GraphGIS, Bringing Spatial Functionalities To NoSQL Graph Databases

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GraphGIS, Bringing Spatial Functionalities To NoSQL Graph Databases
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Driven by the major players in of the Web like Google, Facebook, Twitter, NoSQL databases quickly gained real legitimacy in handling important data volumetry. With a first concept of key-value, NoSQL databases have quickly evolve to meet a recurring relationships between entities or documents. Graph / document paradigm provides flexibility that facilitates the representation of the real world. Beyond the representation of information of social networks, this data model fits very well to the problem of Geo Information, its variety of data models and the interconnections between them. The emergence of cloud computing and the needs driven by the Semantic Web have led publishers of geospatial solutions to consider other ways than those currently used to store and process GIS information. It is in this perspective that Geomatys has developed GraphGIS, a spatial cartridge for OrientDB, the Graph oriented NoSQL database. This solution provides support of geographic Vector, Raster and Sensor data, in multiple dimensions and their associated metadata.
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I have
a where we were doing says that this is where so this week full-system told the boring and and 2 thousand to I'd joined the company's on from Belgium pyjamas small company called suffered which in the history of being required by the knife into or so of being working for the a new and commercial Jayous and the beginning of this year might changes and doing the job is that the company located in cells of friends and this amount of components opens also of and outbuildings solutions may for scientific and the main and industrial customers so that it is that is a set of old of component Nigeria gently cancellations and we have set of solutions is those components side is also include thousand files so at the time was in the Nineties side were them up for the urgency and wise of the me for getting in the way that a working group to life being during some groups are being the sort of some specifications and since 2 thousand them on also members of the of the picture so that some the smallest mind my background so with his vision of the world explain you really want to suspicions that this was to be new but that the kind of thing for me that you would like to sold into the is that the law is usually the case on for example long lost all the of communication away you simply positions that issue for universal books and for the sake of information to the tune of 3 require a rigorous vision of a new this can sort of British values and you can do simple version of the bill was was information like finding where the point computer to my position of things like this but
when you are dealing with more complex information more complexes shapes or more complex discovered operations you need a specific structure annual at the base of a specific way of storing information and his way of doing the quality on this information and to 2 efficient Greece you need to build a some specific indexes and that's where do you really need special at so on the much at what
are the solutions that exist for special cost Oracle was Jesse specialized but for no secret the base that are not up also real special solution No for J because you get a good year for some special extension where you can saw some Georgia you can do some sort during on them but it's not was not as outside off what we were looking for so for that reason we decided to to think about component that could be good as coverage on the more less in the debate in storage and what what
was required to have a nose group this unique to define special model for storing your information some operations on the special foolish and index was information efficient so we need to find a way to build a dose components and the them into no sequel components so we rebuilt those components was after-care and then we we Ed also to define the what kind of geometry we would like to see
the for this we reuse suggest when the memory and we decided to see for order tedious Object or Digitas Demetri's which is already from or complacency viewpoint although then we need to to define of operation so either we look at all the station at the base and the operation made the kind of competitive or we looked at what exist as some not although Special Operations special a extension and we decided to use my some not so oestriol demand which have specific about station operations so this is a nice of some of the defines the list of methods and fashion but you can prior of George the gemach Tree object so you have a set of
transformation of operation function to transfer for from the game he from simple takes from Gemmill to geometry objects and you have also set
methods that can write your job to some of the storey about the state of distance between 2 points off to objects to cheque even objectives is in another Object or contains the fact so for those with an ace on the by name which means that anyone who would like to implement the same ISA on the same which the focal point is the index station index and
for this you have World of different stationed executed can do we decided after some comparisons and some implementation through in command the with all 3 indexes so it's based on the year the 1st it's a bit more slow when session but it's really Foster for all retrieval of information all different and Texas can show
you the curfew the ex we had to
decide on which no secret that they will do with the ball the test on which 1 I would try to block a walkout which and their
view of choice from the are more than 150 different no secret but it is not different body that exist for most of the things we we at to to choose
1 of which match said the Justicia requirements and that the we really like the brush model because of life can or is the as a world of complaints about the treatment of a model was also really matching for example ordered the determined that you can't have win just a shot of a man like that at the time the finds and that it so we
decided to check in the mood to them that this is the worst 1 was using both the graph and determined the and or in the worst 1 was implementing those 2 brothers and we stop playing with it will we we were in contact with the CEO of the company that built during the and that they were interested in this job so we
use it because it's a mix of its also really Foster amazing O'Frost in the and also it's no secret that the seat for the risk the sequel that you can use to create the so it's not a complete change from red version of someone with using posted for example can easily switched to a and the with special coverage changes traditional and lost so it can be using them added that the base which is also used for for more by so we took the oriented the ProJet we modified it a bit too old but you've components selected play off the back out rich so we have some development to the early collaborated so someone from the company's a committed now on or in the case interesting for for us because we are Wallwork can go into the ProJet and of cause it interesting for the more sought of someone on board Womanish oldest speech the so what we did was a sequel we have modified code and all the possible measure to move Boston sequel statement with different operations and developed this kind of figure on the cost of board just registration from China and that the kind of worried that you can do in the sequel to the film and believes that the Bishop of Reading surgeon Tree using the operation to create your own and your body on your mind and ideas and the growing is really like what your budget is so you to select statement and in the way of those you can use the different methods which can apply the geometry object to join the tree hostile conducted its using the a 9 next on the side of the index is not thought in the database and the public at the beginning we tried to use the ground but the is also sold index which was some use but is interesting for example when you have to means to the the of simply incidental between 2 of the 1 which is in a word protection but for some of the popular but it was more difficult so we decided to put it away from the rest 1 of the kind of stuff you can do you a gigantic also in and the means that using job you can build your own representation of Java Tree threesome postal diluted Gemmell and the before and you can easily
easy-to-use secret command using the Charm language or and the need to use a German trade to of cause also she pulled cold in its transformation so you can still directory in any Cyrus and that the best thing you can funds for coating and we also have a walk which is due at the base in the
graphs so reusable sought to the mesh it's a big enough for itself for for this storey and using method for example the Union of protected the distance between 2 points of its 3 legs like lipostat smaller but it's no secret that the basic music although of the secret of its for deployment just of woman this is the least of operation that
can apply on your new Demetri's and so after a build this components so we had to select when you to test with his suffused is that we could do all that we would like to do and we tested on different used his for example the 1st 1 we tried to source and that the so following the eyes of 1 9 1 2 3 2 Richmond we sold Russell to the public which is a useful tool for the job that are created also petitioned the rest of the using but as I've said the
Tuesday that that is also 1 9 1 1 installed in these rather the base which is easy to and that the station and easy to to retrieve transformation of what it was commissioned by operations as asset working with him data and for 1 hour and I've implemented several to the most my previous companies and all ways with later all of the rooms and the all related to each other if you take the big picture of what can be done in that the chances of being told me subversion the main you set of said that can be sold into the
capital Registry and that you all least need to bring together and that you would like to retrieve based on some of Britain's so for example the beaches you datasets so it can be a solution for that can be picked anything like this you service which usually published those data such a collection of the locals that it's a risk you writes on those concept you have acquisitions of those either said that can be used as a model into 2 find like you rendering of those datasets the a great courage or for the trying to run the them the new some poltroon ruled that he was for a time someone and 1 more you'd find more cemented because people are trying to be more correcting
the description of the men that not simply now for takes people using 1 more encourages things that this described at the time so for Boston said on interesting to of in some for the also from the and the board was concerned following together so that it is a quite by since so that his together to collection is published through service collection
also published through all of them can be bought with the also writes that you need to match the best in the service of calls a month can be added to any of the so you really see its refusal rough object and I've implemented those kind of comes into a reduction of of this annual with them into the problem of Oconomowoc structure into rationale for a few things a graph and determined that this is more natural than to break structure to keep it as it is and you can travel store to find what you want from a world where you are so it's really a very interesting used and when you are the about semantic of costly data is justice that the on this is really a graph is the and you see that the rough is really natural model for soaring this kind of information and the last used his which was interesting his open Street not data opens read my mother this report to note that relates to wait Waitrose to relations and when you don't vote for example due wrote it of its report of object to use the people of the
state funds for the duration that this so they Louis the duration of structure so what we did to be able to do so and that is assault on those is that we could lose data directly into the ground at the biggest without breaking the originally to we keep the structure and all will be on show you what can be done but this so this is a symbol of the Asian your that the 2 miles for this is a show is simply that the were this later is the sometimes so you we connected
to the time of the Tree them to try this 1 so why on my laptop is a rather base where we are told the 7 as it is using the same graph model and I'm retrieving the data as a gruff
and applying a during the ring on the flight so it's the told it up with a severe and the ring directly from that of so you see you can find it is a slow but said
even worse protruding offers information As original model is pretty part of the snow Optimization its into taking the graph model for some time wondering means that the Pope was not for this play because if you was amount you can see can be put slow because your achieving of information but the to show that keeping Doritos for some you can do with it and that is after just interesting and this is using the the stress of her but then so the family to be honest so the proposed to show your Fastest would not just to say that for the time and it is really interesting so what is on offer and it is that we have improved to the component to accept against because we didn't want to break the road in the structure and put all world components everywhere we wanted to have a complete waste see of the players is that they should have reached a new low
Weepu oppose it as a good for the soul of a or indeed working on the next Rees and we will work to the line for the next 3 pretty soon and so do the discount coverage has been the opposite the big mistake and and in the title of this with the presentation of the for the rocket because this could be applied to know where the results start the road map would say off graph as its integrate his future version of the work on the grid for the determination of the cause but it is really really be deal with them some of them on some country's if we won't really going for it to be more complex than we need to remind us what a quarry off for this a we would like to test discounted on other no secret of his other candidates could be useful to cheque if it works will want to be adapted those components of establishing an also voted did the preliminary just because it's 1 of the advantages invasion of snow secret that is that can be put easily customers and 2 for example to some just the church shopping to more performances from the dramas you the began test before it then last but then I we have across the street and ask for it to be a bit short of what they got there is a I'm a submitted the beginning with was 3 all we had to be changed many on because it it was not so stable it was not done
for being extended so we of work to do and that the reason why we ask to be become committed to the project because it was bluffing to change but it was useful for them out of the body as a writer was not as easy to and so they yesterday's because the each case that when you get out of the ground execution Alassane not yet that the proposal was somewhat because it's a big that this is the amount of of information as I've submitted it interesting but you never reached number of that you have in a waste and that sort of sum must mostly to a large data set of consent to to test the get it quite right As asset for the make up the time it useful to for to to troubles or because you have for example law if you would like to be fighting in the He of the structure and the and the the use his eye would like a service that provide data quite by saying but 5 for a quiet life the
sensible which have arisen which less than a year before with is to that it's and so you need to chose or off from the services of the data to the sensible because you have to go to the last No to find information by West neighbors but but it or in the press 2 for all 4 such project or are to to pay for it but and that wrap up its act 2 the the it based its best write off at all the cheque books on what set rations the huge checked yet s extra what it's small of change that city identity that and it was sad that she of the public and set up it's a very big who were walking off the fault for best at 5 to cheque the facts mesh the fact is that this year's of what she thought of it the


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