FOSS4G In Large-scale Projects

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FOSS4G In Large-scale Projects
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The presentation covers experiences and challenges encountered during the implementation of the Kosovo Spatial Data Infrastructure. The SDI consists of GeoPortal, Cadaster and Land Information System and the Address Register, all implemented on the FOSS stack and interconnected via OGC services.
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think Alex annual give those in the back this debate yet they are now and everybody humane that is a big game so Island you the might of care welcomed to they still Crime UK to reach Iowa as well for in the idea from criticised part of high and to 1 by the you to let rip
with the number 3 on the largest of the development company based on the number of seats and across the South hero and to say that the gates is the centre for J so we J today's today's
presentation on a solution is part of the cost of Bristol agency as they especially if the infrastructure that we can link recently these on going project so we have evolved to work to a three month so the development left deserted the city integrated Jesselson for a specially and the nation and the NHS and in the city of several functional sort of models that were separate project geopetal destined plan from Asia systems and Ed and strategist for an estate that maintenance and the and 1 of the specialities of this project was that we were for the 4th the use might so for for a database management system and 4 operation system of because of a contract for public across from Microsoft so we couldn't use the cost because we go with cost yes but that was because it had not been questioned and the and the other thing that the model of the developed in this project which would facilitated the next big sort of products that we are we are part of this is diagram shows
that pointed out picture of full system so of from the uses 1st perspective would have for to lose the dissemination point but that you will recognise the couple of that the local is very we use that all of this is that these are not there is a is into the system and send it to the application for Casey users where they did where the fine and and maintained that the this this model deals with added register data and this model deals with the best so this is the place is a central part of the of the old full system that it is that it offers a unique and editing capabilities for her to be the sort of the point of the system that could use more most popular development this is a sure dog overall of Dallas practical component of the code cagey about its interim solution for definition made of it is that the especially said the clothes and a 3rd history and the best food and it's a basis for for development of automotive that work with the other Casey information system of costs we do the job for 2 to simulate they were to the public exotic victories classic classical three year
later a database level we have closed the of thousand in the middle lane of the year we have a history to cash and the and city's business of Clydeside side is the developed an old colours J extended J S standard solution and components of Gloucester based so principles communicate the services of the best of the best a couple of functions that the stock age application offers of cost the main point of the year and it's a its main main point for for the specially the union and think that the future of classical that and then it enables us to define the either but of the 2 quest for data painters the of the dress and use rest of the world for publishing request just a on Wednesday their collected then he can brought to use for a working the systems for the rest for General shape the W G in Chile sent to the press that they and their various styling tools which used to style that the style of a word Geometries on the club by Jewish
or took a job for new worse said for this is central public were into so for the simulation of state that datasets and see that uses its here this is not a picture of you built its the similar to a deal application except the world to speak of life by the board and by here the direct planned such functionality an excess broke simulator for broke Singh W S and decided to be this 2 for told enables us to review of specially related of American data it offers search certain discover services for during and now datasets brought and upload data since by the providers and enables uses to give the Bank from and the quality of that they can reach in this is that you are out of work to gap so text part of the presentation is about judges have met during the film across a set listed 300 Challenges will go on by 1 until the end so that it carried out in the 1st the the challenge that we
knew we had to deal with the problem This is David so it's a picture left school they joking baguette to make tool for
through the position would be if we implemented for their codes propeller so that when the price of is that the business with so we the and approximately 1 geometry and this is how it works in practise you digitised the 1st point those last point and then used the apex to reshape but this is the
next the next move Load that with this is a plant that could have worked but it enables us to to seamlessly switch between the cottage position and we near say it is a storey in a enables as 40 so when the time so called position we also includes several who features a wee bit with with the cost was to extend open layers chocolate trophy to control of the EU's tastiest Clydeside for geometry politically and and the political alterations so 1st the 1st tool that I'm sure of all the within 2 said the move would very and then Jason they of this is that this is a
demonstration of of the 2 leads the Clydeside which uses suggesting it for a living the
Paula going and you can see here that
the multiple 1 multiple of abuse these configuration it's 4 2
4 2 goals so it's quite a bit but said this is a tool of the 2 key use to draw multiple Clydeside with local they're so that we just had a geometry while the executive who had pledged to to visiting geometry can also track geometry from Poland and get full hero this is a very cool
features it by the GS GS message that sort and we have
what we have here is the 1st ball and the the guys around the and just finished is all going match a close the minimal
serve with the with the 2nd 1st you get it these are catlike tools for
perpendicular and filed structure of what they do worse is a segment line from point to point out that perpendicular about make sense then when we select select the segmented who want the best the interest of event the draw followed but the land and in the shade by the
this is the season nice nice example of tool due to guide
views out to sea application has 5 cents so basically would who want to do is to
digitised the died has appointed has on her on the
intersection of of a circle and analyze with the user but the 1st is the Do as the stock went over the
line and when the fighting stopped the
centre of the circle and Australia's and select the appropriate for speech this is this is a very
features that the all deeper deserving what effect features basically expanded would affect which players and what it does is when we went drag when drag point that
has that coincides with with other points that the point as well so
the topology 0 4 6 also
has a political then we don't we don't allow self interest acting
Lewis and he has a role back when we were an there error geometry just fixes self to the last As you
can see thinking it tree sides and a
tasty at all the old operation which could use some of the occasions like a set of tools that within said but that takes
on all over the place in Java trees and to the way that say working for
offers pick of basically
obligation is full features that anything applications and that we we will have a performance issues and we will be decided to use all players because of the large number of features will lose over burden the browser because the it has limited capabilities needed memory we had to think of something that would be these so what we did was to extend the Opalina's data debunked so that implements seamless switching between victory and W players 1 based on his own way so well on large scale of you have picked a features and small scale use amount you have to do so that the music you can draw on the fund the full extent but you can't select so if you wish to want to select is you Zuma 1 2 5 thousand with every what to do with said it and then you can selected ended the day and they that the said it in a selected that doesn't get of that when you some of the so it's a pretty cool will feature and bombing books does everything he keeps track W mislaid have to worry about worse this is the point of is in
spite by any session on this of this deal tools and what they did
was implemented was at the controls can work on all areas of the pitch to do to get themselves out what was missing in Auckland for all players to the that to work out of the books was that some some controls don't have implemented said so we we had said later method for for every controlled use and then when the user activity and its session for some players full controls the required that they can work the 1 of the requirements of project was due to enable users to Dynamic style victory in Venice players so to be able to change the styling stemming from Asian everything so for this week you reuse the Jewish solutions style component of and would we do these when the user and it's the best league through the graphical interface recreate actress styles from the silly dynamically reloaded the acquis for each of later noting the later tree and size that also over the last round the and less for method of the place to to add the support for all labellers they should be viewed as well multiple in which board was a big issue for us we read plummeted in several players in the application on Clydeside we
have we have high and language files for her screen and the and in the database have multiple multiple attributes for for each for each Languages have had to be in the database but out to style Gemma trees we we ask that you solutions to develop a new function for for debt that cause it uses a Environment variables and substitution and gold property the and the you can you can sense in West that the name of the edge read that you want to to use for a jump up the
suit very serious and official system so cost so we had a lot of demands on a specially quality control we have set of business rules and the economy convention that we have to follow and were so which take occurred geometry diluted on Clydeside not to let the world know that the performances of case so good but for several others so complicated to poetry and was estimated to their code Jackson fare cheques that for the time being the user database database special difficult to control the procedures and such and mailed to the user for for several of the tracks so you could say we have the all the usual are systems because you remember that the graph for all those systems signed into connected and so as the job for 2 disseminates data for for internal applications that don't want to to over burden hour internal infrastructure by with the public access solos would but it was to replicate database and users catalogue from 1 season to another that we used to use the Microsoft skills server integration services and the during just arrest before reconfiguration of data storage when the move them from the police in this every as a mentioned in the stock which had to use Microsoft's of the for for operating
systems and for the pianist and also reuse Applications over from Microsoft at 7 and the and framework for and that they receive the for business application for life black for 0 2 4 2 Use like for like for like that and prise for about 4 and a attract while a lower price and functions in in for so
we shall last for the improvement of the system let the development of the Canessa component is still in progress so it's on the project about couple of months more and it will be all then and with it would be cool to to offer some kind of a Data preview when in 14 not think about it is that still the case that something more flexible language and security with the with the nice also for for applications which security except especially and then the natives for for geometry from from just the and G guests and tools and the players that they would that would probably mean the tremendous amount of time and a half from the community to be prevented by and the show it will be and what they don't watch this powered you in the mood to be to be nice but we try to contribute more to to the 1st community so in end of the project will will contact with some of the deal opalescence he any any interest in a new models that we have developed for 4 days application so in the end were things out we have learned that it was for is mature enough and flexible enough to to implement the new and very complexes game limitations and business Applications cost the the big losses great community very large community that helped us in every way of that this could in a price of development of the SUV trees very versatile flexible Scalable there for all the poetry all the best things and even if you want to can easily into treated with practise offers which edges of cause began on conclude that it was the right the right choice for for the spectacle approach implementation of the so that's that for me we have enough so that they feel free to to do as the law and the law some of the thinking of there