Past, Present, & Future of MapProxy

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Past, Present, & Future of MapProxy
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More than three years ago MapProxy started as a small tile cache with the ability to serve regular WMS clients. MapProxy grew from that to a powerful and flexible proxy for maps. Features like the security API, the ability to reproject tiles, support for coverages from Shapefiles or PostGIS and the various tools are just a few things that make MapProxy to stand out. MapProxy is used in countless projects -- by federal or state agencies and institutions, by universities, students and hobbyists, by small, national and international companies -- all around the world. It is used to combine multiple WMS services to one, make WMS servers available in tiled clients or to restict access to georaphic boundaries. This presentation will show you the most important features that were added to MapProxy in the last years. All features will be explained with practical use cases. Topics: - Cascading WMS: combine multiple heterogeneous WMS services to one, with coverages and unified FeatureInfo - Tiling: create Google Maps/OpenStreetMap compatible tile services from WMS services that do not support the web mercator projection - Tiling: reproject tiles from web mercator to a local projection - Security: give users access to single layers, restricted to user-dependent polygons - Render server: directly integrate MapServer or Mapnik into MapProxy - Tools: calculate scales, estimate the number of tiles, read capabilities, re-seed areas, ... This presentation will also be about the future of MapProxy and the road to version 2.0.
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all really any who is on loan from the policy of of the state of the union for the end of the world the tools and the yen and the presenting something like a key Hayatullah she said the use of the resolution of the of the a few but it said it had at the time of the 4 times the
Caudillo pro map and still said of 1 of the co founders of on a scale where small company the Northwest of Germany and we we do a lot of open sauce and opens 3 style
and to date or to talk about possible present and the future of and the cost of well how
we start was not proxy of it was the end of 2 thousand 8 and we had the idea for Michael when we had the idea for map and we knew that tiled fishing as possible that it will be the future but we also knew that the Government precrisis W masseurs in out wide you want be just on combined the while coach was full W messy and make for a and this is how the 1st version of the Mavericks looked like that as a scheme of and we of 4 1 side with clients and communicate with no proxy in macro itself communicate with a with other W Mesereau so tiles and the 1st feature so far MEP the of cause of what that it supported
tiled a weaker Klein's making the rest of the proxy the and member of to delivers tiles and when these files of missing Macrostie would be pressed the sauce services to fill the cash we also supported W men from the 1st version of cascaded us so Macrostie just for a two week rest for the same exspect bounding boxes with an a in projection to the sauce and mavericks I would return that the image but we also supported and response to W ministry pressed for from cash data and this is the widening for of trucks
and tested by the American see areas such as the map with all the should be titled in when we
Creston's in their procedures are combined smooth tiles that all are affected by the weak press and it will we will create 1 image merged tiles desert on scale them to the exit was losing that was which rested by the user end and the mood as costly projected when your cash 1 projections of the user repressed another Projections it doesn't and it does so with Projections it
doesn't outbound in bound and on the fly and so
on when he would catch 1 Projections it can read Projekt out of date but it also can be projected on the back of 21 to build up a cash 1 Projections but his Austin's order we projected then and on the fly for his case to be heard and we used
a map Introduction since 2 thousand light but it was only used by the US soft only gets better when you have more uses when you get more feedback and when the time yet 1 when the people was other use cases computer with be great of my brought to could do and so we
open sauce naproxen and those of all the features
all this the the where not 1st open sauce will of with start with versions 0 point 8 ended loss and made 2 thousand him and from then
on it you to to the present we have no 6 mayoralties lost 3 of its review of the year and we are edible of the features of most of the time to make things easier and also to sold for a completely new use case
under now or G highlight of some of the features that we and the last man of a one feature also with the 0 8 3 lead and the re now supported by basically and the tiles for you can just Creekview all the the right down your you Elton played you can Connex's any excess ex wife had tiles forests of W messy tries to fix perimetre or we also improved the seeding tool unseating the approach set of regenerating the tiled so that you can just not empty at the beginning and Suzanne all the seeding tools for seat in so the summer proxy makes moldable redress the same sort and we also support the features of a called cover on and was that only see the real cried area instead of the complete bonding books in conceded in the
image if you want to see about the case and you just would use abounding box is the that you are seeking a lot of about what area as the neighbouring countries and with the match proxy in just followed up the hole in the file Poland and and just see within the public and his makes eating a lot of Foster saving a lot of that is space for a new global Williams from a from June is a file should also be databases like the 1 Oracle all seems Judaeo job like
was 0 point 19 we editor Moltema proxy which is owned by owned a tool to about half multiple Matt Burke succumbed duration run all in the same instance of map for it so I went to run different W mess services and you don't have to start up mould multiple of since then we support cabbages also for soft and Iowa was show that later and we all said the demo
service since then you have the ability to to choose easily check up all the latest food configured as a symbol of latest fight with 1 point
Aurelius we at the security behind a where you can write your own off functions to define what by what he uses a lot to do and tell how will also show you are go into died let them in and Roberts is a boss del W misfeature in 4 and a deeply optionally at its as L scripts to transform the feature information to shift to different the W Masters and before it is different of the future but you can write your scripts to to unify the real payable you and
yes the board and the Mavericks utility which is are a tool that combines multiple Suffolk supplements and wants UK among is the surf well and was a co Monday can nasally of start a testing sorrowful MEP for it will cheque your map account into their fewer mattress acculturation changes in will than just reloaded and you don't have to deal with the Lions deployment in patchy etc and we also supported since then Madigan map serve directly so you have to set of a match or inside at sheep 1st it was X releases
slowly added a few of the new cashback and before that McAfee the allways for the tiles on the file system is simple files and yet we and and because it has should be back and we are the more you chilled for example of the scales to the last to convert to renounce gave the resolution just quite anti when you deal with some effort to cooperation with 1 1 4
1 of the largest features was so that clipping off rechristened the security of your and to you a which to the polls that was 1 point 5 we supported reprojection off tiles on the flight so if tiled 1 Projections from the confirmed for men into another Projections we support a mixed imaging load which is a useful fairyland matches which I want to store and cheaper but at the time where the area images are just what we don't have area limited where you want to have transparency naproxen will start the tiles as he and and the more efforts Udal's legs agreed to which you comedy titles are there and new new breed of for for each level you British conditions and the Mohammidy tiled are is in coverage feud 1 price 6 real release that of last week saying but we a more cash back and and also the Decretum a charity which allows you to write your own own code that I'm could can men utility of the images to the reduced reduced supply could at what boxes something like the summer we
have the present and the UK will
also features that we are not in the early 2 thousand commit up the change log to 160 bullet points just highlighted the most important and was so you
might as well as must be load of cold but mavericks itself was written by Mike history of powerful Programming Language and so the co bases relatively small with just a bit over 37 lines of code and on top of that we of new with the same amount of code of protests from which has seen the stock really great
forest of like that out with a lot of low level test and which the and we also have a lot of high level test system to take a complete map OxyContin regime and start up a map proximity Greek rescued cheque if the response of his validates amount human the if everything is valid and it also shades of the rechristened approximate useful sweet and offer Jenkins
and stands which runs all test of which commit
might also integrated into out of date of repository so we get a wanting when someone makes a pool repressed and found that outbreaks of built
and it's into small Whitbread modern we modern seen
I'll help documentation now as 120 pages following the death of the with a mailing as you can get support there are now a lot of for local open-source companies that use naproxen that have knowledge and trucks and across all week use for so
interesting part is what you do with it and now some some use cases time off
maverick seeing off cost it is talk is so you can use it for simple time cashing in its using the German broadband that for 0 1 example of a man galvanising about of the talk of map Roxi's of cost of seeking to will you can
accelerate existing W mess services justice of used a lot in Germany where we have a lot of building rusty and slowed only Masters and they want you to accelerate
a as a steady can transfer for title and this is used biofuel instrument contributed but and they have access to to open data titles from from all local tiles server but among the solves are not in the way data protection and they use a map proxy to get the data into just 1 of a stream of editor so that they can digitise roads and building another some is
something you whom you have your own W master of Faustian believe that the William as dozens of support the where Qaeda Projections and but you want to allay of these your or W Macera was published a piles of Google Maps Saderat you can use map for each repitch reject the data but
now the security a pie-eyed proxy can restricted access to the site you use Forest services and it does it is some time yet was was a security Idei's you can write your own code to on that connects to your use a database for example and you your code can decide with the the uses a lot to do you can limit services like W Message while the rest of the week dressed fight like featured in book and the Lady but also the area and that for
example you can say you that is allowed to see a lady act but early within the boundaries of Germany for example and everything else is used is and in the case of some made transparent so that you can see the light of day and this quite powerful satellite provided uses system it to restrict the axis of the paid customers in the it also wrote with pilot we cracked
and the last unreleasable 1 last case was from an actual of national network operator in Germany and they are means they are not part of around the customers that they have never on the last miles to the customers and the 1st of the great tries to have access to official cadets from and in case of
Jimmy that means of Germany we have 16 current state and so we also 16 desperate W Masters the W
massive suspended quite easy to use it and that would use that word you would think but when you are
looking details to all these W masters of this you will see that the king Dessel services are mostly not free have to have some of user credentials and they use different authorisation method some of the W method mendations just broken the Dome returning the he codes they they are return village abounding boxes and they don't behave like the GCSE standard says and get there is not a single Projections handled by all cetera so we want
to make the storey Meszaros available to hundreds of being used them on the block I'm
but you can use map for that to use the file services you can now have a single Youell full could as real
maps and you can use the coverage feature of for all your sauces taken say that the but that did survey that these Strauses only about delivers data and this reaching when we Chris comes in for his reaching Mavericks will only make the crest of the server and not the other way the
authorisation sitting from the user on the capabilities of Ellis also losses or transform the to to a single Projections and we can I make the background to Brian for services to to do not caught the
self might 1 W S available to hundreds of and was uses and a Case that something was I was
present in the EU's cases time I'm now want to give you a quick look into the future
now 1 point success out so when now working on 1 points 7 we will just 2 0 we don't have any of Logic future and because we are already
on are making up plans for the 2 point or early and we will make some backwards in compatible changes and used to to factory some parts will also supported High Street and we will add a new back row service and we will support by
free but we will give you the to point 5 end of the
new back row As the last point of order make the 1st act to explain the processes model of macro maverick sees which is based reaches comes in 1 prose as a threat deals with the prose and the response was but as soon as the response is out the you come to anything and any more because the next week and this is due model Webster's would gave way in the face and knocked proxy implements similar to house the giant model that you modules and also so limitations
on that you don't have any long running processes as a request and your processes stops and die because really communicated to the press they are a are mapped trucks to used for example extra tool to have a long running said to the child in members of the used car lot for some degradation and not she processes made the same request the sort of this all out limited if we
get along morning background service a weaker in demand all the features you could at something like a priority that we could limits of low to to to the sauce and we now I'm this 1 prose as would not OK we we have to running out of trees to the sauce with their not making any more which is keeping that we could add seeding without them without having crime the Tosca Sederot could regular midweek and and demanded that it be sitting for around the law features that would be possible with the and out
we have a map trucks invented the men that they like it but it's time it works with 1 point 6 we already uses for 2 project bags not officially announced and and what we will was Macrostie to point a we will Adam efforts to and it will be an optional feature and it will not contain the will not include all these things features but it will be framework to implement all the features of the a future and a summary
map trucks is more than just talk at the state growth of features that so we hope that we testimonial was all the tests and the others method of more to come in the next the release of the next year or so and if that think you're
so so it maybe but it was great so you call a by the 1st