Optimising Spatial Data Analysis With PostgreSQL And PostGIS

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Optimising Spatial Data Analysis With PostgreSQL And PostGIS
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In this talk we will demonstrate spatial data analysis on the relational database system PostgreSQL (http://www.postgresql.org) equipped with the spatial extension PostGIS (http://www.postgis.org). We will gradually introduce some of the optimisation techniques provided by PostgreSQL, by applying them to the solution of increasingly complex problems belonging to the PostGIS domain. Our aim is to point out as clearly as possible the main ideas behind each example, showing the link in both projects between development of new features and the need to tackle real-world problems. Topics mentioned in this talk include: the special index types GiST and SP-GiST; custom database objects, such as data types, functions and operators; query and workload profiling.
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skilful coming for the away from the main cause of the Stoke and it is actually a full Handbook with Simon Makuleke caused here from the start the anywhere within a new ahead of the rest of and but I'm talking about Stewart and policies which had been handled Road but to a brief Introduction and that the best
place to go to ask you actually want to answer the question why should they was that it was not everybody is that the base and the reason is quite see but I don't want to reinvent the wheel 40 of the people not the said hollowest of information on the computer and then they come up with the new system clarity and that it happens to be that they seem to the way we think about from solely usually think about the actual so
we have to thank changes in 1 of them to have been over if 1 3 2 1 or of their 2 not happen with a point to leave the house with you and we want things to happen quarantine more than time to book model of computer a from also the fund by the the end he estimated amounted of 20 computer on the water when the divide the several of quite different sold in many feasting you have 1 3rd of the not of clients to what the same time they want to see the Mets able to blow without making a mess which is code computer ended up and this is model said the that's where the last of 4 times at which he is the nature a part from the fact that is thought to primary schools but it's the way we think about the threat of the sack of the and take 1 of them 2 of them elliptical the things he added much there so it's not that big Celltech way of thinking just how we will think even if we didn't have the debate and the founder of the Russian basis series is at the Gold Coast says that these are the 3 main features like I would have to with views that based rather than storey billion information on the site or find other ways of cumbersome ways of recording that you want nothing David so you wanted to be without the inconsistencies so that you want to see him instead to want to do you want to have an exact on the road after the debate is whether you got 1 Information Not and that you want to have a logical more that they don't want to think about 5 times and the bad he as to whether you want to think about logical objects and numbers stinks shake points features so you think about the logical more that when you see them and provides this saying logical model read the what for among storage not to change anything because you are not tied to a particular implementation a not like of the Georgia because it suggested that the reason for the move but said that it is the as the year when the state of media and goes well with his speech to the the at end that is quite faulty so I'm sure you would want as G and if you want body to have both of them were close that you're want it the the win and it's about their arrival is the developed for 27 year now probably over the somebody who is that the community looking for is that the committee that there are lots of has only conferences of call where they bookable everything that summary of what was that all the political this year by think onto the these the more for it than the walls of the storey you you won't be going to the polls
now it was not the cause of of both but because they have a lot of the new releases the them up like the same old stuff coca-growing branded different manager of new releases that happened regularly with new features when available before and that the selected least of new features with these eastern they filled with the latest these is like 9 of September so it's probably here there with a and was the 1st to be a daze and the bulk of these things he added that many of them found history many of them found them focused only some of them are not the sort of the clever some of the real welcomed by where the and so on but it is just that the game quicker of over a dozen needed will to the before September 2 thousand and is that just be not least of which is the way of the renewal of the board of of computer at every year and regular even if it's all those sort of about it is the biggest draw for clockwork the idea of the new release so it is not like the way we already know that if you have a new features of he of the developed if it very by December we know it will be called in September thousand for being because many of the cities of the United plans laid out now to optimized quest to use the NYT the moving said quickly of their demands that any indexes some is a way to optimized Adaptive so low that they think it will equivalent to lead by Foster and it said the steepest structure which is of the so mean you have to that and the other in the index and these provides a not to mount access to a particular vote for a particular kind of quickly so it is thought that the genetic the needed in the last not acquitted activity booklet the way of reading the data and the and it said that the defence of what that attracted using the what operate the studios and optimized Computing they either of the of the scene where the point is included in a particular region for this kind of thing not only the physical but that is what the impression with local fashion indexes so it is that the related to think that goal would not and mapping and the things the Coca into bed with the but to the fans and the spacing is Geest which for it is not unknown in the song and the stage is to achieve thing or 2 days at the space but the show is to the said that even though the resistance and the and the 3rd is that the mountains evocatively so if you specialties the for this would be the using up some distance of G some but he would have been part
welcomed the special that the types of the website the legacy of the fact that there were developed in the mid 19th so and abrupt densities which is the founder whom the fish who are so the difference is that this is the sort of job with the and the job of of the ability of the old over but the reference them some of the things that you look for it meat and these Seppelt less in this type as the gist is being developed by the getting along talk of the demise of the was mentioned but because including they sold to improve the easing to appoint 1 was postpone but it is being unguent so we can was the best I could but as the fight for the particular shows although it was felt that the profession and fashion it's an extension of the Campaign for Real quickly period for me to really him not joking with it will mean that if you are misgovernment still think of Britain's system with output and so we use but
there was 1 of the most Italian walk soul and the Wallabies talk is not just to talk about things but this is sure you explicit examples where it had been a month what is
special about the way up to a limit of the following segments about tools for to all of the shape the idea is that you can presented need even say dimensions Achakzai acting was told this morning but it which would make it would make off the explaining what the treaty features available to win the of quality the Gulf of just according to the and these told the and Idenix typeset over the last thing you can do as well for their cases have advantage and wanted Geest is that it is more flexible but has to be balanced which means its more expensive to when it so when I write things about the state fixed for in order to keep the team by the end I just is not about amplify the that it does a supposed the cause for the rest of computer to think just a points and books and so if you happen to have a simple computations like walked points out in this time goes into a new these but if you have to there said the councillor with another the state you don't need to use it it at the day's is
consistent will die idea your queries and then the executives who need to be able to specify being seen using the people so that you have to populist photographic got the street to the right everything ask so that some season those that have been put together by the ball of the symbols refuses to represent the notion city to say that something is the name of something else the use double know that if you want to say that something in the Six some today is to be doubled to still at the scene but the geometry significant that when I was without agreement with the actions of British he said so you can see that 1 the things you needed because you can see where the 2 seasons ago the Queen Mother and the quote from the so if you have if they have the the same shady in its victims that could be sold to stop from here 44 staff from here to stay in shape with the the help you can say it is things a subset see this sort of ice cream is actually the best of the best possible way to a more the mathematical symbol while said is inside another 1 but they quite was credited with a week of the Evans a case of let's go
into examples to see so if you have a large number of to the shapes and at 1 point we want to find the shapes that computer particular point for the visit critical but large nominees ideal eye generated randomly data because what will happen to the of life that is either either protected by the publication of or 2 more to go meaningful examples of what is that this has happened to be very quick but you want to demonstrate to to the beginning of the year of the Vows sometimes so agitated found only 1 million shaped among the point for the 3 of you can generate more than 1 million but it is enough to see the significance of this is that problem and that is how you thought to commit to an in all the history of both so you will not be easy but he and his co the city is just you will create this sort of the table could which contains the result of this great here which is actually the point with a late remember we we have 1 point and then the select where the shapes such but they should be in the 6th the pawn is quite read a book and the Beatles efficient that's a good thing so if you if you want it will liquidity studied for the order of the day after not to get a low point you to the 5 for these well disease what happens to us all as the school executive where in the euro the timing and the number of roles in the history of the competition so that they play in the shapes is scanned the sequentially so that the 1st 1 that will want to own a 1 million lines another swung the roles in the 8th 276 which is fine but it's not cost enalapril because we have to reflect 1940 and then that you're not yet to have your paint and then that ads what to do with the yield on the joint featheredge put together the plant and the shapes and remove all the points in the mouth patch set on the shape of the local for socio was that the volume shape with 1990 7 thousand in the week people of them and the face songs from the of its use of the index what happens if the result is the same with the inquiry was ordered by not what happens is that the land was leading the shady indexes Ewels so they index only produces the 5 thousand 800 roles so it's all the way over the role of about 5 per cent and then beauty out of the house Nili naked in 1990 for a 5 per cent of the candidates for the remaining candidates are examined with British and the defined as after tools thousand 700 leg before but the test of time is not because he had to find a buyer not that it is just that instead of looking at 1 the of the week throwaway most of them in Brooklyn 5 thousand files sadly some of that we had led the way and 1 single so that what we have is going to have achieved a lot going out inside the Kurdish looks like a high school programme but it was the most of the problems you fight try to face when dog actually Joe radical water of this kind of find before the attack to place the council tax because they believe in if the idea of the self help would the role of the public will be sold in both the simplest she says he was select 1 shaky this is a part of me by the neck and the walks and and picks up large from the Bible shapes and a select so the point that the 2 separate they need to get used to it is that book and that's what happened to the cheese and then you have another sequential sconces someone you told the 5th in the 100 musical however it opened a show of the day and that the move a lot of the and then at the end the only have 1 so the extremely away you will be 1 of the young basis of data and then you read all of them and throwaway or them except 9 nor are they take so 1 2nd so he takes only time that the music was the and but then to examine takes most 100 index what that this is the the threat 8 of the wanted surely needed and the chicken to what might or might not be needed as the difference he got the salicylates less than 1 thousand and dazzling less the woman who sold the fine up for tough to of the competition the Czech solely have 700 the and then to find the real 19 by a 2nd examination but in the end I was so you see their whole read about this techniques and these means that you don't need to know in the Middle the clarity rising data is already factored inside the death of these so don't have to write another great just ask for what you want and then we will find out and efficient way of after the NEMO question not as an example is beat the in the same example not week peak at all but with laddish what does it mean and lack of having gone into the game but as many of you will probably all the way this is what could replace complicated shaped by the end of the book and in the competition of the time but which is easy checking the for 1 point is inside a complicated shape is huge competition jackets and said the
downward Israelis adjust Italy's executing the taxes and is likely to get the NHS in the South now and each year shape is an account of his because she is not the time for you will find some point pointed not really beautiful but they understand that it will not decide shape and that's why in the Czech procedures throwaway most of them because they are the ones in the town but in designers are the lowest they wanted the and which she could now be week the case of these indexes is when the shake has not which is based more on the way and in the so of which will now be closed so busy Weegee's we don't do without you because they know that the so what is the next biggest his if such as these 2 7 holes but because his away from found the 5 thousand 200 of the conceded the Knicks we take only want to know every and what with the 2 thousand 200 following a 200 of 1 million by the most of them have to be communicated after the start of a week and have a picture of to show you which is already here and over yet don't
think this is a beat the not the
biggest size of the window now 0 C a soul busy Zullo shape which is seen in this sense over the issue a was the foundries much bigger than they should when I know that will stop you get this points he says looked appointed do you have to get up to any of the Czech you select only 2 points with their but actually needed so busy is the 19 and is used to find the house so this is a
very big way we week point and the last slide which about what to what happens to the books because you can do that but he thought I read a book in itself and a lot of this is that this is the basic to energies to takes about it seconds and it does its job and that the Jews to give the same time so exactly for Queen in this particular case but the thing about this is that it's much more efficient because some by 0 in a low maintenance so the are allows the slide shows that is type of the index even if it did remained because not being people to both its if they are baugur for the you really a such as if he and when they would the body for on the point of the book I'm not that they've as being because they don't idea that the you divide this based in that the show and the and the summit the is only continued the petition so I can also bought the said that not points soles because its identity worrying that 1 account the across the city that it seemed came to a point but the fact that so far disappointed about then being but it's not possible to generalise for pointing the code because it has the will to the debate the house to the change in the way that and the think it would be in the next 4 says because I was supposed to be and was possible if you want to go to the pictures