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CS-Map - coordinate system libraries

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CS-Map - coordinate system libraries
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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CS-Map is often used as a reference but has not been as widely adopted as proj4. This presentation describes how CS-Map has been used in a distributed geospatial database for big data.The presentation describes the benefits of CS-Map, in particular its whole earth support and also it disadvantages, primarily it is process locked.The aim of the presentation is to demonstrate that having more than one coordinate system library is a good thing and to encourage development of coordinate system libraries.
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all the time about cloud and because it is useful to know what we actually do is understand why the library the notion of PCs met and MSc Iceland discuss your exterior contribution to ICT watchful antecedents map and the jobs port approach will show why sold to and 1 better and finally this said on a small details at the end he stays the and that had a prize suggestion system the at the opposite factor is a guy called normal since they're actually just down the road to in Colorado Michigan many he critical we mental software and they're required by offsets in 2007 and 2008 to order due to systematic to unity and those about the Mac right contribution CS map is used in all test products that is also used say that me that is also now using cloud and the reasons that I achieves that asserts that was because of the state's involvement safe it's data is the premier reproduction uh Bessel kind of a feature data similar history that you are conscious it's not it's all rats mice into some I didn't even think us thinking that maximize its because about 10 years old and known told me is when findings are a cat is low so the gave for the kth is 1 ousted at that in the yeah it's 1 PCs and its focus mainly so this is not is very very carefully displaced that she runs primary memory it was a very careful way for file descriptors and accuses memory memory size very very small so that you have a good time to running on device is a very good value when you went on and distinctive 7 icons are we want to minimize your footprint only use it for other things and his way of these and I guess see age is not so important because it was the right numbers and they can be more tree in there is it is a numerically accurate library is all the evidence of a very robust and so now see as much useful is a library modified has a mass ejection encoded systems and as a model for this to the other tools I s resentment but the import for sports have sample of some of our government customers exports India are a set of books and that's they they and Jason convenience functions for ITV rejection it has a very easy-to-use highly floors interface then you requires the knowledge attend functions numerical things that CS convert it would take you from 1 to of 1 definition to another definition it added onto a notable functions when the key things as they used to acquire appear the receptor all that's now gone in David translation from 1 system to intuitive system the thing I really like a set of nodes E has become more more relevant GIS its body sports three-dimensional conventions and think it's as fast as I'm back in that's that's incredible in over 25 years in because again directly from put forward CS map so here events since that can convert from put for definitions this is not the emissions so he wants to make he did not say shared that quantitizing as can so as I'm going to put sure it works so 1st City files as the read ASCII file so since what is compiled dictionaries so take you beginning with definitions and comparison execute executable code which event I was willing to let us give you the definition of so don't pass the flowers of evil turned the binary not look at as you all say hold that dictionary in memory because of service and more more memory available which you hold additional had inter-response back in milliseconds the and in end norm is currently pushing 70 or desk of Haydn means restructuring phrase use because it does has legacy in any libraries that allow for that times can has some customer needs taken away is making cities it's imitations it is not thread-safe which is not sick in enemy of not thread-safe economies interlaced with applications it's process locks analyzer to use in 1 place as the however that's actually grateful CGI pirenzepine is an Apache and that's the fantastic votes you instance Ireland and and demonstrate how that's possible pointwise could benefit and Current Affair committed to try and whatnot norm to make is that safe them with a very interesting side remark to solve our customer requirements which we're admit of the time if I reflects a using other um API such as Jeter said OK Ireland is inside of income not doing as a as a business pressures want to give you some background
and look at your test Apache catch the way we use the adjacent documents stalled by which an island and we authoritative today faces service the mass scalable and highly available and we now offer advice Jeff images based on CS map g of some the x and the spatial index the what the phase synchronization synchronizing from a a device so on the right I see a circle called model which if you think of that Anderson dynamited understand a lighter 1 nite they have free copies of the data native nation a fall magnitude higher variability inconsistency 1 oxin security consists of a petition tolerance so you can liaise notes at nite terminate free innovative still be available the fall the so how to cut a systematic well incantations in earning and we've as a as appalled so support a polar and and and manage process operates in a standard IRA and by being an anonymized prices means that if that s he was to die for any reason that we started the concord and airline BMO losses sport as many these quiet they're much later so it 10 users you don't spoil and other places so configurable it means that even if ACS mark it's a princess locked office I it doesn't really matter for and I'm using an angry infrared so we can still has made his we need because CS map is a very very small footprint as a memory disk of the spring up and that process is running all the time distance and libraries would not starting at the time to succeed in request and images is a consulting endowment market page the so what about key requirements is we want to perform operations on the ellipsoid RDF you want to see that was despair we had to go on its side you read persistent augmentation it says station did the inverse problem of Stevens and the modified this is not a how much this would have means by the duke status bent saying that we have a spare and it was great working with some the Ibn teams of very proud of their presented at random and we to say yes this is mapped and the other 2 main having come yeah the that has actually look subtler dive into the case and this is to show you how ETCS methods I'm pleased to ask any questions at the end the so it's a it's a case of his but you can read the can get today's interconvert here's CS conveyor function takes in the source takes Nicky at a x y z as a coordinate coding right so it's got convert automatically so that submissions using keening xyz interviews will give you out then we get the ellipsoid so here we get into the canine yeah and that's going to give us the values that of the radius and it has just the squared so now what do we do it well we using geoss is our job to that right now so can create a cycle of trade in the ellipsoid and ellipse i so we need to calculate the radius all the major minor dialects and yes we will fully aware that intended yes approximation of the polygon machine and say by the 1 by 10 15 points to the posterior cycle but for customer discovered innovators exotic all countries a major mine was sufficient so we keep don't assume is fair because the level of an accuracy but infection in it so you have the more accessing communitisation at so here we got here has an effect equation but again it's ways area optimize degrees of the y axis x range and get a result the and that's what going along the x axis to get a wide range and so what I want to be free 4 lines of carried in a very complex Jack functions and they say so apologize about the delay out when you get a quick light damage ties that works there
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same as the back to their example using carbon as a as a back and spatial database and is also open source you can go and allergies JavaScript library such as anything a very simple of polygons the so he's sharing the capabilities hair of deals and see so we get some results back and so the the the to up
time dominance and data from the very but it at the end of the that's a bounding box the and it's the same reporting on a saying hello cages just worked with with a circle yeah the and so that's working the same still a circle so you may use the Cartesian plane here my web browser on the sales side about ideas Federation you that so that the air the like except for
different data so you see that some of the points to just outside the circle and that's the approximation thing we're talking about where action tiny geoss using a polygon to put this article but you'll find the radius sexual where this is that in a sense the outside and topics on and also the history of an ellipse that just the circles into a major and minor amendments the OK so matter serious
is the arity agree that things together but yes yes No . 4 and Syst map that have to get getting any apologize busy a Mr. coordinator was called activities as 1 project manager in the so when I write a CS map CS Matt Manus and getting answers back people from input follows well this kind of hone uh it's a very active main assessors to a female as a week so and I encourage you to join 1 of the prime reasons why issues talk a salad seem more interested RCS map um is water next safe normal suddenly and I'm not going to spend at the time is a very powerful idea it's very easy to use In sense we had for assessed to fixate safety of a upon approach for some city-states the annotator reprises content to advice and we also have a couple of us could emphasizing intake as well so please come Bobby funded this is cut off and I'll be there digital to as well well do any questions but that the higher the a lot of
time on a lot of the site was the what is you use URL all of all the the higher the worst that it is the is the but that into hideaway API which is about 10 functions and their API which is a lot of functions safer to Macy's he's title that was sort exercising Identidad level interface to can it does here really while one-half times world yeah that's actually quite sizable mass balances injured 50 megabytes and Canterbury at the player using Shecaniah Custis every but every time but it they are compiled and not being that is the textbooks I was and terms because the says that isn't but as be something of interest in adding by the time you through all users who are the ABS PDS for right now notably that's a case the the questions the movement thank you for your time and the few