makes it so much that when there is a great way to break the chain of losses in the event rather we can do a glimpse of him in the buildings that were on the Web were about to leave the background Asynchronous development is 1 not mentioned the the study of the British people know what were long talking about what they are but no 1 else is really worries concept of Projections in workers were you heavy early and based in this is
the Kentucky country interested only it the of this the other day thinking about these things how woman duties in the south the website that because the sea on the Web site of the so well that it is not widely seen as the candidate of the Right to see it like that 1 this huge and it is only the latest group by about time communication with the of will hang out right through with video communication with a massive amount Wainwright data being transferred levity applications than and we will probably won't be doing that mapping application might be the most across all these publicly this a cause of action for us for the season joyrided for in the next year files 40 we have Web party leading being bleeding edge technology for a total
ban on Monday that it becomes an increasingly powerful pool of right for a 1st persuaded the uses of becomes part
of what we did in the right where the the sale of its own as old as the hills safe from the unit at the centre of sympathy for him and I didn't feel that we are dealing but the her on the head then becomes like it way into between what by hot spots like the of the continent and
we are replaces the 15 when the coach of the West and a half years so well on the way to the area was goaled for 3 miles in the wrong with the way that those who want but we used to disseminated deal with the government academic about myself but you accomplices like those 2 disseminated publications should and you get paid to do it the time working showed that in the suggest yesterday announced visualization which ended at the semi ideas and what happened just that sort of the way you walk along the way this is just the sort of the and those for whom over that is just the beginning to the end of be the day so well to all bus about him that his big Rowntree should about wasted answer on the issue but the just have to for has to change the question we ask and we ask them to evolve with the evolution of the way and that has to be making maps with with libraries asking geospatial questions and that is ideal for G offer or not just making a map of the visual vision is exposed to a lot clips of offers and like that Web GS on the Web in a way it is and the user to the way with the with a new computer and Web committed to the right of this book before and talking to him about the head of the government and the last year or so and dozen or so in interests available again my document jobs but so central this is everywhere we are not the lead with an open players in the 3 right and due the
Republic of has not was will be the last so details didn't documents and the momentum of the 3 was my colleagues work probably time being told the truth and so that will complete and that the tree
is used in the UK but it is just a group taking advantage of the existing by standards the the proven to be the a party existing that it is the easiest to use him as early as manipulating the to in the build up documents around those technology is
a call from part the bruises that we were all in the genes that 1 of the reasons why there is and and this is where I should have told them for some time but he has a solo has also warned it is the ocean and the talks is packed with the point of big deal but it is believed that the plan to be in the job for you but what you do well and that is the idea that it has some way to go in and the do used in the event is fall from
someone else to required to look at my debut who 1 off the usual versions of the new system is a intellectually was not eschewed the tree again missing for the not really like a head of state in the world due to the fact that if you build a scrappy website that you don't have a job to do the spaghetti regardless of whether library children who G query cries the most spaghetti but only language a room world of those
who might think about the threat thinking about freedom from card biography to make beautiful visualizations and you don't really want to do so by the head of the
Korean this time because I didn't this to show up for his keynote and the testimony of those which along with much of it is like to be in the shake his hand hangout is the value of the music of the last opportunity for a possible move to the bottom of the bat and his Projections behind the 3
is usually that this is all here but it's round of application transitions them and this is the good of the people don't move display at the in United changes projected and I'm not but this is great because it shows that she was the 1 that we don't have to be using where data will begin really option and if you believe that the move around 2 goals become law in the area so well that and so that the all
over the world that the rest of the values to Projections also
you make your going way after the goalmouth and that that was going to get in
the way of the wreckage of the car is less interested in up and those without a sort of a way to print and distribute examples of the type of really cool and and and the means she will have to be re who had been at the beginning of is out in the
street but I worry a sweet
necessity gold memory history so that this is good news is
that the leaders of the United were given a lot of adaptive from other Projections and that is not going to affect my work and I was talking to some of the that is a stone and a half year old from Wigan but progeny worth adoring state it a lot of work compiled Projections schemes images of the dead and the other is in the right objections just changes but
becomes more appropriate for a
woman says that this is the policy of decline in the Proceedings appropriate Projections condos and film that makes sense to where you want to see where became amounts of more than the
makes sense to me is that the right response
are so long and so that they
got the right thing by the way the deal has
become pervasive they become dynamic and we think how we think about things and were because of the fact that those who do not go in for the guys to exist by the Museum of those in the eyes of the economy thinking about the that we start as rethinking into a idea of what it means to be a client means to be a service at the time right and that the party was websites to for the rest of it is that it would not be happy family and has yet to
adapt to the Royal Academy stop really thinking about it is a
little early to this week with that
the most senior that we
don't think about these were women on the front of the house
is set on the without a change in the
Presence to adapt to the new
system that will not wine and
now we need to be in the mood close
that of the clients and is like that is thinking about these things and of his the that the with the with the
cat is the way to a well established in the 3rd set and then
about the go ahead on the right and the coming out of school of thought that seems to that that schools to a celebrity or under ground and that that mass of the foot the teaching that my thoughts where the teasingly for celebrities in the street right and is to be the changes and the and this is disappointed that the reference to say about the club and that all time and and then and that was great because it is going to restrict the and identity to class and on the Web and the lessons it teaches that but
and the rest is the if you were going so that and talking about what it is doing with the physical she has told me it was a little evidence coming offers of where the as yet by time that it was inevitable and it was yet another sign of destiny to my mind were all right but it's also about the and and but still on to so that his infamous
conference at the top of the songs from the film but it and that's to use of the discounted should have been a vision can talks and would be 1 way to put the
finishing advantages this week with a state of emergency for of a set of points on business and by the end of and so
on until the end of the season the last package management on unilaterally and and and truly has come out of this in fast moving job Environment calling him right back on the staff of the rules job also the land in the
hands of the media G hours of
UJA that will be allowed to go to clients on Tuesday and passionate about how the public results after the close on and the power to pursue client base losses on the stock have pushed back the company called a set of people who
use a hand passengers and most of the key moments in the and it's
a lot of confidence that he will only do the next year with a lesson the way that the chances will have because of the that the this is the a job of the new special all clubs in the world with each other than with job was will at about
of the code of the people and that of the last acts of this system local family as the most
was the of all going on a way bit and it was
hit by the disease and so that is what
should under BigSim was that all about what was beautiful Clydeside Rosta analysis for computing cost the cost distant have on on points in the 2nd computer the cost Goodman computer distances across the absolute rubbish of the solidarity last year and was told to do not only in the morning session
the about why it was so great
and so bad that she
had asked and this is the guy I was but
I was out of order has
renewed but falls
on climate Immunology and that he would like that to a some find these great Nemesia indices things but not the sort of false Saudi which would
that it is justices the
distance and the people in the UK with the loss of as but basically in the grip of his job as coach of the British public there is literally of all the changes in just that opening it could not be any exactly able all other to public and and found that those who go to the great but I just a and that is we need the opposite and it's too early confusing and then of the bid and you have to hire in order and
that the what of big sale of the about the BigSim offers the that
them in the most like a wide the
exam end by the rest of her new
wooing the public is that
the law but the stability and the
method of the food and cook is due to start as the differences with him and rumours about like you know what we will do and so we were about what the shadow of this is that it has been known to get
on with his idea of a Jewish state of and the and the data is likely to cost about what the point of a 700 points and is in the US and a thousand other and and kind especially the grey area has made it out of the sharing your processes cost and this is because of the masses and that is really happy with this and
and think of it as a matter for with my colleague Portland wrote its a common sight on the roads based does the legitimate of just over 4 hours as well as should and the same store the hands of not doing so that the official contains and that's happened true should put it into the ring the about to have more things like actually operations offer clip of the of the deal with the but
also the 1st of those the and
for a year or the to shoot down the
services like this there would have needed to have some kind of Lucia was talking about a review that could present an immediate from a wide from the problems at the plant with her for the show that that has happened is that interpreted the event County about this is that account is response to the changes the are so full
of effective down that to shrink
as far as we know that we will not stop
optimized just 1 example of the due
to succeed the late assets and the area and the 1st cash itself and sentenced to demonstrate that the generation against Ottrey index of of of County the new songs on closed at the start of this and we will which ended in March and by the next and then and here and and then as plans condemned as touch each to teach going into contains on and and do not for a 2nd just before the deal was the best song of the year at the end of the Democrats and from I'm
slow down but instead he was that we do Adaptive
Adaptive scaling here with the idea when the a according in the UK the most 11 yesterday icon said the about the bedside residences not following using zygotes emergency and said that his had is the islands Sunderland to websites for that so that could do about it releases and so light of the but is the of United flights over 24 hours later this year with a really big deal as it happened with the point of the and and have tested the mass of extreme and that it was just like this persists in goes on and on my over her as they P had


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